The Best L-Shaped Desks

The L-shaped desk gives you the room you need to spread out—whether you’re working or gaming in your office.

Best Overall

The Best L-Shaped Desk Option: Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best L-Shaped Desk Option: Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

Best Design

The Best L-Shaped Desk Option: Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk

Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk

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You spend a lot of time at a desk. It’s where you work, pay bills, play games, write emails… the list goes on. It’s important to have a good workspace that gives your computer a home, provides sufficient storage, and delivers ergonomic comfort.

The proper L-shaped desk fits well in your office space and offers a productive workspace. A large desk is a worthwhile investment for anyone requiring multiple computer monitors or additional space. You can use one side of the desk as a workstation and the other side as a meeting space or as a surface for accessories, such as a desktop printer. This guide can help you figure out which type of L-shaped desk best suits your needs and budget.

  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner Desk
  3. BEST DESIGN: Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk
  4. BEST OVERSIZED: Elephance 59” Large L Shaped Desk
  5. HONORABLE MENTION: FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk
The Best L-Shaped Desk Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best L-Shaped Desk

The best L-shaped desk for you depends on how well it fits in your office, whether you need a desk with durable material, the number of cords you have for your computer and devices, your office aesthetic, and how much work or gaming space you need. Here are some considerations when you purchase a new L-shaped desk.


Most desks are made out of laminate, metal, wood/veneer, or glass (or a combination of these).

  • Laminate is a wood core with a plastic finish; these types of desks are the most popular because of their durability, affordability, and variety of color and pattern options.
  • Metal desks are built for resilience. These materials—usually steel or aluminum—are a great long-term or heavy-use option since they’re built to last and are reasonably priced.
  • Wood/veneer desks are generally constructed to be stylish desks and usually come with a bigger price tag. These are more delicate than other materials and require more care to keep them pristine.
  • Glass desktops give a clean, modern, and upscale appearance. These desks are usually quite minimalist, which usually implies less storage. Tempered safety glass makes these types of desktops stronger and safer if they do happen to break.

Size and Configuration

On average, an L-shaped desk is 30 percent bigger than an average straight desk. Before purchasing an L-shaped desk, measure your office space to make sure it fits; you should try to maintain about 3 feet of space between your desk and other office furniture. These desks are designed to provide a spacious surface area, enabling you to spread out if you need more room to work. If you don’t need much room, a home office desk may be another option.

Standard desk height is usually 29 to 30 inches from the floor, which is sufficient for most people. The average length of an L-shaped desk with unequal sides is 60 to 72 inches for the long side, 48 to 58 inches for the shorter side, and at least 20 inches deep (a measurement similar to width). For desks that have two identical sides, an average length for each side is 50 inches.

Some desk designs are versatile, and during assembly you can configure a right-handed return or left-handed return—this is the side you want to position the long part of the desk. Other designs aren’t adaptable, so you have to choose which configuration you want when you order.

Computer Type

The L-shaped desk you choose needs to accommodate your needs, including space for your computer. Desktop computer users require enough space on the surface of the desk to safely contain the computer case, monitor, and other peripherals if required. Some desks provide a special compartment for tower computer units. Sometimes called a CPU stand, these special compartments keep the unit directly off the floor. Desktop computer users also need to think about their keyboard and whether it will go directly on the desktop or if they should get a keyboard pullout tray, which would ideally be big enough to also hold the mouse.

If you have a laptop, you may not need as much room as you would need for a desktop computer unless you have additional computer monitors and an external keyboard.

If you need to plug in a lot of electronics, make note of nearby electrical outlets so you can get the power you need easily with the style of desk you want. Some desks come with grommets—built-in holes to keep your electrical connections safe and tidy—keeping wires organized and out of the way.


You can purchase an L-shaped desk that has minimal storage or one that has a tremendous amount of storage, depending on your needs. If you keep things minimal and store many items digitally, you won’t require as much storage as someone who keeps hard copies and requires a filing system and shelves. A hutch or desk with drawers, cubbies, or shelves can be a great solution for the storage of your office supplies, small electronics, stationery, and other office knickknacks. Storage solutions range in size, generally incorporating a vertical hutch or convenient shelves.


A desk with adjustable features enables you to change your workspace layout or setup. A sit/stand desk lets you adjust the height of your desk to make sure that it’s at a healthy height ergonomically whether you’re sitting or standing. To confirm that an adjustable desk will be the right height, have someone measure from the bottom of your bent elbow to the floor twice, once standing, and once sitting—these numbers will show the height your keyboard should be when you’re working in each position. A wider range of adjustability in a desk is always better ergonomically since desks can become less stable when extended to their maximum height.


A desk shouldn’t just look good, it has to feel good too; after all, sitting too long is bad for your spine. When you use your desk, there are a few things to think about when you’re at the computer. Your legs need clearance so they can move and improve blood flow. A standing desk affords the ability to move, but switching between sitting and standing is best for your body. Any desk can turn into a standing desk if you get a standing desk converter that sits on your desktop. Your keyboard should be at a comfortable height; if a desk comes with a keyboard platform, it can be adjusted so you type at a 90-degree angle. Your desk needs to be at the right height to ensure your forearms are parallel to the ground, feet are flat on the floor, and elbows and knees are bent at 90-degree angles. A suitable office chair can help with proper ergonomics.

Our Top Picks

The following list includes some of the best L-shaped desks that are available online and have been selected based on the top considerations listed above. Each of these workspaces is based on individual needs, work habits, and the amount of office space required for an L-shaped desk.

