Hot Tub Installation

Project: Elmwood Neighborhood, Episode 4, Part 2

The third Elmwood project surrounds the addition of a sunroof and hot tub to an eclectic home in the neighborhood, often referred to as as the "castle" or the "haunted house."

Homeowners Peter Karczmar and Cathy Lund have been working with restoration contractor Joe Wagner. Joe has done a great deal of work in the sunroom to reinforce the deck above, so it can support a hot tub. (Also, Forester Moulding has created reproductions of the deck's original railings).
Part 1: Home Three: Roof Deck and Hot Tub Installation Project
Part 2: Hot Tub Installation
Bob drops by the third Elmwood project house to watch as the deck is covered with rubber and the hot tub is installed. The conservatory/sunroom has been restructured with LVL beams to carry the hot tub load, and the joists have been covered with plywood sheeting.

To cover the deck with rubber, the workers first apply fiberboard insulation panels, which are held in place by anchoring plates and screws. A type of contact cement is then rolled onto the panels and the underside of the rubber roof material.

After the glue sets, the rubber top layer is rolled over the underlayment, slowly, so as to prevent air bubbles. This is a fully-adhered roof and all materials are held down with glue.

Now the roof is ready to accept the hot tub, which is being hoisted up by a crane and placed on the roof by the crew from Thermo Spas. These hot tubs are custom-fit for designers' and clients' needs, and, except for the wiring necessary for installation, they are entirely self-contained units.
Part 3: Installing a Railing on the Hot Tub Deck
Part 4: Laying Down the Mahogany Deck and Final Tour of Third House
The theme of community building in the historic Elmwood neighborhood of Providence, RI, is the focus of this project. Rather than tackling one house, Bob Vila is helping 11 neighbors tackle smaller projects like porches, kitchens, bathrooms, and even a third-floor artist's studio.





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