Snow Joe 48V iON+ 18-Inch Cordless Snow Blower Review: Is it Reliable?

Leave the gas fumes behind and plow through light to moderate snow with this convenient electric blower. Read the full Snow Joe snow blower review to learn more.
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Snow Joe Snow Blower Review
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Snow Joe is competitive in the electric tool market, with several snow blower models built for clearing paths, decks, and driveways. I tested the company’s 48V iON+ Cordless Snow Blower near Lake Tahoe after a series of large storms. The snowfalls were alternatingly wet, crunchy, and fluffy, with depths ranging from several inches to several feet. I pushed the Snow Joe’s limits regarding recommended snow loads and found this little model capable of delivering surprising performance.

The Snow Joe snow blower packs a punch without weighing users down. It’s lightweight, easily maneuverable and, with multiple 24-volt (V) 4-amp hour (Ah) batteries, delivers reliable performance for moderate snow removal. At 18 inches wide, it’s capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet—perfect for clearing moderately sized areas with snow up to 10 inches deep.

Snow Joe 48V iON+ 18-Inch Cordless Snow Blower Kit: At a Glance

Snow Joe Snow Blower Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari

Rating: 8/10


  • Two 24V batteries deliver ample power and fast recharge cycles
  • Bright LED headlight offers excellent visibility for night use
  • Exceptionally easy assembly out of the box and lightweight at 37.5 pounds


  • Chute can clog in very wet snow, but chute-clearing tool helps
  • Single-stage operation and smaller size limit snow-clearing depths to 1 foot or less
  • No power drive system, so users must push to propel the machine

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What is the Snow Joe snow blower?

At only 37.5 pounds (including batteries), the Snow Joe is a lightweight, cordless electric snow blower built for clearing moderate snow on paved surfaces. And since it costs under $400, the Snow Joe hits a nice price point and offers a great solution for a wide range of users.

Since it’s a single-stage snow blower, it’s less beefy than the two-stage versions, which require heavier batteries and are more expensive. Folks managing large areas with very deep snow might want to upgrade (or choose to hire a snow-removal service). But for the average user, the Snow Joe 48V iON+ delivers reliable performance in a no-frills, easy-to-operate model. The kit includes two 24V 4Ah lithium batteries, a dual-port charging station, and a chute clean-out tool.

In the single-stage electric snow blower market, the Snow Joe is competitive regarding price, features, power, and performance. Several brands offer similar models with comparable capabilities at prices up to and over $700. Battery size often influences the price of electric tools, but the Snow Joe snow blower delivered a consistent performance for over 30 minutes on a single charge. Its ample power offers increased runtime in lighter snow loads.

Snow Joe Snow Blower Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari

How easy is the Snow Joe to set up?

I was surprised by the Snow Joe’s ease of setup and readiness out of the box. Gas-powered snow blowers are bulky, and they require the user to tune the engine and add fluids prior to operation. Many of the other electric models I tested also required slightly longer setup times to connect handles in preparation for initial use.

The Snow Joe arrived in a single box, and after opening it, I discovered the handle was folded over and ready to assemble. I used two included screws to stabilize the lower handle section and another two screws for the upper handle. The chute top had an intuitive attachment design, which I secured in seconds. Lastly, I inserted the chute control rod through the handle and into the keyhole on the main unit. With everything ready in a matter of minutes, I charged the batteries, and the unit was prepared for use.

The average user will have no problem assembling this snow blower. Clear instructions are included, but it’s pretty intuitive and comes together without the need for much guidance.

How easy is the Snow Joe snow blower to use?

As a single-stage snow blower, the Snow Joe is simple in terms of controls. It has a chute rod for 180-degree snow-throwing control, a plastic chute with an adjustable throwing angle, and a single-speed throttle to start and stop the unit. Each battery has a covered port that seats easily, locking in place for use. Lastly, a single button turns the LED headlights off and on.

To turn the unit on, I simply pushed a button adjacent to the throttle. I held the throttle against the handlebar to engage the 1200-watt brushless motor, which began running the steel auger. There is no drive system, so I had to manually push the unit to begin blowing snow. The lightweight design makes for easy pushing though, and it threw snow with little effort.

Chute clogs were easy to clear with the rubber clearing tool mounted on the unit. I did experience clogging in very wet snow, which was to be expected. Having the tool immediately available made it easy to clear the chute and jump back into action. When I’d cleared the driveway, I released the throttle handle and removed the batteries for recharging.

Snow Joe Snow Blower Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari

How powerful is the Snow Joe snow blower?

Power on this unit only applies to this unit’s auger as it does not have a drive system. Most single-stage snow blowers do not offer a power drive system because they drain the battery quickly. The trade-off is that the Snow Joe 48V iON+ is much lighter than a two-stage model, making it easy to push. The auger also helps create momentum as it works through the snow with only light to moderate effort from the user.

The Snow Joe’s power hit a nice middle ground, and it had no problem eating through a foot of snow. Anything deeper, though, and it was a bit overtasked, requiring multiple laps through the same lines to work down the snow level. The unit’s 20 feet of throwing distance was plenty for my use, especially on my elevated deck. That said, there are single-stage snow blowers that throw farther. Anyone with a large driveway or who needs to get more distance should take this into consideration.

For my general-use tests, the 48 volts of power and 1,200-watt motor delivered plenty of power. For deeper snow and more intensive use, a two-stage blower with a drive system would be more appropriate.

Is the Snow Joe snow blower worth the money?

In terms of value, the Snow Joe is fantastic. It’s well built, simple, and has quality components like a steel auger and powerful lithium batteries. The price point is moderate, and while shoppers might find more robust single-stage models, they’ll likely cost more yet have similar features and applications.

Overall, this model is a good buy for budget shoppers who don’t need additional bells and whistles that would drive up the price.

Snow Joe Snow Blower Review
Photo: Zach Lazzari

Is the Snow Joe snow blower right for you?

I enjoyed using this snow blower, which covers a ton of ground without breaking the bank. Shoppers can find better models (and plenty of less adequate models), but not many offer the Snow Joe’s ease of use and consistent performance for under $400.

The best features of the Snow Joe snow blower include:

  • Reliable power for clearing up to 10 inches of snow
  • Light weight that’s easy to maneuver
  • Minimal setup that renders it almost immediately ready for use
  • Quality lithium batteries
  • User-friendly operation with simple controls
  • A nice price point

Those needing more power will want to look at our top tested electric snow blowers with bigger chutes and larger batteries or go for a much bigger (and more expensive) two-stage option. Otherwise, the Snow Joe is a worthy pick for most moderate conditions.

Where to Buy the Snow Joe Snow Blower

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