The Best Fireplace Tools to Keep Your Fireplace Clean—and Stylish

A quality set of matching tools puts the finishing touch to your fireplace. Have a look at a variety of options for both indoor and outdoor use.

Best Overall

The Muskoka Signature Series 5-Piece Hearth Center in use storing logs on a white background.

Muskoka Signature Series 5-Piece Hearth Center

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Amagabeli 5-Piece Black Handle Fireplace Tools Set on a white background.

Amagabeli 5-Piece Black Handle Fireplace Tools Set

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Upgrade Pick

The Williams Sonoma Mid Century Fireplace Tool Set on a white background.

Williams Sonoma Mid Century Fireplace Tool Set

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Whether you have a traditional open fire, a wood-burning fireplace insert, or a wood stove, a set of fireplace tools (also called a companion set) is something of a necessity. They are important for using your fireplace safely and invaluable for keeping it clean. Moreover, the right set can make an attractive addition to your room.

A large variety of fireplace tools are on the market, ranging from compact models for small, cozy fires to heavy-duty fireplace tools sometimes used with outdoor fire pits. Take a closer look at these essential fireplace accessories to help decide on the best set for your home or yard.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Muskoka Signature Series 5-Piece Hearth Center
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Amagabeli 5-Piece Black Handle Fireplace Tools Set
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Williams Sonoma Mid Century Fireplace Tool Set
  4. BEST BRASS-PLATED: Rosdorf Park Worthen 5 Piece Iron Fireplace Tool Set
  5. BEST WITH LOG RACK: Enclume 3 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set
  6. BEST BUDGET LOG RACK: Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack
  7. BEST ASH BUCKET: F2C Ash Bucket With Lid and Shovel
  8. BEST FIREPLACE GLOVES: Rapicca 14-Inch Welding Gloves
  9. BEST WOOD-SPLITTING AXE: Estwing Fireside Friend Axe
A set of the best fireplace tools next to a small wood-burning stove that's burning a fire.

How We Chose the Best Fireplace Tools

When selecting the best fireplace tools, the challenge is finding the right blend of strength, durability, and style. What suits one person could be entirely inappropriate for another. In every case, manufacturing quality is the prime consideration, but caveats exist. Sometimes, high-value fireplace tools, while functional, may not have the strength of those manufactured by premium brands.

Nicole Cullum, interior designer and founder of the wallpaper and textile company Color Caravan based out of Taos, New Mexico, has helpful design advice when it comes to choosing fireplace tools: “Fireplace tools are most certainly an opportunity to blend function and design.” While they need to be long lasting, there is also the opportunity for “turning a basic tool into an artistic sculptural moment.”

Safety is also important. Fire Program Specialist Bruce D. Bouch, MPIO, of the U.S. Fire Administration says: “It is important to purchase quality tools that will not readily fail during use. Check the connections on the tools for stability and the quality of the stand if provided.” He also cautions that “ash collection should only be completed with a metal can with a tight-fitting lid designed for that purpose. Embers from a fire become insulated within the remaining ashes and can readily ignite combustible items.”

The F2C Ash Bucket With Lid and Shovel on the floor next to a wood-burning stove with its door open to show a fire burning inside.

Our Top Picks

The following top picks feature both premium brands and budget alternatives as well as tool sets suited to indoor, outdoor, or interchangeable use. Read on to learn more about some of the best fireplace tools for any purpose.

Best Overall

Muskoka Signature Series 5-Piece Hearth Center

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Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush (broom), shovel, log holder
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 27 inches


  • Comprehensive collection of tools mounted on a useful log rack
  • Design balances contemporary and classic so it suits a variety of decor styles
  • Durable steel construction, and rack is easy to assemble with just a Phillips-head screwdriver


  • Complaints are rare but occasional manufacturing faults can make assembly difficult

It isn’t easy to choose the best fireplace tools, but the Muskoka Signature Series Hearth Center fulfills all the important requirements, looks good, and comes with a competitive price tag. The set consists of a fire poker, tongs, shovel, and brush, all mounted on a sturdy log holder for

firewood storage


The overall design is contemporary, but rope twist details on the tool stems add a touch of classic feel that broadens the appeal. Construction is steel, which should prove durable. The log holder does need to be assembled on arrival but is normally a quick and easy process. A Phillips-head screwdriver is all that’s required.

