The Best Flea Trap to Keep Your Home Pest Free

The only thing worse than a flea-bitten pet is a flea-infested home. Get rid of these pesky parasites with these top-rated flea traps.

Best Overall

The Best Flea Trap Options: Victor Safer Brand M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

Victor Safer Brand M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

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Best Bang For the Buck

The Best Flea Trap Options: ZZC Flea Trap with 2 Glue Discs Simple Installation

ZZC Flea Trap with 2 Glue Discs Simple Installation

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Best Nontoxic

The Best Flea Trap Options: ASPECTEK - Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap with 2 Glue Discs

ASPECTEK - Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap

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It’s heartbreaking to watch your pets itch and scratch all day when they are infested with fleas. What’s even worse is when those fleas begin to migrate to the rest of the home. Not only can they attack other pets, but they’ll also latch on to the human members of the household. To avoid this skin-crawling mess or gain control of an outbreak in progress, consider one of these top-rated flea traps.

The best flea traps are nontoxic, easy to use, and effective in getting rid of those nasty little pests. However, not all flea traps are created equal, and it’s best to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of flea traps before purchasing. Below are some of the key considerations to keep in mind when buying a flea trap as well as tips on how to purchase the best flea trap for your needs.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Victor Safer Brand M230A Ultimate Flea Trap
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: ZZC Flea Trap with 2 Glue Discs Simple Installation
  3. BEST NONTOXIC: ASPECTEK – Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap
  4. BEST PLUG-IN TREATMENT: Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Control 2021 (2-Pack)
The Best Flea Trap Options

What to Consider When Buying the Best Flea Trap

Between the dog or cat itching and the constant worry of a full-on flea infestation, homeowners are likely to have a lot on their minds when shopping for flea traps. To keep it simple, here are a few features to keep in mind when searching for the best flea trap for the home.


Flea traps come in two basic forms: glue traps and light traps.

  • Glue traps use color and scent to attract fleas into the trap. The fleas then step onto a pad or strip coated in glue and get stuck.
  • Light traps use light to lure fleas into the area and either catch them in the trap on a glue strip or use electricity to electrocute them.

Both of these methods have their place, and it’s really up to the user on which model they prefer. Keep in mind traps that electrocute fleas could potentially harm small pets or small children. This might mean glue traps are better for a household where the glue will only get stuck to a finger or a paw and can be removed painlessly.


Some glue traps use poison to ensure the fleas are dead when they fall victim to the sticky strip. Without pets or small children at home, these traps are excellent and will effectively rid a home of fleas. However, if pets and small children live in or visit the home, these kinds of traps can be dangerous.

When it comes to nontoxic options, there are plenty of choices available. These flea traps will indicate they are nontoxic or nonpoisonous on the packaging.

Simple to Use 

When dealing with a flea invasion, the last thing anyone wants to do is fight with a complicated flea trap. When shopping around for the best flea trap, look for simple to use and easy to set up options. Many come out of the box ready to go; all you have to do is find a place for them. Others, however, might come with a bit of assembly. To be prepared for this, read the product’s specifications and determine how much assembly is required.

Tips for Buying and Using Best Flea Trap

It can be tempting when shopping for a flea trap to purchase a trap that’s made for all insects; however, fleas operate quite differently from many other bugs. For example, unlike ants or termites, fleas seek out warm-blooded animals to live on. This means they are attracted to and repelled by different things than most other insects. While some household pests—such as fruit flies, gnats, and moths—are drawn to UV light, fleas are not. This means electronic traps that use UV light to attract insects won’t be useful. When dealing with a flea infestation, purchase a solution that was made specifically to be used on fleas.

Setting up a flea trap isn’t quite as simple as just dropping it anywhere and leaving it alone. Flea traps require monitoring and maintenance, and there are certain areas of the home that are better suited to capturing fleas. To get the most out of a flea trap, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • For households with pets, place traps near pet beds or anywhere pets spend a lot of time.
  • When using glue traps, replacing the glue strip regularly will help you keep track of how many fleas are being caught and will keep the trap working at its best.
  • Vacuuming thoroughly and often will help keep the flea population down until the fleas are gone.
  • Discard pet bedding or toys that might be infested with fleas.

Our Top Picks

Flea traps are something most people don’t want to think about until they’re needed. Below are some of the best flea traps to eradicate these nasty bugs from the home. Using the tips and considerations mentioned above, you’re ready to find the best flea trap to suit your needs.

Best Overall

Victor Safer Brand M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

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The Ultimate Flea Trap by Victor is a nontoxic trap that helps fight flea infestations by enticing fleas with a warm light. Once the fleas crawl or jump into the trap, the SuperGrabber glue on the trap pad holds the fleas. The white color of the pad makes it easy to see how many fleas have been caught. Because these traps are nontoxic, they are safe to use in homes with pets or small children.

To set the trap, users have to place a sticky pad into the base and then snap the top onto the base. Then the light attaches to the top and pokes through the trap top to create a dome of warm and bright light that attracts fleas. It’s recommended the trap pad be replaced every two to four weeks.

Best Bang For the Buck

ZZC Flea Trap with 2 Glue Discs Simple Installation

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Easily capture unwanted insects without the worry of releasing potential harmful chemicals in your home. The flea trap uses light, heating, and the powerful sticky traps to monitor and control flea infestations. The light trap lures fleas and other insects from furniture and carpets. With no poison or strong odors, this affordable flea and bed bug catching trap is both kid and pet friendly.

The trap plugs into standard household outlets, which means it can be easily moved from room to room as needed. The sticky paper should be replaced about every three weeks or when it is 70 percent covered.

Best Nontoxic

ASPECTEK – Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap

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Using natural products and odorless glue, this effective flea trap from Aspectek can attract fleas from up to 50 feet away. Using heat, light, and color, the trap welcomes the fleas into its domed shape. With a 360-degree door into the trap, the fleas can easily hop right in and become stuck to the sticky pad.

Assembly is fairly straightforward. First, place the glue pad in the bottom of the trap, then attach the top component and light, and plug the trap in. Place near dog beds or area pets spend a lot of time for the best results. Fortunately, its domed shape keeps even the clumsiest of pets from stepping on it. And, since it’s nontoxic, there’s no need to worry about pets or children getting into the trap.

Best Plug-In Treatment

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Control 2021 (2-Pack)

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If sticky traps aren’t doing the trick, consider this ultrasonic pest repellent by Ever Pest. This plug-in uses powerful sonic electricity pulses that repel many types of pests, including flies, spiders, mice, ants, fleas, and many other insects. Although the device emits a noise, it’s undetectable to pets and humans.

Since there are no glues or chemicals involved, this repellent is safe for a home with pets and children. However, these repellants do not work through walls, so it will be necessary to purchase one for every room of the house to keep fleas away. This device is easy to use; simply plug it in, and it’s ready to go.

FAQs About Your New Flea Trap

While learning about fleas and how to trap them isn’t the ideal way to spend an evening, it’s important to know what to do when this unfortunate event hits your home. Along with shopping for flea traps comes many questions. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about flea traps.

Q. What makes a good flea trap? 

The best flea traps are nontoxic, easy to use, and trap and kill fleas to effectively eliminate the infestation.

Q. What attracts fleas? 

Fleas want to find a warm-blooded animal to live on. This means things like heat and scents attract them. Many flea traps use warm lights to attract fleas and lure them onto sticky glue strips.

Q. What is the best flea repellent? 

The best way to prevent fleas from coming into the home in the first place is with a topical or ingestible flea treatment that is given to your pet.