The Best Ice Scrapers of 2022

Clear your windshield of light frost or thick ice with one of these top ice scrapers.

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The Best Ice Scraper for Driving in Winter


Removing frost and ice from your windshield or driveway is a straightforward task. Just grab an ice scraper and get to work, right? Well, not all scrapers offer the same results. The flimsy ones may not stand up to the ice or your grip. Others can leave streaks. Good quality scrapers, however, include brushes, protective mitts, or even brass blades to remove ice effectively and quickly.

If you’re tired of poor performance from an ice scraper, keep reading to learn how to select a durable and effective ice scraper suited to your needs. Then check out our top picks!

  1. BEST OVERALL: AstroAI 27 Inch Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper
  2. RUNNER-UP: Snow Joe 2-in-1 Snow Broom with Ice Scraper
  3. BEST WITH BRUSH: Amazon Basics Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
  4. BEST WITH MITT: BIRDROCK HOME Ice Scraper Mitt for Car Windshield
  5. BEST MULTIPURPOSE: SubZero 51″ Ice Crusher Snowbroom and Squeegee
  6. BEST FOR GLOVE COMPARTMENT: Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher Ice Scraper
  7. BEST FOR TRUCKS AND SUVS: BIRDROCK HOME Snow MOOver 55″ Snow Brush Ice Scraper
  8. BEST FOR DRIVEWAYS: Bully Tools Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Scraper
The Best Ice Scraper with Brush for Driving in Winter


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Ice Scraper

The best ice scraper for you depends on your specific needs and climate. Areas with harsher winter weather require a more robust solution for clearing ice, whereas in warmer climates, people may get away with using a more basic ice scraper. Below we outline the size, design, and features to look for in the best ice scraper.

Size and Length

If you drive a compact car with a windshield that’s easy to reach from both sides, a basic ice scraper—up to 12 inches in length—may fit your needs. These handy tools stow away in glove compartments or a tote. Larger vehicles, however, such as SUVs or pickup trucks, may call for a longer scraper in order to reach across the windshield.

For the longest reach, consider a telescoping ice scraper with an adjustable handle that extends anywhere from 30 to 60 inches to manage those hard-to-reach spots.

Blade Design

When you pick up an ice scraper, it should feel solid and substantial in your hand. Those thin plastic scrapers given out by banks and hardware stores during the holidays might help remove a light coating of frost from a windshield, but they won’t make a dent in heavy ice buildup. For more serious ice, look for blades made of hefty acrylic or molded plastic (up to ⅜-inch thick).

Most scrapers come with a dual-use blade that’s smooth on one side for removing frost and light ice accumulation and toothed on the other side (just flip it over) for serious scraping to cut through thick ice. If you live in an area that regularly receives ice storms, you’ll want to choose a scraper with large, pronounced teeth to effectively banish heavy ice buildup.

Ease of Use

It takes a good deal of pressure to scrape away ice that seems permanently bonded with your car’s windshield, so look for a handle that’s every bit as robust as the blade. Quality ice scrapers often come with ergonomic handles designed for an easy grip when applying firm pressure. Many of today’s top models also offer foam padding for a tight yet comfortable grip.

The weight of an ice scraper should also figure into your selection process. You don’t want it to be heavier than necessary as you’ll start to feel the heft as you push the ice off your windshield or driveway. In general, the larger the ice scraper, the heavier it will be.

Handheld scrapers tend to range from 2 to 8 ounces. A non-extending windshield ice scraper usually falls between 12 ounces and 2 pounds. Full-size ice scrapers tend to be somewhere between 3 and 6 pounds. Of course, the weight of an ice scraper depends on its construction and the construction materials.

