The Best Online Fabric Stores Today

From prints to solids and vintage to designer, the best online fabric stores make finding and buying fabric easier than ever.

Best Overall

Mood Fabrics

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The Best Online Fabric Store Option Amazon


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Best Design Selection

The Best Online Fabric Stores Option: Spoonflower


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When it’s inconvenient to get to a fabric store to make in-person purchases—or the local sewing shop has a limited selection—buying fabric online is an excellent alternative. With so many different fabrics to choose from, searching for the perfect material at an online fabric store can be easier than trawling the aisles of a fabric store, looking at every option and feeling every bolt. Some online fabric stores sell sewing notions and supplies, too, so sewers and crafters can get everything they need for a project in one order. Here, we’ll cover purchasing fabric online, evaluate our top picks, and address frequently asked questions regarding buying fabric online. Crafters will want to consider these recommendations before searching online for “best online fabric store” or “best online upholstery fabric store.”

  1. BEST OVERALL: Mood Fabrics
  2. RUNNER-UP: Amazon
  4. BEST FOR DEADSTOCK: Queen of Raw
The Best Online Fabric Stores Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Fabric Store for You

Shopping for fabric online is convenient, but it can have its pitfalls. Here are some of the key factors to identify for sewers and crafters who have never bought fabric online and are unsure about what to look for in an online fabric store.

Type of Fabric and Fabric’s Purpose

When tackling a new sewing project, it’s important to know what type of fabric is needed. Will it be used for clothing, upholstery, or quilting? The purpose of the fabric will dictate what type of fabric should be used. If buying deadstock (a limited quantity of leftover or discontinued fabric) or vintage fabric, keep in mind that only a small amount is typically available and would not be appropriate for large-scale projects. For example, that unique vintage fabric might look perfect for curtains, but there just isn’t enough yardage available. In this case, it might be easier to opt for another fabric or shop instead at one of the best places to buy curtains. Also, shoppers will want to pay attention to the fabric’s weight, content, and width. Thicker and weightier textiles are ideal drapery and upholstery fabrics, while lighter fabrics work well for clothing and quilting.

Fabric Measurements

Fabric comes in various widths, ranging from 35 inches to over 100 inches wide. Fabric widths will typically be consistent across brands, but when shopping at an online fabric warehouse, it’ll be important for a customer to make sure that the widths of fabric they’re buying are consistent and meet the needs of their project.

Many U.S. retailers sell fabric by the yard, but some sell in meters. Some sites will sell as little as ¼ yard, but others will have ½-yard or full-yard minimums. Customers will want to verify exactly how much fabric they need and compare that against how the store sells the fabric.

Swatch Availability

Some of the best online fabric stores provide the option for customers to purchase a swatch, or a small sample, of material. This allows the customer to see and feel the material before committing to a large purchase. Swatches may not be available if the material is deadstock or vintage due to the limited quantity.

Bulk Discounts

If customers buy over a certain yardage, some companies may offer discounts. Customers who need many yards of a specific fabric may opt for shopping at a retailer that can offer a competitive deal. Other companies may offer discounts on specific types of fabric, such as quilting fabric, bolt ends, mystery grab bags, or discontinued designer fabrics.

Notions and Sewing Supplies

Some fabric sites only sell fabric, and others provide the option to buy sewing supplies (such as thread, bobbins, needles, pins, and cutting tools) and notions (like appliques, trims, buttons, and fasteners). These options provide a one-stop shopping alternative that many customers find convenient.

Shipping Cost and Options

The cost of shipping can be an issue when customers are buying fabrics online, especially when shipping costs are close to the same price as the fabric. Some sites provide free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount, but customers who only want to buy a small piece of fabric will want to consider whether they want to add more fabric to their order to qualify for free shipping. It’s important to also check the site’s return policy before committing to a purchase.

Sustainable Practices

Fabric production is not typically an environmentally sustainable practice, which may be a concern for consumers who are concerned about using environmentally sustainable products. The production of labor-intensive textiles isn’t as environmentally friendly as reusing fabric from used clothing or purchasing organic fabrics. However, some online stores offer recycled or deadstock fabric, which saves on water, prevents waste from going into landfills, and eliminates carbon emissions that are a result of the production of new fabric.

