The Best Electric Snow Blowers to Keep Your Driveway and Paths Clear, Tested

Clear snow with the lightweight, low-maintenance electric snow blower that best suits your space.

Best Overall

The Best Electric Snow Blower Option: Toro Power Max e24 60V Two-Stage Snow Blower

Toro Power Max e24 60V Two-Stage Snow Blower

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Electric Snow Blower Option: Worx Nitro 40V Power Share 20-Inch Snow Blower

Worx Nitro 40V Power Share 20-Inch Snow Blower

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Best Versatility

Best Electris Snow Blower Option: Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower

Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower

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Gas snow blowers are heavy, loud, and a challenge to maintain. Electric snow blowers offer a reprieve from the weight and hassle while matching power and functionality with the features needed to clear the way after a blizzard.

Since cord-connected electric snow blowers do incur some inconvenience, they are best used for small spaces like decks and patios where outlets are close at hand. Heavy-duty single- and two-stage snow blowers with battery power allow users to cut the cord and cover ground for 1 to 3 hours depending on the battery pack.

We recently tested a group of popular snow blowers from top brands. Testing was done in a variety of conditions, in more than 24 inches of snow over the course of 4 days, peaking with a massive storm in the Lake Tahoe region. Read on to see how these tools performed clearing all sorts of snow, including powdery, ice-crusted, and heavy wet snow.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Toro Power Max e24 60V Two-Stage Snow Blower
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Worx Nitro 40V Power Share 20-Inch Snow Blower
  3. BEST VERSATILITY: Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower
  4. MOST EFFICIENT BATTERY: Greenworks 80V 20-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower
  5. BEST FOR SMALL DRIVEWAYS: Snow Joe 24-V-X2-SB18 48-Volt Ionmax Snow Blower Kit
  6. BEST FOR LARGE DRIVEWAYS: Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Whisper 22-Inch Snow Blower
  7. BEST FOR OLDER ADULTS: Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower
  8. BEST NEWCOMER: DeWalt 60V MAX 21-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower
  9. ALSO CONSIDER: Earthwise 18-Inch 40V 4Ah Lithium Snow Thrower
The Best Electric Snow Blower Options
Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Vila

How We Tested the Best Electric Snow Blowers

We tested the snow blowers in several phases, working through a variety of conditions. In our initial test, we ran each unit through walkways, decks, and driveways where snow was several days old. With 3 to 5 inches of crusted snow on the pathways and another 8 inches piled by snow plows on the road, the test was excellent for determining blade strength in crusted and icy conditions.

The second test occurred through a massive storm in the Lake Tahoe region. Initially, we cleared several large driveways with 6 inches of fresh powder. Later that evening, the snow turned to rain and then sleet, and we were able to test the snow blowers in very wet snow conditions with 6 inches of accumulation. After we cleared the wet snow, another foot of heavy powder accumulated, giving us one more round of clearing.

It continued to snow all night, leaving another 1 to 2 feet of fresh snow in the morning. Again, we cleared several large driveways along with pathways and decks. This test pushed the limits of deep snow and really showed the snow blowers’ capabilities. In a third test, we worked through a series of small to moderate snow storms with extreme cold conditions in Montana. The cold weather tested battery abilities, and we even tested on gravel surfaces.

While we ran each snow blower extensively, family and neighbors were all interested in the electric performance. Collectively, we tested them in the street and driveways, pitting them against heavy-duty combustion models.

During the testing of each snow blower, we monitored performance, including problems we hoped to avoid, advantages over gas-powered models, and the general expectations users have specific to electric snow blowers. Overall, electric models should deliver easy operating controls, reasonable power and battery life, durable components, and performance in a wide variety of snow conditions.

In reviewing these snow blowers, we expected that most users would appreciate electric models with adjustable chutes, powerful auger blades, substantial throwing distance, and a bottom blade that scrapes through snow and ice. We also thought that most users would want a lightweight, quiet snow blower with maintenance-free operation.

Dewalt snow blower positioned outside on a cleared driveway
Photo: Zach Lazzari for Bob Vila

Our Top Picks

Quality electric snow blowers will clear driveways, paths, patios, and decks in light or heavy snow. Made with the operator in mind, they are lightweight, have excellent maneuverability, and use LED lights to guide direction in the dark. Capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet and plowing through 12 to 24 inches of snow on each pass, electric snow blowers can serve a wide range of users.

