The Best Coping Saws for Cutting Molding

Coping saws offer the ability to make intricate cuts that require a little finesse. Check out our guide to finding the best coping saws for tackling any trim job.

Best Overall

Best Coping Saw Options: BAHCO 301 6 1 2 Inch Coping Saw

BAHCO 301 6 1/2 Inch Coping Saw


Best Coping Saw Options: OLSON SAW SF63510 Coping Saw

OLSON SAW SF63510 Coping Saw

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Coping Saw Options: IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw

IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400)

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A coping saw is a handy tool for DIY woodworkers and professional carpenters alike. The standard coping saw employs a 6¾-inch blade with 15 to 20 teeth that stretch over a 5-inch throat. Unlike a hacksaw, coping saws are designed with the teeth pointing toward the handle.

Coping saws are popular for cutting molding and baseboards. When finalizing a trim job, precision is integral for a professional result. Because of its fine blade, deep throat, ease of use, and ability to saw at multiple angles, a coping saw can make the difference between a sloppy or a well-done trim job.

This saw design is simple, effective, and does not vary much between models, so getting the best coping saw is as much a matter of quality construction, longevity, and size as it is a matter of features and utility. To help you choose the right one, the following list has some of the best coping saws for cutting molding and performing other jobs around the house.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

BAHCO 301 6 1/2 Inch Coping Saw

This coping saw from BAHCO is a sturdy, reliable saw that will see carpenters through thousands of cuts. The wooden beech handle is orange-lacquered to protect against wear and is attached to a nickel-plated steel frame.

The 6½-inch blade is constructed of hardened and tempered carbon steel and boasts 14 saw teeth per inch of blade for a fine cut—though it can be switched out if another blade is required. The retaining pins fastening the blade rotate 360-degrees giving operators access to virtually any angle. This saw is a valuable ally in the fight for smooth and tight joints in professionally finished molding or any other application that requires precision.


OLSON SAW SF63510 Coping Saw

OLSON SAW’s sturdy coping saw provides a 6½-inch blade in an overall package measuring 9½ inches by 5 inches by 1 inch. This professional-grade saw has a wood handle and a 360-degree adjustable blade. It’s also lighter than some of its competitors, making it perfect for lightweight applications such as trimming molding.

The blade attaches easily to adjustable pin-type fasteners that work at any angle. The user can tension the blade from either end via a thumbscrew. Plus, replacement of the blade is a snap. This saw is portable and perfect for making soft cuts. The OLSON SAW SF63510 is ideal for DIY projects and home improvement applications.

Best Bang For the Buck

IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400)

IRWIN’s ProTouch Coping Saw is everything a coping saw should be: simple, well-constructed, and functional. Its high-speed, 17-tooth steel blade cuts through most materials with ease. The blade is 6½ inches long with a throat depth of 5½ inches, making it suitable for the majority of trim applications. It’s also fastened with DuraSteel pins for increased longevity.

A flat-bar frame makes getting this saw into tight spaces easy, and the ergonomic ProTouch handle provides comfort even after hours of use. The handle is plastic, and the rest is steel giving this tool the durability and longevity to occupy a place in your tool box for years to come.

Upgrade Pick

OriGlam Handsaws Multi Purpose Saw

This saw set from OriGlam includes one multifunctional handset and several types of blades that are capable of cutting a variety of materials including ceramic, stone, wood, PVC, and rubber. Heavier blades can be installed for cutting metal or piping, while finer blades are available for small or delicate cuts.

This saw is compact and simple to use, making it easy to create precise cuts no matter what you’re working on, be it construction, decorating, crafts, garden work, or molding. Its plastic and steel design makes it a lightweight yet durable addition to any tool box. This set also includes a storage case, so you can pop it in your tool box as soon as you’re finished.

Classic Pick

Eclipse 70-CP1R Steel Frame Coping Saw

Part of the charm of this coping saw is its timeless simplicity. Eclipse has been making and distributing tools since 1909, and the company’s classically designed coping saw reflects that. This saw could occupy a place in your grandfather’s woodshop.

At 15⅜  inches long with a width of 5⅛ inches, this saw can take on most molding jobs. The solid wood handle is sturdy and durable, and the bimetal blade offers excellent performance with little risk of breakage. This blade swivels to accommodate any angle. This saw is simple, fundamental, and perfect for cutting intricate shapes to get that perfect molding edge.

Best Set

Bachin 14 in 1 Universal Hand Saw Set

This hand saw set from Bachin offers everything a woodworker needs in a handsaw in one convenient carrying case. The saw is equipped with a comfortable, ergonomically designed handgrip and includes several blade options.

In addition to a wood flat saw blade that works well in curved and straight lines, this set comes with a hacksaw blade capable of cutting through steel, copper, aluminum, and more. This saw set is perfect for crafty woodworkers and DIYers alike.

Most Long-Lasting

Stanley 15-104 Fatmax Coping Saw

The Stanley 15-104 Fatmax Coping Saw was designed with professional use in mind. Its hardened and tempered 6⅜-inch blade, which is made from high-carbon steel, provides a clean cut every time.

The rubber handle will last as long as the rest of this sturdy coping saw, and with a throat depth of 6¾ inches, there are few jobs this saw can’t do.

Honorable Mention

SUIZAN Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw

This Japanese trim saw may not look like a traditional coping saw, but it’s designed to make intricate cuts. The ultrasharp, high-quality Japanese steel blade easily cuts various types of wood, from oak to pine.

This is a pull saw, meaning it only cuts on the pull stroke. Pull saws are lighter in weight, provide a cleaner cut, and are easier to use than traditional saws. Having this saw on hand will help make those delicate cuts while adding versatility to your tool box.