The Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas

From high coverage limits to extended workmanship guarantees and discounted AC refrigerant refills, the best home warranty companies in Dallas have a lot to offer Texans seeking coverage on their home’s systems and appliances.

Best Overall

American Home Shield

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The Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas Option Cinch Home Services

Cinch Home Services

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Best Repair Guarantee

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas Option AFC Home Club

AFC Home Club

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A home is more than just a place to live. It’s a place for memories to be made, for families to grow, and for friends to gather. As such, it’s understandable that homeowners are eager to protect their homes. A home warranty is one tool homeowners can use to do this, as it offers coverage on a home’s key systems and appliances and provides financial backing should they need to be repaired or replaced.

But while the appeal of a home warranty might be easy to understand, the process of actually selecting a home warranty can be more complicated. From the best home warranties for pre-existing conditions to the best home warranties for pool coverage, homeowners have many options to consider before they can feel confident about selecting the right one. To lead the way, this guide has everything homeowners need to know about the best home warranty companies in Dallas.

  1. BEST OVERALL: American Home Shield
  2. RUNNER-UP: Cinch Home Services
  4. BEST ADD-ON COVERAGE: Liberty Home Guard
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: First American Home Warranty
The Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas

A home warranty can serve as a powerful tool for new and experienced homeowners, but it’s important to understand that home warranty coverage and costs will vary from company to company. Because of this, prospective policyholders will want to consider several home warranty providers to find the company that is best suited for their unique needs. To ensure they find the coverage they need, homeowners will want to make note of each of the following factors.

Policies and Plans

In the home warranty search, the first factor homeowners will want to consider is the list of home systems and appliances protected under each provider’s standard coverage. Standard coverage typically protects the home’s most important systems and appliances, but the specific items that make the cut will depend on the company.

In addition to standard coverage inclusions, add-on coverage options may also vary. Add-on coverage may be available for a range of items, from tankless water heaters to hot water dispensers, built-in microwaves, refrigerators with an ice maker, and more. These options allow homeowners to customize and expand the scope of their coverage, so it’s key for homeowners to make note of each company’s coverage options. This consideration may be particularly important for homeowners looking to protect items that aren’t commonly included with a basic home warranty.

Maximum Coverage Limit

While taking the time to understand the types of repairs covered under a home warranty, homeowners will also want to consider the extent of that coverage as it relates to repair costs. Most home warranty companies set a coverage limit, which dictates the maximum amount the company is willing to pay on repairs.

If expensive repairs that exceed the coverage limit are needed, homeowners may find themselves having to pay the difference in cost. This correlation to out-of-pocket costs is what makes coverage limits a factor well worth considering. Depending on the home warranty provider, these coverage caps may be applied per covered item or per policy term, so customers will need to pay close attention to their policy terms to understand how far their coverage can go.

Average Monthly Rate

When researching insurance and warranty providers, cost considerations are often a top priority for many homeowners. When it comes to home warranties, one of the biggest cost factors for customers to consider is the average monthly rate. A monthly rate is the price homeowners pay in return for their home warranty coverage.

A company’s average monthly rates can provide prospective customers with an estimate of what their coverage might cost, though the exact rates homeowners pay will depend on several factors, including their home’s age, condition, and location as well as the specific types of coverage they select. Still, looking at average rates can be a good way for homeowners to approximate the costs of their coverage and determine how those costs might fit into their monthly budget.


Many home warranty companies offer discounts with the potential to significantly lower the total cost of a homeowner’s coverage—but like many of the other factors on this list, the specific discount opportunities homeowners encounter will depend on the provider.

While some companies may offer promotional deals to attract new customers, others may provide discounts to customers who pay up front for an annual or multiyear policy. To secure the best deal on their home warranty coverage, homeowners will need to explore each company’s available discounts and their applicable terms.

Service Fee

In addition to average rates and discount opportunities, homeowners will need to pay attention to service fees to understand the total cost of coverage with each home warranty provider. Homeowners pay a service call fee when scheduling repairs on their covered systems and appliances. Some companies may provide one standard service fee, while others may allow customers to choose from a list of service fees.

Homeowners who find themselves presented with several service fee options will want to be aware of how these fees might impact their monthly rates. In general, homeowners who choose a lower service fee can expect to pay higher monthly rates, while those who opt to pay more at the time of service will pay less per month. This means homeowners will ultimately need to decide whether the potential to save on their monthly rate is worth paying a higher service fee when urgent repairs pop up.

Waiting Period

New home warranty policies typically begin with a brief waiting period. During the waiting period, homeowners will be unable to submit any claims on their covered systems and appliances. Waiting periods are common with home warranties, usually only lasting around 30 days. Still, some homeowners may worry about the potential gap in coverage they could experience during this time.

