Why the Fezibo Standing Desk Is Now My Favorite Office Essential

Stand up for your health: Discover the pros and cons of this sit-to-stand work desk.
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The Fezibo standing desk in its lowered position holding a dual-monitor computer setup
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As someone who spends hours a day in front of a computer, I know all too well the pains of a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why I was eager to try out the Fezibo standing desk, a solution promising to boost my health and productivity by letting me work on my feet. But I must admit, I was also a little skeptical. Would standing up to type really make a difference? And would the transition be worth it? Overall, the Fezibo standing desk has been a great addition to my home office. It’s stable—it doesn’t wobble or shake, even when I use it at the highest standing position. It supports my dual monitors, which are large and heavy, while offering ample surface space for my speakers, notebooks, and other business-related paraphernalia. Although this standing desk didn’t prove to be perfect—details on that in a bit!—it exceeded my expectations and is more comfortable to use than I imagined.

Fezibo Standing Desk: At a Glance

Close-up of a man's hand using digital controls to raise the Fezibo standing desk
Photo: Glenda Taylor

Rating: 8.7/10 


  • Adjustment mechanism makes it possible to switch from sitting to standing at the push of a button
  • The desk offers 4 memorized heights to accommodate multiple users
  • Sturdy construction makes the desk stable (no wobbling) at any height


  • Assembly was (for me) time-consuming, and I had to ask for assistance
  • The desk doesn’t come with prewired USB ports, which would have been handy
  • It doesn’t offer additional drawers as some other sit-to-stand desks do

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How big is the Fezibo standing desk, and how much weight will it hold?

The desk comes in a few size options. I purchased the 55-inch-long by 24-inch-wide version, which fits nicely in the available space in my home office. Those with more space can choose from lengths up to 63 inches and widths up to 28 inches. The size offerings are pretty typical when compared to competitors’ electric standing desk models. The big question for most buyers, myself included, is how much weight the Fezibo standing desk will support without hindering the motor that raises and lowers the desktop. The manufacturer claims the desk will support up to 176 pounds, which may be accurate, although I wouldn’t push it that far. For testing purposes, I put a few stacks of heavy books (approximately 65 pounds) on the desk. My dual monitors weigh 32 pounds, so I had just under 100 pounds on the desk, and the Fezibo’s motor didn’t drag at all. It lifted and lowered the desktop smoothly and efficiently. I want to keep most of my desktop space free for papers and notes, but I wouldn’t be afraid to put a CPU or small printer on top if I didn’t have room for them elsewhere in my office. Tip: I suggest distributing the weight across the desktop to balance the load.

A man stands and works on a computer at the Fezibo standing desk
Photo: Glenda Taylor

How easy (or hard) is it to assemble the Fezibo standing desk?

Based on the complex assembly process, I took an entire point off my rating. On the upside, the instructions that come with the desk are clear, so that’s not an issue—as long as the directions are followed step by step, the process should go smoothly. In addition to the printed instructions, an assembly video is available on Amazon, which will help if the buyer has any questions. The problem was that assembly took me almost 45 minutes, and I needed to recruit an assistant to hold some of the components in place as I inserted the fasteners. When assembling the desk, I recommend that folks use a cordless screwdriver to insert the fasteners. Inserting them with a manual screwdriver is doable but will extend the assembly process. I opted not to use a power drill/driver, which typically offers more power and torque than a cordless screwdriver. Since the desktop is made from a compressed wood fiber product, I was cautious not to overtighten any of the fasteners to keep from stripping out the wood product. A cordless screwdriver is optimal.

Does the desk come with any special features?

The Fezibo standing desk I bought didn’t have many bells and whistles, but Fezibo incorporates drawers, pullout keyboard trays, and even desk risers with some of its models. Still, my model does boast a few extras that proved convenient. There are two hanging hooks that attach to the desk via screws. They can be put just about anywhere; I chose to put one on each side of the desk. The hooks are handy for holding such things as headphones, handbags, and other items folks might want to have within easy reach while working. My favorite features, however, are the two cord ports at the back sides of the desktop. These allowed me to put my speakers and my Alexa Dot on my desktop and then run the cords through the holes to keep the cables from looking messy. Unless you have all wireless peripherals, controlling cords is always an issue, so I like being able to run a few of them through ports. Plus, the Fezibo comes with an under-desk tray to hold a power strip that also helps control the cords.

The Fezibo standing desk in its lowered position holding a dual-monitor computer setup
Photo: Glenda Taylor

What is the overall stability of the Fezibo standing desk?

The desk is very stable. At its lowest position (27.3 inches above the floor), it’s rock-solid. At its highest position (45.7 inches above the floor), it’s also stable, but at this height, if I bump into the desktop with force, my monitors will shake just a bit. Still, I can type, set objects down, or even lean heavily against the desktop, and it won’t budge one bit. The secret to the Fezibo standing desk’s stability lies in its industrial-strength steel frame, wide steel feet, and under-desk supports. I’m impressed with how well the desk is designed. One of my initial concerns was whether the desk would be wobbly when I was using it in a standing position, but I need not have worried.

How easy is it to raise and lower the Fezibo standing desk?

It couldn’t be simpler. The control panel, which installs on the underside of the front edge, has six buttons—an up button, a down button, and four additional memory buttons (numbered 1 through 4). I can raise and lower the desk at any time by pressing and holding the up and down buttons. I use these two buttons when I want to make slight adjustments. Sometimes, changing the desktop height just a few inches alleviates hand and wrist fatigue. I use two programmable buttons for my personal preferences for sitting height and standing height. My husband uses the other two programmable buttons for his sitting and standing preferences. To set the memory buttons, I used the up and down buttons to find a desk height I liked and then pressed one of the memory buttons and held it until it beeped. When I press that button, the desk automatically moves to that level.

A man sits and works on a computer at the Fezibo standing desk
Photo: Glenda Taylor

Is the Fezibo standing desk a good value for the price?

As of this writing, the Fezibo standing desk sells for $199 on Amazon and $259 on Fezibo. Before I purchased this desk, I researched other brands and models extensively, and I feel I got a quality standing desk at a fair price. I’m delighted with the stability and overall quality of the materials. While the desktop isn’t hardwood—that would have been wonderful—it’s attractive, and I can wipe it clean with just a damp rag. The addition of the cord ports and the under-desk tray serves to help control the wire clutter, and the two included hooks have proven invaluable for holding my headphones. For me, however, the primary reason I got a standing desk was to work without having to sit for hours; to that end, the Fezibo desk is a star. It holds my heavy monitors without wobbling and raises and lowers at the touch of a button. Now, I change from sitting to standing half a dozen times daily, and the Fezibo is always ready to accommodate. I’m happy with my purchase, and I feel I got a good deal, in terms of both value and health, with my Fezibo standing desk.

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