We put these models to the test in the previously mentioned heavy Lake Tahoe snowfall. Below, we review some of the best electric snow blowers that stand out for their quality, ease of use, and effectiveness.

Best Overall

Toro Power Max e24 60V Two-Stage Snow Blower

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Product Specs 

  • Type: 2-stage
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Power source: Two 6 amp hour (Ah) batteries


  • Optional third battery bay offers extended battery life for big storm events
  • Eco mode optimizes power savings for snow blowing on lighter jobs
  • Heavy-duty steel auger cuts through snow; unit boasts a solid overall build
  • Excellent traction, auger cutting, and snow throwing in heavy snow and big storms


  • Heavier than many plastic-built models, making it more akin to gas models
  • Big 2-stage design isn’t ideal for tight spaces and small jobs

Toro brings all the benefits of heavy-duty gas snow blowers into the electric market with this serious two-stage design. It has a substantial steel auger and is made to last with a steel box and chute. We tested this on concrete and gravel and it proved impressive in both environments. The geared design means there are no shear pins to manage and replace. We found that very advantageous when snow blowing over gravel and rougher terrain.

For small driveways and occasional use, single-stage models with more plastic are lighter, require less battery power, and handle small jobs well. But for folks living in mountain regions and northern zones that see heavy snowfall, this Toro is an exceptional unit. It can easily clear a large driveway on a single charge with the two batteries. It has a third battery slot if needed to manage bigger areas with fewer recharging sessions.

We found the overall power to be on par with gas models. A very durable, capable unit that churned through wet snow, it held up against top-tier gas-powered models in terms of drive power, traction, and performance on gravel and uneven surfaces as well. It also has a great headlight for dim conditions, which only adds to its capability to power through big storms.

Get the Toro electric snow blower at Ace Hardware.

Best Bang for the Buck

Worx Nitro 40V Power Share 20-Inch Snow Blower

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Product Specs

  • Type: Single-stage
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Power source: Two 20-volt (V) batteries for 40V total


  • Great auger speed and maneuverability in moderate snow loads
  • Throws snow up to 20 feet, which is sufficient for typical driveways
  • Lightweight and easy to push, making it a great choice for users of different strengths and builds


  • Limited to moderate snow loads only; not designed to perform in snow over 12 inches
  • Not self-propelled, so plan on pushing hard for stubborn, hard-packed snow

On first appearance, the affordable Worx 40V 20-inch electric snow blower appeared moderately sized and sleek. It didn’t scream “power,” but when operating, it moved quickly through snow loads up to 12 inches high. We were impressed with the performance, and it worked well for a large deck, several pathways, and a midsize driveway.

Assembly was simple with a multipiece handle attachment and included hardware. Like many electric blowers, startup and operating was also a breeze thanks to a push button and lever to power the auger. Dual LEDs lit the way, and although we primarily used this model in daylight, we did test the lights, and they illuminated a reasonable area. The 180-degree chute had a convenient lever to change directions, and it never jammed or stuck while operating. Twenty feet of throwing distance is ample for small to midsize areas, but folks might want something bigger for large spaces and deep snow. We found the 20 feet of throw distance plenty sufficient in a moderately sized driveway.

Both batteries are required to operate this model at full power as they combine for a total of 40V. A dual charging port allows for simultaneous charging, and the battery life is ample for moderate spaces at a total runtime of 30 minutes to 1 hour. We ran the unit in 30-minute segments before recharging and never killed the battery. For those looking for great performance at a moderate price point, the Worx 20-inch snow blower offers plenty of bang for the buck.

Get the Worx electric snow blower at Amazon, Lowe’s, or The Home Depot.

Best Versatility

Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower

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Product Specs

  • Type: 2-stage
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Power source: Two 7.5Ah arc lithium batteries


  • Excellent drive power with multiple speed options on a convenient lever
  • Multispeed blade controls for different snow types and chute throw distance
  • High visibility with LED light and a simple button on the control panel
  • Convenient controls overall, with everything near the handle


  • More assembly required out of the box than other models
  • Batteries become hot at full operation and require a cooldown period before charging; recharge takes several hours

Big storms call for powerful snow blowers, and in the electric market, the Ego Power+ 24-inch snow blower stands out. With a large bucket, powerful steel blade on shear pins, and adjustable skids on each side, the mechanics closely resemble high-end combustion models. Clearing snow loads in excess of 2 feet was not a problem in testing, and we pushed the limits of depth, plowing through the street and snow plow mounds.

