The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges of 2023

Keep wines in their preferred serving and storing conditions with the best dual zone wine fridges.

Best Overall

The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges Option: NewAir Built-In 29-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge

NewAir Built-In 29-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges Option: Phiestina 16-Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Fridge

Phiestina 16-Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Fridge

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Best Small

The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges Option: Whytner Elite 17-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Whytner Elite 17-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

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Wine lovers’ collections benefit from optimal storage conditions. A dedicated wine fridge, specifically a dual-zone wine fridge that can maintain two independent temperature zones, is an excellent option for committed wine connoisseurs or the average wine enthusiast. As the name suggests, this type of fridge keeps wines at different temperatures for serving or storing.

A good dual-zone wine fridge creates the ideal cool, humid, and dark conditions for wine storage. The best fridge options maintain a stable temperature and have a range of features to protect the integrity of the wine before aerating and drinking. Keep reading to learn about the best dual-zone wine fridge options for wine storage at home.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Newair Built-In 29-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Phiestina 16-Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Fridge
  3. BEST SMALL: Whytner Elite 17-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator
  4. BEST MIDSIZE: Kalamera 24-Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator
  5. BEST LARGE: Whynter 92-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator
  6. BEST EXTRA-LARGE: Lanbo 160-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
  7. BEST SLIM: Koolatron 12-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
  8. BEST COUNTERTOP: NutriChef 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
  9. BEST WINE AND BEER: Newair 24-Inch Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Fridge
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Ivation 28-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator
The best dual zone wine fridge option next to a comfy-looking chair

How We Chose the Best Dual-Zone Wine Fridges

We considered more than 25 dual-zone wine fridges to narrow down the best options for most homes. Personal wine collections vary almost as much as types of wine, so we chose a mix of freestanding and built-in fridges with a range of capacities and sizes to suit different needs.

However, just cooling the wine isn’t enough, so we chose fridges with a range of protective features to maintain wine in optimal storage conditions. We chose wine fridges from reputable brands to ensure the fridge can reliably maintain a stable temperature and environment. Other features we looked for included a useful temperature range, double- or triple-layered UV-protective doors, adjustable shelving, and a sleek design to store wine in a unit that’s as fashionable as it is functional.

Our Top Picks

The best dual-zone wine refrigerator creates ideal storage conditions for wine so you can benefit from the full flavor and aroma of your favorite vintages. Pull out a bottle, decanter, and read on for the best dual-zone wine fridges on the market.

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Add a wine cellar to almost any room with this compact dual-zone wine fridge from Newair. At 14.80 inches wide, it has a small footprint and can be used as either a built-in or freestanding unit. The interior is designed to hold up to 29 bottles: 14 bottles in the top zone and 15 in the bottom.

Newair recommends this unit for both residential and commercial use since it’s both reliable and attractive. Moreover, at just 39 decibels, it’s quiet. Users can adjust the temperature to between 40 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit (40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the top zone and 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the bottom).

The triple-insulated glass door keeps the LED-lit interior insulated and protected from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sliding beech drawers won’t damage the exterior of the bottles and complement its stainless steel exterior. It includes extra perks such as a lock and an interior water container to maintain humidity and prevent dry corks.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding/built-in
  • Capacity: 29 bottles
  • Dimensions: 33.75 inches high by 14.80 inches wide by 22.60 inches deep


  • Freestanding or built-in unit is compact enough to fit under counters or in corners
  • Quiet operation will not cause any noise pollution in the home
  • Appealing stainless steel exterior design and LED-lit interior is protected against UV rays


  • May not fit advertised capacity (depends on bottle type)

Get the NewAir built-in dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Best Buy.

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Wine collecting is an expensive hobby, but storing the bottles doesn’t have to break the bank. The Phiestina 16-inch dual-zone wine fridge comes at a modest price. Since it will keep prized wine bottles in ideal conditions for years, it may be a worthy investment.

