The Best Electric Snow Blowers for Clearing Paths and Driveways

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The Best Electric Snow Blower


Even a minor snowstorm can make backing out of the driveway or walking to your front door feel like a survival challenge. Shoveling snow is a tiring, time-consuming task, while gas-powered snow blowers, though powerful, are heavy, noisy machines that can be difficult to operate. An electric snow blower may be your best route to reclaiming outdoor surfaces from the grip of a blizzard.

These wintertime tools weigh less and are easier to maneuver than their gas-fueled counterparts. They’re also quieter and easier to use and maintain, without the spark plug replacements, oil changes, and other maintenance jobs required by combustion engines. Some are even battery powered, so users aren’t tethered to an electrical outlet as they clear their driveways. Read on to check out some electric snow blowers considered among the best on the market.

The Best Electric Snow Blowers Option


Our Top Picks

When choosing the best electric snow blower, consider several factors, such as the amount of snow your area typically receives, the length of the driveway and other pathways, and the features that can help make the job more comfortable and efficient.

Best Overall

The Best Electric Snow Blower Options: Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe snow blower can make short work of a snow-covered driveway. Powered by a 15-amp electric motor, the Snow Joe throws snow up to 25 feet via a single-stage auger system. At 35 pounds, this blower weighs about half the weight of a gas-powered blower, making it easier to maneuver.

The factory lubrication of the auger and motor lasts the blower’s lifetime, cutting down on maintenance costs. At 22 inches, the Snow Joe snow blower has one of the larger mouth openings in the electric blower market. This model can hurl up to 840 pounds of light snow per minute. Heavy snow may get stuck in the chute, but the included clearing tool helps break up obstructions without risk to the operator.


The Best Electric Snow Blower Options: Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

This Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower utilizes a 15-amp motor to sling snow up to 15 feet, and, unlike some snow blowers, it employs a steel auger for added durability. This model weighs about 35 pounds, and, while it lacks a transmission drive system, it’s light enough to maneuver without self-driving wheels.

A hand-cranked snow chute adjusts up to 180 degrees and throws snow about 15 feet at a rate of 800 pounds per minute. The unit can carve through light snow up to 10 inches deep. Three LED headlights make plowing in dark winter hours a possibility.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Electric Snow Blower Options: Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel

This Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel is a wallet-friendly pick with respectable power. Weighing just 16 pounds, it’s not as heavy-duty as some offerings, but its 12-amp electric motor can throw 430 pounds of snow up to 30 feet per minute. The clearance width is 16 inches, and the depth is 8 inches, making the machine capable of handling heavy overnight snowfalls.

This model has 6-inch rear wheels for easy use and transport, plus an auxiliary support handle for smooth maneuverability. It’s suitable for clearing pathways, sidewalks, steps, and driveways.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Electric Snow Blower Options: Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Snowblower

Snow Joe’s iONMAX Snowblower cuts the cord. Powered by a 40-volt rechargeable battery, this blower gives unlimited range for up to 50 minutes of snow blowing. The iONMAX clears up 500 pounds of snow per minute through its single-stage auger system.

The clearance allows users to cut an 18-inch by 8-inch substantial path, and this model features rubber blades to prevent damage to decks, sidewalks, and pavement. The iONMAX weighs 32 pounds and throws light snow up to 20 feet via a chute that automatically rotates 180 degrees. Push-button electric start provides quick ignition, and quiet electrical operation is helpful in noise-sensitive neighborhoods.

Best Features

The Best Electric Snow Blower Options: TACKLIFE Snow Blower, 15Amp Electric Snow Blower

TACKLIFE powers its electric snowblower with a corded 15-amp electric motor. A steel auger lined with rubber blades protects both the blower and the clearing surfaces from damage. This snowblower clears a path of snow 20 inches wide by 10 inches deep. Its 180-degree adjustable chute throws snow up to 30 feet at a rate of 800 pounds per minute.

Innovative features include anti-slip wheels and an antifreeze handle for comfortable use. This full-size electric snowblower weighs just under 38 pounds and is most suitable for clearing paths, decks, sidewalks, and midsize driveways.