The Best Microwave Covers to Prevent Messes

Reheating leftovers needn’t cause a sticky situation. Contain splatters and maintain a clean appliance with the best microwave covers on the market.

Best Overall

The Best Microwave Cover Option: ROSERAIN Microwave Splatter Cover

ROSERAIN Microwave Splatter Cover

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Microwave Cover Option: Progressive International Microwave Food Cover

Progressive International Microwave Food Cover

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Best for Bowls

The Best Microwave Cover Option: Progressive International High Dome Microwave Cover

Progressive International High Dome Microwave Cover

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Splatters and spills make the inside of a microwave look and smell unpleasant, and once messes harden they can be extra tough to clean. A microwave cover prevents the problem, keeping foods from spewing all over the inside of the microwave so it stays spotless. What’s more, this affordable kitchen accessory can also prevent moisture loss so reheated leftovers won’t dry out.

The best microwave cover is simple, functional, and easy to clean—but there are a few considerations to think about when shopping. Read on to find out how to pick the right product and why the following options can help keep reheated food appetizing and your microwave interior splatter-free.

  1. BEST OVERALL: ROSERAIN Microwave Splatter Cover
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Progressive International Microwave Food Cover
  3. BEST FOR BOWLS: Progressive International High Dome Microwave Cover
  4. BEST COLLAPSIBLE: Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Splatter Cover
  5. BEST GLASS: Cuchina Safe 2-in-1 Cover ‘n Cook Vented Glass Cover
  6. BEST SET: Lincom Tech Microwave Splatter Cover – 2 Pack
The Best Microwave Cover Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Microwave Cover

A microwave cover is a worthwhile and budget-friendly kitchen accessory. It can cut down on cleanup time and improve the quality of reheated food. It is also reusable, eliminating the extra cost and wasteful use of paper towels or cling wrap. When choosing a microwave cover, consider its dimensions, material, and any additional useful functions and features.


Most microwave covers are circular in shape and range from 8 to 12 inches in diameter. This size will fit inside most standard microwaves and will cover most plates.

Microwave cover heights also vary, with most options measuring between 2.5 and 5 inches tall. The microwave cover height will give it either a flat or a dome-shaped design. The right pick for you will depend on whether you typically use bowls or plates for reheating.

Spreading food out on a plate is more efficient for reheating in the microwave as this allows for more even heat distribution. That’s why most microwave covers have a flat top design. For those who usually use bowls, a tall microwave cover with a dome design is better, as these models can cover the bowl without touching the food.


Microwave covers most commonly come in plastic, silicone, or glass. Plastic, the most popular option, is inexpensive, easy to shape, and easy to clean. Most plastic microwave covers are also dishwasher safe.

Silicone—another popular material commonly used in a range of kitchen tools—makes a quality microwave cover. The versatile material can safely withstand high temperatures without becoming very hot itself. Some microwave covers are completely made of silicone, while others, like some plastic and glass options, include silicone rims or handles.

Food-grade plastic and silicone are safe options, but those concerned about possible chemical leaching from these materials can opt for glass microwave covers. Though heavier, more fragile, and typically pricier, glass microwave covers are less likely to leach. Smooth glass microwave covers are easier to clean and less likely to absorb stains than plastic and silicone products.


Microwave covers serve a dual purpose: They contain splatters and prevent moisture loss. While a microwave cover won’t completely prevent splattering, it will keep the mess contained, and cleaning the cover is a much easier task than scrubbing the inside of the microwave.

Some leftovers become tough or dry after a zap in the microwave. A microwave cover can contain the steam created when food is heating up, preventing the food from becoming as dry. Most microwave covers have small vent holes to allow some steam to escape, and this keeps food moist without it becoming soggy.

Using reusable covers also means less waste. Instead of tossing out paper towels, wax paper, and cling wrap, which are disposable materials often used in microwaves, eco-friendly reusable covers can last for several years with frequent cleaning.

Additional Features

Some microwave covers double as other useful kitchen tools. Flat silicone covers can function as placemats or oven mitts. Some durable glass covers can be used as a baking dish or serving plate. And dome-shaped plastic microwave covers with multiple vent holes can be inverted to work as a colander.