Measuring 15.55 inches wide, this quiet, freestanding unit is compact, making it an ideal option for kitchens, dining rooms, or hobby spaces. Despite its slim profile, it stores up to 33 standard bottles of wine. Its efficient compressor-based cooling system creates an upper zone that stores wines between 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and from 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the bottom zone. The removable beechwood shelves are attractive and provide flexibility to store various bottle sizes. It features LED lighting and one-touch controls.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Capacity: 33 bottles
  • Dimensions: 33.07 inches high by 15.55 inches wide by 22.48 inches deep


  • Elegant design fits under most countertops or in small spaces
  • Can hold an ample 33 bottles of wine; ideal for collectors
  • Straightforward controls are easy for first timers


  • Exterior can get warm during cooling cycle

Get the Phiestina dual-zone wine cooler fridge at Amazon or Phiestina Coolers.

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Those who keep a modest collection of wine in the house can rely on the Whytner Elite 17-bottle wine refrigerator. This unique mini wine fridge has a seamless stainless steel exterior that’s ideal for keeping reds and whites at their ideal temperature. Speaking of which, the temperature range on this unit is 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and can be adjusted with the touch controls and digital temperature display.

The two zones can fit 17 bottles total with a 6-bottle capacity on top (for reds) and 11 bottles on the bottom (white wine chiller). Finally, this small wine fridge has a front ventilation system and can be used as a built-in unit or as a freestanding wine refrigerator.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding or built-in
  • Capacity: 17 bottles
  • Dimensions: 34 inches high by 11.75 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep


  • Compact enough to fit in a corner, kitchen cabinet, or hobby space
  • Seamless stainless steel exterior with black colorway to suit most spaces
  • Adjustable via touch controls and a digital temperature display


  • May be slightly noisy during operation

Get the Whytner Elite dual-zone wine fridge at The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Appliances Connection.

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With a 46-bottle capacity, the Kalamera 46-bottle dual-zone wine cooler is an excellent choice for those who need more storage room. At 23.4 inches wide, this fridge is not too much wider than the smaller wine fridges on this list, but it almost doubles in capacity. Moreover, its front ventilation system allows it to be freestanding or built-in.

This beverage fridge has a small upper zone that users can set from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a larger lower zone with a 50-to-66-degree Fahrenheit range. The compressor-based system is relatively quiet with powerful fans to keep the bottles cool. An LED display and digital controls make it easy to operate.

Other comfort and design features on this beverage cooler include a stainless steel-trimmed, UV-protective, and reversible glass door, removable wood racks, and soft blue LED lighting. A built-in carbon filter creates a barrier against odors and a safety lock wards against unauthorized access. It also has a temperature memory function: After a power outage, the wine fridge will “remember” its last settings.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding/built-in
  • Capacity: 46 bottles
  • Dimensions: 33 inches high by 23.4 inches wide by 22.4 inches deep


  • Large capacity can fit 46 bottles easily
  • Built-in carbon filter and LED display with digital controls for user-friendliness
  • Temperature memory function is ideal for first timers as well as veterans


  • Relatively small upper (low-temperature) zone

Get the Kalamera dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Kalamera.

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With a 92-bottle capacity, the Whynter dual-zone wine refrigerator has the capacity to store 40 bottles in the top zone and 52 bottles in the bottom. A compressor-based system keeps the interior cool, and users can choose a temperature between 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

This unit boasts a premium look and feel with a stainless steel-trimmed finish, attractive curved handle, and soft interior lighting. With a front-venting design and reversible door, it can be installed as a freestanding or built-in fridge. UV-protective doors allow users to see inside while protecting the wine from light.

The Whynter includes a safety lock to limit access and an activated carbon filter to maintain interior air quality. Twelve removable shelves allow users to store wine to its full capacity. Or, swap out a few shelves to put bottles on display or store already-opened bottles.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding/built-in
  • Capacity: 92 bottles
  • Dimensions: 55 inches high by 23.5 inches wide by 22.25 inches deep


  • Large capacity can fit up to 92 bottles without taking up too much space
  • Includes display shelf for finer bottles and collection pieces
  • Comes in multiple finishes and sizes to suit a user’s space


  • Door may be hard to adjust for some users

Get the Whynter 92-bottle dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Best Buy.

