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Solved! Is Home Title Theft Real?
Q: I saw on the news that criminals can steal your home title through identity fraud. Is home title theft real? How c...
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11 Unenforceable HOA Rules—and How to Fight Them
There are benefits to living in a community with a homeowners association, otherwise known as an HOA. What is an HOA,...
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Should I Include an Escalation Clause in My Real Estate Offer?
Q: I’m thinking about making an offer on a property. My real estate agent suggested that I should include an escalati...
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Renters, Here’s How to Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back
In some states, landlords charge more than a month’s rent for a security deposit, sometimes twice as much or more. Th...
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Real Estate Sites Are Dropping Neighborhood Crime Data—Here's Why
Buying a house is the most significant financial purchase many will make, which is why it's vital to know everything ...
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The 14 Most Common Building Code Violations in Old Homes
If you live in a home that was built in a previous century, or if you undertook a DIY renovation without acquiring a permit, there's a good chance that you're not...
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7 Ways Your Home Could Get You Sued
Your home may be a comforting place of refuge, but it could also cause an unexpected—and definitely unwanted—lawsuit. While some unfortunate incidents lie beyond ...
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9 Ways to Pay Less for Home Insurance
Many consumers don’t pay much attention to the cost of homeowner’s insurance, simply accepting the fact that they have to pay steep prices to protect their bigges...
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10 Surprising Ways You Can Void a Warranty
From laminate flooring to your HVAC system, many big-ticket home items are backed by warranties. These guarantees offer peace of mind to consumers making a large ...
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Renovation Ideas
Developing renovation ideas requires that you look at, and really see, your house.  You may believe you know it intim...
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Complying with the Code
A building code is a collection of regulations regarding building construction that is intended to ensure public safe...
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Contractors, Contracts, and Costs
Dankmar Adler—architect and partner of the great Louis Sullivan in the firm of Adler and Sullivan—once remarked that ...
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Contracting the Contractors
Do you need contracts? Yes is the short answerContracts are a crucial part of the paper trail that will help assure t...
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The Building Permit
There is one last piece of paper that you'll need: a building permit. A general contractor usually handles the permit...
Tag icon article
First Step: Get a Permit
Building application and approval processes vary from town to town and district to district, but most municipalities ...
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One Warranty for Everything
If your furnace dies on a blustery winter morning, you’ll need a few hundred dollars to get it fixed or, worse yet, a...
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What Your Contractor Won't Tell You
Licenses, bonding, and insurance: Every contractor is required by law to have these essential documents in order, but...
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The Case for Flood Insurance
Nothing underlines the importance of flood insurance like a Major Weather Event. The damage inflicted by Sandy—the hu...
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Your Insurance Punch List
It's a home improvement project. What could go wrong?Better not to think about it. That's really a job for the agent ...
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Construction Contract Checklist
All contracts you sign should begin with the parties to the agreement. Your name and address and that of the contract...
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Bob Vila Radio: Homeowner's Insurance
Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing)...
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What Makes a Room a "Bedroom"?
Defining the bedroom space is important for two main reasons: home value and safety. The value of a home increases wi...
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A Recipe For Renovation Contracts
All contracts you sign should begin with the parties to the agreement. Yours and the contractor's names and addresses...
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Know the Rules for Finished Basements
Converting your basement is like finding new space, fully equipped with plumbing and heat. Before you begin your remo...
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Homes That Can Survive Hurricanes
Bob joins Leslie Chapman-Henderson from FLASH -- Federal Alliance for Safe Housing -- to look at two homes on the same street. One was completely destroyed the o...
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Building the Fireplace
Bob talks with general contractor Ted Riley about the fireplace construction.
Tag icon video
Reviewing Attic Conversion Plans
Bob meets structural engineer Steve Siegel on the attic floor of the Medford, MA home to discuss the owner's desire for an office with cathedral ceilings.
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Building Code Check
Bob meets with the general contractors and the architect for the project house to discuss mid-construction changes to the building plan.
Tag icon video
Fire Codes and Installing Fireproofing Material
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley review the interior construction, which must satisfy stringent fire codes.
Tag icon video
Building a Porch Railing
Carpenter Bob Ryley and George (from Crosswinds Enterprises) collaborate to build a porch railing for the accessible home. Looking on, Bob discusses the building ...
Tag icon video
Installing a Grade Beam
Bob oversees the installation of a grade beam in the garage, which is in compliance with California seismic code.
Tag icon video
Incorporating California Building Code
Bob and contractor Joe Fitzgerald discuss the structural work taking place at the Malibu beach house, as well as California's tough building codes for earthquake ...
Tag icon video
Insulating the Victorian
Bob and the insulation contractor review how different types of insulation are used in different applications. Blown-in insulation is put into the existing house,...
Tag icon video
Wiring the Home Addition
Electrician Steve Bradley is on hand to install the electrical wires and boxes for the addition. Bob discusses the codes regarding receptacle placement and Steve ...
Tag icon video
Building the Porch Rail
The carpenter shows Bob the new railing on the deck off the master bedroom, explaining that code requires that it be 36 inches tall. The carpenter then builds a p...
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