The Best Cheese Boards for Entertaining at Home

With the best cheese board on hand, you’ll be the life of the party.

By Brittany Varano | Updated May 3, 2021 10:24 AM

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Best Cheese Board Options


Charcuterie boards have long been synonymous with hosting guests, and the best cheese platters present a well-rounded offering of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, pickles, and more. With the best cheese board, serving up these delectable nibbles is made easy.

High-quality cheese boards can feature grooved edges for crackers and bread, ceramic bowls for crudités and dips, and a spacious surface for displaying meats and cheeses. Some are even suitable to use as cutting boards. With the best cheese board, you can show off your hosting skills and be the host with the most.

  1. BEST OVERALL: SMIRLY Cheese Board and Knife Set
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Unique Bamboo Cheese Board
  3. UPGRADE PICK: House Ur Home Cheese Board
  4. BEST WEDGE: Picnic at Ascot Bamboo Cheese/Charcuterie Board
  5. BEST FOR PICNICS: CTFT Cheese Board and Knife Set
  6. ALSO CONSIDER: ChefSofi Cheese Board Set
Best Cheese Board Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cheese Board

When searching for the right cheese board for entertaining guests, it is necessary to consider the material, size, weight, additional features, and accessories. No two cheese boards are the same, and having these shopping considerations in mind can help when choosing the best cheese board.


The best cheese boards are typically made from all-natural materials such as hardwood, bamboo, and marble. Lightweight bamboo is a high-quality material that harbors natural antimicrobial properties that make serving food safe. It is also easy to clean, only needing to be wiped down with a soapy washcloth after each use.

A strong and dense material like marble adds an elegant touch to any gathering and can withstand hot temperatures and sharp knives. However, marble is heavy and, if dropped, can break easily. Slate is another dense, heavy material, and it’s even possible to label cheese types directly on a slate serving board with a chalk marker. Hardwoods such as maple, walnut, and cherry are also durable and attractive materials ideal for cheese boards.

Size and Weight

It is also essential to consider the size and weight of a new cheese board. When hosting a gathering, it is recommended to serve 6 to 7 ounces of meat and cheese per person. For larger groups, a cheese board that measures at least 15 inches wide by 10 inches or more is best.

As for weight, a material like bamboo is very lightweight and will be easier to carry and serve. A slate or marble cheese board is denser and can be quite heavy, making it more challenging to move from the kitchen to the table.

Trays and Compartments

Some cheese boards have various built-in trays and compartments available. While some cheese boards have only one serving surface, some options include extendable side trays, retractable storage drawers, and specialty trays made for fruit, pickles, and dips.

For convenience, upgraded cheese boards feature a cheese-knife tray that keeps the serving utensils together with the serving tray. Knowing the tray and compartment options available will make choosing the best cheese board simpler.

Cheese Knives

Some of the best cheese boards come in a set complete with cheese knives and utensils. The most common cheese utensils included are a cheese fork, flat cheese knife, narrow-plane knife, and almond knife. A well-rounded set of knives should provide the necessary tools to cut through most soft, medium, hard, and crumbly cheeses.

A cheese fork or forked knife has a blade that can cut many types of cheeses and a fork tip to pick up and serve them to guests. Forked knives can also be used to hold a block of cheese in place as it is cut with another knife. A flat cheese knife has a broad blade that is best used for soft and crumbly cheeses. An almond knife is ideal for cutting off rinds, opening packages, and chunking up most cheese varieties. Narrow-plane knives are another versatile tool that works well to cut semi-firm and soft cheese.


The most common accessories for cheese boards include slate labels, markers, a wine corkscrew opener, and serving forks. Slate labels are a convenient way to mark which cheese is which. They are durable, reusable, and easy to clean.

Wine is commonly paired with cheeses and meats, so having a quality wine corkscrew on hand is a must. For this reason, many cheese board sets come with a wine opener. Small serving forks are another important accessory. They allow guests to serve themselves without touching the shared food and without dirtying their hands. Other notable additions may be cheese slicers, ceramic dipping bowls or plates and standalone fruit and nut trays.

Our Top Picks

The best cheese boards for entertaining guests are made from high-end materials, offer more than just a cutting board surface, and should measure up to the user’s expectations and meet their needs. The following are among the best cheese boards available that will meet many different preferences.

Best Overall

Best Cheese Board Options: Smirly Cheese Board and Knife Set

This cheese-board-and-knife set is an all-in-one collection that features a high-quality bamboo grooved board with two ceramic dipping bowls, two pull-out serving trays, a built-in storage space, and a bonus round tray. The main serving board measures 16 inches by 13 inches by 2 inches. It has two extendable side trays that, when not in use, retract inside the main board and are held in place with a magnet.

