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Bob Vila Radio: Melt Driveway Ice the DIY Way
Winter storms sometimes have a way of sneaking up on us. If that happens, and you get another surprise—no ice melt on...
How To: Make Windshield De-icer Spray
A dirty, grimy windshield is bad enough, but nothing will slow you down more than one covered in ice and snow. Using ...
Buyer's Guide: Snow Blowers
When Old Man Winter blows into town, home improvement stores roll out their snow blower displays—rows of shiny red, b...
All You Need to Know About De-icing Systems
Of all the hazards that strike fear into the heart of the average homeowner, surely ice dams must rank near the top o...
23 Brilliant Hacks to Help You Weather Winter
Preparing for winter doesn’t have to be a chore! Read on for 23 fun and fast DIY ways to keep your home warm and weatherproof, no matter what the season brings.
10 Surprising Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Ice and Snow
What do you do when the weather outside is frightful, but you still need to get out and go to work, school or shopping? Snow and ice removal is a major hassle and...
Genius! The $0 Sled You Can Build in 10 Minutes
For kids, nothing beats the thrill of the first snowy day of the season. While they get busy building a snowman, you ...
Genius! DIY a Roof Rake with Hardware Store Supplies
When the snow started to pile up on handyman Bill Bachand's roof, he did what any responsible homeowner would do: run...
Buyer’s Guide: The Best Snow Blowers
The first snowfall of the season can be beautiful—but it won’t be long before it buries your driveway and walkway. Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a snowbank to ...
Bob Vila Radio: Fix Ice Dams—Fast!
If you live in an area of the country with cold winters, you are likely familiar with ice dams. These are the ridges ...
How Much Snow Can a Roof Hold?
Late last year, Buffalo, New York, recorded a record amount of snow—and winter hadn't even begun yet. More than a few...
3 Ways to Make Your Own Ice Melt
Solid ice can bring your everyday life to a grinding halt, if you don't have the means to get rid of it. Sure, you re...
Bob Vila Radio: Prevent Roof Collapse with a Snow Rake
When it comes to snow on the roof, how much is too much? That depends a lot on the way your roof was constructed. mp3...
The 8 Best Tools for Conquering Ice and Snow
While winter does have its upsides—cozy fires, hot chocolate, snow days—for many of us, having to deal with all the snow is a battle of unpleasant proportions. He...
8 Quick Tips for Solving Winter Woes
Winter brings snowmen, sledding, and toasty evenings by the fire. It also brings a special set of maintenance issues that require a homeowner's attention. Proper ...
The Gear You Need to Fight the Worst of Winter
There are plenty of ways — short of moving to Miami — that you can keep ice and snow under control this winter. For a stress-free season, rely on some improved pr...
Pro Tips: The Best Ways to Deal with Snow and Ice
The severity of this winter has surprised many parts of the country. With more storms on the way, many homeowners are...
The Unexpectedly Important Truth About Snow Measurement
The minute winter arrives, my kids are dying to put on their snow boots to go sledding and build snowmen. That is, as...
8 Innovative Snow Shovels to Help You Clear the Path
With winter weather on the way, the hunt for the best snow shovel continues! Keep the snow—and backache—at bay this winter with one of these ten smart, ergonomica...
Icicles: Charming or Chancy?
I remember that as I child I loved to wake up on wintry mornings to find icicles hanging off the house. I’d check eve...
Rock Salt vs. Sand to Prevent Slips
When I lived in a New York City apartment building, I never thought about shoveling snow. We had a wonderful superint...
Quick Tip: Buying a Snow Blower
Before You BuyWhether you call it a snow blower or a snow thrower, before you shell out for one this winter, make sur...
How To: Avoid Ice Dams and Water Damage
What Are Ice Dams?Many homeowners in the northern United States are all too familiar with ice dams. These are thick a...
Quick Tip: Snow Blower Safety
'Tis the season for snowblowing, and it’s no joke that hundreds of emergency room visits each winter are caused by un...
Redesigning the Third Floor
Bob meets with architect Gregory Rochlin to discuss the third-floor structural redesign.
Cutting the Crud on Your Kitchen Cabinets More_clips
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