The Best Flower Delivery Services of 2023

Fresh-cut flowers delivered right to your door—or a bouquet sent to a loved one—is easy with one of the top floral delivery services.

By Savannah Sher | Updated Dec 28, 2021 10:55 AM

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The Best Flower Delivery Service Options


Receiving flowers can make many of us feel special. Today, it’s easier than ever to send a loved one flowers—or treat yourself to a bouquet—with just a few clicks.

With so many floral delivery services available, however, it can be difficult for shoppers to narrow down the options. To help make the search easier, the following recommendations for the best places to order flowers online were selected for their quality blooms, flexible service, and excellent value.

This guide includes some of the best flower delivery services that fit a variety of tastes and budgets, regardless of the occasion.

1. UrbanStems

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: UrbanStems


Known for: UrbanStems is one of the most popular options on the market because of the company’s next-day delivery service.
Price: $$ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Manor bouquet (available from UrbanStems) features traditional flowers like roses and lavender.

UrbanStems is a go-to for shoppers looking for gorgeous floral arrangements or other gifts like chocolate and candles. While some online flower delivery services don’t guarantee the exact floral varieties that will be included in a bouquet, UrbanStems lists every element including greenery, so shoppers with particular tastes can be easily accommodated.

Everything purchased from UrbanStems is certified by Rainforest Alliance, ensuring its products are sustainably sourced. Plus, UrbanStems offers next-day delivery in many parts of the country and same-day delivery in some metropolitan areas, making it a perfect choice when you need a last-minute gift.

Shop all flowers at UrbanStems

2. 1-800-Flowers

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: 1-800-Flowers


Known for: 1-800-Flowers has a vast selection of products and ships internationally.
Price: $ to $$$$
Editors’ Choice: The Always On My Mind bouquet (available from 1-800-Flowers) comes in four sizes and includes pink roses, gerbera daisies, lilies, and white snapdragons.

While many online flower delivery services offer a carefully curated selection of products and offer only limited bouquet options, 1-800-Flowers has plenty of variety for those looking for traditional floral arrangements or more modern offerings. The business started as a brick-and-mortar store in 1979, but today has transitioned to operating online.

It can be difficult to find online florists that operate outside of the U.S., but 1-800-Flowers delivers internationally, allowing shoppers the option to easily send flowers to someone living abroad. 1-800-Flowers additionally offers glass vases or tasty treats that can be added to each order, making this company ideal for gift giving.

Shop all flowers at 1-800-Flowers

3. BloomsyBox

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: BloomsyBox


Known for: BloomsyBox is primarily known for its floral subscriptions, but the company also sells individual arrangements and offers next-day delivery.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice:  The First Kiss Premium bouquet (available from BloomsyBox) features elegant white roses as well as purple mini calla lilies.

BloomsyBox has both affordable flower subscription plans as well as individual arrangements and houseplants. The company only partners with farmers who use fair-trade growing practices and highlight products from growers within the U.S. Shoppers can sort online options by occasion, flower type, or collection.

BloomsyBox ships many of its flowers in bud form, ensuring optimal freshness and longevity. Along with fresh-cut flowers, it also offers preserved arrangements that last for years. The company delivers across the country with the exception of Hawaii and it offers next-day delivery on a wide variety of products.

Shop all flowers at BloomsyBox

4. Teleflora

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: Teleflora


Known for: Teleflora provides a wide selection of floral products as well as other giftables.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Hidden Garden bouquet (available from Teleflora) comes in a matte white jar and includes lavender roses, soft peach carnations, purple sinuata, and a succulent.

Teleflora is one of many online floral delivery services that works with florists across the country to quickly deliver fresh bouquets to the intended recipient. Along with standard bouquets, it offers a wide variety of seasonal products for specific holidays and occasions.

Shoppers have the option to include a stuffed animal, a box of chocolates, or a Mylar balloon to any order, too. One big perk is that Teleflora delivers to both Hawaii and Alaska, where national floral delivery services are hard to come by. There are also options for international delivery.

Shop all flowers at Teleflora

5. The Bouqs Co.

The Best Flower Delivery Services Option: The Bouqs Co


Known for: The Bouqs Co. offers eco-friendly bouquets by partnering directly with local flower farmers.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Wild About U bouquet (available from The Bouqs Co.) includes a succulent that can be removed and planted in a pot for a long-lasting bonus.

The Bouqs Co. prioritizes sustainability and allows shoppers to get farm-to-table flowers at affordable prices. It aims to make its supply chain as transparent as possible by listing where the flowers are sourced for each bouquet. The Bouqs Co. also sells subscription boxes and allows subscribers to change their address each time so they can give a bouquet to someone new each month.

The Bouqs Co. delivers to all the U.S. states except Alaska, and those requiring same-day delivery can find options from local florists by inputting their ZIP code. Plus, most products from The Bouqs Co. are 30 percent off when purchased as a regular subscription.

