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To Breathe Easy at Home, Install an Air Cleaner
The air in your home may not be as fresh as you think it is. If you're not careful, indoor air can harbor not only be...
Bob Vila Radio: Humidifiers
We love the toasty warmth that our radiators and heating vents give off—but the dry indoor air that comes with all th...
Breathe Deep: 5 Ways to Improve Your Home's Air Quality for Better Health
Deep breathing has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even improve digestion. But if the air you’...
Increase Your Comfort Level This Winter with a Humidifier
Scratchy throats, frequent nosebleeds, dry skin, and static electricity can be common occurrences in winter—particula...
Quick Tip: Improving Indoor Air Quality
The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that indoor air pollution is often much higher than outdoors. Here are...
What Would Bob Do? Eliminating Cigarette Odor
How do I get rid of a cigarette smoke smell in my house?The smell of cigarette smoke can affect virtually every part ...
Bob Vila Radio: Vent Pollutants
Today’s weather-tight homes are great for energy efficiency, but they’re not so good for indoor air quality. The grea...
Clearing the Air: 10 Natural Ways to Remedy Household Odors
Pull the clothespin off your nose and instead try these 10 common household items to deodorize every nook and cranny of your abode.
Green Homes—Heating and Air Quality
Where to StartToday’s HVAC is more than just the equipment that heats, ventilates, and cools our home. It is the inte...
Safe Indoor Air for Children
According to the American Lung Association, lung disease and breathing problems are the number one cause of death in ...
Reduce Allergies and Asthma with Home Improvements
One in four Americans suffer from allergies or asthma, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immun...
10 Indoor Pollutants
We spend a large part of our lives indoors yet the idea of indoor air pollution can be easy to dismiss, especially if...
My House Contains Asbestos: Now What?
Many older houses incorporate construction materials that contain asbestos. Usually its presence is uncovered during ...
The Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier
As the days are getting colder, the air is getting drier. While lotion coupons are in the forefront of the Sunday pap...
Bob Vila Radio: Indoor Air Quality
The EPA ranks poor indoor air quality as our fourth largest environmental threat. Some of the worst polluters of the ...
Quick Tip: Improve Your Home's Air Quality
Poor Air Quality Threatens Health The American Lung Association reports that the death rate from lung disease has ris...
Touring a Designer Showhouse and Baby's Bathroom
In West Palm Beach, FL, the American Lung Association has sponsored a designer showhouse that highlights a healthy home. Bob’s house tour focuses on the baby’s ba...
Tour an Affordable Green Apartment Building
Bob visits the South Bronx, NY, where Habitat for Humanity has partnered with private developer Les Bluestone to create a green oasis for low-income families that...
Revising the Landscaping Plan
Bob talks with landscape architect Rick Lamb about revisions to the plan. Bob points out the redesigned parking area and the plan for magically melting the snow.
Restoring Old Double-Hung Windows using Spring-Loaded Balances
Bob meets with architect Gregory Rochlin and expert carpenter Danny Ruffini to restore old double-hung windows and replace lead sash weights with new spring-loade...
Placing Windows on a Home's Facade
A double window is installed in the kitchen, which will let in a lot of sunlight and give a view of the back yard.
Installing and Explaining a Basement HVAC System
Bob meets with the installer of the new HVAC system to discuss how it filters air and reduces energy costs.
HVAC System Installation
Bob discusses the SpacePak HVAC system that's being installed to provide heating and cooling in the house and barn. The SpacePak system is well-suited to projects...
Blowing In Cellulose Insulation
Bob joins Joe Sheridan (from Energy Guard) to learn more about the US Greenfiber Cocoon cellulose insulation being used in the barn.
Encapsulating Lead Paint
Cole Stanton (from Fiberlock) joins Bob to talk about Child Guard, an encapsulating coating for lead-based paint.
Asbestos Removal
Demolition continues with removal of asbestos from the attic.
With technology similar to that used by keyless ignition cars, the Kevo communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth or a k... Filling an underutilized area beneath the stairs is a smart way to save space. Doing so with a stash of wood, however, is ... For some decorative recycling, consider burying old bottles upside down to create edging for your garden beds and walkways... Chocolate-colored walls and large window frames allow the exposed wood beams to take center stage in this small screened p... If you're not crazy about the idea of commingling plants and pool, this modern variation may be more to your liking. The s... Yes, a freestanding garage can become its own tiny house. Artist Michelle de la Vega has all the comforts of a modern resi... There’s nothing like a new set of cabinet hardware to refresh a room. The possibilities are endless: Go modern, rustic, or... Filling an underutilized area beneath the stairs is a smart way to save space. Doing so with a stash of wood, however, is ... Like no other floor type, a checkerboard design works wonders to underscore the retro kitchen theme. Vinyl flooring, ceram... Twine lanterns add pops of crafty—but sophisticated—flair to any outdoor setting. Wrap glue-soaked twine around a balloon ... When securely fastened to a tree or the ceiling of a porch, a pallet and some cushioning make the ideal place to lounge. V... Incorporate nature into your lighting scheme by securing a dead tree in a concrete mold and draping your pendant lamp from... For the cost of a can of exterior paint , you can totally transform your porch. Paint the floor a hue that complements yo... In this urban apartment, a standard-issue patio became a serene and green perch by replacing the typical concrete with gro... If you put the washing machine in the mudroom, you can stop the kids from walking through the house in dirty, grass-staine...
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