The Best Indoor Thermometers for the Home

An indoor thermometer lets you keep close tabs on the humidity and temperature in your home, greenhouse, wine cellar, or humidor.

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The Best Indoor Thermometer


Between trying to maintain the proper humidity in your wine cellar or humidor, monitoring the temperature in your greenhouse, or just tracking the conditions in your home, an indoor thermometer is a valuable tool. Gone are the outdated analog models that used mercury—modern indoor thermometers feature digital displays that show the temperature and the humidity.

Some of these devices can track and store data, allowing you to view changes in air temperature and humidity for up to 2 years. These thermometers are also categorized as “smart” devices, as they can send you alerts when the air quality in your wine cellar or greenhouse has moved outside preset parameters.

To help you find the best indoor thermometer for your home, refer to this list of high quality, reliable models.

The Best Indoor Thermometer


Our Top Picks

The thermometers below provide accurate readings for temperature and humidity and feature large, easy-to-read displays. Some are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing them to send alerts to smartphones to report humidity and temperature changes.

Best Overall

The Best Indoor Thermometer Option: AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse, Home, or Office

With its accurate humidity and temperature readings, this thermometer from AcuRite is worthy of your kitchen or living room. Accuracy is critical when it comes to an indoor thermometer, and this unit has a narrow 0.5-degree range of error, with data updated every 10 seconds.

This model also provides a humidity percentage and a gauge that lets you know if the air comfort is Low, OK, or High. This model has large numbers that make it easy to read, even from across the room. This thermometer can stand upright on a shelf or table or be mounted to a refrigerator or other metal surface using the powerful magnetic backing.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Indoor Thermometer Option: Habor Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

This compact, lightweight model offers an affordable means of tracking the temperature and humidity in your home. The thermometer tells the temperature within 2.7 degrees and the humidity within 5 percent. With 24 individual vents, this model provides accurate temperature readings that are updated every 10 seconds.

Smiling and sad emojis let you know if air conditions are comfortable or uncomfortable. While the range of 32 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit may seem well beyond what you need from an indoor thermometer, its range makes it a good option for unfinished spaces such as a garage or shed.

This thermometer also includes a convenient stand for sitting upright, while a magnet back lets you stick it to a metal surface. It is also wall-mountable and battery-powered. A CR2 battery lasts about 6 months.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Indoor Thermometer Option: Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

With accurate sensors, multiple displays, and smartphone alerts, Govee’s temperature and humidity monitor is one of the most feature-rich models available. It has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to send you alerts whenever there’s an unusual change in temperature or humidity.

The thermometer is accurate to within half a degree while the humidity is accurate to 3 percentage points. An LCD screen displays current temperature and humidity, or you can use the Govee app. This unit can record up to 2 years of historical data, which is exportable to a spreadsheet.

Best For Greenhouses

The Best Indoor Thermometer Option: ThermoPro Digital Hydrometer Indoor Thermometer

In situations where changes in air temperature can affect indoor plants, wine, or even cigars, you need to know right away if there is a critical change in air temperature or humidity. This model from Govee uses Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity to send an alert to the Govee app on your smartphone.

This device will also store data when using the app, which you can view for up to 20 days. An integrated stand allows this thermometer to stand upright on a flat surface. You can also use the mounting bracket on the back to hang it on the wall. With a temperature range of -4 degrees to 140 degrees, it’s an excellent option for sheds, greenhouses, and other indoor places that aren’t climate controlled.

Best For Wine Cellars

The Best Indoor Thermometer Option: SensorPush Wireless Thermometer-Hygrometer

Plants are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If you own a greenhouse, both must stay at optimal levels to promote growth while staving off extreme temperatures that can quickly kill plants. This ThermoPro device’s broad temperature range and ability to track highs and lows are incredibly useful for greenhouse and gardening sheds.

With its large 4-inch display and a backlit screen, this model is easy to read even in dimly-lit conditions. It supports a broad temperature range of -58 degrees to 158 degrees and a humidity range from 10 percent to 99 percent, suitable for indoor spaces that aren’t climate controlled.

This ThermoPro unit not only allows you to see the current temperature and humidity levels, but also where they’ve been. It displays highs and lows for both temperature and humidity for the past 24 hours or all-time, letting you know how the air is changing when you’re not there to monitor.

Best For Humidors

The Best Indoor Thermometer Option: Govee Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer

This wireless thermometer hygrometer keeps you in the know about the conditions your precious wine is facing by collecting temperature and humidity data once per minute, then sending the data to your smartphone via the SensorPush App.

This app provides detailed graphs showing you temperature changes over hours, days, months, and even years. You can program the device to send you alerts when there are changes in temperature or humidity. It connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. When paired with a SensorPush gateway, it sends you alerts via WiFi.