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For those looking to store more than 100 bottles, the Lanbo 160-bottle wine cooler is an excellent pick. It has a 160-bottle capacity, plenty for most households and enough for some restaurants or event spaces.

This unit has a reversible door and can be installed as a freestanding or built-in fridge. It’s tall, sleek, and attractive. Lanbo also boasts that this fridge is an energy-efficient pick that uses up to 55 percent less energy than traditional wine fridges (notable in a fridge this large).

Users can set the temperature between 41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper zone and 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower. The quiet compressor-based cooler and internal fans ensure reliable temperature distribution. It includes a carbon filter to maintain air quality and a child lock to control access.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding/built-in
  • Capacity: 160 bottles
  • Dimensions: 71.3 inches high by 23.4 inches wide by 28.4 inches deep


  • Very large capacity can fit over 160 bottles of wine; an oenophile’s dream
  • Interior lighting enhances the look of a collection; also makes it easier to read the labels
  • Energy-efficient construction will not rack up the price on the energy bill


  • Capacity greatly reduced when storing larger bottles

Get the Lanbo dual-zone wine fridge at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Best Buy.

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With a slim build, the freestanding Koolatron 12-bottle wine cooler is the best dual-zone wine cooler for those with a tight space. This fridge measures just 10 inches wide, ideal to fit beside a home bar, next to a seating area, on a kitchen countertop, or even in an RV. Its small capacity matches its compact size, and this mini fridge can store up to 12 bottles.

The Koolatron wine fridge uses a thermoelectric cooling system to keep bottles cool. Its capacity is split evenly between two zones, maintaining bottles at 42 to 55 degrees in the lower section and 55 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper section. With touch-screen controls on the front of the unit, controlling the fridge temperature doesn’t require opening the door.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Capacity: 12 bottles
  • Dimensions: 20 inches high by 10 inches wide by 20 inches deep


  • Very slim design is suitable for smaller spaces or in some kitchen cabinets
  • Can be used as a countertop unit as well as a freestanding fridge
  • Controls on front of unit for quick checks and adjustments


  • Small capacity compared to other dual-zone wine fridges

Get the Koolatron dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Koolatron.

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A countertop wine fridge is ideal for those who want to add wine storage without sacrificing floor space. On the countertop, the fridge is easier to access than on the floor since there’s no need to bend down to grab a bottle.

The compact NutriChef wine cooler holds up to 18 bottles, with a six-bottle top section and 12-bottle lower section.

The compressor-based system can maintain wines between 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Contoured polished chrome racks keep wine bottles in place, and a tall bottom shelf allows bottles to stand, whether for displaying or storing opened bottles. This fridge features easy-to-access touch-screen controls on the exterior.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Capacity: 18 bottles
  • Dimensions: 32.7 inches high by 13.6 inches wide by 18.9 inches deep


  • Modern appearance matches most kitchens, hobby rooms, or pantries
  • Can be used as a freestanding or countertop unit
  • External controls allow for quick checks and adjustments
  • Upright storage shelves can be used for finer bottles


  • Compressor may be loud when operational

Get the NutriChef dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon.

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A multipurpose dual-zone wine fridge is the ideal option for those who frequently host and entertain. The Newair dual-zone wine and beverage fridge features an attractive French door design with two individual sections: one for wine and another for canned beverages.

