Zero-Regret Buys: The Best 5 Things I Bought From Amazon Are Under $50

I use these items everyday to make my small space more functional. And for under $50 each, I've never spent my money more wisely.

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As someone who lives in a smaller space, I’ve learned to get creative with my circumstances. I take advantage of my tall ceilings and try to use more vertical space. I’ve invested in items like tall cabinets and bookshelves (as well as a step stool) and the best storage bins. I also regularly reassess whether or not items in my home are actually useful.

I try to buy as little as possible, since space is so limited. But there are some items I haven’t been able to resist—and those items ended up being the most useful things in my home. They’re used every day, take up very little space, and are both functional and decorative. These are the smartest buys I’ve made on Amazon—and they’re under $50 each.

1. MBQQ 2-Tier Metal Industrial 23.6″ Bathroom Shelves

Before the MBQQ 2-Tier Metal Shelf I was in dire need of extra bathroom shelving. I already had a bamboo shelf from Ikea, but I needed a place to store towels and extra toiletries. Enter the MBQQ 2-Tier bathroom shelf. It makes great use of a big, blank wall without taking up precious floor space. It’s also large and sturdy enough to store those towels without making the bathroom feel even smaller than it already is. I keep more than just my towels there, too: it’s become a place to add a little personality and flair. For me, that meant adding a cat-safe reed oil diffuser.

MBQQ 2-Tier Metal Industrial 23.6" Bathroom Shelves

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2. SONGMICS Cabinet Organizer Shelf, Set of 2 Kitchen Counter Shelves

My husband and I love to cook. We make due with a small kitchen, but we realized very quickly that it meant finding the perfect kitchen storage solution for our ever-growing collection of spices. I bought the SONGMICS kitchen counter shelves—and loved them so much, I bought a second set. Space in my spice cabinet nearly doubled with the addition of these shelves, with room to spare. The second set was used to hold a great multitude of mugs.

SONGMICS Cabinet Organizer Shelf, Set of 2 Kitchen Counter Shelves

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3. LUXSWAY Wireless Picture Light

My living room doesn’t get much light, even during the day—I blame north-facing windows and a large tree growing in front of my home. I have vintage prints hanging on one of the walls, and in order to see them clearly, I needed to add another light. With no floor space left to spare, getting a floor lamp was out of the question. Getting the LUXSWAY Wireless Picture Light was a no-brainer. I’m not sacrificing an outlet and I get to clearly see those prints. Plus, this picture light adds to the vintage look I wanted.

LUXSWAY Wireless Picture Light

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4. VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack

Like everything else, my shoe collection has grown over the years. I ran out of space in my closet a long time ago, and pairs started accumulating in the little space I had left. Enter the VIAOIFSEA Bamboo shoe rack. Now I can store up to four pairs of shoes vertically. It fits neatly by my hamper, and isn’t so tall that it obstructs the view outside my window. It’s minimalist and does the job, and for a great price too.

VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack

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5. WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Like my living room, my kitchen greatly lacked adequate light. With no counter space and a single outlet, there was one solution: the WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit. And it made such a difference in my everyday: I can see everything bright as day with the touch of a button. Easy to install and very budget-friendly, it was exactly what I needed in a pinch. I don’t remember how I managed to cook and clean in the dark, before installing this kit.

WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting

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