The Best Furniture Removal Services

Don’t just kick old furniture to the curb. The best furniture removal services can haul away and possibly rehome those unwanted items.

Best Overall

The Best Furniture Removal Services Option: College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

College Hunks Hauling Junk u0026amp; Moving

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The Best Furniture Removal Services Option: LoadUp


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The Best Furniture Removal Services Option: The Junkluggers

The Junkluggers

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The dilemma of what to do with old or outdated furniture is common when moving, redecorating, or decluttering. Getting rid of bulky furniture items like sofas, mattresses, and appliances can be a pain—literally, if you’re the one doing the heavy lifting! But a furniture removal company can relieve the stress, time, and physicality involved by hauling away all those hard-to-remove, unneeded items.

Whether it’s an entire household of stuff or even just one bulky fixture that needs to go, making a furniture removal appointment with the best junk removal service can help. A small crew will arrive to lug the furniture out of the house and onto a truck. These companies will then properly dispose of or donate the furniture so the items can have a new life somewhere else. To find out who to call for these services, we’ve narrowed our top picks for the best furniture removal services and included some important considerations to keep in mind.

  1. BEST OVERALL: College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving
  2. RUNNER-UP: LoadUp
  4. BEST FOR DONATIONS: Habitat for Humanity ReStore
The Best Furniture Removal Services Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Furniture Removal Services

The first search result for “best junk removal near me” or “what is the best junk removal service” won’t necessarily yield the best results—especially if the items to get rid of aren’t necessarily junk. Lots of unwanted furniture items may still be able to be recycled or donated, and companies that specialize in furniture removal can help with that. While the price of this service is an obvious deciding factor, it’s important to consider other factors, like the ease of scheduling service, timeliness, the company’s liability coverage, and more.

Service Area and Scheduling

A quick way for customers to narrow down which furniture removal company to consider is to see which companies offer service in their area. Many companies have their coverage areas readily available on their websites. Also, customers may be able to further whittle down their choices by determining whether the company is available to complete the job within their necessary time frame. Furniture removal companies often allow convenient scheduling of appointments over the phone or via online booking platforms. Some companies may even offer same-day service if more immediate action is needed.

Pricing Structure

Furniture or item removals are typically priced in one of two ways: by the truckload (or fraction of the truckload) or per item of furniture. Customers may want to gather at least three quotes from companies to see which pricing structure offers the best price for furniture removal services. Also, some companies may offer discounted pricing if it’s a big job, like cleaning out an entire house’s worth of furniture.

Removal companies should be up front about how they charge. Also, while most companies offer free, no-obligation price quotes, some companies may only provide those estimates in person after visiting the pickup site. Ask whether any price quotes received also include labor, tax, dumping fees, or other extra costs.

Disposal Methods

Many of the items coordinated for pickup may be able to be salvaged and rehomed instead of just tossed into overflowing landfills. That’s an advantage when hiring one of the best waste management companies. Most removal companies will detail on their websites how they dispose of the unwanted items they pick up. Many furniture removal companies are committed to providing an environmentally friendly waste removal and recycling policy for the disposal of items. They may have relationships with local recycling or donation centers to help coordinate these efforts.

Service Liability Coverage

Professional packing crews with junk removal companies are trained and have the necessary equipment to properly handle and remove furniture. Still, accidents can happen. A reputable company will have insurance to cover any damages to the property and in case any injuries occur to its workers during the removal process. In vetting companies, consider asking whether they carry liability insurance that covers the technicians and the property owner. That way, if any damages or injuries occur, all parties involved will be protected.

Customer Support

The responsiveness of the company’s customer support team likely will be another key factor to consider when vetting services. When customers are searching “best junk removal services near me,” they may want to look for furniture removal companies that promptly respond to any questions or requests for service. Hiring an approachable and responsive professional service may give customers extra confidence that the job will be done professionally and promptly.

Our Top Picks

The list of best furniture removal companies was selected by weighing each service’s attributes like ease of scheduling, transparency over pricing, and geographic availability.