The wine section stores up to 18 bottles on contoured metal racks, while the beer and beverage section stores up to 58 standard-size cans on flat racks. Users can set the temperature between 41 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit on the wine side and between 36 to 72 degrees for the canned drinks section. With the wide temperature range, users also can store wine on the canned drinks side. This fridge can be installed as either a freestanding or built-in unit.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding/built-in
  • Capacity: 18 bottles, 58 cans
  • Dimensions: 34.5 inches high by 23.5 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep


  • French-door design is ideal for storing and accessing the bottles within the fridge
  • Wide temperature range allows you to set the unit to precise temperatures
  • Adjustable shelving for complete customization of medium- to large-scale collections


  • Can be noisy when set to very low temperatures

Get the NewAir 24-inch dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Best Buy (black stainless steel).

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Most dual-zone wine fridges restrict each temperature zone to a certain range (usually a lower temperature upper zone and a higher temperature lower zone). However, in the Ivation 28-bottle wine cooler, both zones can take advantage of the fridge’s full temperature range. Each can be set between 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The compressor-based system and built-in fans help maintain a stable temperature, even within the wide temperature range. An attractive unit with a sleek all-black design, the Ivation features UV-resistant glass, removable racks, touch controls, soft interior lighting, and a built-in lock.

Product Specs

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Capacity: 28 bottles
  • Dimensions: 33.1 inches high by 16.9 inches wide by 17.7 inches deep


  • Both zones can be set to the full temperature range
  • Powerful, stable compressor system for long-term use and reliability
  • Attractive all-black finish will blend easily in most kitchens, pantries, and hobby rooms


  • Door is not reversible; may not be ideal for some spaces

Get the Ivation dual-zone wine fridge at Amazon, or no-lock models at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Wayfair.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

For many people, building up a personal wine collection is one of life’s little pleasures. While standard wine racks can look great, they can’t always guarantee that your wine will stay at its ideal temperature range. Those who want to invest in a place to properly store wine may want to consider a dual-zone wine fridge, which provides the right humidity and temperature to store prized bottles.

In general, both red and white wines should be stored at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the variety, white wines should be served between 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and red wines are best served between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A dual-zone wine fridge offers the flexibility to keep wines at different temperatures, whether for serving, storing, or both. When shopping for a dual-zone wine fridge, consider its capacity, temperature range, cooling system, installation options, noise level, and any additional features.


Dual-zone wine fridges come in a range of sizes, from small countertop units to large floor models. Each unit’s packaging often lists its capacity in the number of bottles (stored on their side, the best way to store wine). This figure generally ranges from 20 to 150 standard 750-milliliter bottles of wine. However, if storing large or irregular-shaped bottles of wine, the actual capacity can be lower.

Some multiuse fridges can store both wine bottles and other beverage cans, so the manufacturer expresses their capacity accordingly. To avoid eventually running out of space, take future needs into account when considering capacity.

Of course, the larger the capacity, the larger the fridge. When shopping, note the fridge’s capacity and its dimensions. Look for a fridge that has the desired storage capacity while fitting within the available space.

Temperature Range

The best storage temperature for wine may vary from bottle to bottle (for temperature recommendations for special wines, contact the winemaker), but most wine can be stored at 55 degrees Fahrenheit both short- and long-term. However, many dual-zone wine fridges have a wider temperature range to accommodate different serving and storage temperatures of wine and other beverages.

A dual-zone wine cooler usually can achieve a temperature range between 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, one of the most important factors to look for is stable temperature: Temperature fluctuations can negatively affect wines. Look for fridges from reputable, well-rated brands to ensure a fridge can maintain a steady temperature. Easy-to-use temperature controls are a nice perk of some of the best dual-zone wine and beverage cooler units.

Thermoelectric vs. Compressor

Wine fridges have two types of cooling mechanisms: thermoelectric and compressor based.

  • Thermoelectric cooling systems, which are more common in small wine fridges, use an electrical current that passes through a plate, relying on the Peltier effect to keep things cool. Most have small fans to distribute the temperature evenly. Since they don’t have a compressor, thermoelectric wine fridges usually run quietly and produce few vibrations. However, they’re less efficient at cooling (usually only to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit) than compressor-based models, so they’re not suitable for warm rooms.
  • Compressor-based wine fridges, which use a traditional compressor and refrigerant system, are more powerful and better at reaching lower temperatures (into the 30-degree Fahrenheit range) than thermoelectric options. Larger and built-in units are often compressor based. However, these systems can be noisier and more likely to cause vibration.

