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The $20 Car Tool Every Driver Needs This Winter

With rigid foam on one end and a hard window scraper on the other, this innovative tool makes clearing ice and snow from vehicles and objects easier than ever.
Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom & Ice Scraper Review right for you

Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Vila

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Driving a vehicle with icy windows and snow on the hood and roof is dangerous, and safe drivers will want to clear these obstacles before hitting the road. Facing such circumstances yourself, you may have gone the route of using a broom on your car’s body and a handheld scraper on its windows. But why mess with two tools (especially when one will likely scratch your paint) when there’s one that’s substantially better? Enter the Snow Joe telescoping snow broom and ice scraper. I evaluated this tool after a storm in Montana, judging it based on its ability to clear snow from varying roof heights, scrape ice from my windshield and mirrors, and store easily. I paid close attention to where the snow broom contacted the vehicles’ paint to ensure it didn’t cause damage or leave scratches. After my tests in real-life winter conditions, I scored the snow broom and ice scraper combo tool based on functionality and flexibility. Now, I can’t imagine not carrying one in my vehicle—it’s something I didn’t realize I needed until I tried it for myself.

Snow Joe 4-in-1 Telescoping Snow Broom & Ice Scraper: At a Glance

Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom & Ice Scraper Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Vila

Rating: 9/10


  • Handle length: Telescopes from 33 to 52 inches
  • Handle material: Auto-locking aluminum pole with dual foam grips
  • Broom material: 18-inch-long by 7-inch-wide nonabrasive rigid polyethylene foam
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Additional features: 4 LED lights (for use as a flashlight or emergency blinker)


  • Compact and lightweight design is very easy to handle, lift, and store
  • Foam broom does not scrape, scratch, or damage glass or paint but is strong enough to remove wet and heavy snow
  • Telescoping handle offers plenty of reach for brooming snow off of high vehicle roofs


  • Not designed to pull heavy snow loads all at once; users will want to take several swipes to remove deep snow so as to not damage the tool

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What is the Snow Joe telescoping snow broom and ice scraper?

Snow Joe’s broom and ice scraper is a very simple and effective dual-sided tool designed to clear snow and scrape ice. It’s primarily intended for vehicles, but it can be used on any object that needs light snow removal. The scraper can scrape ice off most hard glass surfaces as well. The tool’s handle is telescoping and extends up to 52 inches. It is long enough to reach a majority of the snow on most vehicles, though shorter users with tall SUVs or vans may not be able to get to the very center of their roofs. The handle breaks down for easy storage.

The broom end of the tool has a foam head that will not damage paint on vehicles. This is a major advantage over other tools (or various household items used in a pinch) that can scrape and scratch paint. The foam is rigid, and the head is a nice size for pushing or pulling against the snow. Its design is simple, but it’s well done and does an excellent job of clearing snow. The foam head has four LED lights that function as flashlights to illuminate the work area and make it easier to clean and scrape in the dark.

The lights proved handy while clearing my truck before an early morning drive, and they can also be used as emergency blinkers if necessary. The broom’s opposing end has a standard window scraper. It works well and benefits from the telescoping handle, accommodating various users and necessary reaches.

Assembling the Snow Joe snow broom and ice scraper

Assembly is very easy. After removing the tool from the box, I simply had to snap on the broom head and screw together the handle segments. The scraper head is already permanently fixed to the handle. The handle snaps together in seconds—just make sure the snug-fitting ends are together to prevent play in each section. The final assembly step is inserting two AAA batteries (not included) into the broom’s underside. The battery tray sits adjacent to the handle, and the light switch is also in this area. With the handle secured and batteries installed, the tool is ready for use.

Using the Snow Joe broom and scraper

One of the best qualities of the Snow Joe broom and scraper is its lightweight design. At just 1.5 pounds, it was super easy to lift it above my head when clearing tall vehicles. It also has two primary foam grip areas, but I found it easy to grab anywhere along the handle. I even held the scraper like a handle while clearing the roof of my truck as a way to use more power. But regardless of which end is being used, the Snow Joe always has a good place to grab. That said, the grip sections were nice since they insulate against the cold handle shaft. I used the tool without gloves simply by grabbing the black foam sections. The Snow Joe doesn’t have any complex moving parts or systems that need learning. The handle twists and pulls in and out to extend or retract, and I found its use intuitive and simple.

Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom & Ice Scraper Review right for you
Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Vila

Performance in Varying Conditions

The overall performance of the Snow Joe broom and ice scraper was fantastic, and I don’t see any reason I would stop using it. I did notice, however, that the lightweight aluminum handle isn’t quite strong enough to pull extreme amounts of heavy snow all at once. When clearing wet snow, I had to push and pull it in smaller amounts over multiple rounds to avoid damaging the tool. When I used it on powdery snow, it removed an entire 6-inch pile of snow with no resistance. I’ve used the scraper end daily for several weeks without issue. It’s nothing fancy, but it works reliably and as intended. I was initially skeptical about the foam head, but it’s very rigid, and I love not worrying about scratching the car. It works well and makes for quicker snow removal because I know I don’t have to be careful in order to avoid causing damage. I may still use a stiff broom or shovel to get the top few inches off after Montana storms that generate massive snowfalls, but for any snow near the surface of my vehicle, I’ll always choose the Snow Joe.

Is the Snow Joe snow broom and ice scraper with lights worth the money?

The price for this tool with lights is typically around $20, though it’s widely available at various retailers and often goes on sale. There’s also a version without lights that’s even less expensive. Considering how effective and easy it is to use and store as well as the fact that it doesn’t have any maintenance costs, I think this tool is absolutely worth the money. I expect my snow broom and ice scraper to last for multiple winters, but part of that is ensuring I don’t put excessive strain on the handle after particularly heavy snowfalls. Those in areas that don’t get as much snow as Montana can expect a very long life from this tool.

Is the Snow Joe snow broom and ice scraper tool right for you?

The answer for shoppers living in cold and snowy regions is a resounding yes! For minimal cost, you gain a convenient way to clear snow and ice from vehicles, making driving safer by increasing visibility and preventing loose snow from blowing onto the road. If you need a reliable and portable means of clearing snow from a vehicle, this tool is right for you.

Where to Buy the Snow Joe 4-in-1 Telescoping Snow Broom & Ice Scraper

Get the Snow Joe telescoping snow broom and ice scraper at:

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