At the front of the cheese board is a convenient storage space that holds the included four cheese knives, two slate labels, two white markers, four sampler forks, and one wine opener. The utensils that come with this set include a cheese fork, flat cheese knife, almond knife, and a narrow-plane knife. The separate round tray has five serving sections that can hold fruit and nuts to complement the meat and cheese.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Cheese Board Options: Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

For a budget-friendly and high-quality pick, look to this natural cheese board. The board measures 15.5 inches by 10 inches and is handcrafted from bamboo to be water resistant, gentle on knife blades, and easy to clean. On each side of the board is a compartment ideal for serving nuts, breads, and fruits.

Underneath this serving board are two handle grooves that make moving the board from the kitchen to the dining table safe and comfortable. For a larger flat serving surface, this cheese board is reversible, but it does not come with additional accessories.

Upgrade Pick

Best Cheese Board Options: Cheese Board 2 Ceramic Bowls 2 Serving Plates

This extravagant set from House Ur Home includes doesn’t just include a large serving board. It also comes with the most common serving accessories. The primary board features grooves around the edges to hold crackers, bread, and other goodies. There are also two holes that accommodate the removable ceramic dip bowls.

Built into the board’s body are two additional serving boards held securely in place with magnets. There is also a pull-out shelf for the two ceramic serving plates and a storage shelf that holds the two serving forks, three slate labels, two markers, a single wine opener, and the four cheese knives. A flat cheese knife, almond knife, cheese fork, and narrow-plane knife make up the utensil set.

Best Wedge

Best Cheese Board Options: Picnic at Ascot Patented Bamboo Cheese

This bamboo cheese board is a unique serving platter with four different surfaces at various heights. Although it swivels open, it is designed to be stable even when the user is cutting on each of the different surfaces. Fully extended, the board measures 18 inches across and is made from all-natural bamboo.

This cheese board comes with three stainless steel cheese utensils—cheese fork, narrow-plane knife, and almond knife—conveniently stored in the base’s built-in knife drawer. When this serving tray is not in use, the boards swivel closed into a compact wedge that measures 9.5 inches at its longest point and 3.25 inches tall.

Best For Picnics

Best Cheese Board Options: CTFT Cheese Board and Knife Set Bamboo Charcuterie Platter

For picnics or compact kitchens, look to this cheese board by CTFT. Made from all-natural bamboo, this serving board measures 13 inches by 13 inches by 1.4 inches. There are grooves all around the board to hold crackers and bread, as well as two holes to fit two ceramic bowls securely.

On one side of this cheese board is a pull-out tray that stores two slate labels, two chalk markers, and four cheese utensils conveniently in one place. This set features a cheese fork, flat cheese knife, almond knife, and a narrow-plane knife. The compact size and hidden tool drawer make carrying and storing this cheese board easy—and, conveniently, it also fits in most picnic baskets.

Also Consider

Best Cheese Board Options: Cheese Cutting Board Set - Charcuterie Board Set

This attractive charcuterie board set has built-in indentations that hold four ceramic serving bowls in place. The bowls create a neatly organized and well-presented cheese board. They measure 3.5 inches wide and are stackable for storage convenience. The cheese board itself has a diameter of 13 inches and a thickness of 1.6 inches.

This cheese board features a flat center for serving and cutting cheese, and a grooved edge opposite the serving bowls holds crackers and sliced bread. This cutting board has a swivel tray that opens to reveal four stainless steel utensils in the center. These include an almond knife, narrow-plane knife, cheese fork, and a flat cheese knife.

FAQs About Cheese Boards

These are the answers to some common questions regarding cheese boards. Contact the manufacturer or check the user’s manual for additional information.

Q. What wood is not good for a cheese board?

Porous woods like walnut and mahogany are not suitable for use as a cheese board, as they are difficult to clean. Food and grime can become trapped in porous wood, promoting the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Q. How many cheeses go on a cheese board?

The rule of thumb is that a cheese board should have at least four cheeses from different flavor profiles: blue, aged, soft, and firm.

Q. What fruit should go on a cheese board?

It is recommended to include fruits such as berries, grapes, apples, and pears on a cheese board, as they complement cheese well.

Q. Can I use my cheese board as a cutting board?

It depends on the board. Some cheese boards also function as cutting boards, but a knife will cut and scratch some boards’ surfaces, changing the appearance. Refer to the user manual for approved uses.