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16 Home Improvements and Repairs That Are Best Not to DIY
There are plenty of projects that handy DIYers can do without the help of a professional including painting, installi...
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How Much Does Skylight Installation Cost?
Highlights The cost to install a skylight typically falls between $1,021 and $2,739, with a national average cost of...
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7 Myths About Skylights Debunked
There are plenty of horror stories out there. You may have heard one or two, if not from friends and family members, then perhaps from a stranger you met at the h...
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7 Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom
A small footprint presents design challenges that can be difficult to overcome in the bathroom, particularly if there are no windows. After all, windows do more t...
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How To: Choose a Skylight
Picture the average lightbulb. Now picture sunlight streaming into a room in your home. There's no comparison, right?...
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Tubular Skylights 101
This post has been brought to you by Solatube International. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Bringi...
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Mixing Plaster and Installing the Skylight
Bob and Chris Vila visit the plastering contractor and receive a lesson in plaster mixing. Next, they talk to Dino from Dino's Construction, who's installing the ...
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Shoring Up the Attic With Supports
Engineers determined that the third floor roof was weak and in need of restructuring.
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Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight
A representative from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles that have been selected to replace the old roofing material. And Velux VSE skylight...
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Skylight and Gable Window Installation
Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on ...
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Installing Andersen Skylights
Bob and Kent Forsland (from Andersen) review the process behind installing Anderson skylights.
Tag icon video
Home Three: Roof Deck and Hot Tub Installation Project
Bob tours the third Elmwood project house, an eclectic Queen Anne sometimes known as the "Castle of Elmwood". The goal is to reinforce an old sundeck, so that it ...
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Hot Tub Installation
Bob drops by the third Elmwood project house to watch as the deck is covered with rubber and the hot tub is installed.
Tag icon video
Installing a Railing on the Hot Tub Deck
Carpenter Bob Ryley helps install the new railing on the hot tub deck.
Tag icon video
Laying Down the Mahogany Deck and Final Tour of Third House
The mahogany roof deck is complete, with the hot tub sturdily supported. Bob takes a final tour of the residence, the third Elmwood project house.
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Installing the Skylight, Acrylic Block Panels, and Cooling System
Remodeling of the attic floor continues with the installation of Hy-Lite acrylic walls, an HVAC system, and insulation.
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Making Stained Glass Windows
Bob learns the process of creating stained glass windows. Designs begin on paper before they are traced onto glass using a light table. A variety of glass types a...
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Mounting a Skylight and Laying Asphalt Shingles
Bob and roofer Paul Morris begin mounting the skylight, by cutting a rough opening in the roof and laying a weather shield. Once the skylight is mounted and the f...
Tag icon video
Skylight Installation
Bob joins contractor Bob Ryley, who is installing a Velux skylight on a curb mount. Ryley describes the screws and mounting hardware used, and Bob demonstrates th...
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Vinyl Window Installation
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install a vinyl-clad Pella window awning with pre-assembled exterior trim.
Tag icon video
Installing Velux Skylights
Bob oversees the installation of a Velux skylight in a standing-seam metal-shingled roof.
Tag icon video
Hanging Drywall Inside the Skylight
Bob interviews drywall contractor Mark Richardson, as he hangs drywall inside a skylight and attaches the corner bead.
Tag icon video
Roofing Around Skylights
Contractor Larry Landers demonstrates how to install roofing shingles around skylights.
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