Project: Victorian

Touring the Home Addition

The designer shows Bob around the addition, pointing out certain highlights, such as the breezeway with exposed studs and the Victorian-influenced lighting design, as well as the creative and economical furnishing of the rooms.

Touring the Courtyard

Bob and landscape designer Ruth Foster tour the new formal courtyard and discuss how the plants will grow over time, granting privacy to guests and the homeowners.

Touring the Designed Interior

Bob tours the furnished, decorated Martha’s Vineyard Victorian project house. The designer has sourced pieces from antique stores, salvage yards, second hand stores, and even Bob’s attic.

Tour of Olana

Bob takes a tour of Olana, a Victorian artist’s mansion in Upstate New York, overlooking the Hudson River. Named after a Persian fortress/treasure house, Olana has been dutifully preserved since the artist’s death in 1900.