Customer Reviews

For shoppers who aren’t sure whether they should purchase a certain fabric, it’s helpful to read customer reviews. Reading reviews can be helpful to gauge the texture and feel of a material. Reviews may also point out any discrepancies between the official product description and the physical product.

Our Top Picks

We researched online fabric stores and narrowed our list down to six of the top sites to buy fabric online. Here are our top picks for the best online fabric stores.

Best Overall

Mood Fabrics

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  • Types of fabrics available: Apparel, decor, drapery, upholstery, outdoor
  • Swatch availability: Yes
  • Notions and sewing supplies: Yes
  • Shipping cost and options: Free shipping for orders over $100; $7.99 for orders under $100


  • Extensive and diverse range of textiles and prints
  • Filters to shop by skill level and project
  • Live chat with a fabric specialist
  • Fabric quiz suggests materials based on project, color, pattern, and price


  • Somewhat intimidating number of search filters

Why It Made the Cut: With the ability for shoppers to search the site by skill level and type of project combined with an extensive textile selection, Mood Fabrics sets itself apart as the best online fabric store. For fans of the television show “Project Runway,” Mood Fabrics is an instantly recognizable name. But those who live outside of the New York City area can also buy from this famous fabric store. Mood Fabrics not only offers an extensive line of standard and designer fabric choices, but it also sells buttons, trims, fasteners, and additional notions. The number of search filters and options on the Mood Fabrics site can even be overwhelming, especially for a sewing novice. But one of Mood Fabrics’ standout features is its fabric quiz that offers suggestions based on a customer’s preferred color, pattern, project, and price. Customers can also chat with a live fabric specialist on the site every weekday for personalized suggestions and advice. With these helpful features and the boundless range of textiles, customers can’t go wrong with an order from Mood Fabrics.



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  • Types of fabrics available: Quilting, apparel, decor, upholstery, drapery, bridal, outdoor, bags, blankets, utility, baby, kids
  • Swatch availability: Yes
  • Notions and sewing supplies: Yes
  • Shipping cost and options: Varies by shipment


  • Streamlined, convenient shopping experience
  • Potential 2-day delivery for Prime members
  • Fabrics available by the bolt


  • Somewhat limited yardage availability

Why It Made the Cut: Committed to supplying fabric to customers at affordable prices, Amazon provides a streamlined direct-to-consumer shopping experience. Amazon has a wide range of notions and textiles that can be used for quilting, decor, upholstery, clothing, outdoor, kids, bags, or utility projects. The site provides options to search by color, fabric type, purpose, designer, and pattern. The cut-length options for its textiles can vary by fabric, which may inconvenience customers who need a specific yardage. Amazon also sells fabrics by the bolt, which is beneficial to those who need a lot of fabric for a large project. For many shoppers, Amazon is a go-to for buying anything and everything, and fabric is no exception. They can add sewing supplies to their cart while shopping for other essentials on the site, and Prime members can take advantage of 2-day free shipping on select orders.

Best Design Selection


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  • Types of fabrics available: Apparel, quilting, decor, performance, bags, blankets, upholstery, outdoor, drapery
  • Swatch availability: Yes
  • Notions and sewing supplies: No
  • Shipping cost and options: Varies by shipment


  • Selection of thousands of designs created by independent artists
  • Customers can upload their own photos and fabric designs


  • Relatively high prices

Why It Made the Cut: With countless fabric designs created by independent artists, Spoonflower is a can’t-miss shop for crafters searching for unique fabric. Customers looking for unique, remarkable designs will want to check out Spoonflower. The site features thousands of designs created by global independent artists. Customers can even upload their own photos or designs for something truly custom. All designs are available in a selection of high-quality fabrics for apparel, quilting, performance, decor, and more. While the pricing is generally higher than that of other online fabric stores, Spoonflower does offer discounts for buying in bulk, as well as for active and retired military members. It also offers a trade program for professional interior designers. Whether for sewing a dress or reupholstering an accent chair, Spoonflower’s designs are sure to make any project stand out.

