The Home Innovations We’re Most Excited About This June

Keep an eye on these new launches for summer.
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Month in and month out, the Bob Vila team reviews news products and keeps the pulse of the home and garden industry. Among products and other discoveries this month, we saw a fancy robot vacuum, a smart kitchen workhorse, a new line of Dutch ovens from a legacy cast iron brand, and more. Keep reading to see the home innovations we’re most excited about this June.

Our Place Wonder Oven
Photo: Courtesy of Our Place

1. A new 6-in-1 air fryer is the next product from the buzzy cookware brand Our Place.

The brand behind the coveted 8-in-1 Always Pan and Perfect Pot launched its own take on the air fryer (in four matte shades, of course): the Wonder Oven. Like Our Place’s other kitchen products, this compact appliance is a multitasker. It air fries, steams, roasts, toasts, broils, and reheats so you don’t have to switch to another appliance. Pour a little water into its inlet for perfectly steamed foods. You can use it to make everything from a 4.5-pound roasted chicken one weeknight to fresh loaves of bread over the weekend.

Preorder the Wonder Oven at for $195

Eufy Clean X9 Pro

2. Eufy launched a powerful robot mop.

From its premium Mach V1 Ultra to its ultra-speedy robot vacuums, Eufy has no shortage of incredible cleaning tools. The brand’s latest innovation, the Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot, is a suction that sweeps up dirt and debris from every crevice of your home. It even automatically detects your floor type, providing effective cleaning to every surface from carpet to wood floors. Not to mention, the machine cleans and dries itself at its charging dock, which also has two separate water tanks to prevent cross-contamination. What’s more, the site is offering an early bird discount. Pay just $10 now and get $180 off of your purchase.

Reserve the Eufy Clean X9 Pro CleanerBot at at the discounted price of $719.99

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron
Photo Courtesy of Lodge

3. A new line of enameled cast iron Dutch ovens from Lodge.

With a legacy that dates back to 1896, Lodge is one of the biggest names associated with quality cast iron cookware. The brand just unveiled its USA Enamel Collection, a new line of colorful enameled cast iron Dutch ovens with a name that embraces its fully American-made design (it’s designed and manufactured in the company’s hometown of South Pittsburg, TN!) Available in three hues—cherry red, cloud white, and a deep ocean blue—these Dutch ovens are meant to last for generations. Each one is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with a self-basting lid, and effective retention for even cooking.

Get the USA Enamel dutch oven at starting at $229.95

Cyclopure Launched Purefast Filter Cartridge for PFAS
Cyclopure Launched Purefast Filter Cartridge for PFAS

4. Cyclopure announced its new Purefast Home Filters for PFAS removal

The concern for contaminants in drinking water is high for many. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are often found in nonstick cookware, household cleaners, and even some clothing products. This year, Cyclopure debuted Purefast Home Filter designed to remove forever chemicals from our drinking water. Best of all? It’s compatible with the already popular line of Brita filtration pitchers, making it an easy upgrade for many households. Simply replace the standard filter in your Brita pitcher, following Purefast’s instructions for conditioning, and let Purefast cleanse it of any unwanted contaminants with each refill. A single Purefast Home Filter can provide up to 65 gallons of filtered water, or three months of cleaner drinking water for a family of two. At the end of its use, the company pays for its return and safe disposal to prevent PFAS waste from contaminating the environment.

Get the Purefast Home Filters at Cyclopure for $40

John Deere S130 Review
Photo: Mark Wolfe

5. John Deere partnered with Ego to provide customers with more battery-powered lawn care products.

Already an industry leader in lawn care, John Deere continues to make strides with expanding its battery-powered offerings through a newly announced partnership with Ego. Ego’s line of outdoor tools will be sold through John Deere retailers alongside their quality tractors. We’ve consistently been impressed with Ego’s batteries through our own testing. Plus, they work with more than 70 compatible products, opening up a world of new environmentally-friendly lawn care solutions to John Deere fans. We look forward to seeing what they create together in future collaborations.

Get Ego battery-powered tools from your local John Deere dealer.