The Best Snow Shovels for Clearing Paths and Driveways

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The Best Snow Shovels for Clearing Driveways


Removing snow from your driveway the old-fashioned way might not be fun, but it’s a good-for-the-earth way to clean up those wintry messes. Not all methods of ice and snow are removal are quite so eco-friendly. Recent studies have shown that chloride contamination due to salt treatments are toxic for wildlife, agriculture, and people—long after the snow has melted. Shoveling, by comparison, causes no harm—and heck, it’s great exercise. Plus, thanks to the high-quality, well-designed snow shovels of today, you can clear driveways and paths more quickly than ever, and safely too—so you can avoid being among the more than 11,500 people injured shoveling snow every year.

Read on to understand the elements that make for a good driveway snow shovel and to see our picks among the best snow shovels out there.

  1. BEST OVERALL: True Temper Poly Snow Shovel
  2. BEST SNOW PUSHER: JM Enterprises Snowplow Snow Pusher
  3. BEST WHEELED SNOW PUSHER: TUFFIOM Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher


Shopping Considerations for Finding the Best Snow Shovel

Blade Design

There are basically three types of driveway snow shovels: traditional scoop shovels, pushers, and combination shovel/pushers. The difference mainly comes down to blade design.

  • A traditional shovel comes with an almost flat, 18- to 24-inch rectangular blade, in contrast to a pusher, which has a longer, narrower curved blade.
  • Pushers are excellent for driveways because they clear snow faster and with less effort. A traditional shovel is better suited to walkways and smaller areas where a push shovel would have trouble maneuvering.
  • A combo shovel has a slightly wider, curvier blade than a traditional shovel for both scooping snow and pushing it away. For driveways and larger areas, either a push shovel or a combo is typically fastest and easiest to use.

Sturdy Materials

Snow shovel blades, which need to be lightweight yet rugged, are routinely made from one of three materials: polyethylene plastic, steel, or aluminum. Each has pros and cons. A steel or aluminum blade is best for clearing off all ice and hard-packed snow because these metals are light yet extremely strong with sharper edges. Metals blades, however, can scratch decking and other wooden or stone surfaces. In these cases, and for light to medium snow, a plastic blade works well. Hardy handles are typically made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood.

Handle Features

Many snow shovels have straight handles, so learning the right grip is important to prevent strain. To shovel safely, place one hand as close to the blade as possible, and place the other hand on the handle grip. Some snow shovels boast “ergonomic” handles, which are curved to lessen your tendency to lean over and lift with your back (instead of lifting with your legs). Another option is an extra “assist” handle, closer to the blade, to increase your leverage and lifting power. Some rods are even cushioned with foam to lessen hand fatigue. Many models feature wide, D-grip handles, which are shaped like the letter D and provide a more comfortable, firmer grip than a straight handlebar.

What About a Shovel with Wheels?

For extra-heavy snows and larger areas to plow, you may wish to consider a snow pusher with wheels. Unlike snow blowers, wheeled snow pushers don’t require any gas or engine upkeep, just old-fashioned elbow grease. The wheels make moving and depositing larger quantities of snow a bit easier, while the blade may be made of iron, for greater strength, stability, and weight.

Best Driveway Snow Shovels

With the right use and care, these user-approved models should last for many winters to come.

Best Overall

The Best Snow Shovel Option: True Temper Poly Snow Shovel Pusher

From one of the oldest makers of outdoor tools in America, the True Temper shovel is tried and true. The blade, made of heavy-duty plastic, measures 18 inches wide and features a nylon wear strip to increase longevity. The handle, made of steel, comes with an oversized D-grip handle for comfortable lifting, while the handle itself is curved to lessen back and arm strain. Best of all, despite its high-quality design and construction, the True Temper remains one of the most affordable combination snow shovels on the market.

Best Snow Pusher

The Best Snow Shovel Option: JM Enterprises Snowplow Snow Pusher

The “original” snow pusher, the Snowplow from JM Enterprises is beloved for its straightforward effectiveness when it comes to clearing snow from large areas (like driveways) more easily and quickly with than would be possible with a traditional shovel. The fiberglass handle lessens weight without sacrificing strength, and the sleek blade, made of advanced polyethylene, delivers extreme resistance to abrasion and wear. With a comfortable D-grip handle and bolt construction for added longevity, JM’s design is practically flawless.

Best Wheeled Snow Pusher

The Best Snow Shovel Option: TUFFIOM Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher

For the heaviest snows, consider TUFFIOM’s powerful wheeled snow pusher. Besides the tires, the most notable feature of this pusher is its oversized 29-inch iron blade, the scale and construction of which almost rivals that of the heavy-duty snow plows built for trucks and tractors. Very sturdy and yet surprisingly light and easy to maneuver, the T-shaped handle of the TUFFIOM is adjustable between 40 and 46 inches, depending on your height, which allows you to stand upright as you work (no bending or straining).