Additional Features

For those who spend many mornings scraping ice from their car and driveway, take a look at the additional features some ice scrapers offer. Clever features can make this cold-weather chore a lot more pleasant. Here are some of our favorite additional features:

  • Brushes on ice scrapers sweep off the snow before scraping the windshield. The best snow brush for car options have firm bristles (soft bristles bend easily, leaving snow behind) or a thick foam wedge for efficient snow removal.
  • Mitts can help protect your hands while you scrape ice. On some models, the scraper handle comes encased in a lined, waterproof mitten, so you can scrape heartily without freezing your fingers or scraping your knuckles on jagged ice.
  • Hammers/crushers smash through stubborn ice and make it easier to remove. Ice scrapers with this feature usually have a thicker end that resembles a hammer or serrated teeth for crushing ice.
  • Extendable shafts help you reach farther to clear ice and snow more efficiently. The telescoping feature also makes for easier storage inside the vehicle.

Our Top Picks

No matter the weather in your neck of the woods, one of these ice scrapers will help with this chilly chore.

Best Overall

The Best Ice Scraper Option: AstroAI 27 Inch Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

AstroAl’s 27-inch snow brush delivers on versatility. Instead of a fixed brush on one end and a scraper on the other, this handy two-in-one tool features detachable parts so one person can scrape while the other brushes. Users may also take advantage of this feature to eliminate extra weight and bulk when working solo.

Little “knuckles” built into the blade of the 4.5-inch scraper help chip away at ice without damaging the windshield. A comfort-grip ergonomic handle facilitates the work.

Though the brush does not come with the same comfort grip as the scraper, a built-in handle gives fingers a place to grasp while sweeping away snow. Two layers of temperature-resistant bristles that form the brush stand up to heavy use and help extend the lifespan of this handy tool.

Product Specs

  • Type: Snow brush/ice scraper
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: 11.6 ounces


  • Brush and ice scraper can be used separately
  • Layered bristles on the brush
  • Ergonomic comfort grip
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • No ergonomic grip on the brush when detached

Get the AstroAI ice scraper on Amazon.


The Best Ice Scraper Option: Snow Joe 2-in-1 Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

Snow Joe’s two-in-one snow broom and ice scraper take the overwhelm out of massive snowfalls. An 18-inch head uses lightweight foam instead of bristles to remove snow from the car without scratches or other damage. The ice scraper, integrated into the bottom of the brush, features plastic teeth to break up thick ice.

Constructed of interlocking extension poles, this telescoping scraper extends 52 inches. That extra reach makes it a go-to tool to get ice and snow off large or high windows. All this fits into an easy-to-maneuver, 1.2-pound tool. One thing users may miss in this lightweight device is an ergonomic handle.

When not in use, the pole breaks down into three pieces and fits into brackets built into the brush head for compact car storage.

Product Specs

  • Type: Snow broom/ice scraper
  • Length: 52 inches at its longest
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


  • Telescoping pole for longer reach
  • Oversize foam head to remove snow without damage
  • Compact storage for the vehicle


  • No grip on the handle

Get the Snow Joe ice scraper at Amazon, The Home Depot, Tractor Supply, or Best Buy.

Best with Brush

The Best Ice Scraper Option: Amazon Basics Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

Backed by the Amazon Basics brand, this snow scraper delivers a solid and reliable performance in the cold weather. An 8-inch brush traps snow in its layers of bristles and then pushes it off the vehicle quickly. (Brushes with fewer or flimsier bristles rely on more user effort to remove snow and ice.)

A 4-inch ice scraper removes ice and frost from windows. For thick ice, flip it over to crush the ice before scraping with the blade.

A comfort-grip handle offers users a secure hold on the scraper (even in gloves) so it won’t slip out of their hands and damage the vehicle. At 25 inches long, it ranks among the smaller scrapers, but this gives the user more control and the ability to focus on areas that need more attention.

Product Specs

  • Type: Snow brush/ice scraper
  • Length: 25 inches
  • Weight: 11.8 ounces


  • 8-inch brush for easy snow removal
  • Foam grip for a comfortable hold
  • Textured handle for greater control


  • Handle doesn’t extend to reach high places
  • Need to use the teeth on the scraper for thick ice

Get the Amazon Basics ice scraper on Amazon.

