The Best Trash Cans for the Bathroom

Bathroom trash cans have a tough and dirty job. Keeping bathroom waste contained and out of sight is key to a healthy bathroom.

Best Overall

Best Bathroom Trash Can Options: iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can

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Best Bang For the Buck

Best Bathroom Trash Can Options: mDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can

mDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can

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Upgrade Pick

Best Bathroom Trash Can Options: EKO Mirage-T 50 Liter

EKO Mirage-T 50 Liter

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The bathroom is where the day begins and ends. Taking into account the trips in between, people spend a lot of time in their bathrooms. Keeping a clean, decorative space in which to refresh and relax is as important to a good day as showering.

In the quest for a happy bathroom experience, trash cans have an often overlooked but important job: containing the sights and smells of the trash tucked out of sight and mind. Though not as heavily used as a kitchen or yard trash can, bathroom cans absorb all manner of waste better left forgotten.

The most simple bathroom trash cans serve their basic function, but some come equipped with an array of features or options that help contain unwanted smells or sights. Trash cans may also serve a decorative purpose. Choices of colors, construction, materials, and sizes impact the overall ambiance of an important room in your home. Check out this guide to the best bathroom trash cans to find the right one for your home.

Our Top Picks

When choosing the best bathroom trash can, considering size, features, and aesthetics may be the difference between a tidy and messy bathroom. Read on for recommendations on options for your bathroom. Once you decide on an option, review steps on how to deodorize a trash can to keep your new receptacle smelling fresh.

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This trash can from iTouchless comes with several attractive features. Hygienically minded bathroom users can deposit trash without touching the can, thanks to a motion sensor that directs the lid to open with the wave of a hand. An included activated carbon odor filter by AbsorbX keeps odors contained.

The brushed stainless steel shell protects against damage while accommodating up to 13 gallons of volume. The lid latches tightly enough to keep errant pets out, and the modern design fits well in many bathrooms. It can be run with batteries or plugged into the wall via an adapter that must be purchased separately. Manage bathroom trash with style and convenience with this large, smell-proof bathroom trash can from iTouchless.

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This diminutive wastebasket measures only about 11 inches tall, making it an excellent option for sliding into a cupboard, under the counter, or next to the toilet. Durable BPA- and chlorine-free plastic construction resists water damage, guarantees longevity, and makes cleaning as simple as wiping down with a damp cloth.

Integrated handles make it easy to transport when it’s time to take out the trash. These cans also serve well for general storage and organization, and mDesign’s modern styling makes this can an option for any room in the house, including the kids’, thanks to shatterproof plastic. mDesign offers a choice of 23 colors to meet the aesthetic qualities of your bathroom. With a 1½ gallon capacity, this can is smaller than some, but makes up for its small size with quality construction and pleasing design at a friendly price.

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It’s not a mirage—it’s a great-looking bathroom trash can. This stainless steel product from EKO measures about 2 feet tall and offers a capacity of 50 liters, though other sizes are available. An intelligent sensor mechanism opens the lid touch-free. Users can toggle the sensor off for manual operation, and the lid closes softly after a five-second delay.

The finish is fingerprint resistant, and the no-liner version provides greater volume in the same-size package. The Mirage has a modern aesthetic that may not be suitable in all bathrooms but melds well with several styles.

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Every bathroom has one thing in common: a toilet. Which usually means a toilet brush is somewhere nearby. If keeping the bathroom germ-free is at the top of the priority list, consider this multipurpose trash can from ToiletTree Products.

Steel construction offers durability and style in this 5-liter bathroom trash can. At 13½ inches tall, this basket is easy to tuck under a cabinet or next to the toilet. A mechanical step pedal lifts the lid for hands-free operation without the hassle of replacing batteries. Perhaps best of all, this trash can comes with a matching canister to contain the germs and unsightliness of a toilet brush. Press the brush into the canister to close the lid over it and pull it out again when it’s time to clean.

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This 10½-inch tall trash can is perfect for the bathroom. It fits 3-gallon trash bags without requiring a custom size. The body is crafted of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel with a durable, high-quality plastic lid.

What makes this the upgrade pick are the features. As the name suggests, this trash can operates without contact thanks to a sensor-operated lid that won’t close if it detects a hand in the way. Additionally, iTouchless integrated a replaceable activated carbon filter complemented by a lemon-scented cartridge that masks the smell of garbage. Though small, this trash can is an excellent way to keep waste in its place.

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The name says kitchen, but this automatic trash can provides high-volume, touch-free operation perfect for bathrooms that see a lot of use. An ultralarge 13-gallon capacity trash chamber fits standard trash bags. The stainless steel is fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. The large volume translates to a 25-inch height that may not tuck under a cabinet easily.

Infrared technology contains odor and keeps the area around the can smelling fresh. Opening the can is a matter of waving in front of the lid or pressing the front button. The lid auto closes softly after the sensor area is empty for five seconds. This automatic trash can may have been designed with the kitchen in mind, but it pulls double duty for bathrooms with significant garbage needs.