The Best Electric Snow Shovels of 2023

An electric shovel clears snow faster than a regular shovel with a lot less effort from you.

By Glenda Taylor and Tony Carrick | Updated Jan 26, 2023 5:07 PM

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The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option


A soft layer of pristine snow on the ground is beautiful—until you remember you’ll have to shovel the sidewalk and driveway before work. While a traditional snow shovel does the job, it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming.

An electric snow shovel can speed up the process and eliminate heavy lifting. To ease your chores this snow season, these handy tools deserve a look. Read on to learn about the key features of the best electric snow shovel options and why these are at the top of their class.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Ryobi 12-Inch 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Shovel
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Greenworks 12-Inch 8-Amp Corded Snow Shovel
  3. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Kobalt 12-Inch 80-Volt Electric Snow Blower
  4. BEST BATTERY LIFE: Greenworks Pro 12-Inch 80-Volt Brushless Snow Shovel
  5. BEST LIGHT-DUTY: Snow Joe 24-Volt SS13 iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit
  6. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: Ego Power+ Multi-Head Snow Shovel Kit
  7. VERSATILE PICK: Toro 12-Inch 60-Volt Flex-Force Electric Power Shovel
The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option


Before You Buy an Electric Snow Shovel

Think of an electric snow shovel as a cross between a manual snow shovel and a larger, more powerful snow blower. The handle of an electric snow shovel resembles the handle of a traditional snow shovel, but that’s where the similarities end. Instead of a scoop blade, an electric snow shovel features a large single or double turning blade that picks up snow and tosses it out of the path as you push it along a paved surface.

An electric snow shovel takes less physical effort to operate than a traditional shovel, but you still have to do some pushing. Unlike snow blowers, electric snow shovels are typically not self-propelled.

Electric snow shovels are designed to remove fresh snow from sidewalks, decks, patios, and steps. Electric snow shovels are the less expensive option and come with a price tag of about $60 to $190. A heavy-duty snow blower could set you back $1,500 or more.

How We Chose the Best Electric Snow Shovels

In selecting the best electric snow shovels and snow blowers for our list we considered specific criteria as they pertained to the unit’s intended use. For power shovels designed to handle walkways and small driveways, we favored models that are lightweight with ergonomic handles–making them easier to maneuver in tight spaces–with a snow clearing width of around 12 inches and a depth of around 6 inches. For larger driveways and heavier snowfalls, we chose small single-stage electric snow blowers with the ability to clear a swath of about 20 inches wide at a depth of at least 10 inches.

For cordless models, we considered snow shovels and blowers that would provide enough runtime to allow them to clear a walkway, for smaller snow shovels, or small driveway, for snow throwers. With that in mind, we chose snow shovels with at least 25 minutes of runtime and snow blowers with at least 45 minutes of runtime. We also favored models with rapid chargers that could get the shovel or blower back online in about 30 minutes.

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option


Our Top Picks

The following electric snow shovels take into account specific features such as battery use, cleaning area, and more. Consider the best use of each model when choosing one for your clearing area.

Best Overall

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Ryobi 12-Inch 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Shovel

Anyone looking for a lightweight and maneuverable snow shovel will want to look no further than the Ryobi 40-volt electric snow shovel. This 17-pound shovel is compact enough to store and won’t strain a user’s back or arms while in use. This snow shovel is capable of throwing snow over 22 feet away while clearing a 12-inch path of snow up to 6 inches deep.

Suitable for walkways, driveways, decks, patios, and more, this pick is versatile and easy to use because of its variable-speed trigger. Users can simply pick the speed required for different levels of snow and plow through it easily. This snow shovel can be attached to many of the Ryobi Expand-It attachments with the 180-degree lock/unlock coupler, which can attach to a blower, edger, pole saw, and other Ryobi attachments.

This option also comes with a 40-volt 4.0Ah battery and charger, which some other snow shovel brands don’t offer.