Shop all flowers at The Bouqs Co.

6. ProFlowers

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: ProFlowers


Known for: ProFlowers teams up with a national network of local florists to offer same-day delivery.
Price: $ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Lost in a Dream bouquet (available from ProFlowers) comes in both a standard and a deluxe size and has soft pink florals and greenery.

ProFlowers delivers fresh-cut flowers, plants, and edible gifts with same-day delivery in many locations by working with a network of local florists across the country. It’s important to note that since the bouquets aren’t coming from a centralized location, they may vary in appearance from what shoppers see on the site. The company offers a 7-day freshness guarantee so you can be assured that your arrangement will last at least a week.

In addition to floral arrangements, ProFlowers also offers gourmet food baskets, making it a great one-stop shop for gifting.

Shop all flowers at ProFlowers

7. Amazon

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: Amazon


Known for: Amazon is known for its everyday low prices on thousands of items, but it also offers floral delivery.
Price: $ to $$
Editors’ Choice: The Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields bouquet (available on Amazon) is available for next-day shipping.

Since many online shoppers already rely on Amazon for fast delivery on household essentials and other everyday items, it may not be a surprise that the e-retail giant is also a go-to destination for flower delivery.

Amazon’s floral delivery service is executed by third-party sellers, so there’s no guarantee of consistent quality across the board. Delivery timelines and other specific product details vary based on the seller. Because Amazon is so popular and widely used, there are plenty of options with thousands of positive reviews.

Shop all flowers at Amazon

8. Farmgirl Flowers

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: Farmgirl Flowers


Known for: Farmgirl Flowers is known for its beautiful and sustainable bouquets and subscription services.
Price: $$ to $$$
Editors’ Choice: The Just Right Burlap Wrapped Bouquet (available from Farmgirl Flowers) includes 25 stems and comes wrapped in an upcycled burlap bag from local coffee roasters.

San Francisco–based Farmgirl Flowers creates ethically sourced floral arrangements that have a rustic charm. Because the focus is on purchasing locally from domestic growers, shoppers can expect that each bouquet they receive may differ from the photos found online based on the season and flower availability. Along with standard bouquets, the company also offers DIY floral arrangement kits and dried flowers that can look great all year long.

Farmgirl Flowers delivers to the lower 48 states and also offers a subscription service for those who want to receive bouquets on a weekly, monthly, or biweekly basis.

Shop all flowers at Farmgirl Flowers

9. Venus et Fleur

The Best Flower Delivery Service Option: Venus et Fleur


Known for: Venus et Fleur offers upscale arrangements that are preserved to last for a year.
Price: $$$ to $$$$
Editors’ Choice: The Fleura Vase with Eternity Roses (available from Venus et Fleur) includes 24 to 26 roses in the color of your choosing.

Standard floral bouquets may last as long as a couple of weeks, but Venus et Fleur has figured out a proprietary preservation process that allows roses to last for a year or longer if properly cared for. While the price point of these arrangements might cause sticker shock, it actually makes for an economical choice for someone who would typically purchase a similar arrangement monthly.

Along with its Eternity Roses, the company also offers other preserved flowers like hydrangeas and gardenias. These long-lasting bouquets make a thoughtful and luxurious gift, and the company offers same-day delivery in New York City and Los Angeles.

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How We Chose the Best Flower Delivery Services

Years of experience covering home products as well as extensive research went into creating this guide. We explored more than 30 flower delivery options and weighed a number of practical considerations when making our recommendations.

  • Sustainability: Many customers prioritize eco-friendly and fair-trade farming practices, so we aimed to primarily include flower delivery services that focused on sustainability.
  • Delivery options: We gave preference to companies that offered nationwide delivery as well as same-day or next-day delivery options for last-minute gifts.
  • Value: Floral delivery varies widely in price, but we aimed to only include services that offered excellent value for both standard and high-end arrangements.


While you now know more about choosing the best flower delivery service, you might still want more information about how they work. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about flower delivery services.

Q. How do flower delivery services work?

Flower delivery services allow customers to shop online and have flowers delivered to their own doorstep or sent to a loved one.

Q. Does Amazon have a flower delivery service?

Not only does Amazon offer flower delivery, but the company has same-day delivery options for Prime members.

Q. What is the cheapest flower delivery service?

Many flower delivery services offer smaller and more affordable bouquets.

Q. How do I send flowers for delivery?

Visit any of the abovementioned websites, choose a bouquet, and input the delivery address of the intended recipient.

Q. How do I keep cut flowers longer-lasting?

To keep cut flowers looking fresh as long as possible, cut their stems at a 45 degree angle to maximize water absorption. Ensure they have fresh water by replacing it every 2 days.