The Best Outdoor Trash Cans for Garbage Pickup

Quality outdoor trash cans are essential for a clean, attractive curbside. Read on to check out a host of superior selections and find reliable receptacles to suit your style, size, and budget.

Best Overall

Best Outdoor Trash Can Toter

Toter 025596-R1GRS Residential Heavy Duty Trash Can

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Best Outdoor Trash Can Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG9W2700GRAY Brute

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Best Bang For The Buck

Best Outdoor Trash Can Commercial

Rubbermaid Commercial 1926827 BRUTE Heavy-Duty

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Taking out the trash is a common chore that can go smoothly or be a pain, largely depending on the quality of your outdoor garbage cans. These humble bins must secure at least a week’s worth of waste in a sanitary manner, move easily to the curb, and endure the elements. They should also look somewhat attractive, since outdoor trash cans tend to be visible to passersby. Who wants an eyesore diminishing their homes’ curb appeal?

Because outdoor cans hold all of a home’s waste, which can sit outside all night and day, they ought to be hygienic, durable, and impervious to nosy critters like raccoons. This guide can help you keep all these characteristics in mind as you shop for the best outdoor cans for trash collection. The products below are considered among  the best available, so you’re likely to find the right outdoor trash can to ensure your home is well protected against unsightly and unsanitary waste.

Our Top Picks

When choosing the best outdoor trash can, considering size, durability, ease of movement, and aesthetics may be the difference between a neat, hygienic process and a tedious task that leads to an unclean housefront. Use this guide to the best outdoor trash cans for garbage pickup, and discover how to keep your curb clean and attractive.

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The Toter is one big, tough trash can that will keep your curbside looking its best. It boasts a whopping 96-gallon volume to accommodate households that generate lots of weekly garbage. Constructed of heavy-duty, weather-resistant plastic, the can is all-around durable; a wear strip on the bottom even helps protect it during constant trips up and down the driveway.

The large footprint makes this can stable, and its ergonomic grip allows for comfortable transport to the curb. The can is compatible with automated and nonautomated garbage trucks, and even its dark green color is strategic, as it masks wear and conceals unsightly stains.

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This heavy-duty trash can from Rubbermaid is an excellent choice for residential or commercial applications. Durable wheels with treads designed to overcome rough surfaces combined with an ergonomic handle make taking out the trash almost pleasurable.

A reinforced rim and sturdy lid provide structural integrity that protects against the elements, while also guarding against twisting or awkward operation during relocation. The top opens fully and stays in place to prevent swinging during movement. This can is also compatible with auto-lifting garbage trucks in case your service requires it.

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This Rubbermaid can’s high-quality materials are infused with a UV inhibitor to protect against warping or deformation due to sun exposure. Integrated rounded handles, venting channels, and bag cinches for knot-free operation offer easy, single-person trash operations.

With a 10-gallon volume, this trash can is smaller than some, but smaller means lighter. While this can does not have wheels, the bottom is specifically designed to be dragged over rough surfaces without sustaining damage. For a heavy-duty, low-volume trash can that will hold waste efficiently and last for years, check out this inexpensive Rubbermaid product.

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If the need to safely and hygienically dispose of trash goes where you go, consider this well-designed collapsible can. The innovative receptacle folds flat to fit into a backpack or luggage, and then—thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism—pops up easily in seconds, so holding trash at your campsite, picnic, or other outdoor excursion is a cinch.

Its 23-gallon volume means it contains a good deal of garbage. Durable, polypropylene construction resists weather and wear, making this innovative, portable trash can an important piece of gear for day trips and longer travels.

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Though not ideal for garbage pickup, this trash can earns an honorable mention as a concealable option for events or parties. Ergonomic handles and venting channels make it easy to relocate and remove bags. Commercial-grade construction ensures durability, even in outdoor environments, while four bag cinches secure liners and makes changing them quick and easy.

These trash cans stack nicely and store away in small spaces, thanks to the slim design. There are several attractive color choices, making this can well suited for banquets, barbecues, and other outdoor parties. A respectable 23-gallon volume and crush-resistant structural ribbing keep this can useful for myriad situations.