Product Specs 

  • Max depth: 6 inches
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Power: 40 volts


  • Variable-speed trigger allows plowing speed selection based on snow depth
  • Lightweight and compact; easy to maneuver and lightweight enough to store easily
  • 180-degree lock/unlock coupler can accommodate blower, edger, and pole saw attachments
  • Battery and charger included; many brands do not include the battery and/or charger


  • Does not plow as deep as other electric snow shovels on the market
  • Users may find this item suitable only for light to medium snowfalls

Get the Ryobi electric snow shovel at The Home Depot.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Greenworks 12-Inch 8-Amp Corded Snow Shovel

This Greenworks 8-amp corded snow shovel is a powerful, corded option with a simple push-button start. It can handle snow up to 6 inches deep. It clears a 12-inch-wide swath, so it’s suitable for light snow on sidewalks, porches, and decks. This shovel can toss fresh snow up to 20 feet.

The bottom scraper is designed to slide under the snow and make it easier for the spinning auger blade to lift and blow the snow out of the discharge chute. The adjustable second handle can help the user get a firm grip on this 14-pound machine.

Product Specs 

  • Maximum depth: 4 inches
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Power: 8 amps


  • Impressive 20-foot throw distance keeps snow away from the clearing path
  • Convenient push-button start is easy to operate for first-time or frequent users
  • Bottom scraper makes it easy to remove snow up to 6 inches deep
  • Adjustable handle accommodates the user and allows for easy control while operational


  • Cord limits clearing range; may require an extension cord for longer or larger driveways

Get the Greenworks corded electric snow shovel at Amazon.

Best Lightweight

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Kobalt 12-Inch 80-Volt Electric Snow Blower

For those in need of an affordable snow shovel, the Kobalt 80-volt electric snow blower is a must. This small but powerful single-stage snow shovel is suitable for most driveways, walkways, patios, and more with its 12-inch clearing path and depth and 20-foot throwing distance.

This model is specifically designed by Kobalt to reduce fatigue and back pain since there is no bending or lifting required for proper operation. The auxiliary handle’s adjustable height can easily accommodate multiple users’ heights, and the brushless motor provides enough power on its own so users don’t not have to push hard to remove snow. What’s more, this pick has a quiet operating volume and a safety button to prevent accidental start-ups. Assembly is also quick and painless. The only downside to this pick is that the battery is not included with the purchase.

Product Specs 

  • Max depth: 12 inches
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Power: 80 volts


  • Versatile construction; suitable for most driveways, walkways, patios, and more
  • 12-inch clearing path and depth; suitable for medium to heavy snowfalls
  • 20-foot throwing distance; keeps snow far away from the clearing path
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle can accommodate any user’s height; prevents fatigue and strain


  • Batteries not included with purchase; may need to be bought separately

Get the Kobalt electric snow shovel at Lowe’s.

Best Battery Life

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Greenworks Pro 12-Inch 80-Volt Brushless Snow Shovel

When it comes to cordless yard tools, battery life and power is everything. This snow shovel from Greenworks is one of the best at both thanks to a powerful 80-volt battery that gives it 45 minutes of runtime. The battery, which recharges in just 30 minutes with its rapid charger, gives it enough juice to handle up to 6 inches of snow with a shoveling width of 12 inches.

And, with its ability to discharge snow 20 feet away, it’s suitable for walks, decks, and smaller driveways. While this snow shovel isn’t one of the lightest models on the market, it’s manageable at a total weight of 15 pounds.

Product Specs 

  • Maximum depth: 6 inches
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Power:80-volt battery


  • Cordless design offers more flexibility; suitable for large or long driveways
  • Impressive 45-minute runtime is suitable for extended use after heavy snowfalls
  • Quick-charging battery; suitable for multiple uses in a given day
  • Deposits snow 20 feet away; keeps snow far from the user’s clearing path


  • Shallow max snow depth compared to similar options; ideal for light-duty work

Get the Greenworks brushless electric snow shovel at Amazon or Lowe’s.

Best Light-Duty

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Snow Joe 24-Volt SS13 iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit

Shoppers don’t have to spend a lot of money on an electric snow shovel. The Snow Joe 24-Volt SS13 snow shovel comes with a 24-volt cordless battery so users can remove snow that’s far away from an electrical outlet. This shovel will clear a 13-inch path in up to 6 inches of snow and toss it up to 20 feet away.