Heavier than other electric snow blowers, this model was still lighter than combustion engines, and the self-propelled, adjustable speed drive made it easy to maneuver in testing. We found it simple to adjust the throw speed with low settings for light snow and a turbo setting to reach up to 50 feet in distance—it really launches snow. Locating controls was easy with the drive speed, throw power, chute adjustment, LED light, and power button all located on a convenient control panel.

Two 56V arc lithium batteries deliver 7.5Ah of capacity each. The unit can run on individual batteries, but using both simultaneously is suggested by the manufacturer for full power. We tested it with both batteries running, and the power was substantial. The self-drive and auger never faltered or stalled during operation.

Light indicators on the batteries show charge levels, which was convenient for monitoring. At full speed and power, the unit ran for just over an hour on a single charge. At lower speeds, it may last longer, but the batteries did provide ample power to clear several feet of wet snow from a large (8-vehicle) driveway. The only downside is the need to recharge batteries, which can require a cooling period followed by several hours before they are ready to operate again. We would consider purchasing an extra set of batteries for continuous operation.

Read our full review: Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow BlowerGet the Ego Power+ electric snow blower at AmazonLowe’s, or Ace Hardware.

Most Efficient Battery

Greenworks 80V 20-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower

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Product Specs

  • Type: Single-stage
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Power source: 80V 2.0Ah battery


  • 2.0Ah battery included, providing up to 45 minutes of runtime (and longer on light loads)
  • 8-inch rear wheels offer helpful height when dealing with deeper snow
  • Cordless operation provides excellent maneuverability and reach beyond power outlets


  • Can struggle with heavy or wet snow, requiring manual clearing of blockages
  • Limited power makes it less suitable for larger areas that require more effort

With its beefy 80V battery power, this

snow thrower

from Greenworks delivers a surprising level of performance. The battery produces enough juice to put this cordless snow blower on par with gas and corded single-stage snow blowers, while its intake can clear a 20-inch-wide path and handle snow up to 10 inches deep.

Thanks to its 2.0Ah battery and rapid recharging capabilities, this Greenworks snow thrower lasts up to 45 minutes on a single charge (or more, as in our test case) and recharges in about 30 minutes. Several features make this 33-pound model easy to use, including a push-button start, collapsible handles for easy storage, high-intensity LED headlights for nighttime use, and a chute that rotates 180 degrees for efficient snow removal. The 8-inch rear wheels provide enough height for deeper snow.

Though the manufacturer claims 45-minutes of battery life, we ran it for an hour on light snow loads under 6 inches deep. It performed very well in difficult snow conditions, although the chute did have a tendency to clog in the really wet snow. (For really big snow loads, a two-stage model would offer more power and capabilities.)

During testing, we worked on a pathway with deep snow accumulated from several storms. This model had no problem ramping up to cut through the top foot before being pulled back and pushed again to clear the bottom foot. It never clogged and showed surprising blade speed and power. The battery life was ample and lived up to spec, and the blower itself was easy to push and operate.

Get the Greenworks 80V electric snow blower at Amazon, Best Buy, or Lowe’s.

Best for Small Driveways

Snow Joe 24-V-X2-SB18 48-Volt Ionmax Snow Blower Kit

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Product Specs

  • Type: Single-stage
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Power source: Two 24V 4Ah batteries


  • Includes a pair of 24V batteries for longer runtimes on larger areas
  • Adjustable 180-degree snow chute for better control
  • LED headlights enhance visibility in dark winter months
  • Very little assembly required: Attach the handle and it’s ready to operate


  • Smaller size limits its capabilities for heavy and wet snow loads

Supplied with two rechargeable 24V batteries, each capable of 40 minutes of runtime, this Snow Joe model throws more than 10 tons of snow per charge. Weighing in at 37.5 pounds, the cordless snow blower is on the heavier side, but it’s far lighter than gas-powered options.

In one pass, the quadruple-bladed rubber-tipped steel auger can carve a path 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep. The 180-degree adjustable snow chute throws snow up to 20 feet. A pair of LED headlights make night or morning snow clearing safer and more straightforward.

