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The Best Outdoor Projector Screens of 2023
Once you have an outdoor movie projector, you can throw a watch party using the garage door or a wall as a screen. Bu...
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How Much Does TV Screen Repair Cost?
Highlights The average cost range to repair a TV screen is between $200 and $1,000. There are several factors that ...
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Solved! What Size TV Do I Need?
Q: My last TV was so small that I couldn’t clearly make out all of the details of my favorite shows. I don’t have eye...
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The Best Outdoor TVs of 2023
Whether you have a partially covered outside space like a veranda or poolside cabana or not, there is an outdoor TV t...
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The Best Outdoor TV Covers of 2023
Outdoor TVs make it possible to catch a game while barbecuing, to binge-watch a series while sunbathing, and to enjoy...
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The Best Outdoor Projectors of 2023
An outdoor projector offers a wonderful way to enjoy an entertaining evening with family and friends. Before hosting ...
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Genius! The Smartphone Speaker You Already Have in Your Kitchen
Everyone wants to be a DJ, but no one wants to buy the equipment—let alone figure out how to use it. This life hack w...
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Genius! Turn Your Phone into a Movie Projector
Having a TV is great—except when you're not using it. Then the box just sits in your living room, idle and unappealin...
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Genius! VCR Turned Automatic Pet Feeder
Remember back when successfully programming the VCR felt like a minor triumph? Now imagine how James Larssen of Make ...
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Now You Need Only 1 Remote—Your Cell Phone
Though a half dozen remote controls clutter your coffee table at any given time, doesn't it always seem like the one ...
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DIY Outdoor Movie Screens
Like fireflies and fireworks, movies under the stars make for magically memorable summer nights. But if your town or ...
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DIY Mason Jar Speaker Set
The humble mason jar can hold nearly anything—including tech gadgets! Designer Sarah Pease converted these canning ja...
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Touchdown! 11 Winning Football Rooms for Fans of All Ages
If you or someone else in your home loves the game of football, you’ll adore these football-themed rooms. From nurseries for the tiniest fans to a home theater co...
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How to Mount a TV on the Wall
While mounting a TV to a wall isn’t a complicated job, doing it the wrong way carries pretty significant consequences...
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Friday Night at the Movies: 12 Must-See Home Improvement Flicks
Take a break from your own projects by watching one of these home-renovation classics. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll—possibly—find comfort in the shared ex...
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Planning Guide: Home Theater
Millions of Americans are plugging into dedicated home theaters as their ticket to relaxation and casual entertaining...
Tag icon article
Creating Your Ideal Home Theater
Just a few years ago, a home theater was only for the lucky few who could spare an extra room and tens of thousands o...
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Choosing a Whole-Home Audio System
Whole-home audio, or distributed audio, is an increasingly popular way for homeowners in new and existing houses to e...
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7 Electronics You Need to Get the Most Out of Game Day
Browse top-rated home theater room accessories to make your game day a blowout.
Tag icon slideshow
10 Essentials for an Authentic Home Movie Theater
Give theme-appropriate furniture and accessories top billing in your home movie theater.
Tag icon article
Rock the Job Site with ION's Tailgater Bluetooth
Truly, this is the golden age of job-site music. There are a multitude of devices, some very sophisticated, to fill t...
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What's New in Outdoor Sound? Plenty.
Music is one of our greatest pleasures, and thanks to today’s technology we can listen to it wherever and whenever we...
Tag icon article
New Product: Kohler StereoStik
While people of good faith will forever debate whether reading materials should occupy a bathroom, there can be no lo...
Tag icon video
Making an Armoire into an Entertainment Center
Bob works with carpenter Bob Ryley to construct an insert for an antique cherry armoire to house his bedroom TV and video collection.
Tag icon video
Installing Whole-Home Audio and Appliances
A whole-home audio system is installed, along with new appliances, including laundry machines, a freezer and fridge, and an outdoor grill.
Tag icon video
Touring the Completed Basement Remodel
Bob meets with homeowner Sarah Monzon to recap the project, from the initial preparation to the renovations to the finishing touches.
Tag icon video
Kitchen Internet Appliance
Brent Thompson (from IceBox) joins Bob in the kitchen to talk about a new Internet appliance.
Tag icon video
Home Technology Update
Bob meets up with Tim Woods (of the Internet Home Alliance) in the basement of the Quechee home to hear about the progress made integrating the connected home tec...
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Features of OnStar and the Home Entertainment Center
Bob checks email from his truck using GM OnStar's Virtual Advisor functionality. He then meets with Tim Woods (from the Internet Home Alliance) to check out the P...
Tag icon video
Interlocking Beech Flooring, Anti-Static Carpeting, and the Media Room
Bob looks at the beech flooring in the key hall, before moving to the media room to discuss the carpeting with Gary Johnston (from DuPont) and the electronic comp...
Tag icon video
Networking, Entertainment, and Security Wiring for the Home
Bob Ryley meets with Ken Frankel (from Lucent Technologies) to discuss the new HomeStar wiring system.
Tag icon video
Installing the Entertainment Center Cabinets
Carpenter Bob Ryley works with general contractor Kevin Kalman to install entertainment center cabinets.
Tag icon video
Technology Systems in the Governor's Mansion
Bob inspects the remote device, controlling the PA system, HVAC, lighting, and entertainment systems. In the basement, Bob Ryley is exploring the wires and cables...
Tag icon video
Setting Up an Entertainment Center
Bob meets with Dan Drook to check out the new multimedia entertainment center.
Tag icon video
TV Set Tour
Bob takes a private tour of the set of the television series Grace Under Fire, and meets some interesting characters along the way.
Tag icon video
Installing the Outdoor Speakers
Bob talks over the installation of the outdoor speakers with Daryl Foster. The Bose speakers in question are made specifically for outdoor use-- they can stand up...
Tag icon video
Tour of the Media Room, Kitchen, and Living Room
Bob and interior designer Robyn Peterson tour the finished, furnished California-Spanish beach house in Malibu. The media room has an Old West theme. The kitchen ...
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Home Exterior
Bob and carpenter-contractor Bob Ryley review the exterior of the home, pointing out the new trellis and the new entryway. Next, they move inside to have a look ...
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