The Best Door Draft Stoppers for Cooler Months

Block those cold, gusty drafts before they can sneak under your doors and into your home with these simple, reliable devices.

By Tom Scalisi | Updated Jan 4, 2021 1:30 PM

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The Best Door Draft Stopper Option


The scenario is chillingly familiar: You’re walking happily and comfortably through your home when suddenly, a cold patch of air stops you in your tracks. Paranormal activity? Nope, your drafty exterior door is to blame.

Your home needn’t be centuries old to suffer from drafty doors. As newer homes settle, doorjambs and walls can rack out of square ever so slightly. This slight twist can result in tiny gaps under the door—the perfect spot for cold air to slip through.

The good news is that there’s a simple solution. Keeping that frigid air at bay requires the right door draft stopper. Draft stoppers attach to, slide under, or sit in front of your door to block the little cracks and gaps that let cold air in—and your heated air out. The best door draft stoppers can keep noise, light, dust, and odors from entering your home as well. If you aim to improve your home’s comfort and lessen your energy consumption, getting one of the best door draft stoppers can help.

Our Top Picks

Factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best door stopper include the materials used, how the device attaches to the door, and how to clean it. Check out the options here—all considered to be among the best on the market—to help pick the best door stopper.

Best Overall

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: Holikme 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

Looking for not one but two flexible draft stoppers that will stick to the door and seal out the cold air? Then consider this two-pack from Holikme. These draft stoppers, made of durable rubber to create a flexible seal, will fit doors up to 37 inches wide, making them well suited for most inward-swinging entry doors.

The stoppers feature three pliable fins to take the shape of the threshold as well as three spaces for air gaps, improving insulation value. They attach with an adhesive backing, easy to trim to size using a sharp utility knife. Choose between white, black, brown, gray, or a transparent finish to suit any home decor.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: Ohuhu Door Draft Stopper

To insulate an entry door without breaking the bank, consider the affordable Ohuhu Door Draft Stopper. This silicone-based draft stopper will create a flexible seal under the door while offering six air-isolating spaces, promoting a better thermal barrier for insulation. It measures 39 inches wide, so it works well with oversize doors, but it’s also 2 inches tall, providing coverage for some significant gaps.

Available in black or white to blend with the surrounding decor, the Ohuhu Door Draft Stopper attaches to wood, metal, or fiberglass doors with ease. Simply peel the backing off the attached adhesive strip and press it onto the door. Its silicone construction makes it easy to cut the draft stopper to size.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: DECOREALM Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper and Blocker

This draft stopper is designed to keep out noise, light, and odor as well as cold—and look good while doing it. The DECOREALM Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper and Blocker, available in 30-, 32-, and 36-inch lengths, can work with most entryway doors. This door “snake” is filled with ceramic beads that won’t get crushed or emit any dust, and it stays in place via its ample heft (the 36-inch-long option weighs 3½ pounds). At 3½ inches in diameter, it provides draft-stopping coverage for any gap.

It comes in an attractive herringbone pattern and four colors—charcoal (gray), chestnut (brown), pewter (gray), and oatmeal (cream)—to complement the home’s decor. Satin cord handles enable the blocker to hang from a doorknob or coat hook when not in use. The fabric cover unzips and removes from the insulating inner portion for easy washing.

Best Permanent

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: Frost King B79/36H Vinyl Slide-On Door Bottom

A draft blocker won’t do much good if it never makes it out of the closet. That’s where a permanent option like this Frost King comes in. Simply slide the B79/36H Vinyl Slide-On Door Bottom under the door, cut it to length, and screw it on with the included hardware to create a long-lasting seal against drafts and uneven thresholds.

This draft stopper installs on doors 1¾ inches thick and up to 36 inches long, making it applicable for most entryway doors. It features six vinyl fins that flex and compress to form an airtight seal that also blocks bugs, dirt, noise, and rain.

Best Hook and Loop

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: MAXTID Adjustable Door Draft Stopper

For a door draft blocker that’s a breeze (heh) to put in place and just as easy to remove, consider the MAXTID Adjustable Door Draft Stopper. This model comes in 30-, 32-, 34-, and 36-inch lengths and can cover gaps just over 1¼ inches wide.

It attaches securely to the bottom of the door with a hook-and-loop strip; simply peel it off to remove for cleaning. The insulating inner core is made of foam material, while the vinyl outer sleeve comes in five colors (black, brown, dark brown, gray, and white) to blend in with the door’s appearance.

Best Twin Draft Blocker

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper

Twin draft stoppers work on both sides of a door to provide twice the barrier for keeping drafts at bay. The Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper slides easily underneath the door and sandwiches it between two thick foam-sponge tubes, providing a tight seal. The Holikme’s foam is almost twice the size of some of its competitors, blocking gaps up to 1½ inches wide.

This draft stopper comes in a 34-inch length that can be customized for smaller door widths. Simply remove the foam sponges from their sleeves, cut them to size with a knife or scissors, and slide them back in. The hook-and-loop flap folds over, keeping them securely in place. The fabric cover, which comes in several colors and patterns to suit numerous styles, is removable and machine washable.

Best for Oversized Doors

The Best Door Draft Stopper Option: fowong 38 inch Heavy Door Draft Stopper

For a home that has larger-than-typical door widths, finding an effective draft stopper can be a challenge—but the fowong 38-inch Heavy Door Draft Stopper might just do the trick. This heavy draft stopper, filled with glass beads, weighs almost 3 pounds to stay securely in place. It also comes with a strip of hook-and-loop material for attaching it semipermanently if desired. I

ts upholstery-grade, weatherproof polyester cover is machine washable and comes in gray, brown, or white. Two cord handles, one on either end, make it easy to hang from a doorknob or coat hook when not in use.