Best Overall

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

If you elect to get the monitor shelf for this desk, you’re giving yourself the option for your desk to turn into a standing desk. The shelf can be mounted on either the right or left side depending on your preference. The desktop is made of a P2 MDF board with a textured surface that is easy to clean and anti-scratch. The metal frame and “X”-style design of the legs give the desk additional support and durability, offering both the strength and space for two or three monitors or desktop computers. With the desk sides being the same length, you’re able to have two desk setups next to each other, which may appeal to gamers wanting to play with their friends.

Fractionally smaller than other L-shaped desks at 50.8 by 50.8 by 18.2 inches, the Mr IRONSTONE desk maximizes limited space with plenty of legroom and area under the desk for storage. And if the floor is uneven, this desk also comes with adjustable footpads to keep the desk level and stable.


  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Space for multiple monitors
  • Adjustable footpads


  • No back covering to hide cables

Best Bang for the Buck

Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

The SHW Corner Desk is a worthwhile consideration for laptop users and those who don’t require storage solutions. A simple design and materials made of steel and particleboard make this 32-pound desk easy to move (if you wish). There is a rest bar for your feet to make sitting for long periods more comfortable and adjustable stabilizers to prevent wobbles on uneven floors. The dimensions of 51 by 51 by 19 inches give you a lot of surface area without being oversize. The desk fits a laptop, monitor, and some desk accessories comfortably. While it doesn’t have an option to organize your computer cords, if you set it up in a corner, the cords fit nicely between the right angle of the wall and the curve of the desktop.


  • Affordable
  • Sleek modern design
  • Has a footrest


  • Can wobble from heavy use

Best Design

Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk

Made with a sturdy silver-powder-coated metal frame and a 5-millimeter clear tempered-glass desktop, the modern Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk is sleek and trendy. The open design offers a dynamic workspace with a large surface that’s 83.5 by 48 by 29 inches. There is plenty of room under the desk to put a file cabinet or rest your feet. This style of desk holds up to 110 pounds and has room for multiple monitors, making it a good option for both laptop and desktop users. The glass desktop serves a dual purpose, as you can write on it with dry-erase markers and remove the writing with a simple wipe. Self-leveling floor guides keep your desk stable and level. This design doesn’t have a cable management feature, making it an attractive option for the wireless crowd or those who use zip ties to stay organized.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Sturdy design
  • Plenty of under-desk space
  • Easy to assemble


  • No cable management
  • Heavy and difficult to move

Best Oversized

Elephance 59” Large L Shaped Desk

With the length of the two desk sides being 59 inches each, the Elephance Large L Shaped Desk gives you the space you need to spread out and work effectively. Made of interior-grade particleboard on top of a thick steel frame, this desk boasts a simple style that comes with size, strength, and durability. There is plenty of surface space for your computer and monitors, as well as extra room that can be used as a working space or space for meeting with clients. The waterproof desktop protects against daily wear and tear, helping it look newer for longer. If your feet need a break, use the footrest while you’re working, and use the adjustable leg pads for different height needs. The bevel-edge corner gives your cords a place to collect, but you will need to tie them together to keep them organized.


  • Waterproof top
  • Made from durable materials
  • Beveled corner for cable management


  • Assembly can be challenging

Honorable Mention

FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Sitting for long periods at a time isn’t good for your back, especially if you have existing back issues. FEZIBO’s Electric Standing Desk uses a dual-motor lift system to make changing it to a standing desk simple. Customize height settings for your use, and then assign those settings to a button for instant recall. Made of metal and particleboard, this desk can hold up to 176 pounds. The additional wooden stand that comes with the desk can be used for storage or as a laptop riser. The desk helps with organization as well, offering two desk hooks for headphones, a bag, or a jacket, as well as a cable management tray to keep your wires under control.


  • Great for users with back issues
  • Easy to adjust
  • Hooks for organization
  • Cable-management tray


  • Pricey

Our Verdict

For a reliable desk with plenty of space for multiple monitors and gadgets, consider Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk, which is sturdy, scratch resistant, and easy to assemble.

How We Chose the Best L-Shaped Desks

When researching L-shaped desks to find our top picks, we took the most common features into consideration. We looked at materials, offering a selection of laminate, metal, wood, and glass options depending on shoppers’ preferences. We also took care to include only products that are made from durable and reliable materials—able to provide users with a perfect place for their workstation for years to come.

Our research showed us that many users enjoy the added flexibility of height-adjustable desks, so we made sure to include a pick that can transform from a sitting desk to a standing one at the touch of a button.

Lastly, in terms of ergonomics, we included several options for users that included footrest bars, which help users who find themselves at their desks for extended periods.


The best L-shaped desk for you fits well in your office, is big enough to support your computer and peripherals, and gives you the workspace you need. If you’ve never owned a large desk before, you may be left with some questions about them. Here are some answers to some common questions about L-shaped desks.

Q. What is an L-shaped desk?

Shaped like the letter L, this style of desk offers you more room for your office equipment and supplies.

Q. Are L-shaped desks good for gaming?

Since they provide about 30 percent more tabletop surface than straight desks, you’re able to fit more monitors and gaming gear on top of L-shaped desks. We also have a list of the best desks for gamers if you want to look at other gaming options.

Q. What is a good-size desk?

The size of desk that’s right for you depends on your needs, work style, and how it fits in your home. The average length of an L-shaped desk is 60 to 72 inches for the long side and 48 to 58 inches for the shorter side.

Q. Where should I put my L-shaped desk?

L-shaped desks can be positioned in the corner of the office to keep the middle of the room clear, and a desk with a hutch is usually placed against a wall.


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