Get the Muskoka fireplace tools at Amazon.

Best Bang For The Buck

Amagabeli 5-Piece Black Handle Fireplace Tools Set

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Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, stand
  • Material: Wrought iron
  • Height: 31 inches


  • Versatile set can be used with indoor fires or outdoor fire pits
  • Well balanced with a sturdy base that prevents tipping over
  • Choice of 3 handle finishes so it can fit many decor styles


  • A few buyers found faults with the threads that prevented proper attachment of handles

When many options are available to suit individual preferences, this five-piece set from Amagabeli is appealing for its combination of desirable features and value for money. The tools are made from wrought iron, so they should last for many years. Featuring a classic style that’s smart, but not overly ornate, these fireplace tools can fit with a variety of decors.

The handles are comfortable and available in a black, brass, or gold-plated finish to match the other fireplace accessories. Tool reach is sufficient for large indoor fireplaces and outdoor pits. The support must be assembled, but that involves only tightening two nuts. Once together, the “gravity” base provides a sturdy platform.

Get the Amagabeli fireplace tools at Amazon.

Upgrade Pick

Williams Sonoma Mid Century Fireplace Tool Set

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Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, stand
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 29 inches


  • Attractive set featuring nice decorative touches from a brand known for quality
  • Solid, durable steel with a choice of matte black or burnished brass finishes
  • Stand incorporates tray to collect dropped ash; rubber feet protects floors


  • Comes with a premium price tag, and the finish may become scratched over time

Williams Sonoma is known for providing quality furniture and accessories, and this midcentury fireplace set is a fine example. Each piece looks finely crafted, and the corn stalk fiber broom shows particular attention to detail. The set is compact, but the curved support provides for easy access to each tool when needed.

These are fireplace tools that would look equally at home in front of a classic open

fireplace grate

, insert, or stove. Construction is steel throughout, finished in either matte black or burnished brass. The stand incorporates a tray so any ash that falls from the tools is contained. There are also rubber feet so it doesn’t slide around or mark flooring.

Get the Williams Sonoma fireplace tools at Williams Sonoma.

Best Brass-Plated

Rosdorf Park Worthen 5-Piece Iron Fireplace Tool Set

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Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, stand
  • Material: Cast iron and steel with a brass finish
  • Height: 31 inches


  • Polished brass finish adds a timeless elegance to a fireplace
  • Underlying construction is strong steel and durable cast iron
  • Long reach protects hands from fire heat while allowing good access in deep fireplaces


  • The brass finish benefits from a regular polish; it’s not suitable for outdoor use

Brass has long been used as a decorative material for fireplace tools; however, since it’s not a strong metal, it’s often restricted to handles, the pan of the shovel, or the broom head.

The Worthen set by Rosdorf Park differs in that brass plating has been laid over cast iron and steel base metals to provide strength. As a result, these fireplace tools have good durability, though they’re not recommended for outdoor use.

The stand does require assembly, though it takes just minutes. The handles are shaped for comfort, and the shafts offer good reach. Maintaining the luster of the brass plating requires a regular wipe with a soft cloth.

Get the Rosdorf Park fireplace tools at Wayfair.

Best with Log Rack

Enclume 3-Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set

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Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, brush, shovel, log rack
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 34 inches


  • Smart all-in-one solution that keeps everything needed in a single convenient place
  • Made from high-quality steel for longevity with an attractive hammered finish
  • Separate upper rack is a great place to keep kindling to help start the fire


  • It’s relatively expensive compared to similar options and doesn’t include tongs

In many homes, a

log rack

is an essential wood-burning fireplace accessory, so combining the rack and fireplace set is an obvious solution. This Enclume model offers good capacity with a separate kindling rack at the top, yet it requires only a little over 1 square foot of floor space.

The tough hammered steel is reminiscent of wrought iron, though it’s not as resilient; as a result, this set is not recommended for outdoor use. Four screws must be affixed for the feet, so the package includes an Allen wrench. Plastic foot sliders help prevent scratches on hard surface floors. This set doesn’t include tongs.

Get the Enclume fireplace tools at Wayfair.

