The Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

Similar to traditional homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance protects your home in the event it is damaged or your personal belongings are damaged or stolen.

Best Overall


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Best for Bundling

The Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies Option: Assurant


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Best for Discounts

The Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies Option: American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

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As with the best homeowners insurance, having the best mobile home insurance is essential in protecting the investment owners have in their manufactured home. If their home is damaged by a covered peril, mobile home insurance can provide the funds to repair any damage or replace the home if needed. The same holds true for their personal belongings, which can also be covered by a mobile home insurance policy. Working with the best home insurance company to purchase mobile home insurance is imperative for any manufactured home owner who wants to protect their home and their finances. It’s important to look for companies with strong AM Best ratings, a seamless claims process, and discounts that help make a mobile home insurance policy more affordable. The best mobile home insurance companies meet all these standards.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Foremost
  2. BEST FOR BUNDLING: Assurant
  3. BEST FOR DISCOUNTS: American Family Insurance
The Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Mobile Home Insurance for You

Finding the best manufactured home insurance provider means looking for companies that make it easy to get a quote for insurance rates, are known for good customer service when handling claims, and have a strong AM Best rating for financial strength. The best mobile home insurance companies also will offer great discounts to help customers save on their mobile home insurance premiums.

Coverage Area

When shopping around for the best manufactured home insurance companies, make sure they serve the area where the home is located. While many companies claim to offer national coverage, they don’t necessarily offer policies in every state, so verify the mobile home’s location is covered before spending too much time researching policies.

Also, beware that the mobile home’s location could affect how much the mobile home insurance premiums are. For instance, if the home is located in an area prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes or flooding, mobile home insurance could cost more given the risk of damage is higher. In fact, it may be necessary to purchase a separate policy from one of the best flood insurance companies.

AM Best Rating

It’s important to find mobile home insurance companies that have a high rating from AM Best. AM Best is a credit rating agency focused on the insurance industry that examines a variety of data including credit ratings, research and analysis, financial data, and more to determine a company’s creditworthiness. The company’s creditworthiness is a good indicator of how reliable the company is for paying its customers’ claims as agreed.

AM Best ratings range from A++ for superior financial strength to D for poor financial strength. Companies with a B+ or higher rating are generally considered to have good financial strength. Although these ratings don’t guarantee quality service or that a claim will be handled properly, they can help consumers choose the best-rated home insurance companies for their mobile home policy.

Quote Process

Shopping around for the best mobile home insurance policy requires getting insurance quotes in order to compare each policy and determine which one is the best choice. Therefore, it’s important to find companies that have a quick and easy quote process so the customer can get an idea of the offer they might be able to get. Many companies offer quotes online and by phone; for a more personal experience, customers may also be able to contact a local agent. If the quote process is difficult or time-consuming, customers may want to skip that insurance company.

Keep in mind that quotes are estimates of what the insurance rates could be. A phone call or meeting with a local agent may be able to provide a more exact quote, but the customer likely won’t know the exact cost of the policy until it’s time to purchase one.

Claim Process

Finding a mobile home insurance company that makes filing a claim quick and easy is important because customers don’t want to wait to get assistance from their insurance company after an incident. Many mobile home insurance companies offer the ability to file a claim online, by phone, or using the company’s mobile app. Customers also should look for a company that makes it easy to find out the status of their claim and resolves their claim fast. In addition, shoppers can review customer reviews such as those with the Better Business Bureau and ask friends and family members about any experiences they’ve had with the companies under consideration to find out how diligent the companies are in fulfilling customers’ claims. However, it’s important to keep in mind that customer reviews don’t always paint a full picture of the average customer experience.


Purchasing mobile home insurance can be expensive, so it’s important to take advantage of all available discounts from the chosen insurance company. Discounts for bundling your insurance policies, such as mobile home insurance and car insurance, are commonplace, but be sure to ask about discounts that may not be well publicized.

For instance, the best mobile home insurance companies may offer discounts for those who are the original owner of the mobile home, for having security devices in the home, or for signing up for automatic payments. Be sure to ask the insurance company for a complete list of available discounts to take full advantage.


Many mobile home insurance companies offer endorsements, or add-on policies, so customers can get the exact coverage they need. These endorsements are in addition to their standard insurance coverage and provide optional coverage for items not covered otherwise. For instance, customers may get an endorsement for debris removal following a storm, food spoilage coverage if the power goes out for an extended period of time, or replacing trees and shrubs following a storm.

While endorsements provide extra coverage, it’s important to make sure it’s coverage that’s actually needed. The cost for these endorsements could raise the cost of the mobile home insurance policy, which may make an affordable policy unaffordable for some customers.