To help customers avoid this gap, some home warranty companies may be willing to waive their waiting period. But to receive this benefit, homeowners will need to meet certain criteria. For example, some companies may waive the waiting period for new customers switching from another provider, while others may waive it if the homeowner agrees to a home inspection. To understand whether these types of options are available, prospective policyholders will want to pay close attention to waiting periods.

Claims Process

The immediate benefit of a home warranty lies in the peace of mind it can provide to homeowners, but more practical benefits kick in when the time comes for homeowners to use their home warranty coverage. When a critical home system or appliance breaks down, homeowners are understandably eager to take advantage of their home warranty, scheduling repairs more efficiently and cost effectively.

However, it’s important for homeowners to note that the available methods for submitting claims, the time it takes to respond to claims, and the process for selecting service technicians will vary from one home warranty provider to another. Each of these factors can impact the claims process—and the amount of time it will take for homeowners to schedule repairs when they need them—so customers will want to pay close attention to these details.

Workmanship Guarantee

With a home warranty, repairs on covered systems and appliances are protected for a certain period of time. This is called a workmanship guarantee, and it protects the homeowner in the event that initial repairs fail to resolve the underlying issue with a system or appliance, allowing the homeowner to schedule additional repairs without paying another service fee.

This means that workmanship guarantees have the potential to help homeowners keep their out-of-pocket costs low. However, workmanship guarantees vary dramatically among home warranty companies, with some lasting as little as 30 days and others lasting the full length of a customer’s policy, so homeowners will want to consider this alongside other factors when choosing a provider.

Our Top Picks

To determine the best home warranty companies in Dallas, we looked for providers offering reliable standard coverage alongside affordable rates and service fees, considering how each company’s coverage options might appeal to homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Best Overall

American Home Shield

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Why It Made the Cut:

American Home Shield’s stand-out offerings include high coverage limits, free or discounted AC refills, and access to additional on-demand home services not commonly provided by a home warranty company.

Warranties through American Home Shield (AHS) come with an especially high $5,000 coverage limit on HVAC repairs, which may appeal to homeowners who are worried about keeping this critical home system functioning at a high level during hot Texas summers. Because this kind of limit is often locked away behind a premium plan with other providers, homeowners prioritizing affordability may appreciate that they can secure this high coverage limit with a basic plan through AHS, allowing them to schedule more expensive HVAC repairs without increasing their out-of-pocket costs. The company’s standard coverage also offers protection on unknown pre-existing conditions. This type of coverage isn’t always offered with a home warranty, so it adds even more value to a policy through American Home Shield.

Prospective policyholders will want to note that American Home Shield’s workmanship guarantee is relatively short at only 30 days. This could be a concern for some homeowners, as it could potentially lead to having to pay multiple service fees if issues arise more than 30 days after initial repairs are completed. However, this potentially added cost may seem insignificant when considered alongside the overall value of an AHS policy. Depending on the plan they select, customers who choose AHS may also receive the benefit of free or discounted AC refrigerant refills. Both options provide a cost-effective way for homeowners to keep their AC systems running at peak levels throughout the year. AHS customers in the Dallas area can also take advantage of the company’s Frontdoor Pro platform to quickly and conveniently schedule home services that might not otherwise be covered under a home warranty, such as carpet cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $5,000 (for HVAC repairs)
  • Average monthly rate: $53
  • Service fee: $100 or $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 30 days


  • Relatively high $5,000 coverage limit on HVAC repairs
  • Coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions included
  • Unlimited or discounted AC refrigerant refills
  • Additional on-demand home services available via Frontdoor Pro


  • Relatively short 30-day workmanship guarantee


Cinch Home Services

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Why It Made the Cut:

From low Dallas rates to a rapid claims-response time that could allow homeowners to schedule repairs in just a few hours, Cinch Home Services may be an option worth considering.

Cinch Home Services’ Dallas rates are fairly low, averaging around $41 per month. Although the exact price homeowners pay for their coverage will depend on several factors, including their home’s age, condition, and location as well as the coverage options selected, these low average rates indicate that homeowners seeking a good deal on their home warranty may be able to find it by going with Cinch. The company’s standard coverage includes protection on certain pre-existing conditions, as long as they are not observable through a visual or simple mechanical inspection. This standard coverage inclusion expands the scope of the policy, allowing homeowners to potentially cover more issues in their home and providing added value.

