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6 Ways High-Velocity HVAC Is Built to Help Save You Money
Ahead, learn how a climate-control system can deliver not only uniform comfort throughout the home but also real savings over time.</p> This content is paid...
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500,000 Older Homes Can't Be Wrong: Get the Lowdown on High-Velocity HVAC
Gone are the days when those fortunate enough to live in a meticulously preserved historic home have to jam window ai...
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5 Reasons Homeowners Switch to High-Velocity HVAC
Whether your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system is due for an upgrade or you’re looking to retrofit one into an older home, there are many options ...
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4 Considerations for Choosing and Installing a High-Velocity HVAC System
As the temperatures rise, homeowners across most of the country face the same dilemma: whether to turn on the noisy a...
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Old House, New HVAC: Your Best Bet for a Seamless Retrofit
Having once lived in a charming and historically significant Victorian home, I'm quite familiar with the compromises ...
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The Best Way to Control Indoor Humidity—and Your Energy Bills
When you turn on the air conditioning to beat the heat, the typical system might lower the temperature enough to sati...
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5 Things to Know About Adding Central Air
In most parts of the country, air conditioning is a necessity of modern life. Even so, many consumers hesitate to inv...
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Give Your Home the Gift of Year-Round Climate Control
Comfort and joy: That's what the holidays are all about. If, however, your home fails to provide refuge from the wick...
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Built 270 Years Apart, 2 Homes Share 1 Big Thing in Common
Whether you live in a centuries-old charmer or a modern marvel, you share something in common with the owners of home...
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How To: Choose a High-Efficiency Mini-Split System
If you live in a mild climate, consider yourself lucky. Everyone else? You know that whenever the temperature soars o...
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Step Inside a 1930s Beach House Revamped for the 21st Century
When its current owner first encountered this home on the shores of Truesdale Lake in Upstate New York, it was in a w...
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How the Historic Hemingway Home Beats the Florida Heat and Humidity
Fans of Ernest Hemingway remember him not only for his classic books, but also for his larger-than-life persona and h...
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Yes, It’s the Humidity: How to Control It and Lower Your AC Bills
One of the great, game-changing inventions of the 20th century, air conditioning has become so firmly entrenched in o...
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The Window AC Alternative You Need to Know About
It's the time of year when, if you listen carefully, you can practically hear the sighs of homeowners again facing th...
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The 6 Biggest Myths About Central AC
It's a common refrain: How in the world did people survive before air conditioning? In the modern era, homeowners around the country depend on—and thank the heave...
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Green Your HVAC: A Small-Duct System Can Bring Big Savings
For homeowners who have witnessed their energy bills rise ever higher over the years, heating and cooling represents ...
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A Premier HVAC Option Even Your Designer Can Love
You've deliberated over every detail, large and small, from the flooring underfoot to the lighting overhead. But if y...
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6 Things to Know If You Hate Your Home Heating System
This time of year, it’s easy to imagine the conditions that await you upon leaving the house—a blast of bitterly cold air and a slippery path to your frost-covere...
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This Winter, Stay Snug in EVERY Part of Your Home
The Unico iSeries pairs an efficient outdoor unit with at least one indoor wall split. Ideal for providing heating an...
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Building Your Dream House? Choose Unobtrusive and Efficient HVAC
When you step into a beautiful custom-built home, nothing ruins the effect quite like the sights and sounds of a trad...
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Prevent Runaway Mold in Your Vacation Home with Innovative HVAC
If you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home, you know what a treat it can be to spend time away from the stres...
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How Preservationists Are Cooling 7 Historic Landmarks
The summer months can turn charming older homes into hot, sweaty, uncomfortable places. Installing central air would bring relief, but remodeling to accommodate d...
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Add Central AC to Your Old House—Without Erasing Its Charm
If your home was built before the advent of air conditioning, you've likely bemoaned the fact that, for all its histo...
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Small-Duct, "Invisible" AC Cools Any Home, New or Old
Whether you own an old house or would like to build a new one, you've likely asked yourself a hard-to-answer question...
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