Best for Deadstock

Queen of Raw

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  • Types of fabrics available: Apparel, performance, upholstery, quilting
  • Swatch availability: No
  • Notions and sewing supplies: Select notions
  • Shipping cost and options: Varies by shipment


  • Marketplace exclusively for deadstock fabric
  • Scrap packs and precuts under 3 yards available
  • Impact Footprint Report available for every fabric


  • Fabric quantities may be limited
  • Swatches not available

Why It Made the Cut: Queen of Raw is a marketplace to buy and sell deadstock fabrics, making it a must-visit site for the sustainably minded. Queen of Raw is an online marketplace that specializes in selling deadstock (discontinued) fabric worldwide. Recirculating used and leftover fabric minimizes the environmental impact of textile creation. An Impact Footprint Report is available for every piece of fabric a customer buys that displays how much carbon, water, chemical, and waste impact the customer offsets by buying deadstock fabric as opposed to new. The site has a wide variety of textiles in varying price points and qualities, and customers can buy small precuts and scrap packs that are ideal for crafting or quilting. While fabric quantities may be limited and swatches aren’t available, Queen of Raw is an excellent resource for shoppers who are looking to lessen their carbon footprint.

Best for Crafts and Quilts


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  • Types of fabrics available: Decor, apparel, upholstery, drapery, blankets, baby, kids, utility
  • Swatch availability: Select fabrics
  • Notions and sewing supplies: Yes
  • Shipping cost and options: Free in-store pickup; free shipping for orders over $60; $8 for orders under $60


  • Wide selection of novelty and themed fabrics
  • Extensive selection of notions and sewing supplies
  • Free in-store pickup option


  • Somewhat limited online fabric selection
  • Swatches not available for all fabrics
  • Somewhat unreliable search and filter functions

Why It Made the Cut: Its instant name recognition and a wide variety of fabrics and sewing supplies make JOANN the best online fabric store for quilting and crafts. With stores nationwide, JOANN is a staple in the crafting world. But before searching for the “best online quilt fabric store,” consider that JOANN is also an excellent spot to shop online for many other types of fabrics. JOANN fabrics stands out for its wide array of novelty and themed options, including cartoon, sports, and character designs that are great for crafting and quilting. JOANN fabrics and crafts also has an extensive selection of sewing supplies, notions, and patterns, so it’s a one-stop shop for all a customer’s sewing needs. While not all fabrics are available for purchase online, customers can opt to pick up items in-store if they have a JOANN nearby. Swatches are available for select fabrics, and the site’s search filters can be somewhat unreliable. But with one of the widest selections of sewing materials and supplies available online, JOANN is a top option for the best online quilting fabric store.

Also Consider


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  • Types of fabrics available: Not specified
  • Swatch availability: Select fabrics
  • Notions and sewing supplies: No
  • Shipping cost and options: Varies by seller


  • Wide selection of vintage and unique fabrics
  • Many customer reviews available for most Etsy fabric shops


  • Limited search filters
  • Swatches not available for all fabrics
  • Fabric descriptions inconsistent across sellers

Why It Made the Cut: Not only is Etsy a gold mine for handmade items, but it’s also a great place to find unique fabrics and crafting supplies. The Etsy marketplace makes it easy to buy fabric from individual sellers. Some may offer limited quantities of vintage textiles, and others may have a selection of newer fabric for sale. If a customer is interested in finding fabrics they won’t find anywhere else, Etsy may be the spot to look. Etsy has numerous reviews per seller, which provides buyers with customer feedback to rely on. This is especially beneficial since product descriptions can be inconsistent across sellers. Etsy also has limited search filters, so it may be a better site for customers who know exactly what they’re searching for. Not every seller offers swatches, but customers may be able to reach out to sellers individually to ask if the seller would be willing to sell a swatch. For customers looking to support small businesses and independent sellers, Etsy is a solid option.

Our Verdict

Based on its wide selection of fabric types, search functions, and ordering procedures, Mood Fabrics is our top pick for the best online fabric store. With its commitment to supplying fabric to customers at affordable prices, Amazon is an excellent runner-up.

