The Best Luggage Tags for Travel

Luggage tags help you quickly identify your bags, secure your belongings, and keep your personal information private. Check out our picks for the best luggage tags for trips that are long, short, and anywhere in between.

By Stacey L Nash | Updated Oct 21, 2020 8:54 AM

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The Best Luggage Tags Option


A luggage tag may be small, but it can become a vital part of your travel experience. If your bag gets misplaced, this little tag can become invaluable.

The best luggage tags stay secure through the rigors of travel, protect private information, and make your bags easier to identify. Different styles, colors, and materials affect the durability and look of the tag. You’ve got plenty of options, from one-of-a-kind personalized tags to tags made of tough stainless steel that can handle harsh conditions on long adventures.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Tags
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: 7 Pack TravelMore Luggage Tags
  3. BEST PERSONALIZED: United Craft Supplies Personalized Luggage Tags
  4. BEST LEATHER: SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags
  5. BEST STAINLESS STEEL: ProudGuy Luggage Tags 
  6. BEST SMART: Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Aluminum Luggage Tag
The Best Luggage Tags Option


Types of Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are fairly simple devices, but there are several different types and styles. While most luggage tags aren’t difficult to use, you may prefer a certain attachment type or overall design. Your luggage’s style, trip destination, and personal preference all factor into finding the best luggage tag.

Handle Wrap

Handle-wrap luggage tags fit around the luggage handle and are usually secured with a hook-and-loop closure. Personal identification information is stored on the inside of the tag, so it can’t be seen from the outside. Handle-wrap-style tags are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and many are customizable with your name or initials.


Magnetic luggage tags have a security flap that’s fastened with a magnet. These tags attach to the luggage with either a stainless steel wire or a fabric loop-and-buckle closure. The magnet keeps personal contact information more private yet lets you easily peek at the tag to make sure the bag is yours before claiming it.


Slip or slip-in pocket luggage tags are typically the least-expensive option. Made with a clear plastic cover and backing, they are sleeves into which you can slip a business card or card with contact information. These tags usually attach to luggage with a plastic loop. Slip-in pocket luggage tags may not be the most durable, but they’re easy to attach and can be bought in bulk.


Your initials, last name, or a clever saying can personalize a luggage tag, making it easier to identify. Some manufacturers offer customized lettering and text colors, too. Customized tags may be priced per letter or include an extra fee based on the design intricacy. However, they can be much easier to spot at the baggage claim.


Luggage straps perform dual roles. They wrap around luggage and buckle, holding the luggage closed. The strap can be tightened, reducing the chances of personal items falling out if the luggage is dropped or if the zipper breaks. Some straps also function as luggage tags with a personalized message on them or a slot in which to put contact information. Straps also come in bright colors and patterns that are easier to spot in a sea of black suitcases.


Smart luggage tags link to a bag tracker through an app via a smartphone or through an account with the manufacturer. Logging into the app or account allows you to see the location of your luggage in real time, making it easier to track the bag when it is away from you. Different manufacturers offer different features: some put a scannable QR code on the tag that links to a unique web page with your contact information, and others rely on the bag’s finder calling the manufacturer, who then contacts you.

These tags look like a metal luggage tag but without visible contact information. Some attach to the bag’s handle, so they’re easy to find. Others are mainly a GPS tracker that’s meant to be tucked away inside the luggage. The latter type lets you know the luggage’s location but doesn’t provide contact information.

The Best Luggage Tags Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Luggage Tags 

Luggage tags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. How you travel, where you travel, and your personal preferences will help you select the best luggage tag for you. Think about durability, ease of access, and any extra security features the tag offers. It should be able to withstand some pulling, tugging, and a fall or two, since most luggage goes through a lot of shuffling and handling while traveling by air, bus, or rail before it gets back to you.


While there’s no regulation of luggage tag sizes, luggage tags usually come in eight sizes that range in width from 1 3/8 inches to 3 1/2 inches and lengths of 2 3/4 inches to 6 1/4 inches. Small, lightweight luggage tags can help prevent extra charges for oversized bags. Small tags also tend to stay out of the way while traveling. Most of the time, the tags are proportional to the size of the luggage to which it’s attached. Larger tags are sized well for crates or bigger packages.


Luggage tag materials need to hold up to varying humidity levels and temperatures. Stainless steel is resistant to changing temperatures, while rubber and plastic are better options than stainless steel or leather for dealing with water. Look for a tag that’s durable and well-made so it can withstand the weather conditions in your travel destinations.

Common luggage tag materials include:

  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • PU leather
  • Stainless steel
  • Silicon
  • Rubber


When it comes to design, there are many different styles of luggage tags. The first consideration may be to decide whether you want the tag to help make your luggage easy to spot with its unique colors, shapes, and patterns, or if you want a tag that blends with the luggage.

Business travelers may prefer a basic, minimal design that maintains a professional appearance and won’t stand out in a boardroom. However, casual travelers and families may prefer unique tags that make their luggage easy to identify. It’s a matter of balancing your style preferences with the amount of visibility you desire.


