Look Ma—No Wheels: The Hovering Mower

By Timothy Dahl | Updated May 7, 2013 10:55 AM

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I had the pleasure of touring the Husqvarna Research & Development headquarters in Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago and even the intense Carolina heat couldn’t keep me away from the opportunity to test their latest outdoor power equipment.

One of the most interesting products shown was the new HVT52 Hovering Trimmer. It operates like a lawnmower as you guide it from a push bar in the back but functions more like a trimmer; a large impeller fan underneath provides the lift while a motorized, rotating trimmer line cuts the grass and weeds.

This unique mower is designed for the specific purpose of mowing on steep inclines, near watersheds, and other areas where a walk mower can’t do the job. A product rep told us they are also popular on golf courses and used near bunkers and greens where you wouldn’t want tire tracks from a traditional lawnmower.

Another great feature is the storage capabilities. When not in use the mower can be raised and the unit will tilt and lay flat against the wall.

The drawback here is that there is no bag and cuttings fly everywhere.  During our test drive, we discovered that the mower does have an easy pull start engine and hovers smoothly over grass, but weeds and other particles definitely take flight.  I’d suggest wearing eye protection if you use this.

This mower could be great if you are only using it for specific areas of your lawn, but it probably shouldn’t be your primary lawnmower.  If, on the other hand, you don’t want to leave mower tracks on your lawn—or covet the latest outdoor power equipment—then the hovering trimmer may be just the thing.

For more information on the HVT52 Hovering Trimmer and other Husqvarna products, visit the company’s website.

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