How We Chose the Best Online Fabric Stores

We considered a variety of factors to determine the best online fabric stores, focusing on sites that have a wide selection of offerings in fabric types and uses. We also looked for sites that could appeal to a wide range of customers with unique selling points. We thoroughly reviewed each site’s offerings, search functions, pricing, and ordering procedures. Each online fabric store on our list provides much-needed products and services, and the companies have excellent reputations.

Before You Buy From the Best Online Fabric Store for You

Finding an online fabric store and buying material can be a confusing experience, especially for beginners. Having a few tips and tricks at hand will help alleviate frustration and confusion, so here are a few suggestions for buying fabric from an online store.

  • Use the website’s search functions for fabric type, color, patterns, usage, measurements, and weight to find a textile that will work the best for the project.
  • Read the fabric reviews.
  • Order swatch samples.
  • Check the site’s return policy.
  • Search for coupons and discounts.
  • Check that the site is a good fit for the project. It may not be wise to buy deadstock fabric to reupholster a sofa, and customers may be better off buying a fabric that’s currently in production (or buying a new sofa from one of the best sofa brands).

Cost of Buying From the Best Online Fabric Store for You

The cost of fabric depends on the type of fabric and its quality. Buying fabric from a large retailer or a big-box website will usually result in a less expensive purchase than buying from a smaller or more specialized online store. Natural fabrics are also generally more expensive than synthetics or blends.

Upholstery fabric is heavier and more durable than textiles used for apparel, so it usually has a higher price tag. High-quality upholstery fabric usually costs between $30 and $60 per yard and between $10 and $20 for lesser-quality fabric. Designer upholstery fabric can run between $100 and $200 per yard. Cotton fabrics can be found for as cheap as $1 per yard, but they typically range from $3 to $12 per yard. Ultrafine fabric, like silk, can cost between $5 and $65 per yard.

The Advantages of Buying From the Best Online Fabric Stores

Whether gathering materials for a home project or preparing to take one of the best online sewing classes, sewers and crafters of various skill levels enjoy searching for and buying fabric online. Not only does it save time over traveling to individual arts and crafts stores to search for what they need, but it allows customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some additional advantages of buying fabric from an online store.

  • Online fabric stores have extensive collections of fabric from which to choose. The amount of fabric online is considerably greater than what one can find in a local store.
  • It’s beneficial to read reviews left by others to find the best material for a project.
  • Online shopping is convenient and can save time.
  • One-stop shopping is available for those who also need additional sewing supplies.
  • Shoppers can order sample swatches to make sure they like the fabric before committing to purchasing significant yardage.


Deciding on where to buy your fabric can be a daunting process. Here are some frequently asked questions about buying fabric online to help guide decisions.

Q. How do you find the right fabric for your needs?

Knowing what you want your project to look like is a good starting point. Since it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different types of fabric that are available, having a vision of what color, texture, and look you want can make the process easier. Consider the weight of the fabric as well as the drape and stretch.

Q. Where can I buy high-quality fabric?

Any of the best online fabric stores on our list stock high-quality fabric.

Q. Where do designers source their fabrics?

Designers typically source the fabrics they use directly from manufacturers or textile wholesalers.

Q. What is high-end fabric made of?

High-end fabrics are made from high-quality, fine textiles. They are typically made from natural fibers as opposed to synthetic fibers. Some examples are leather, cashmere, silk, and Pima cotton.

Q. What is the rarest fabric?

The rarest fabric is made from hairs from the back and neck of the vicuña, a smaller, undomesticated cousin of the llama that lives in the Andes mountains. The hairs are gathered in a ceremony where hundreds of farmers gather the animals in a circle. An adult only provides 17 ounces of fiber per shearing, and it takes at least 3 years of shearing to produce enough fiber to make approximately 14 coats. The average price for a coat made of this material is $115,000.

Q. Do online fabric stores offer discounts on bulk orders?

Some online crafting stores may offer a discount if you buy over a certain amount of yardage or an entire bolt of fabric. It’s always good to double-check to see if there are discounts for large purchases.

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