Best with Mitt

The Best Ice Scraper Option: BIRDROCK HOME Ice Scraper Mitt for Car Windshield

No gloves? No problem. BIRDROCK HOME’s scraper features a warm and cozy mitt to keep fingers from turning into icicles when removing ice from car windows. Lined with soft faux fur and wrapped in waterproof material, the mitt detaches from the scraper for cleaning. The scraper handle fits snugly inside the mitt so users can grip it with a warm, dry hand.

Made from high-quality plastic, the handheld windshield ice scraper won’t bend or snap, even in thicker ice. Non-scratch jaws help break through ice, and then a flat blade gets underneath the ice to clear it away. A clever curved design redirects the ice and snow away from the user so hands stay warm and dry.

Product Specs

  • Type: Ice-scraper mitt
  • Length: 15 inches with glove, 9.5 inches without glove
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces


  • Faux-fur interior
  • Durable high-quality plastic
  • Ice scraper is detachable
  • Curved design deflects ice or snowflakes


  • No brush for snow removal
  • Short reach

Get the BIRDROCK HOME ice scraper on Amazon or at The Home Depot.

Best Multipurpose

The Best Ice Scraper Option: SubZero 51 Ice Crusher Snowbroom and Squeegee

Where most ice scrapers only make themselves useful for a few months of the year, SubZero’s lightweight snow broom and squeegee offers year-round uses, earning it a permanent place in the car.

Made from a solid metal shaft and heavy-duty plastic, the small-but-mighty scraper includes ice chippers for windows covered in thick ice. A snow brush with pivoting head employs both long, soft bristles and short, rigid ones to effectively remove both powder snow and heavy, wet snow. Users can adjust the brush head to their desired position. Opposite the brush, a rubber ice scraper squeegee helps clear windows of snow and debris and helps keep the windshield clean year-round. A telescoping handle extends to a whopping 51 inches to help clear away every last snowflake.

Product Specs

  • Type: Ice crusher/broom/squeegee
  • Length: 51 inches
  • Weight: 16 ounces


  • Less clutter as a three-in-one tool
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Pivoting head for customized positioning
  • Two foam grips for comfort


  • The swivel can be difficult to adjust

Get the SubZero ice scraper on Amazon.

Best for Glove Compartment

The Best Ice Scraper Option: Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher Ice Scraper

This basic ice scraper by Hopkins Subzero fits in a glove box with room to spare for insurance papers, owner’s manual, snacks, and other car accessories. This 11-inch scraper works hard to clear ice from the windshield. Even with a full-size scraper in the car, it may be worth keeping this small back-up in the glove compartment.

At 4.5 inches, the thick plastic blade stacks up against blades on larger scrapers. The compact design includes ice chipper teeth on the opposite end to help smash through tough ice on colder days.

A small oval handle with a soft foam grip makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver. As this is a handheld scraper, users swap longer reach for convenient storage, which may be preferred for smaller vehicles.

Product Specs

  • Type: Ice crusher/scraper
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces


  • Small enough to store for emergencies
  • 4.5-inch-wide blade
  • Soft grip for comfort and control
  • Serrated ice chipper cuts through ice


  • Small handle keeps hands near ice and snow when scraping

Get the Hopkins SubZero ice scraper on Amazon.

Best for Trucks and SUVs

The Best Ice Scraper Option: BIRDROCK HOME Snow MOOver 55 Snow Brush Ice Scraper

Large trucks and SUVs require an ice scraper with incredible reach. BIRDROCK HOME’s lightweight ice scraper and snow brush helps remove the signs of winter from tall vehicles with its telescoping 55-inch reach.

A thick plastic ice scraper with built-in jaws, it makes quick work of breaking up large chunks of ice while the foam grip handle keeps hands comfortable and securely in place.

