The Best Oil Filter Wrench for Your Garage

Time for an oil change? Find the right tool to make it a DIY task with our guide to the best oil filter wrenches on the market.

By Mike Bruton | Updated Feb 5, 2021 9:24 AM

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Best Oil Filter Wrench Options


Henry Ford’s assembly line production method made personal ownership of automobiles a fact for millions of people. Along with car ownership came the joys of car maintenance, of course. Oil changes, a basic but critical component of car maintenance, require draining the vehicle of dirty oil, replacing the oil filter, and refilling the reservoir. Learning this fundamental maintenance process can result in thousands of dollars of savings in oil change costs over the life of a vehicle.

Oil filters maximize motor oil life by cleansing it of tiny metal particles that cause engine wear and damage. Filters look like cylindrical metal canisters and are most often accessed through the hood or from beneath the vehicle. Oil filters are too large for removal with conventional tools—which is where the oil filter wrench comes in. These specialized tools are designed explicitly to remove oil filters. Filters come in a variety of sizes, types, and applications, so finding the right wrench can be tricky. This guide to the best oil filter wrenches will set you on the path to finding the best oil filter wrench for your oil change.

Our Top Picks

When choosing the best oil filter wrench for your use, considering size, quality, application, versatility, and convenience may be the difference between quick car maintenance and an automotive nightmare. Though referred to as wrenches, some of these tools are also referred to as pliers, depending on their design. Read on for the best oil filter wrench recommendations to keep your beloved vehicle running clean.

Best Overall

Best Oil Filter Wrench Options: Shankly Universal Oil Filter Wrench

Say goodbye to the hassle and bruised knuckles that come from a slipped wrench. This universal oil filter wrench, constructed of top-grade steel, features a three-jaw design that grips more tightly as more torque is applied. It requires a standard socket set to use, but this wrench is a durable option for jobs that require more torque. Thanks to its low-profile design, the wrench fits easily into small spaces.

Best Bang for the Buck

Best Oil Filter Wrench Options: Lisle 53250 Filter Wrench

This well-priced oil filter wrench has a 1-inch steel band that snugs over oil filters and tightens as it turns. The loop provides even pressure around the filter, reducing puncture risk and allowing for plenty of torque for stuck or corroded filters. The slim profile allows for slipping into cramped engine compartments. This wrench will only accommodate oil filters with a diameter between 4⅛ and 4½ inches, but Lisle offers other wrenches for different-sized filters.

Most Innovative

Best Oil Filter Wrench Options: Motivx Tools Small Adjustable Oil Filter

This alloy steel oil filter wrench takes torque technology to the next level. This specific model accommodates filters between 2½ inches and 3¼ inches in diameter. Its purpose is for removing oil filters only, not installation. A spring system clenches the jaws of the wrench with an ultratight grip and less slip. This wrench has a slightly higher profile than some plier-style wrenches but is built of chrome-plated steel for durability and longevity.