Cinch’s service fees range from $100 to $150, which is somewhat high for a technician fee. As such, customers with policies through Cinch may need to be prepared to pay more out of pocket when the time comes for repairs. However, some homeowners may be willing to pay these potentially higher service fees in return for Cinch Home Services’ rapid claims-response time, as the company states that customers could receive a response to their repair requests in as little as 2 hours, assuming the claim is submitted during normal business hours. This is a very quick turnaround time, which may allow homeowners to schedule urgent repairs more quickly.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $3,000
  • Average monthly rate: $41
  • Service fee: $100 to $150
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 180 days


  • Coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions included
  • Relatively low $41 average monthly rate
  • Quick response within 2 hours of service request possible


  • Relatively high $100 to $150 service fee

Best Repair Guarantee

AFC Home Club

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Why It Made the Cut:

Benefits including locked-in monthly rates and a lengthy workmanship guarantee await homeowners who choose a home warranty through AFC Home Club.

For new customers, AFC Home Club locks in rates for a period of 5 years. This means even if the company’s rates increase, homeowners renewing their policy can do so at their original rate, allowing them to save on their coverage over time. AFC Home Club also gives its customers the flexible option to choose their own technician for repairs. This option may appeal to experienced homeowners who already have a trusted contractor in mind for their repair work, though customers also have the option to choose from a list of service contractors through the company’s preferred network. Whichever option they choose, homeowners with policies through AFC can rest easy knowing the repair work is covered for the entire length of their policy thanks to the company’s extended workmanship guarantee. Policies last for either 1 or 3 years, which is a very long period of time, and this could help homeowners keep out-of-pocket costs low throughout each policy term.

Customers considering a policy through AFC will want to be aware that the company will require them to provide an annual maintenance record from a licensed technician before any HVAC repair requests will be accepted. This presents an added step for homeowners, which could prevent them from being able to schedule repairs that would otherwise be covered by their home warranty. However, it’s important to note that annual maintenance can be instrumental in keeping HVAC systems running to avoid more serious and costly issues from occurring, which could potentially benefit the homeowner in the long run.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $3,000
  • Average monthly rate: $43
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 1 or 3 years


  • Customer-selected technician option
  • Extremely long 1- or 3-year workmanship guarantee
  • 5-year guarantee on monthly rate


  • Annual HVAC maintenance required

Best Add-on Coverage

Liberty Home Guard

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Why It Made the Cut:

Policies through Liberty Home Guard come with a wide variety of service add-ons, flexible service fee options, and multiple convenient ways for customers to pay for coverage.

If there is one thing Liberty Home Guard customers can expect from their home warranty provider, it’s options. There are numerous options for service add-ons, multiple options for service fees, and even multiple ways to pay. These types of options can allow homeowners with policies through Liberty Home Guard to build a plan that suits their particular needs. The company offers an impressive list of more than 40 service add-ons customers can choose from to expand the scope of their home warranty coverage. Among Dallas customers, the most popular add-on options include coverage for pools and spas, sprinkler systems, stand-alone freezers, roof leaks, and septic system pumping.

Liberty also gives its customers several service fee options to choose from, with options starting as low as $60. This is a relatively low service fee cost, which could help homeowners save on the out-of-pocket costs associated with scheduling repairs. Also, Liberty allows customers to choose how they prefer to pay for their home warranty coverage, with options to make monthly payments or pay up front for coverage lasting 1 to 5 years. Customers also have the option to set up an interest-free payment plan on multiyear policies. Although paying monthly may appeal to homeowners who want to keep up-front costs low, those who choose to pay in full for a multiyear plan will receive an additional 2 to 6 months of coverage free of charge, depending on the length of their term. This packs even more potential value into a home warranty through Liberty Home Guard.

Before committing to a policy, homeowners interested in Liberty will want to make note of the company’s coverage limits, which max out at $2,000 per item. At first glance, this may seem like a low limit in the Dallas market, raising concerns that homeowners could face high out-of-pocket costs for expensive repairs. But although this is a factor to consider, it’s worth noting that this coverage limit is applied per covered item and not per term, meaning customers won’t need to worry about the combined cost of multiple repairs exceeding this limit.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $2,000 (per item)
  • Average monthly rate: $55
  • Service fee: $60 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days


  • Wide variety of service add-ons
  • Low $60 minimum service fee
  • Flexible payment plans


  • Relatively low $2,000 coverage limit per item

Also Consider

First American Home Warranty

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Why It Made the Cut:

With First American Home Warranty, Dallas homeowners can unlock high appliance coverage limits and some unique coverage options, including coverage on garage door systems.

A premium policy through First American Home Warranty comes with a high coverage limit of $7,000 on kitchen appliances, which may allow homeowners to cover more expensive repairs without increasing their out-of-pocket costs. Premium policies also include coverage on garage door components from the garage door opener to the springs, hinges, and transmitters. Garage doors aren’t often covered under a home warranty, so this is a unique standard inclusion that increases the number of items homeowners can receive coverage on with First American.