Our Top Picks

When choosing the best mobile home insurance companies, we looked for providers with a widespread coverage area, strong AM Best rating, and a variety of coverage options and discounts to suit more customers.

Best Overall


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  • Coverage area: 49 states
  • AM Best rating: A
  • Quote process: Online, phone, or local agent
  • Discounts: Age, new home, multi-policy, security
  • Endorsements: Extended replacement, earthquake, debris removal, food spoilage, identity fraud management


  • Coverage options for customers with fair credit scores or older mobile homes
  • Optional extended replacement cost coverage
  • Additional coverage options for debris removal and food spoilage
  • Endorsed by AARP and USAA for mobile home insurance


  • Relatively slow online quote process of 2 to 3 days
  • Limited customer service hours

Why It Made the Cut: Foremost offers numerous benefits, including options for customers with older homes or lower credit scores, discounts for seniors and servicemembers, and unique endorsements for additional coverage. That, as well as other benefits, makes it our top choice for mobile home insurance providers. Foremost offers plenty of benefits to mobile home owners such as coverage for customers with older homes or fair credit scores, who may have trouble finding coverage through other providers. The company also offers unique endorsements like extended replacement cost (which can reimburse the homeowner up to 20 percent above the policy limits in a total loss), debris removal (helpful for mobile home owners who live in areas prone to tornadoes or hurricanes), and food spoilage (can reimburse homeowners if loss of power ruins the food in their fridge/freezer). In addition to such discounts for having more than one insurance policy or having home security systems, Foremost also offers discounts for seniors and servicemembers through its partnership with USAA and AARP. Customers can get a quote online, though they may have to wait a couple of days after filling out the form to get the quote. Those who request a quote through USAA or AARP may be able to expedite the process. Shoppers can also contact a Foremost agent directly to get a customized quote.

Best for Bundling


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  • Coverage area: 48 states
  • AM Best rating: A+
  • Quote process: Online
  • Discounts: Varies based on insurance provider
  • Endorsements: Other structures, earthquake


  • Bundling discounts available for Geico, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive customers
  • Customizable personal property and structural coverage options
  • Flexible payment options


  • Provider website can be somewhat difficult to navigate

Why It Made the Cut: Assurant offers numerous ways to bundle insurance policies by partnering with well-known insurers like Geico, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive, who don’t offer their own mobile home insurance policies but instead offer coverage through Assurant. Customers of these partner insurance companies can take advantage of their bundling policies when it comes to their mobile home insurance policy with Assurant. That means there is a variety of bundling options available depending on the customer’s main insurance provider. The mobile home insurance bundling discounts offered through Geico may be different from those offered by Liberty Mutual or Progressive. While the Assurant website can be somewhat difficult to navigate, customers who do not have policies with Assurant’s partner agencies can get answers to their specific questions by contacting an Assurant agent. Assurant offers flexible payment options as well as customizable policies so customers pay only for the coverage they need, which can save them money on their premiums.

Best for Discounts

American Family Insurance

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  • Coverage area: 19 states
  • AM Best rating: A
  • Quote process: Phone or local agent
  • Discounts: Multi-policy, autopay, security, new home, generational, smart home
  • Endorsements: Hidden water damage, matching siding, other structures


  • Diminishing deductible reduces every year the policy is renewed
  • Discounts for generational customer loyalty
  • Up to 23 percent discount for bundling home and auto policies
  • Additional coverage options for water damage and matching siding replacement


  • Relatively limited coverage area of 19 states
  • Online quote system can be somewhat user-unfriendly

Why It Made the Cut: With American Family Insurance, there are multiple ways to save on mobile home insurance premiums not only through discounts but also features such as diminishing deductibles. Saving on mobile home insurance with American Family Insurance starts right away. As soon as customers sign up for the diminishing deductible option, they immediately receive a $100 discount on their deductible. Every year they renew the policy, the deductible is reduced even further. Although American Family Insurance currently serves only 19 states, customers who live in the service area can bundle their mobile home insurance with other AmFam policies, which could net them up to 23 percent off their premiums. Plus, the company’s generational loyalty discounts means they can save right away if their parents or grandparents also are customers of American Family Insurance. While American Family Insurance offers standard mobile home coverage, it also offers coverage for water damage and siding replacement. That means that repairs to the mobile home through AmFam are guaranteed to use matching vinyl or metal siding, so the mobile home owner doesn’t need to worry about mismatched siding. The optional water damage coverage helps provide greater protection by covering hidden water leaks that mobile home insurance generally does not cover.

