The 7 Best Etsy Stores for Houseplants

Plant parents, rejoice: make shopping online for plants a stress-free experience when you know the Etsy shops that sell lush, healthy houseplants. 
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Shopping online for houseplants combines two of my favorite things: growing my plant collection and not leaving my couch. And while there are some great sites dedicated to selling plants, I love shopping on Etsy. Not only do I get to support small businesses, but I can shop across sellers with a variety of unique plants.

These online houseplant sellers have great reviews, and I’m a repeat customer of many. With stocks ranging from fan favorites to plants you can’t find at your local nursery, these top Etsy stores are sure to have your next plant child waiting for you.

1. Florida Plants Gardens

Florida Plants Gardens

Florida Plants Gardens is an Etsy star seller, and I have to agree: every plant I’ve purchased from Florida Plants Gardens has arrived in a timely fashion, healthy, and securely packaged. The plants I’ve ordered from this shop have had no issues that can afflict plants ordered online, like getting overwatered before shipping or developing gnats. My lemon-lime prayer plant is growing out of control. Unfortunately, my cats like to chew on my parlor palm’s leaves, but it’s thriving even though it’s full of bite marks.

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2. Lazy Gardens

lazy gardens

Lazy Gardens says it’s the shop for “stress-free, human-proof plants.” They have a wide variety of succulents and cacti and that even can come in fun novelty ceramic planters (including this succulent arrangement in a slice of cake, which is too adorable for me to handle). They also have a stunning array of aloe plants. I might be adding this hybrid firecracker aloe to my cart. Anxious plant parents, this is the shop for you.

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3. The Bonsai Supply Store

The Bonsai Supply Store

Ah, the bonsai tree. Notoriously finicky, these small specimens can become beautiful, beloved houseplants when their care goes well. As the name would suggest, the Bonsai Supply Store is dedicated to bonsais—they don’t just sell the plants but also planters, pruning shears, fertilizer, and soil mix. For fans of The Karate Kid or Cobra Kai, the shop sells a Cobra Kai/Miyagi Do green mound juniper, the same type that Mr. Miyagi had in the original film.

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4. Hirt’s Gardens

hirts gardens

Hirt’s Gardens was founded in 1915, and they maintain both an online storefront and a brick-and-mortar location in Granger Township, Ohio. One thing I love about Hirt’s is they automatically add heat packs into shipments sent during the winter, a service for which many other shops charge. They have a wide selection of beautiful flowers and plants, including fruit plants like Meyer lemon trees and pineberry plants. With almost 260,000 sales, the shop has plenty of customers who stand by their quality and service.

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5. Full Bloom Nursery

full bloom nursery

Full Bloom Nursery houses the “greatest hits” of the houseplant world: pileas, fiddle leaf figs, calatheas, sansevierias, and more. My plants from Full Bloom Nursery have always been of excellent quality, and the store packages each plant with care. And I know we’re talking about houseplants here, but they also have a selection of creeping perennials for outdoors if you’re someone who ventures to take their gardening outside, too.

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6. Coollective Plants

coolective plants

Coollective Plants is the shop to hit if you’re looking for rare plants. They have a nice selection of classic houseplant options like the love-it-or-hate-it fiddle leaf fig, but they also sell a wide variety of rare plants like the cute hybrid Philodendron ‘Mia’ or Alocasia infernalis (otherwise known as the Black Panther plant, thanks to its pitch-black leaves). While I can’t bring myself to drop $100 on an alocasia, plenty others are affordable, and it’s nice to have a shop specializing in plants that you can’t find anywhere else.

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7. Verdant Lyfe

Verdant Lyfe

While this Etsy shop doesn’t have as many sales as some others on the site, I’ve ordered multiple plants from them, and they’re still one of my favorite shops. Most notably, I got a tiny watermelon peperomia from them, and it has become my most well-behaved, happiest plant. (And I have to give an honorable mention to my peacock peperomia.) The store’s packaging is thoughtfully done, and, for a small shop, they have a great selection of plants in ceramic and nursery pots.

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