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You are a keen observer with one exception... I do not sell water treatment equipment. I have no monetary incentive in posting. I try to help others who are as confused about water treatment as I once was and relay to them the experiences I had, the mistakes I've made, and what I've learned.

The more information that is available to potential customers the more informed a choice the buyer can make.

That is why I advocate that anyone needing water treatment START with a local water treatment professional. They may not end up buying from them but it is a no cost place to start and they will learn a lot.

When people troll these forums with the sole intention of posting to glean customers and line their pockets that is unethical. When I see someone "keyboarding for customers" I point that out for all to see.

These are "self-help" and not "self-sell" forums.

Gary Slusser

07:51AM | 05/18/07
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justalurker says: "I have not commented on the competency of the Clack valve".

Here's what he has said about his on my forum; the thread is still there if anyone wants to check it out. There is a thread outlining why he is upset with me too, it has nothing to do with his softener.




PostPosted: 11 Nov 2004 12:18 am Post subject: Been right where you are now ... Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster

Buy the Clack WS-1. Simple design with well done electronics, easier to program, more efficient use of salt, EASY to repair if you're a DIYer AND in the unlikely event that Gary retires ... Laughing ... you can call Clack and they'll talk to you.

Both the Fleck valves you mentioned are based on old designs (that have proven reliable) BUT require special tools to repair. The Clack doesn't require special tools and IMO is so simple and well designed that it may not require any service for many years.

Applying advances in technology from the past 30 years to the Clack design is not a liability as it seems so well thought out. I particulary like the bypass and inlet connection design that requies your hands as the only tool. No overtightening or cracking noryl. I highly recommend the 90 degree elbows and the Falcon Stainless flex connectors ... too EZ, too reliable, and VERY reasonably priced.

I was in the same boat (water?) as you and decided on the Clack. It has been running flawlessly for months now. Super quiet while regenerating and amazingly efficient use of salt. Adapative programming fine tunes the reserve softening capacity and in the unlikely event it needs repair I can help myself and not have to rely on the local rip-offs who wanted to sell me an inferior softener for 3-4 times the price.



Quality Water Associates


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And I was parroting the sales spiel Gary gave me. He had me hook, line, and sinker.

That was 2.5 years ago and as time goes by those with an open mind learn and learn from their mistakes.

Since then I've learned that there is more support in more places for Fleck products. The likelihood of finding a part in stock in your location is high while those who will special order a Clack part don't seem interested in doing so. The Fleck valves can be repaired WITHOUT special tools and I have done so with my own hands many times. The special tools make it easier for those that are mechanically challenged but if one has experience in handling tools and works carefully then the Fleck special tools are not needed. But if expert, professional, and reasonably priced service is available locally then the special tools become moot.

As much as Gary likes to continue whining about the Clack valve, and it is a competent valve with a short time in the field (7 years) compared to the Fleck designs (40 years) he currently rails against but happily sold for 20 years, the reality is that he sells no unique products and anything he sells can be bought from MANY other sources who will meet or beat his price and are more friendly, professional, and competent... and some of those places are right there where you need them and provide service.

Anyone in need of water treatment should do their homework and ask a lot of questions before pulling the trigger and signing the check.

Like Denzel said in the movie Philadelphia "explain it to me like I am a 6 year old". NO MATTER WHERE YOU DECIDE TO BUY don't buy until you understand what you're buying, how it will work, how it will be installed, and how you'll be treated after the sale. Simple as that.

In real estate it's location, location, location and with water treatemnt it's DEALER, DEALER, DEALER.

Gary Slusser

04:31PM | 05/18/07
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Justalurker says: "And I was parroting the sales spiel Gary gave me. He had me hook, line, and sinker.".

The truth is, and I can show a post on another forum where he stated this, he did extensive research before he called me in Oct 2003 and all but weekly until he bought his Clack WS-1 1.5 cuft softener from me in Jul 2004.

Posters reading this will have to decide why he does what he does and the truthfulness of his comments.

As an example, he now says he has worked on many Fleck valves yet IIRC, above in this thread or another on this forum, he says he doesn't sell any water treatment and he's not in the softener business and he is just here to help people. Which to believe? I really don't know but, I think he is selling and servicing softeners although he says he has only helped people in his neighborhood with softener problems....

Ask yourself why, with some 1300 sales online since Sept 15 2003, he is the only customer of mine that has ever posted anything negative about me anywhere.

To check that out, do a search for "Gary Slusser" and then another for "Quality Water Associates", inside "".


Quality Water Associates


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