Out of the box, we were pleased to see that this blower only required a handle attachment for assembly. Within 5 minutes, we had the snow blower assembled and ready for action.

During testing, this unit performed well in powder but struggled with wet snow. Cleaning the chute was easy with the mounted tool, but it did have a higher tendency to clog. When we used it in 10 inches or less of powder, it moved along easily and had plenty of power and long battery life. At 18 inches wide, it’s not the largest or most powerful, but it’s a good value for light to moderate snow loads.

Read our full review: Snow Joe 24-V-X2-SB18 48-Volt Ionmax Snow Blower KitGet the Snow Joe electric snow blower at Amazon.

Best for Large Driveways

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Whisper 22-Inch Snow Blower

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Product Specs

  • Type: 2-stage
  • Width: 22 inches
  • Power source: Two 40V 8Ah batteries


  • A pair of 8Ah batteries for several hours of snow-blowing power
  • Multiple blade speeds allow for different snow depths and density
  • Convenient chute adjustment on handle so users don’t lean over to change angle
  • Self-drive design plus beefy high-traction tires; machine moves quickly and feels powerful


  • Though batteries proved long lasting, they require several hours to recharge

With its multiple batteries, the Ryobi was a long-lasting model with plenty of power and excellent snow-throwing capabilities. We were impressed with the consistent performance and auger speed. It powered through the wet stuff when other blowers clogged and the self-drive was speedy and powerful. When combined with the high-traction tires, we found that it pushed through difficult hard-packed snow better than other models.

We found starting this model to be very easy with a push button and drive levers that are easy to grip on the handle. Controlling the chute was also easy with the control lever that changes throwing distance and angles immediately. During testing, the Ryobi batteries outlasted those of most other models, performing at full power for several hours of off-and-on use. We kept on pushing through snow, wondering when the batteries would finally die. They just wouldn’t quit, making the Ryobi a great option for big driveways.

The LED light was ample for low-visibility snow blowing, and the ability to clear a 22-inch path while turning on a dime makes this a very versatile unit. It hits high marks across every single category and was a close contender for the top prize.

For large driveways and moderate to heavy snow loads, the two-stage Ryobi outperforms most models and holds its own against every other category winner. It was a favorite to test and the battery performance was exceptional.

Get the Ryobi electric snow blower at The Home Depot.

Best for Older Adults

Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower

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Product Specs

  • Type: Single-stage
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Power source: Corded


  • Lightweight and very easy to maneuver, even on rougher terrain
  • Designed for simplicity; easy to use and see controls plus a basic push-start button
  • Surprising power for a small snow blower and consistent performance


  • Requires extension cord, limiting movement in larger areas

This lightweight, easy-to-maneuver Greenworks corded blower weighs a mere 30 pounds, making it the lightest pick of the bunch and the easiest to push. For light snow removal, the Greenworks snow thrower will clear away snow up to 10 inches deep and toss it up to 20 feet away.

During testing, the Greenworks zipped along with consistent power thanks to its attached cord. A simple clip secured the cord to prevent unplugging, and it stayed secure during all testing sessions. For small driveways, walkways, and decks that have a convenient outlet, the cord isn’t an issue, but it does add complications when working in large areas and spaces with obstacles. We focused on a big deck and pathways with pavers. Because an outlet was always convenient, we had no issues maneuvering the unit.

Starting was instantaneous with a convenient push button, and controlling the chute was done with a lever centered just below the handle. Operating this snow blower in heavy snow isn’t advised, but it can certainly handle snow under 1 foot in depth while throwing it a reasonable distance. We primarily tested in snow under the 1-foot threshold but did play in some deeper snow and found the ramping-up technique effective. Our model didn’t have the LED lights, but the company does offer a version with the lighting option.

Get the Greenworks corded electric snow blower at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Newcomer

DeWalt 60V MAX 21-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Single-stage
  • Width: 21 inches
  • Power source: Two 4Ah batteries


  • Steel auger blade is substantial for a single-stage model
  • Eco and Max power modes provide flexibility for different conditions
  • Batteries last for over an hour and charge up quickly
  • Folding handle stores easily for loading into vehicles and minimizing space required for storage


  • Plastic wheels have minimal traction, which is common on single-stage models
  • No drive system means users must manually push the machine forward
  • Doesn’t throw snow exceptionally far—by no means the advertised 40 feet

DeWalt makes a strong entry into the electric snowblower market, primarily for its impressive battery technology. With two 4Ah batteries and 60V power, this model puts plenty of force behind the steel auger. We found the auger quality to be great, especially when considering that many single-stage models use plastic.