The company’s Dallas rates may be considered high by some homeowners, averaging $59. Although the exact rate customers pay for their coverage will depend on several factors, this may indicate that Dallas homeowners could end up paying more for coverage through First American. Prospective customers will also want to note that the company’s workmanship guarantee clocks in at only 30 days, which is pretty short for this type of coverage. As such, homeowners could find themselves paying multiple service fees if additional repairs are needed more than 30 days after the initial repair work is completed. Despite these factors, some homeowners may view First American Home Warranty as an option worth considering due to its high coverage limits and unique standard inclusions.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $7,000 (for kitchen appliance repairs); $3,500 (for home system repairs)
  • Average monthly rate: $59
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 30 days


  • High $7,000 coverage limit available for kitchen appliance repairs
  • Full garage door system coverage available


  • Relatively high $59 average monthly rate
  • Relatively short 30-day workmanship guarantee

Our Verdict

We gave the award for Best Overall to American Home Shield due to its high coverage limits, standard inclusions for pre-existing conditions, and easy access to on-demand home services. The Runner-Up award goes to Cinch Home Services because of its low average rates, standard coverage inclusions, and quick claims-response time.

How We Chose the Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas

To find the best home warranty companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we looked for providers with dependable standard coverage and add-on coverage options that may appeal to homeowners in the area, paying close attention to the different plans and policies offered by each provider.

Taking note of average rates, service fees, and any potential discount opportunities, we analyzed each home warranty company’s average cost of coverage, considering the overall value provided for the policyholder. To round out our search, we also weighed factors related to the potential customer experience, including each company’s waiting period, claims-response time, and workmanship guarantee.

Before You Choose One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas

Many homeowners feel a home warranty is worth it due to the peace of mind this type of coverage can provide. But much like every home is unique, every homeowner is also unique, which means different customers may enter the home warranty search with different priorities in mind.

While some homeowners may be seeking basic coverage, others may desire protection on a specific system or appliance. While some customers may be looking for the most affordable plan in their area, others may be willing to pay more for their policy if it means securing higher coverage limits, longer workmanship guarantees, and other membership benefits. This means that before homeowners can find the right home warranty for their needs, they will need to consider what they’re looking to get out of a home warranty and how much they are willing to spend to get it.

Cost of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas

Home warranty costs can be broken down into two main categories: average rates and service fees. Each of these factors impacts the total cost of a home warranty policy, so homeowners will want to pay attention to both of these details when considering home warranty providers.

On average, home warranty costs total around $600 per year, though the exact price a homeowner pays for their coverage will depend on their home’s age, condition, and location as well as the coverage terms they select. This means that those who opt for more basic coverage could get away with paying less than the national average, while those who choose a more comprehensive plan could wind up paying more. To gain a more accurate assessment of what their ideal home warranty might cost them, homeowners will want to obtain quotes from multiple providers.

The Advantages of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Dallas

When homeowners are trying to answer the question “do I need a home warranty?” many find themselves weighing the coverage they could potentially receive against the price they would have to pay. But there is one other factor that is important to consider in this process: the potential benefits a home warranty might provide. Opting for a home warranty through one of the best providers in Dallas may allow homeowners to reap the rewards of several benefits, including:

  • The peace of mind that comes with having protection on their home’s most crucial systems and appliances, from the HVAC system to the kitchen refrigerator;
  • Easier monthly budgeting due to predictable rates and service fees when compared with surprise out-of-pocket repair costs; and
  • Access to other membership perks, from free or discounted maintenance to on-demand home services, depending on the provider.


From cost to coverage, home warranties in Dallas vary significantly from one provider to another. While this means homeowners have no shortage of options worth considering, it also means they will have to do their research to find the best home warranty for their needs. To simplify this process, homeowners can review the following frequently asked questions.

Q. How long does a home warranty last?

Home warranties typically last for 1 year, though many companies offer multi-year plans which may provide additional membership perks.

Q. What is the average cost of a home warranty in Dallas?

Based on the companies included on this list, the average cost of a Dallas home warranty is around $50 per month, though some companies may charge more or less than this depending on the situation.

Q. Who orders a home warranty in Dallas?

Both home buyers and sellers can purchase a home warranty—the latter if they want to include a warranty as part of the property’s sale.

Q. What is a long home warranty period?

Although 12-month home warranties are common, many companies also offer multiyear policies, which can double or triple the length of a customer’s policy.

Q. Are home warranties expensive in Dallas?

Based on the companies in this round-up, the average cost of a Dallas home warranty is $50, which is relatively in line with the national average.

Q. Why is homeowners insurance so expensive in Texas?

Because the state of Texas is at risk of several natural disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires, homeowners insurance in the state is often more expensive than states with less risk.


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