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  • Service area: 39 states
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing structure: By the truckload
  • Sample pricing: Approximately $725 for a full truckload


  • 70 percent of items are recycled or responsibly discarded
  • Partnerships with Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and other local charities
  • Ongoing partnership with U.S. Hunger


  • Customers risk incorrectly estimating removal needs

Why It Made the Cut: College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving promotes a strong commitment to environmental responsibility by vowing to recycle or donate as many items as possible from their pickups. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving wants to keep as many unwanted items as possible out of the nation’s landfills. The company’s commitment to social responsibility and its eco-friendly policies make it a standout for those choosing a junk removal service: 70 percent of its collected items are recycled or responsibly discarded. Because of their close partnerships with local organizations such as Goodwill Industries and Habitat for Humanity, furniture or other items in good condition will likely be donated to worthwhile causes for recycling or reuse. The company also commits to giving back in other ways: It partners with U.S. Hunger and donates two meals to a hungry child for every moving or junk removal service completed. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving charges by the truckload (or fraction of the truck used). Customers may have difficulty in estimating how much room their piece—or pieces—of furniture will occupy in the truck to determine the price beforehand. To obtain a more accurate price estimate, customers may want to take measurements of their furniture before contacting customer support or scheduling a service. With a wide service area across 39 states, College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving can provide a full-service option to remove unwanted items and ensure they get donated whenever possible.

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  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing structure: Per single item
  • Sample pricing: $114 for a mattress


  • Relatively affordable removal costs
  • Convenient online truck tracking
  • Outdoor, no-contact pickups available


  • Unclear service area

Why It Made the Cut: LoadUp offers relatively affordable prices for removing items and has options for contactless pickups. LoadUp falls within the low end of national average costs for furniture removal services. The company only charges per item, which could be an attractive option for smaller removal jobs of just one or two pieces. Also, the company offers a completely online experience to simplify the process of booking appointments and obtaining price quotes. Once service has been scheduled, the company also offers customers a convenient online tracking tool on the day of the appointment where they can view exactly where the truck is to pinpoint its arrival time. Customers will want to double-check the company’s service area to make sure the website is up-to-date. Another standout feature LoadUp offers is its no-contact pickup. If customers can do some heavy lifting themselves, they can move the furniture to the driveway or curb, and LoadUp will collect it from there. This makes for a fast and streamlined furniture removal experience.

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  • Service area: 31 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing structure: On-site estimates
  • Sample pricing: N/A


  • Final cost guarantee to never be higher than quoted price
  • Customers receive donation receipt within 14 days
  • Discounts offered in the event of delayed truck arrival


  • Pricing not provided until pickup

Why It Made the Cut: The Junkluggers offers pricing and timeliness guarantees for customers who desire extra assurances in service. The Junkluggers will haul away items big or small and vows to make the experience hassle-free by handling the collection, transportation, and responsible disposal of any unwanted items. Junkluggers also promises that customers will receive a donation receipt within 14 days of using its service for tax write-off purposes, which is a worthwhile guarantee so customers don’t waste time chasing one down. Junkluggers offers written on-site pricing guarantees so that the final cost will never be higher than what the customer was originally quoted. The service also guarantees timeliness. Customers will receive a 2-hour arrival window, but if the truck arrives within 30 minutes after the end of that scheduled time, customers will receive a 5 percent discount. And if the truck arrives after 30 minutes, the customer is eligible for a 10 percent discount. Junkluggers only offers in-person pricing during scheduled appointments. Customers are not obligated to proceed after receiving a price estimate, but they may feel more pressure to do so since the truck is already there. Still, on-site estimates can be helpful for large, heavy, or unusual furniture for which online or phone price estimates may misjudge the final costs.

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  • Service area: 900 locations nationwide
  • Scheduling: Email, phone
  • Pricing structure: Free pickup
  • Sample pricing: N/A


  • Free pickup services at many locations
  • Sales proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity projects


  • Donation guidelines may vary by location

Why It Made the Cut: Habitat for Humanity ReStore offers free pickup services at many of its locations, and old furniture is able to get a second lease on life. Habitat for Humanity ReStores are retail arms of Habitat for Humanity. They are similar to thrift stores, but they mainly sell furniture and other secondhand household items, such as tile and hardware. Giving back is the theme when using this service; customers’ items are sold at the ReStores, and the proceeds from those sales go toward building Habitat for Humanity homes in the local community. Not all Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations will always be available to offer free pickup services, depending on staffing and truck availability. Customers can contact their local branch to check whether the location is currently doing pickups. When making an appointment, customers will want to discuss any current donation guidelines and ensure their items are eligible for collection. Customers may be drawn to Habitat for Humanity ReStores since they’re centered on giving back to the community and repurposing any hauled-away items.

