Stop Snow Blower Clogging Before It Begins With DuPont Nonstick Spray

Prevent snow blower interruptions and frustration with a nonstick spray that keeps the augers and chutes clear. Even wet and icy snow won’t slow you down.
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Best Non Stick Spray For Snow Blowers Review
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If there’s one thing that makes using a snow blower difficult, it’s clogged augers and chutes. When snow sticks to the blower components and interior passages, clogging brings your work to a halt. Wet and icy snow are especially problematic. With the assistance of a quality nonstick spray, you can minimize clogging and run smoothly through difficult snow conditions.

I tested 10 different nonstick sprays on several snow blowers to see which one prevented clogging better than the others. For each product, I liberally applied lubricant to the augers, interior walls, and the chute interior. Essentially, I treated every surface that makes contact with and processes snow through the snow blower. Each snow blower was then used in the same snow conditions to test performance.

Ultimately, DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent left the cleanest chutes and auger blades. It performed exceptionally well and is a product I will use to coat snow blower components ahead of future storms.

DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent: At a Glance

Rating: 9/10

Best Non Stick Spray For Snow Blowers Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari for BobVila


  • Technology: Nonstick ceramic with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and boron nitride base
  • Volume: 10 ounces
  • Container: Pressurized aerosol bottle with push-activated spray


  • Applications extend beyond snow blowers; it works for door frames, gaskets, gutters, locks, and more
  • Comes in an easy-to-use aerosol bottle with spraying power that easily covers surfaces
  • Repels water and prevents rust on metal surfaces


  • 10-ounce bottle covers several surfaces but will run out with regular use
  • Not suitable for foot traffic surfaces as it increases slip potential
  • Aerosol bottle is flammable and can burst in hot conditions—store in a cool, dry place

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What is DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent?

Snow and ice repellents are manufactured by several brands. They share similarities in that most come in aerosol canisters. Silicone and Teflon are common material choices for these products. Both materials coat surfaces well and reduce friction so snow won’t stick.

This DuPont snow and ice repellent stands out with a unique chemical makeup that seems to make it last a little longer. The PTFE and boron nitride combination creates a ceramic nonstick coating that is durable and slick. No coating lasts forever, but this product seemed to hold longer than the others. It didn’t leave any visible residue or texture either.

I primarily focused testing on snow blowers, but I also added a coating to the door frame on my travel trailer. It definitely stopped sticking in cold weather. With a little spray on the hinges, it stopped squeaking, too. I can see the applications for this product growing as I find more places with freeze and snow buildup issues.

Best Non Stick Spray For Snow Blowers Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari for BobVila

Grab-and-Go Spray Application

Packaged in a 10-ounce aerosol bottle, the spray is similar in size and style to other products. It also has the convenience of a simple push-button top to activate the spray. Some of the other brands come with a straw for spraying in tight crevices. I don’t mind that system, but the straw is easy to lose. With DuPont, it’s a nonissue as no exterior parts are required for application.

Ultimately, this is a very easy spray to apply. It’s a grab-and-go product that requires no special thought processes or additional equipment. Like all aerosol sprays, it does leave an airborne smell immediately after use. Keep a reasonable breathing distance between yourself and the product. You can also wear a respirator for additional protection.

At the end of the day, the spray bottle is simple, intuitive, and exceedingly easy to use.

Coating Lasts Nearly Twice as Long 

Reapplication is the sticking point for many nonstick spray products. Durability and longevity influence price because it’s more expensive when users are forced to reapply regularly. For the silicone and Teflon sprays, the performance difference was immediately noticeable. Though, it would fade after a few hours of snow blower use.

With the DuPont snow and ice repellent, I noticed the performance benefits for longer. Snow would not stick and clog the auger or chute for several sessions of use. Since it remained slick, snow also continued throwing at longer distances through the chute. It seemed to last nearly twice as long as most other products.

When the performance began fading, I would reapply the spray to dry, clean surfaces to maximize adherence. Each reapplication achieved the same long-lasting results.

Is the DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent worth the money?

The price is very reasonable and competitive with other brands. On occasion, shoppers can find two-packs of other brands. These deals offer savings, but the DuPont product is still quite affordable in the $8 to $12 range.

Whether a nonstick spray is necessary or not depends on the conditions. For light, powdery snow, clogging is generally minimal. In this case, users can snow blow, plow, and shovel with ease. However, when conditions shift to wet and icy snow, the DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent really shines. It saves time and energy while increasing snow blower performance. In these cases, it’s definitely worth the cost.

Should you buy the DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent?

This is a unique product category because you can live without a nonstick spray. A snow blower will continue functioning as will other snow products, doorways, gutters, and everything else.

However, after using the DuPont nonstick spray, the performance difference is noticeable. I now find it hard to operate snow equipment without a nice coating of this nonstick spray. I’m personally realizing the value of this product not only for snow blower use but also for other parts of my household.

Here I reviewed DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent as the best-performing nonstick spray, but it’s far from the only option. Read the full buyer’s guide to explore a wide range of brands. DuPont Teflon, WD-40 Silicone, Blaster Advanced Dry Lube, Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray, CRC Heavy Duty Silicone, and more brands offer excellent nonstick spray coatings for snow blowers and a wide range of other applications.

Where to Buy the DuPont Snow & Ice Repellent

Get the DuPont snow and ice repellent at:

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Zach Lazzari is a freelance writer splitting time between the great outdoors, travel, and DIY projects ranging from camper builds to home renovations and maintenance. With over a decade of professional writing experience, he covers a variety of projects and maintenance topics for