The dual handle on the Snow Joe helps the user get a good grip for pushing the tool through the snow. This 15-pound electric snow shovel will operate up to 1 hour and 10 minutes on a single battery charge. That should allow enough time to clear light snow from short sidewalks, porches, and decks—all at an affordable price point. Users can double the runtime by purchasing a second 24-volt battery (sold separately).

Product Specs 

  • Maximum depth: 6 inches
  • Clearing width: 13 inches
  • Power: 24-volt battery


  • Cordless design for flexible movement; suitable for long or large driveways and walkways
  • Tosses snow up to 20 feet away; keeps snow far away from the clearing path
  • Dual handle makes it easy to push, reducing risk of physical strain and fatigue


  • Limited battery life compared to similar snow shovels on the market
  • Suitable for light snow only; may malfunction under heavy-duty use

Get the Snow Joe electric snow shovel kit at Amazon, Best Buy, Northern Tool + Equipment, or Snow Joe.

Best Heavy-Duty

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Ego Power+ Multi-Head Snow Shovel Kit

Larger snowfalls require the proper tools for clearing. For heavy-duty plowing, the Ego Power+ multi-head snow shovel kit is just the ticket. This kit is able to clear a 12-inch path, throw snow at a 25-foot distance, and clear a 4-car driveway of 6-inch-deep snow.

The overpower protection clutch on this top pick is very unique and useful as it prevents damage to the motor and electronics from occurring. This Ego snow shovel is also compatible with the Ego Power+ multi-head system, making it capable of accommodating many Ego Power+ tools and attachments for a variety of jobs. While using this shovel, be aware of the adjustable front handle since it reduces strain and bending while pushing the shovel through thicker snow. Plus, this pick comes with a 56-volt 4.0Ah lithium battery and a 320-watt charger for long runtimes and heavy-duty clearing.

Product Specs 

  • Max depth:Unspecified
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Power:56-volt battery


  • Throws snow over 25 feet away; keeps snow far away from the user’s clearing path
  • Capable of clearing 6 inches of snow on a 4-car driveway; can handle heavy-duty plowing
  • Works with multiple attachments to tackle a variety of jobs
  • Adjustable front handle makes it easy to push shovel through thicker snow


  • Batteries should not be stored fully charged; may cause malfunction or shorten battery life
  • May require a lot of effort to push through some snow; not a self-propelled model

Get the Ego Power+ snow electric shovel kit at Amazon or Acme Tools.

Versatile Pick

The Best Electric Snow Shovel Option: Toro 12-Inch 60-Volt Flex-Force Electric Power Shovel

Plow through snow on driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, and more with the cordless Toro 12-inch Flex-Force power shovel. This Toro power shovel can be used on moderate to low slopes in 6 inches of snow and it can clear through easily, throwing snow up to 25 feet away.

The push-button start and on-demand power and control button with dual speeds integrated makes it easy to plow light to heavy snow oncommand. This pick also comes with a brushless 2.5Ah battery for extended runtime, allowing for long operating times of up to 45 minutes after heavy snowfalls. Plus, it takes just an hour to charge, so users can tackle multiple plowing projects in a single day.

Power curve technology also allows users to maneuver this shovel easily in thick snow. Finally, the compact, lightweight design of this model allows users to store this shovel easily.

Product Specs 

  • Max depth: 6 inches
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Power: 2.5 amps


  • Suitable for use in heavy snow; can accommodate low to medium slope heights
  • Push-button start and on-demand power and control button; choose between low and high power outputs
  • 45-minute runtime, requiring only 60 minutes to recharge
  • Battery and charger included; some brands don’t include these with purchase


  • Limited clearing depth compared to similar snow shovel options available
  • Some users have reported manufacturing defects or difficulty using this item
  • Lower amperage hours compared to other snow shovels on the market

Get the Toro electric snow shovel at The Home Depot, Acme Tools, or Toro.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Snow Shovel

The best electric snow shovel should dependably clear away the average snowfall in your area far more easily than a conventional shovel. Take these key factors into consideration when you compare models.