The blade did a great job of churning through dense snow. We added a layer of silicone spray to the chute, which prevented clogging and helped it eject the snow. However, while DeWalt claims the unit throws snow 40 feet, in our tests it didn’t approach that distance, though we do feel the distance will be adequate for most situations. Plus, we had to manually move the chute to change throwing angles—but adjusting chute direction proved fast and easy via well-placed electric buttons.

One feature that really stood out was the easy-folding handle. It took mere seconds to fold the handle for easy storage or loading into a vehicle. This model could easily fit into a station wagon–style car without any disassembly. The handle snaps back into place quickly as well.

Overall, the unit is lightweight and easy to push along. It’s perfect for moderate to light storms and has plenty of power and runtime to clear an average driveway with power to spare for walkways.

Get the DeWalt electric snow blower at The Home Depot.

Also Consider

Earthwise 18-Inch 40V 4Ah Lithium Snow Thrower

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Single-stage
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Power source: 4Ah battery


  • Fairly lightweight (34 pounds) and easy-to-maneuver model
  • Great for light snow and moderately sized driveways
  • Intuitive controls for starting, stopping, and adjusting the auger—ideal for those new to snow blowing


  • Limited battery life requires more frequent charging; not capable of making it through long jobs
  • Light-duty model; not effective in bigger storms with heavy snow

Anyone looking for an affordable, lightweight snowblower that can handle small to moderate driveways may wish to consider the Earthwise 40V model. It has a 4Ah battery that can run for roughly a half hour without stopping. For many users, this is more than enough time to complete a driveway and walkway. It’s also great for decks.

The auger churns well, and in testing, it cut through 8 inches of snow with no issues. It also had surprising throwing capabilities. While it’s not designed for the heavy-duty jobs, the lightweight design is easy to maneuver and is ideal for smaller properties with less frequent snow events.

As a self-propelled model, it requires minimal effort to push through snow. Though it has great headlights for working in dim conditions, these will also decrease battery life slightly. Recharging the single battery should get the machine ready to go again in an hour or two. We wish the handle had a fold-down design for easier storage, but It does come apart relatively simply by removing the bolts—just be sure to store them carefully for reattaching when the next snow storm hits. Overall, we found this to be a good value for a light duty, single-stage snow blower.

Get the Earthwise electric snow blower at Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.

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What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Snow Blower

There are numerous factors to take into account when deciding on an electric snow blower, including the amount and depth of snow it can move, operator comfort, maneuverability, and more. Read on to learn about these and other crucial snow blower features.

Corded vs. Cordless

  • Cordless snow blowers offer the most convenience and ease of use. Like corded electric models, they start with the push of a button but aren’t limited by the constraints of a power cord. The compromise is with power.
  • Corded snow blowers have access to a steady stream of 120V power, which makes them more powerful than cordless models, the beefiest of which use only 80V batteries. Corded models also have a constant supply of power, whereas battery-powered snow blowers will work for only about 45 minutes before needing a recharge.


Snow blowers fall into one of three categories: single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage blowers.

  • Single-stage snow blowers, the most commonly used type for residential purposes, have a horizontal auger at the front of the machine that rotates rapidly to scoop up snow and throw it 15 to 25 feet through the chute. One disadvantage of a single-stage snow blower, however, is that it isn’t suitable for gravel driveways. Its auger blades are too low to the ground and will pick up the rocks and throw them.
  • Two-stage snow blowers use an auger to scoop and throw snow, as do single-stage snow blowers, but they also have an impeller fan that makes them more effective at managing larger amounts of snow. They can throw snow more than 35 feet, and their auger blades sit high enough to clear gravel driveways.
  • Three-stage snow blowers are generally only used in commercial and industrial settings. With an auger, an impeller fan, and an accelerator that grinds chunks of ice and hard-packed snow, these are powerful pieces of equipment that can throw snow up to 50 feet. However, the cost of these heavy-duty machines is higher than either the single- or two-stage models.