Some luggage tags offer a few extra features that are worth considering. For example, some magnetic tags have a metal strip where your name can be engraved.

Another feature to consider is the attachment style. How the tag attaches to your luggage makes a difference in how easy it is to secure the tag and how durable it is. For example, a stainless steel wire ring tends to be more durable than a plastic loop. Belt-with-buckle closures and hook-and-loop are other ways that luggage tags are secured.

Our Top Picks

The luggage tags recommended here earn high marks for durability, practical extra features, and quality. Faux leather, leather, plastic, and stainless steel tags are included on the list. Check out some of the best luggage tags below, and get ready to start packing your bags for that next adventure.

Best Overall

The Best Luggage Tags Option: Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Tags

It’s the quality and simplicity of Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Tags that puts them at the top of our list. Polyurethane leather has the look of leather but with better weather resistance. Thirty color options offer a rainbow of choices, so you can pick your favorite color, coordinate with family members, or keep tag colors low-key and neutral.

The tag has a double-sided contact card that allows for two sets of contact information. That gives you an advantage if your bag gets lost: if you’re not available at one address, there’s a backup. This increases your chances of receiving a call, email, or text about your bag. A simple privacy flap covers your contact information but still lets you take a peek to make sure it’s your bag. Finally, a simple but secure buckle attaches the tag to your luggage.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Luggage Tags Option: 7 Pack TravelMore Luggage Tags

If you’re traveling with lots of bags or you have an entire family’s worth of luggage to tag, the TravelMore 7-pack may be just what you need. Each brightly colored tag is made of PVC silicone, so it’s water- and abrasion-resistant. The TravelMore tags attach to luggage with a simple plastic loop. A standard-size business card or the provided contact card will fit inside the double-sided design, which allows you to check either side of the tag before grabbing the bag off of the baggage claim carousel.

Best Personalized

The Best Luggage Tags Option: United Craft Supplies Personalized Luggage Tags

Some faux leather looks inexpensive, but the 11 leather colors offered by United Craft Supplies look like real leather. You can choose one of 18 designs to personalize with your name, coordinate with family or a travel group, or help make your bags stand out. Visible topstitching complements each personalized design.

The tags are water- and scratch-resistant, and a strap and buckle secures them to the luggage. Each tag includes a contact card that’s visible through a coverless clear window.

Best Leather

The Best Luggage Tags Option: SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags

Leather is often associated with luxury. With 14 color options, SwissElite leather tags let you choose a color that works with your luggage color scheme.

Each tag comes with a double-sided contact card, providing one side for a second set of contact information. A privacy flap keeps that information hidden but easy to access when claiming your bag. The tag is secured to the bag with a leather strap and a stainless steel buckle.

Best Stainless Steel

The Best Luggage Tags Option: ProudGuy Luggage Tags

ProudGuy’s stainless steel tags are designed to resist rough treatment and stand up to vigorous travel. The 15 colors look sleek, give your bag a unique look, and add an identifiable pop of personality to your travels.

A stainless steel cable ring comes with each tag, providing an equally strong way to attach it to the bag. These tags work with a standard-size business card. However, the clear window allows contact information to be visible.

Best Smart

The Best Luggage Tags Option: Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Aluminum Luggage Tag

Each Dynotag luggage tag comes equipped with a unique QR code specific to that tag. If someone finds your bag, they scan the code. The code shares the tag’s unique webpage that includes your contact information. If the QR code doesn’t work or the bag finder doesn’t have access to a QR code reader, Dynotag’s contact number is listed on the tag. After the company has been notified, they contact you. The tag also offers GPS-assisted tag viewing, so you can see where the tag is or has been.

Once you sign up for a Dynotag account, you can log in and change the contact information associated with the tag at any time. If your phone number or address changes, the update is easy and can be done from anywhere. There’s no subscription fee, and the tag with the accompanying account comes with a lifetime warranty. For the frequent flyer, this smart tag could make tracking your bag easy and traveling less stressful.

FAQs About Luggage Tags 

When you’re planning a trip, you might not immediately think about shopping for a luggage tag. A small purchase that can have a big impact, a luggage tag can’t make your bag always show up on time, but it can help safely return your bag when it doesn’t.

Since there is a lot to consider when shopping for a luggage tag, you may still have questions. Below are a few of the most common questions and answers about luggage tags.

Q. Do I need luggage tags?

Yes, a luggage tag is recommended for anyone checking bags while traveling. Luggage tags include your contact information, making it easier to return the luggage if it gets lost. Tags also make it easier for you to identify your luggage on a baggage carousel full of similarly colored black bags.

Q. What information should be on a luggage tag?

The tag should include your name and either a phone number or email address. Your physical address isn’t absolutely necessary.

Q. Where do I attach a luggage tag? 

Most luggage tags attach to the bag’s handle. However, many tags attach to zippers or any other firmly attached straps or pieces on the luggage.