Best Budget Log Rack

Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack

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Product Specs

  • Components: Poker, tongs, brush, shovel, log rack
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Height: 29 inches


  • A practical solution with contemporary looks at a budget-friendly price
  • The log holder has 2 tiers and an impressive 150-pound capacity
  • Heat-resistant finish prevents rust and is suitable for outdoor use


  • May not be wrought iron as advertised, and some found it smaller than expected

At the low end of the price scale, this log rack and tool set from Best Choice Products has a full set of tools, including tongs, yet it costs far less. While it looks less robust than some options, it’s reasonably well made. The rack requires a little more assembly than some, but it’s not difficult. If care is taken when putting it together, it will be sturdy enough for a weight rating of 150 pounds.

Both rack and the fireplace tools are described as wrought iron; however, many independent reviewers believe they are powder-coated steel. It’s still a durable material but not recommended for outdoor use.

Get the Best Choice Products fireplace tools at Amazon.

Best Ash Bucket

F2C Ash Bucket With Lid and Shovel

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Product Specs

  • Material: Galvanized iron with wood handle
  • Size: 12.8-inch diameter; 13 inches from floor to lid
  • Capacity: 5.15 gallons


  • High-capacity bucket for safe collection of hot or cold ash
  • Galvanized iron has excellent corrosion resistance; powder coating also provides durability
  • Includes useful shovel with built-in holder as well as comfortable wooden handle


  • Though problems are almost unknown, a few users thought the metal would be thicker

A good ash bucket is an indispensable fireplace tool for cleaning the fireplace or removing excess ash for better burning. While any steel bucket could do the job, the high-capacity F2C ash bucket is custom designed for the job and offers several advantages.

Construction is from galvanized iron, a material that has good resistance to corrosion. Durability is further enhanced with a powder coating, making the F2C ash bucket equally suitable for outdoor use. There’s a lid that keeps the contents secure, and it greatly reduces the chances of accidentally dropping hot ashes on the floor or hearth rugs. There’s also a wooden handle that makes it more comfortable to carry.

Get the F2C fireplace tools at Amazon.

Best Fireplace Gloves

Rapicca 14-Inch Welding Gloves

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Product Specs

  • Material: Cowhide leather
  • Heat resistance: 662 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Color: Black


  • Tough cowhide-leather heat-resistant gloves with a cotton lining for comfort
  • Heat-resistant to 662 degrees Fahrenheit with extended sleeves for extra protection
  • Suitable for a wide range of purposes including fireplace use, BBQ, campfire, and welding


  • There are very few complaints but stitching has been known to fail sometimes

The long reach of some fireplace tools means gloves aren’t always necessary, but it’s a good idea to have some handy for when it’s necessary to get close or while opening a hot fireplace insert or stove door. These gloves from Rapicca have been designed for welders, so they need to be tough, and few materials are stronger than natural cowhide. For comfort, they have been lined with cotton.

Rapicca heat-resistant gloves are rated for up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeves extend for 5.5 inches, providing protection up past the wrists in case of stray sparks. These multipurpose gloves can also be used for fire pits, barbecues, and outdoor grills. They have good bite and claw resistance for dealing with troublesome pets.

Get the Rapicca fireplace gloves at Amazon.

Best Wood-Splitting Axe

Estwing Fireside Friend Axe

See It

Product Specs

  • Material: Forged steel
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds


  • Finely balanced splitting maul forged in the U.S. from a single piece of steel
  • Patented molded grip absorbs up to 70 percent of the impact shock generated
  • Hand-sharpened tempered edge with heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath


  • It’s virtually flawless, but quality like this does come with a premium price tag

Those splitting their own logs into more manageable sizes or kindling want a good axe, and few can match the quality or performance of the Estwing Fireside Friend. This U.S.-made tool is forged from a single piece of steel, so it’s practically indestructible. It is also superbly balanced, making the 4-pound head easy to handle.

A 2⅜-inch hand-sharpened tempered-steel cutting edge ensures it slices through tough logs with minimal effort. A ballistic nylon sheath protects the edge when not in use. The handle is wrapped in a patented shock-reduction grip that absorbs up to 70 percent of the impact energy, dramatically reducing the chances of stress-related injuries.

Get the Estwing fireplace tool at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing Fireplace Tools

While every fireside tools set is designed to perform the same basic functions, a number of factors affect their suitability for a particular location, including decor style, size, material, number of tools included, and more. Below are details about key considerations shoppers often keep in mind while choosing the best fireplace tools.