Corded vs. Cordless

Electric snow shovels come corded and cordless. Each type has its own benefits and considerations:

  • Corded snow shovels offer immediate snow-clearing power. Just plug the cord into an outlet. For those who don’t want to wait for a battery to charge, which can take a few hours before they can shovel snow, a corded electric model might make more sense. Of course, a corded snow shovel limits your coverage area to the length of the extension cord (usually 50 to 100 feet).
  • Cordless snow shovels operate on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that run for approximately 20 to 50 minutes on a single charge. Battery-powered snow shovels have a clear advantage over corded models for clearing snow in locations far from an outlet. Plus, you don’t have to drag a cord behind you. If you have a lot of snow to clear, you may need to stop and recharge the battery before you finish the job.

Clearing Area

How much snow an electric shovel can clear depends on the height and width of the intake chute. The height of the intake chute determines the maximum depth of snow the device can remove (about 4 to 8 inches). You’ll want to select an electric snow shovel with an intake chute at least as deep as the typical snowfall in your area.

Some manufacturers claim their electric snow shovels can go over deep snow with more than one pass. But if the snow is soft, these devices may sink into the snow since they’re designed to sit on a paved surface. This will just push snow over the top of the tool rather than clear it out of your path.

The width of the chute determines the width of the path your electric shovel can clear in a single pass. Chutes range from around 10 to 16 inches wide. A wider chute means fewer passes to clear an area.

Battery Life

Most lithium-ion batteries will run anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes on a single charge. Snow shovels that come with 40-volt batteries will run about twice as long as those that come with 24-volt batteries. You can double the runtime by investing in a second battery so that you can switch if the first one runs out before the job is done.

Battery life depends on a variety of factors, including chute size. The more snow the tool handles, the more power is required, and the quicker the battery will drain. A battery loses power with age, too. It won’t hold as much charge after a few years as it did when it was new. That’s when it’s time to replace it.

Ease of Use

Whether corded and cordless, the best electric snow shovels are easy to operate. Just turn them on and push them along a paved surface to remove fresh snow. The following features also affect the shovel’s usability:

  • Blades: Electric snow shovels work similarly to more powerful snow blowers. Their horizontal auger features one or two blades. The auger rotates at a high speed and the blades scoop up the snow and blow it out of an exhaust chute. Both single- and double-blade shovels will get the job done. But the double-bladed ones may clear the snow more quickly.
  • Scrapers: Some models have a built-in scraper that slides under the snow, which helps the blades lift snow to be discharged out of the chute.
  • Handles: Some of these tools have adjustable handles to fit the height of the user. More heavy-duty models often contain a second handle to help you push the shovel through the snow.
  • Weight: Relatively light in weight, electric snow shovels average 10 to 16 pounds. That matters because electric snow shovels do not propel themselves. You have to push the shovel along the ground. The best snow shovel for you should be light enough to push relatively easily but heavy enough to push into the snow rather than skim the top.
  • Cord length: The attached cord on a corded electric snow shovel usually isn’t longer than 6 feet. But you can’t plug them right into a wall outlet anyway. You have to use a 12- or 14-gauge (check the owner’s manual) exterior extension cord that you purchase separately.

The Advantages of Owning an Electric Snow Shovel

Electric snow shovels are easier to use than a manual snow shovel and less expensive than a full-size snow blower. They expedite snow removal so you have more time for sledding, snowball fights, or staying warm indoors.

  • Reduces back, arm, and shoulder pain and fatigue associated with shoveling snow.
  • Quickly removes fresh snow to an average depth of 6 to 8 inches.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle (most weigh under 15 pounds).


If you’re looking to buy an electric snow shovel, naturally you have some questions.

Q. How does an electric snow shovel work?

A horizontal auger with one or two blades spins at ground level in order to pick up the snow and toss it out of an exhaust chute.

Q. How do you use an electric snow shovel?

You manually push the tool along the pavement in order for the spinning auger to pick up the snow.

Q. When should you use your electric snow shovel? 

An electric snow shovel works best on new-fallen snow that is light, fluffy, and has not had a chance to melt and become heavy. An electric snow shovel or blower can move powdery snow more easily and launch it farther than it can wet snow.

Q. How do you fix an electric snow shovel?

Most electric snow shovels come with a 2- or 3-year warranty, so if something goes wrong during that time, contact the manufacturer. Consult the owner’s manual for instructions on basic maintenance.

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