Trading bristles for foam, the sturdy, oversize brush removes a lot of snow with each pass, but it won’t damage the tops of vehicles. Even better, the freeze-resistant rotating brush head allows users to customize the angle to make clearing the snow easier. Need a hand? Detach the scraper from the brush to split the work between two people.

This handy tool comes apart for storage but still takes a little more space in the car than the average scraper.

Product Specs

  • Type: Snow brush/ice scraper
  • Length: 55 inches
  • Weight: 32 ounces


  • Freeze-resistant foam brush head
  • Thick plastic jaws for scraping tough ice
  • Removable ice scraper
  • Pivoting head for greater control


  • Foam brush head takes up a lot of room

Get the BIRDROCK HOME ice scraper on Amazon or at The Home Depot.

Best for Driveways

The Best Ice Scraper Option: Bully Tools Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Scraper

As their name suggests, snow shovels stand up to snow. But ice, not so much. Bully Tools’ sidewalk and ice scraper ranks as a go-to tool for removing stubborn ice chunks off a property and eliminating safety hazards and liabilities. It makes ice removal move fast so users can get back inside where it’s warm.

A wide 11-gauge steel handle ensures that the ice scraper holds up to use. Made in one solid piece, it resists bending or breaking. Routine sharpening of the carbon steel blade extends its life and makes it more effective at chipping away ice. At over 6 pounds, the weight of the scraper helps break up ice, but it will fatigue the user after extended periods of use.

Product Specs

  • Type: Sidewalk/driveway ice scraper
  • Length: 56.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.79 pounds


  • Heavy-duty 11-gauge steel handle
  • Blade can be resharpened
  • Wide handle with comfort grip
  • Made in America


  • Starts to feel heavy when clearing a lot of ice at once

Get the Bully Tools ice scraper at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Lowe’s.

Our Verdict

All of our picks make excellent choices for clearing away ice. We appreciate the versatility of the lightweight AstroAI 27 Inch Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper, as it helps drivers divide the work of scraping and brushing off their car. We also have to acknowledge the clever design of the Snow Joe 2-in-1 Snow Broom with Ice Scraper, which scrapes, brushes, and stores very well.

How We Chose the Best Ice Scrapers

When coming up with our list of the best ice scrapers, our biggest priority was finding a tool that would remove ice and snow from a vehicle efficiently without causing damage to the windshield or paint. This meant looking at the construction and the features of the brushes, scrapers, ice crushers, handles, and more. We assessed the design, materials, and practicality of dozens of ice scrapers currently available on the market.

Finding a scraper that made the chore a bit more pleasant was something we assessed as well. We made sure to include recommendations for ice scrapers with telescoping handles, mitt scrapers, and even one with a squeegee.

Brand reputation in the industry was a factor in the decision-making process. We wanted to include products from brands who are known for their quality, value, and customer service.

Lastly, we considered the storage for each recommendation. Many of our selections are compact and easy to store in a car.


If you still have some lingering questions about how to choose the best ice scraper, we’ve pulled together answers to the most frequently asked questions about the best ice scrapers to help you make your decision.

Q: What can be used as an ice scraper?

If your windows are frosted over and you don’t have an ice scraper, you’re not out of luck. In a pinch, you can use items made from soft plastic, such as plastic cards (don’t use anything too important, as it could crack), a spatula, or a plastic dustpan.

Q: Is it safe to scrape ice off windshields?

Scraping ice off windshields is safe if you do it slowly. Make sure to use the tool to scrape the ice away. Do not use it as an ice pick, as that may result in irreparable damage to the windshield.

Q: Does a snow brush scratch a car?

Yes, snow brushes can leave tiny scratches on your car’s paint. If your car is dirty, the brush may push and grind that dirt into the paint.

Q: Can you sharpen an ice scraper?

Yes, as long as it’s sharpened properly using 100, 150, and 240-grit sandpaper. However, for the hassle and potential damage to your windshield, it is not worth sharpening unless you fully know what you’re doing.