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  • Service area: 45 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing structure: On-site estimates
  • Sample pricing: N/A


  • 24/7 customer service by phone
  • Prompt same-day service available


  • Pricing not provided until pickup

Why It Made the Cut: 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers a wide service area across the country and 24/7 customer service so that customers can make appointments or ask questions at any time. The 1-800-GOT-JUNK? name tells customers exactly whom to call when needing to schedule pickup services for furniture removal, basement cleanouts, and more. The service provides convenient scheduling online and via phone as well as 24/7 customer service by phone. It also offers a limited number of same-day appointments, if needed. Customers won’t receive a pricing estimate until an appointment has been scheduled and crews arrive with a truck—the company only provides price quotes on-site. Customers may want to use the company’s customer service to get a better idea of how the pricing structure will work for their collected items and also gather multiple quotes from other companies in advance so they have something to compare. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can be a great solution for those who have unwanted items that need to be removed quickly, especially with the company’s availability of some speedy service options.

Our Verdict

We recommend College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving and LoadUp for the best furniture removal services. Both companies are widely available throughout the country. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving’s commitment to environmental responsibility offers assurance that the company will do as much as possible to make sure unwanted items aren’t wastefully disposed of in landfills and that they will be donated or reused whenever possible. LoadUp is another great option if cost is a main factor. It offers one of the lowest cost options since it charges per item in a single pickup. That may be more attractive for customers who have smaller jobs with just one or two items that need to be removed.

How We Chose the Best Furniture Removal Services

Narrowing down the list of the best junk removal services required extensive research into each company, factoring in the brand’s reputation, customer service, eco-friendliness, pricing transparency, and more. Also, an integral part in judging the companies was whether they had a detailed policy of what happens to hauled-away items and whether they displayed a commitment to recycling or donation efforts for any collected belongings.

Before You Use One of the Best Furniture Removal Services

Furniture removal companies may be a great solution for clearing away unwanted items, like bulky furniture and appliances, and they can help declutter basements, garages, attics, or other spots in the home. Hiring a furniture removal company may seem straightforward, but there are several decisions to factor in. For example, before inquiring about pricing, consider all the items that need to be removed, take measurements, and be able to describe the shapes and sizes to help inform possible price estimates over the phone or online. Check the time frame in which companies are available to remove items, and find out what happens to these collected belongings after they’re loaded on the truck—will they be salvaged and donated? Or will they go straight to the landfill?

Customers may also want to explore other methods for furniture removal, such as renting a dumpster. That could prove to be a more affordable option for those needing to remove large quantities of items all at once. Also, if furniture removal is needed because of a move, one of the best moving companies may also be able to assist with removing and disposing of furniture. Some other possible options for removing discarded items from a home include holding a yard sale, donating to a charity or religious organization, or selling (or listing items as a free pickup) on online marketplaces.

Cost of Using One of the Best Furniture Removal Services

The cost of using one of the best furniture removal services varies by project scope. Some options could be available for free, but most companies charge a fee either per item or per truckload. Furniture removal companies may have a minimum fee that must be reached to use their services—often between $75 and $150. Customers will want to understand how companies calculate their services to avoid costly surprises, especially since some companies do not provide price estimates until they show up in person with a truck. National data shows that mattress and furniture removal can cost, on average, about $165, with a typical range between $75 and $200.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Furniture Removal Services

Customers may find several advantages to hiring one of the best furniture removal companies, such as:

  • Furniture removal companies can help eliminate stress and clutter by hauling away old furniture and items that are no longer wanted.
  • Unneeded items can be picked up and repurposed, donated and reused within the local community instead of ending up in a landfill or tossed to the curb.
  • Professionals will prioritize safety when moving out furniture and take extra precautions to prevent damage to a property when handling large, bulky items.


Before hiring a top-rated furniture removal service, potential customers may have questions before hiring.

Q. Is dumpster rental cheaper than full-service junk removal?

Dumpster rentals can be cheaper than using a full-service professional furniture removal service, particularly if there is a large quantity of items that need to be disposed of. National estimates for dumpster rentals are about $292 to $480 per week, while professional furniture removal companies typically cost anywhere from $130 to $800. But costs should not be the only factor. Dumpsters may be a better option for removing lots of smaller items from a home, but customers will need to do all the heavy lifting themselves. They may find a full-service junk removal company worth the expense, particularly for bulky or heavier objects.

Q. What can junk removal companies take?

Furniture and junk removal companies will often dispose of sofas, mattresses, chairs, tables, televisions, hot tubs, refrigerators, computers, appliances, construction waste, lawn mowers, old yard equipment, tires and scrap metal, desks, and more. However, the items they will haul away can vary by company. For example, some companies may not remove oversize items, such as mattresses. Also, some companies may not remove hazardous waste items, such as paint, pressurized containers, or those containing batteries.

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