The Best Fireplace Tools of 2022

A quality set of matching tools puts the finishing touch to your fireplace. Have a look at a variety of options for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The Best Fireplace Tools Options


Whether you have a traditional open fire or a wood-burning fireplace insert, a set of fireplace tools (also called a companion set) is something of a necessity. They are important for using your fireplace safely and invaluable for keeping it clean. Moreover, the right set can make an attractive addition to your room.

A large variety of fireplace tools are on the market, ranging from compact models for small, cozy fires to heavy-duty fireplace tools sometimes used with outdoor fire pits. Take a closer look at these essential fireplace accessories if you need help deciding on the best set for your home or yard.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Amagabeli 5 Pcs Fireplace Tools Sets Black Handle
  2. BEST VALUE: Ebern Designs Acari 4 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set
  3. BEST WITH LOG RACK: Enclume 3 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set
  4. BEST BUDGET LOG RACK: Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack
  5. BEST LONG REACH: Syntrific 5 Pieces 32inch Fireplace Tool Set Black
  6. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: COMFYHOME 5-Piece Fireplace Tools Set 31″, Heavy Duty
  7. HONORABLE MENTION: Pleasant Hearth 4 Piece Harper Fireplace Toolset
The Best Fireplace Tools Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Fireplace Tools

While every fireside tools set is designed to perform the same basic functions, a number of factors affect their suitability for a particular location, including decor style, size, material, number of tools included, and more. The following section details key considerations shoppers should keep in mind while choosing the best fireplace tools.

Size and Number of Tools

While product photography can provide a detailed impression of the style of a particular fireplace tool set, it can be misleading in terms of size. For example, a set that looks heavy-duty might actually be much shorter than depicted.

Always check the set’s physical dimensions. Tool length is not always provided, but knowing the overall height of the stand allows a reasonably accurate estimate. Width and depth of the set also can have an impact, depending on its intended location.

Fireplace tool sets usually include four pieces: a poker (or stoker), tongs, broom and shovel (or pan), and the stand to complete what is typically called a five-piece set. Some sets omit the tongs.

Material and Quality

Fireplace tools can be made of brass, steel, or wrought iron. Brass is decorative, but it has limited strength because brass sets were originally intended for coal fireplaces, not logs. Anyone installing a faux fireplace might buy a brass set as decoration, but it’s not recommended for day-to-day use.

Considerable debate exists as to whether steel or wrought iron is stronger. It depends on the steel composition, and with fireplace tools, that information isn’t available. However, wrought iron is more resistant to rust and likely to be more durable, so it’s usually recommended for outdoor use. Wrought iron will rust eventually, and both steel and wrought-iron fireplace tools often have an additional coating for increased protection.

Consider how the shovel and broom are attached to their shafts as this also can impact durability. Shovels may be welded or riveted; the former is usually stronger. Brooms may have a replaceable head, but not always.

Finish and Style 

Traditional wrought-iron fireplace tools were naturally blackened or grayed during the forging process. Today, unless they’re handmade, the wrought-iron tools either will be painted or, more likely, have a tough powder-coated finish. The handles might be chromed or brass plated. While brass lacks strength on its own, as a coating it is acceptable.

Style is very personal, and there are many to choose from. Rope work is common, as are twists and scrolls. Others can be quite plain. While decorative elements are always a key consideration, the functionality shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s particularly important that fireplace tools are easy to grip.


Stability is also key. It’s almost inevitable that the fireplace tool stand will get bumped at some point. A flat base plate works well on a perfectly even floor, but also check material thickness. If it’s thin and lightweight, it might get knocked over easily. Those with four or five feet will probably balance better on surfaces that aren’t perfectly level.

Tips for Buying and Using Fireplace Tools

When fireplace tools are purchased online, a modest amount of assembly may be required. The tool support stem may need to be attached to the base of the stand, for example. If a log basket is part of the set, it may need to be bolted together. Generally, a screwdriver and/or wrench is all that’s required.