For small spaces, consider a microwave cover with a compact or easy-to-store design. Collapsible versions can flatten into a thin disc to take up less room in a cabinet or a drawer. Other microwave covers have magnets on top, a design that lets them attach to the top or side of a microwave for convenient storage.

Our Top Picks

Selected according to the criteria detailed above, the following products are safe, affordable, easy care, and considered to be among the best microwave covers on the market. Any one of them can help keep your food tasty and your microwave mess-free.

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With a 3.3-inch height and a wide 11.8-inch diameter, this roomy, food-grade plastic microwave cover will fit most plates, bowls, and containers. Instead of sitting flush with dishware or the microwave turntable, the cover has raised sides and small feet. Plus, the raised sides fit over most square or irregular-sized plates, making for a highly versatile option.

Steam vents allow just enough moisture to escape to prevent food from getting soggy. The top of the cover has finger grips to make it easy to grab and remove. For cleanup, simply load this convenient cover onto the top dishwasher rack.

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For a basic yet reliable microwave cover, this Progressive International product ought to fill the bill at a budget price. It provides a fuss-free way to contain splatters when reheating foods. The cover is made from opaque plastic that is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Plus, the smooth material is nonstick to make cleaning a breeze.

Measuring 3.25 inches tall and 10.25 inches across, this medium-size cover will suit a wide variety of settings. A ring of steam vents allow some moisture to escape, preventing food from drying out or becoming soggy. Two centered finger grooves make for easier gripping.

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While it’s possible to balance a flat microwave cover over a bowl, a high-domed version is designed to do so with ease. This domed cover is 5 inches tall, 10.5 inches across, and the ideal shape to fit over plates as well as bowls that are piled high with food. It’s made from nonstick plastic that’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and easy to clean.

The top of the cover features raised finger grips for easy lifting and removal. It has plenty of vents to allow steam to escape. Flipped over, this design functions as a 3.75-quart-capacity strainer and colander.

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Those with tight kitchen storage may appreciate this collapsible microwave cover that compresses from 3 inches in height to a mere 0.75 inch. The collapsed size makes it easy to slide this microwave cover into a shelf or a cupboard without it hogging space.

The cover is made from dishwasher-safe, food-safe, and BPA-free plastic and silicone. Measuring 10.5 inches across, it will fit most standard plates. This microwave cover features an easy-grip handle on the top, as well as ample steam holes to release condensation. When flipped over, it can also double as a collapsible colander.

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With scalloped edges and a solid glass build, this versatile product can be used as a microwave cover, a 2-quart baking dish, or a serving plate. Made of one solid piece of glass, it can be used to bake and serve without the risk of food leaking. The bottom features a scalloped edge that allows steam to escape without the need for vent holes. An extra-wide perimeter rim encircles the cover to create a secure handle.

Made from borosilicate glass, this microwave cover is easy to clean, won’t absorb smells, and is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an inside diameter of 9 inches, wide enough to cover most standard dinner plates.

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Busy households may do well with this two-pack set of microwave covers, since if one cover is dirty, there may still be a clean one on hand. These microwave covers are made of food-safe and BPA-free transparent plastic. The transparency as well as the high dome shape allows users to see the contents while heating or thawing food.

Measuring 4.3 inches tall and 10.5 inches in diameter, the covers fit well over most plates and bowls. Rather than a finger hole or a groove, each cover features a proper handle for a more secure grip. To control steam release, the top of the cover has an adjustable steam vent.

FAQs About Microwave Covers

Whether it’s a countertop, a built-in, or an over-the-range microwave, a microwave cover is the best way to prevent splatters without wasting cling wrap or paper towels. For more info on these helpful kitchen tools, check out the answers to some common questions to help choose the right microwave covers for your needs.

Q. Should food be covered in the microwave?

Yes, covering food in the microwave will contain any splatters and can also prevent the food from drying out.

Q. Is it safe to use a plastic microwave cover?

Yes, quality plastic microwave covers are made from heat-safe materials and are designed for safe use in the microwave. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations; some are only safe for use up to a certain continuous amount of time.

Q. Are silicone covers microwave safe?

Silicone can withstand very hot temperatures. The silicone used in microwave covers are heat resistant and are safe to use in the microwave.

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