Honorable Mention


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  • Coverage area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • AM Best rating: A+
  • Quote process: Online, phone, or local agent
  • Discounts: Original owner, multi-policy, protective device, autopay, claims-free
  • Endorsements: Sports equipment, green improvement, water backup, musical instruments


  • Discounts for installing security devices and for original titleholders
  • Many free online informational resources


  • Unclear bundling discount policy
  • Costs may be relatively high

Why It Made the Cut: Allstate has a unique discount for original titleholders of the mobile home, as well as a lot of good resources on the company website. Allstate offers a variety of discounts to help mobile home owners save on their mobile home policy, including discounts for having protective devices in the home, setting up automatic payments, and staying claims-free. Customers can get a quote online, though this service may be unavailable in some ZIP codes. However, for a truly tailored quote, customers can contact an agent in their area who will work with them to build a policy that meets their needs. Unlike many of its competitors, Allstate also offers a discount for the original titleholders of the mobile home. It also offers several unique endorsements, including green improvement reimbursement (covers the cost of replacing damaged or destroyed items with energy-efficient ones), sports equipment coverage (pays to replace items such as golf clubs or ski equipment that’s damaged in a covered event), and musical instrument coverage (increases coverage for guitars, violins, and other musical instruments). Bundling is also offered, though it’s not clear exactly how much customers can save by bundling policies. For the most relevant information, customers can contact their local agent and receive personalized information about bundling and other discounts.

Our Verdict

Foremost is our top pick for Best Overall because it checks many of the boxes by offering a variety of coverage options and discounts. Assurant is our Best for Bundling pick because it partners with many national insurance companies so customers can easily bundle their mobile home insurance with other insurance policies.

How We Chose the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

To choose the best providers for mobile home insurance, we examined the endorsements, bundling options, and discounts of each insurance company featured. In our research, we found that each provider on the list offers something unique, whether it’s diminishing deductibles or unique endorsements or add-ons. When considering the best mobile home insurance companies, we also took into account those that offer trip coverage (which covers damage to the home while it’s being moved—all four providers offer this) and age discounts (many mobile home owners are older and retired, so this can save them money). These are important benefits for mobile home owners.

Before You Buy a Policy From One of the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

While our research identified these four companies as the best mobile home insurance companies, that doesn’t mean they will be the best mobile home insurance company for every customer’s individual needs. It’s important to research multiple providers and find a company that offers the coverages needed and the best discounts for each individual customer. Talk to agents and ask questions to get the necessary information regarding a mobile home insurance policy. This is the best way to find a trustworthy company to deliver the best mobile home insurance.

Cost of Buying a Policy From One of the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

When buying a policy from one of the best mobile home insurance companies, it’s important to get multiple quotes for specific coverage and compare them to see which one offers the best coverage for the most affordable rates. Be sure to get quotes from at least three different companies, and make sure the terms of the policies are the same in order to have a fair comparison. To further ensure a fair comparison, keep in mind that insurance rates may vary at any given time, so it’s a good idea to get quotes on the same day. Shopping around is the most effective way to find the best rates on mobile home insurance.

The Advantages of Buying a Policy From One of the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

The advantages of buying a policy from one of the best mobile home insurance companies is knowing they all have strong AM Best ratings for financial strength so they have the resources to pay customer claims. All of the best home insurance companies featured also offer a variety of discounts to help save on mobile home insurance. Plus, many have unique features such as generational discounts, coverage for consumers with fair credit scores, and endorsements for such coverage as hidden water damage and matching siding.

  • All the best mobile home insurance companies have strong AM Best ratings.
  • Most of the best mobile home insurance companies are available nationwide.
  • Most of the best mobile home insurance companies offer 24/7 customer service.


Shopping for mobile home insurance can be confusing, and it can be hard to determine the exact coverage that is needed. However, it’s important to educate yourself to avoid paying for unnecessary coverage. These are a few of the questions consumers often have when shopping for mobile home insurance.

Q. What’s the difference between mobile home insurance and modular home insurance?

Although similar, modular home insurance is the same as traditional homeowners insurance, while mobile home owners must buy specific mobile home insurance geared to this type of home.

Q: Is mobile home insurance required?

Although not required by law, if the home is financed, the best mobile home loan lenders will typically require that the owner carry mobile home insurance for the life of the loan. Also, for those who live in a mobile home community, the property manager may require mobile home insurance as an added precaution.

Q. How are mobile home insurance rates determined?

Like traditional homeowners insurance rates, mobile home insurance rates are determined using a number of factors, such as the home’s location and age as well as the amount of coverage purchased. That means the rate can be vastly different from one mobile home owner to another, since each has individual needs and budget requirements.

Q. Is it hard to insure a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes are the same as mobile homes. Homes built before 1976 are referred to as mobile homes, and homes built after 1976 are manufactured homes. This means that the best mobile home insurance companies listed above will also apply to owners of manufactured homes.

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