Clearing Width and Depth 

When calculating clearing width and depth, think about the driveway, sidewalk, and any other areas around the home that must be cleared of snow. Some battery-powered snow blowers or throwers have small intake ports that can clear 6 inches of snow, while other models have deep 12-inch intake ports.

With snow being collected and thrown continuously with these models, a nonstick spray for the chute and mouth of the blower may be a good investment to keep clumps and ice from solidifying. When fully functional, the clearing width correlates to a blower’s number of stages.

  • Single-stage snow blowers are usually sufficient for residential snow removal. Use a single-stage blower to remove snow in sections that are 11 to 22 inches wide.
  • Two-stage snow blowers, well suited for small commercial locations or large residential properties, have clearing widths between 20 and 30 inches.
  • Three-stage snow blowers are used for commercial and industrial applications. They have a wide intake that can clear widths of 30 inches to more than 40 inches.

Speed and Chute Control

Because snow blowers can be heavy and cumbersome to maneuver, many users want a self-propelled model. Unlike gas snow blowers, battery-powered models have a digital drive system and can be self-propelled, but they usually have a variable-speed auger to speed up snow removal. By increasing the speed at which the snow is scooped and thrown through the chute, the auger makes it easier to move the machine through a light snowfall. However, a variable-speed auger isn’t as effective when clearing heavy, packed snow.

The chute, which is a curved, hollow tube that extends from the back of the intake on a snow blower, provides a route for the snow to be thrown from the machine. On most blowers, a manual crank or lever allows users to change the angle and direction of the snow being displaced. Premium snow blowers, however, have auto-rotating chutes that users turn by pushing a button near the handle, which doesn’t require the machine to be stopped. The angle on some chutes also can be changed to allow the snow blower to throw snow even farther.

Wheels vs. Tracks

Snow blowers move via either wheels or tracks. Wheeled models feature two large rear wheels that drive the snow blower forward. Tracked models have tracks similar to those found on a tank. The tracks typically have a slip-resistant covering that’s suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces.

As a result, tracked snow blowers provide significantly better traction in the snow, making them better able to climb steep slopes without slipping backward. Most tracked snow blowers are two- and three-stage models, as single-stage models typically don’t produce enough power to drive the tracks. They also operate more closely to the surface, leaving a thinner layer of snow and ice on a driveway or sidewalk than wheeled models.

In comparison, wheeled snow blowers are easier to turn, as tracked models won’t pivot. Wheel sizes for single-stage snow blowers range from 6 to 8 inches. Larger wheels perform better in deeper snow, but smaller wheels are easier to maneuver. Additionally, wheeled models are generally faster than tracked models. That said, some higher-end tracked snow blowers offer faster speed and turn-on-a-dime technology that makes them comparable in speed and maneuverability to wheeled models.

The type of terrain will also have an impact on which of these options is best for different users. Paved surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, are best suited for wheeled snow blowers. Tracked snow blowers are better suited for unpaved surfaces. Grade also has a significant impact; steep driveways require a snow blower with good traction and enough power to pull it up a snow-covered slope.

Additional Features

Some of the best electric snow blowers boast special features designed to make snow clearing an easier and more comfortable endeavor.

  • Heated handles may seem luxurious, but personal safety is an important part of working outdoors in freezing temperatures. The heat generated by the handles not only helps keep the user’s fingertips warm in the cold air, but it also makes it easier to hold and control the snow blower.
  • A drift cutter helps clear deep drifts of snow. The cutter’s metal housing collects and pushes snow down into the auger for removal.
  • Headlights make it easier to clear snow in dim lighting.
  • An automatic safety shutoff switches off the snow blower when the user releases the handle.


Having studied the features and benefits of these tools, users may find there are still some lingering questions. The following are among those that electric snow blower buyers ask most often, with their concise answers.

Q. What’s the difference between single-stage and 2-stage snow blowers? 

Single-stage snow blowers are made with a horizontal auger that scoops and then throws snow up to 15 to 25 feet away, whereas two-stage blowers include an auger and impeller to take on larger quantities of snow and throw it at up to 35-foot distances.

Q. When should you use your snow blower? 

It is recommended to use a snow blower during or near the end of a heavy snowfall to prevent large amounts of snow from sticking to the ground.

Q. How long do snow blowers last? 

Single-stage snow blowers will typically last for as long as 10 years while two-and three-stage blowers will typically have a lifespan of 15 to 25 years.

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