The following is a quick guide to tool use:

  • As logs burn, they tend to settle, which reduces the oxygen flow and slows the burn. A poker can be used to move logs around and stir the embers to add new life.
  • Tongs are ideal for lifting new logs onto the fire without creating the showers of sparks that throwing them on by hand can cause. Using tongs is also a safe way to replace a log that has rolled off the fire.
  • The shovel is generally used for cleaning, but it can be used to remove any ash buildup that is stifling the fire. Be very careful with ash—it may still be hot even when it looks gray. Always place it in a steel bucket or metal fireplace container.
  • The brush is used for cleaning once the fireplace has cooled. Though many have heat-resistant bristles, sweeping red-hot ash should be avoided when possible because it could create a fire hazard.

Our Top Picks

After this discussion of the qualities to look for in fireplace tools, it’s time to review some real-world examples. The following top picks feature both premium brands and budget alternatives, as well as tool sets suited to indoor, outdoor, or interchangeable use. Read on to learn more about the best fireplace tools for any purpose.

Best Overall

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: Amagabeli 5 Pcs Fireplace Tools Sets Black Handle

When many options are available to suit individual preferences, this five-piece set from Amagabeli takes the top spot for its combination of desirable features. The tools are made from wrought iron, so they should last for many years. Featuring a classic style that’s smart, but not overly ornate, these fireplace tools can fit with a variety of decors.

The handles are comfortable and available in a black, brass, or gold-plated finish to match the other fireplace accessories. Tool reach is sufficient for large indoor fireplaces and outdoor pits. The support must be assembled, but that involves only tightening two nuts. Once together, the “gravity” base provides a sturdy platform.

Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, stand
  • Material: Wrought iron
  • Height: 31 inches


  • Can be used with indoor fires or outdoor fire pits
  • Sturdy base
  • Choice of three handle finishes


  • Tools may be too long for some users

Best Value

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: Ebern Designs Acari 4 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set

For those who don’t have a lot of space or want simple functional fireplace tools but nothing showy, the Acari set is ideal. The stand, which requires just one screw for assembly, holds a poker, brush, and shovel close together. Decorative ball handles are comfortable to use and provide a firm grip.

All four items are made of steel. The finish is described simply as black. Likely, this is a powder coating that will combat rust and improve durability. While it’s suggested for both indoor and outside use, the construction is relatively lightweight, and the handles might be a bit short to use with large fires.

Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, brush, shovel, and stand
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 25 inches


  • Space-saving design
  • Affordable


  • No tongs

Best with Log Rack

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: Enclume 3 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set

In many homes, a log rack is an essential wood-burning fireplace accessory, so combining the rack and fireplace set is an obvious solution. This Enclume model offers good capacity with a separate kindling rack at the top, yet it requires only a little over 1 square foot of floor space.

The tough hammered steel is reminiscent of wrought iron, though it’s not as resilient, so this set is not recommended for outdoor use. Four screws must be affixed for the feet, so the package includes an Allen wrench. Plastic foot sliders help prevent scratches on hard surface floors. This set doesn’t include tongs.

Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, brush, shovel, log rack
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 34 inches


  • Smart all-in-one solution
  • High-quality materials
  • Separate kindling rack


  • No tongs
  • Relatively expensive

Best Budget Log Rack

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack

At the other end of the price scale, this log rack and tool set from Best Choice Products has a full set of tools, including tongs, yet it costs far less. While it looks less robust than some options, it’s reasonably well made. The rack requires a little more assembly than some, but it’s not difficult. If care is taken when putting it together, it will be sturdy enough for a weight rating of 150 pounds.

Both rack and the fireplace tools are described as wrought iron; however, many independent reviewers believe they are powder-coated steel. It’s still a durable material, but not recommended for outdoor use.

Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, log rack
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 29 inches


  • Compact and practical
  • Log rack has a 150-pound capacity
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust


  • May not be wrought iron as advertised
  • Not recommended for outdoor use

Best Long Reach

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: Syntrific 5 Pieces 32inch Fireplace Tool Set Black

This five-piece fireplace tool set from Syntrific is unusual in that the tools are made of cast iron, which is created by pouring molten iron into a mold, rather than wrought iron, which is hammered while hot. The result is similar strength and excellent durability, though cast iron typically is heavier.

A single nut must be fitted to secure the base, which, thanks to the cast iron’s extra weight, is very stable. Unusually, the handles also must be screwed on. Cast iron is susceptible to rust, so everything is powder-coated. The extended reach—the poker is 28 inches long—makes this set good for both large open fires and sizable outdoor fire pits.

Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, stand
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Height: 32 inches


  • Cast iron is highly durable
  • Good choice for large fire pits
  • Competitive price


  • Relatively heavy
  • Occasional quality control issues

Best Heavy-Duty

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: COMFYHOME 5-Piece Fireplace Tools Set 31, Heavy Duty

Everything about the ComfyHome fireplace tool set looks strong. These tools are solid, square-section wrought iron, with a powder-coated finish that further enhances their durability. Whether used indoors or out, this tool set should last many years. As an added bonus, they have the reach necessary for use with large fire pits.

The stand requires assembly top and bottom, but it’s only a 5-minute task. When assembled, the top turns for easy access to every tool. The widely placed feet provide a stable platform. However, although a decorative twist has been added to the shaft, the COMFYHOME fireplace tools look a little plain.

Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, stand
  • Material: Wrought iron
  • Height: 31 inches


  • Solid metal for durability
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat utilitarian design

Honorable Mention

The Best Fireplace Tools Option: Pleasant Hearth 4 Piece Harper Fireplace Toolset

The Pleasant Hearth log rack and fireplace tool set has an unusual design, and while it may not appeal to traditionalists, the industrial look with rivet highlights may attract many fans. Minimal assembly is required. Once together, the powder-coated steel construction is as solid as it looks, though the log capacity isn’t as great as some competitors. The tools are similarly robust, and their handles offer good grip and plenty of control.

The shafts aren’t the longest, but they still should prove sufficient for indoor use and small to medium outdoor fire pits. Pleasant Hearth also supplies a matching fireplace screen for a coordinated set.

Product Specs 

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, and log rack
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 30.75 inches


  • Sturdy construction
  • Interesting industrial design
  • Competitively priced


  • Modest log capacity

Our Verdict

The Amagabeli fireplace tools set is well made, has good reach, and with a choice of black, bronze, or gold handles, it should complement most decorative styles. They’re also tough enough for outdoor use. The Ebern Designs fireplace tool set provides the basic necessities at a low cost.

How We Chose the Best Fireplace Tools

When selecting the best fireplace tools, the challenge is finding the right blend of strength, durability, and style. What suits one person could be entirely inappropriate for another. In every case, manufacturing quality is the prime consideration, but caveats exist. Sometimes, high-value fireplace tools, while functional, may not have the strength of those manufactured by premium brands.


After reading about the key features of the best fireplace tools and reviewing some of the best options on the market, you might still have some questions. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions below to find an answer.

Q: Do the handles get hot while using the tools?

If fireplace tools are left in the fire, it’s possible that they may get hot, but generally, they are used briefly, then returned to the rack.

Q: Is tool arm length important?

It can be. If you have a large open fire or an outdoor fire pit, short tools can bring your hands uncomfortably close to the flame. On the other hand, long, heavy-duty tools can look out of place with a smaller fireplace.

Q: Are replacement brushes available for these tool sets?

A few are available, but the range is limited, and they frequently come close to the price of a whole new broom.

Q: Can I use these fireplace tools outside?

Many fireplace tools are designed to be used outdoors. A finish that protects them from rust, generally powder coating, is a key feature. However, some are recommended for indoor use only, so always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.