Size and Number of Tools

While product photography can provide a detailed impression of the style of a particular fireplace tool set, it can be misleading in terms of size. For example, a set that looks heavy duty might actually be much shorter than depicted.

Always check the set’s physical dimensions. Tool length is not always provided, but knowing the overall height of the stand allows a reasonably accurate estimate. Width and depth of the set also can have an impact, depending on its intended location.

Fireplace tool sets usually include four pieces: a poker (or stoker), tongs, broom (or brush), and shovel (or pan), and the stand to complete what is typically called a five-piece set. Some sets omit the tongs.

Material and Quality

Fireplace tools are usually made of brass, steel, stainless steel, or wrought iron.

Brass is decorative, but it has limited strength because brass sets were originally intended for coal fireplaces, not logs. Anyone installing a faux fireplace or gas fireplace might buy a brass set as decoration, but it’s not recommended for day-to-day use.

Wrought iron is more resistant to corrosion than brass and likely to be more durable, so it’s usually recommended for outdoor use. Wrought iron will rust eventually, and both plain steel and wrought-iron fireplace tools often have an additional coating for increased protection.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to rust but almost always more expensive. Considerable debate exists as to whether steel or wrought-iron tools are stronger. It depends on the steel composition and, with fireplace tools, that information usually isn’t available.

Consider how the shovel and broom are attached to their shafts as this also can impact durability. Shovels may be welded or riveted; the former is usually stronger. Brooms may have a replaceable head, but not always.

Finish and Style 

Traditional wrought-iron fireplace tools were naturally blackened or grayed during the forging process. Today, unless they’re handmade, the wrought-iron tools either will be painted or, more likely, have a tough powder-coated finish. The handles might be chromed or brass plated. While brass lacks strength on its own, as a coating, it is acceptable.

Style is very personal, and there are many designs to consider. Rope work is common, as are twists and scrolls. Other tools can be quite plain and minimalist. While decorative elements are always a key consideration, the functionality shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s particularly important that fireplace tools are easy to grip. If there’s an existing fireplace screen, consider tools that match that item.


Stability is also key. It’s almost inevitable that the fireplace tool stand will get bumped at some point. A flat base plate works well on a perfectly even floor but also check the material thickness. If it’s thin and lightweight, it might get knocked over easily. Those stands with four or five feet will probably balance better on surfaces that aren’t perfectly level.

Tips for Buying and Using Fireplace Tools

When fireplace tools are purchased online, a modest amount of assembly may be required. The tool support stem may need to be attached to the base of the stand, for example. If a log basket is part of the set, it may need to be bolted together. Generally, a screwdriver and/or wrench is all that’s required.

The following is a quick guide to tool use:

  • A poker can help extend the fire. As logs burn, they tend to settle, which reduces the oxygen flow and slows the burn. A poker can be used to move logs around and stir the embers to add new life.
  • Tongs are ideal for lifting new logs and placing them onto the fire without creating the showers of sparks that throwing them on by hand can cause. Using tongs is also a safe way to replace a log that has rolled off the fire.
  • The shovel is generally used for cleaning, but it can be used to remove any ash buildup that is stifling the fire. Be very careful with ash—it may still be hot even when it looks gray and could easily burn hearth rugs or wood flooring. Always place it in a steel bucket or metal fireplace container.
  • The brush is used for cleaning once the fireplace has cooled. Though many have heat-resistant bristles, sweeping red-hot ash should be avoided when possible because it could create a fire hazard.


After reading about the key features of the best fireplace tools and reviewing some of the best options on the market, you might still have some questions. Take a look at answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below to find the one you need.

Q. Do the handles get hot while using the tools?

If fireplace tools are left in the fire, it’s possible that they may get hot. However, generally, they are used briefly and then returned to the rack.

Q. Is tool arm length important?

It can be. If you have a large open fire or an outdoor fire pit, short tools can bring your hands uncomfortably close to the flame. On the other hand, long heavy-duty tools can look out of place with a smaller fireplace.

Q. Are replacement brushes available for these tool sets?

A few are available, but the range is limited, and they frequently come close to the price of a whole new broom.

Q. Can I use these fireplace tools outside?

Many fireplace tools are designed to be used outdoors. A finish—like a powder coating—that protects them from corrosion or rust is a key feature. However, some are recommended for indoor use only, so always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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