Freestanding vs. Built-In

Dual-zone wine fridges can be freestanding or built-in. Freestanding wine fridges are standalone units that can go almost anywhere with an outlet, except under a counter. These fridges are available as floor or countertop units.

To install a fridge under the counter, look for a built-in unit, which helps provide a more seamless look to the kitchen. The ventilation system on this type of fridge is designed to function properly under a counter. Don’t install freestanding units under a counter; most have back-facing ventilation systems, which can cause the fridge to overheat if it’s installed as a built-in.

Some wine fridges can be used as either a freestanding or built-in unit. On both types, a reversible door allows the door to open to the left or the right for more flexible placement.

Noise and Vibration

All fridges, including wine fridges, make some noise. The level of tolerable noise depends on the wine fridge’s location. In living areas, a quiet unit is preferable, but if it’s in a basement or garage, noise level is less of a concern. Some units display a decibel rating. A household beverage refrigerator runs at around 50 decibels, which helps provide an idea as to how loud the fridge will be.

Experts recommend storing wine away from sources of vibration, which can disturb the sediments in the wine and disrupt the aging process. Most wine fridges are designed with this in mind and don’t vibrate enough to deteriorate their contents. Generally, thermoelectric dual-zone wine fridges run quieter and vibrate less than compressor-based units. However, these fridges also generally have a smaller capacity and perform poorly in warmer environments, so shoppers must determine if the noise and vibration trade-off is worthwhile.

Additional Features

As specialized products, dual-zone wine fridges sometimes include a range of attractive extra features.

The best dual-zone wine cooler options feature UV-resistant glass to prevent rays from penetrating the fridge. UV rays from the sun can damage wines, which is why wine is stored in the dark.

Interior LED lighting, which creates no heat, makes it easier for users to check their stock and read labels without opening the door and disrupting the temperature.

Door alarms sound an alert when the door is left open too long, while locks help prevent curious kids and teens from rummaging through the fridge.

Removable and adjustable shelves add storage flexibility. Most wine coolers are designed to fit standard 750-milliliter bottles of wine, but to store larger bottles, some feature adjustable shelving.


For serious wine lovers, a dual-zone wine fridge is a worthwhile investment. These fridges provide optimal conditions as well as flexibility for serving and storing wines, so wine connoisseurs can make the most of their collection. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions and their answers about choosing and using a dual-zone wine fridge.

Q. Why do I need a dual-zone wine fridge?

A dual-zone wine fridge is a must for those who need two temperature options for storing or serving their wine. Dual-zone wine fridges are useful for storing different types of wine or for using one section to bring the wine to serving temperature and the other to keep the wine at its best storage temperature.

Q. What temperature is ideal for what type of wine?

In general, white and red wine should be stored at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. For important bottles, check with the wine manufacturer for exact temperature recommendations. Serving temperatures depend on the wine type and variety. Many white wines should be served between 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, while experts recommend that red wines are served between 55 to 65 degrees.

Q. Should red wine be stored in a wine fridge?

It’s not necessary to store red wine in a wine fridge, but it is recommended. Red wines should rest in a cool dry place with a consistent suitable temperature (ideally around 55 degrees Fahrenheit). A properly setup wine fridge controls the temperature, humidity, and light exposure to provide the ideal storage conditions for red or white wines.

Q. Where should I place my wine cooler?

Your wine cooler’s location depends on personal preference. You may want to install it in the kitchen, home bar, dining room, basement, or garage. Place it in the most convenient room for your needs.

Q. Is it possible to store beer in a dual-zone wine cooler?

Yes, some dual-zone wine coolers include shelving that’s suitable for storing other beverages, including champagne, beer, and canned drinks. Some dual-zone wine coolers that reach low enough temperatures can be used as a mini fridge to store other items.

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