The Best Plant Delivery Services of 2023

Get houseplants, succulents, and blossoms delivered right to your door with one of these plant delivery services.

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Houseplants can bring a host of benefits to a space. Adding a houseplant can liven up a room and even reduce stress levels, not to mention they just look pretty displayed in a living room corner or perched on your bookshelf. With the rise of online plant delivery services, it’s never been more convenient to shop for a new plant. The best plant delivery services offer high-quality blooms shipped in innovative ways so the plants arrive protected and ready to flourish under your green thumb. Read on to learn more about how the best plant delivery services can help you add some greenery to your home.

1. Bloomscape

The Best Plant Delivery Service Option: bloomscape

Known for: Bloomscape’s large selection of plants and its attractive, easy-to-use website makes it a top choice for both beginner and seasoned plant collectors.

Price: $$ to $$$

Our Recommendation: Along with individual plants, bloomscape sells plant bundles, perfect for starting a plant collection. The Tough Stuff Collection comes with a Sansevieria, a ZZ Plant, and a Hoya variety, so even those without a green thumb can enjoy some new houseplants.

With a wide selection of plants and plant care tools and an easy-to-navigate website, bloomscape is a one-stop shop for plant lovers. Its website has excellent filter options, so shoppers can narrow down the plant selection by a variety of criteria, like lighting requirements, plant size, difficulty level, pet friendliness, and price.

Bloomscape comes from five generations of greenhouse growers and floral industry workers; the brand is built by people who know a thing or two about plants and how to transport them. Each plant ships in an Ecopot which is made from up to 80 percent recycled plastic (most of which is harvested from the ocean). The plants ship directly from the brand’s greenhouse to arrive at a shopper’s door fresher than plants from big-box nurseries (which can sit in the store or warehouse for weeks). Each plant also comes with care instructions to help it thrive in its new home.

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2. UrbanStems

The Best Plant Delivery Service Option: UrbanStems

Known for: With fast shipping and a varied selection of plants, each in a gorgeous planter or pot, UrbanStems is a fabulous option for gifting plants.

Price: $$ to $$$

Our Recommendation: The Murano is a lovely choice for any occasion. This pet-friendly white orchid comes in a beautiful blue and white ceramic pot, making it a great choice for gifting.

Looking to gift a plant to a loved one (or treat yourself)? UrbanStems is an excellent choice for gifting beautiful bouquets and stylish houseplants. The online gifting company aims to make sending a gift as enjoyable as receiving, with plentiful plant and flower products and fast shipping options.

UrbanStems’ selection is trendy and beautiful, with one-of-a-kind flower arrangements and curated plant options. To narrow down options, shoppers can sort by plant type, size, or attributes, as well as price range or occasion. Each plant comes in a distinctive and pretty pot, which is just as much of an experience as the plant itself. Pots and planters range from whimsical shapes like dinosaur pots to simple ceramic planters. Best of all, UrbanStems offers coast-to-coast next-day delivery and same-day delivery in areas of New York City and Washington, DC, so customers can get their precious plant as soon as possible.

Shop all Indoor Plants at UrbanStems

3. The Sill

The Best Plant Delivery Service Option: The Sill

Known for: With plant bundles, a monthly subscription service, and stand-alone plants and plant care products, The Sill offers plenty of consumer-friendly options for beginners.

Price: $$ to $$$

Our Recommendation: The Plant Parent Set includes the option to receive three, five, or seven plants, selected by The Sill team. It’s a great option for starting your own indoor jungle or adding to a budding greenery collection.

The Sill has a variety of options to suit different types of plant lovers, including stand-alone plants, plant bundles, and subscription options. The Sill was founded with the goal of demystifying plants, and the brand continues to live up to its original mantra.

For those who are just starting to create an urban jungle, opt for one of the brand’s curated plant bundles, which include plant pairings or trios that work well together. Another option is the plant subscription, which sends a monthly easy-care plant to the customer’s door. And of course, seasoned plant lovers can shop The Sill’s range of stand-alone plants, pots, and plant care tools.

Like with most good online plant stores, shoppers can sort plants by style, light needs, pet-friendliness, size, and plant variety. For shoppers who want to check out some plants in person, visit one of the brand’s indoor plant shop locations in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston.

Shop all Plant Bundles at The Sill


The Best Plant Delivery Service Option:

Known for: has a huge range of plant types and a hassle-free selection and delivery process from its online store to your front door.

Price: $ to $$$

Our Recommendation: The Money Tree Plant is one of the brand’s best sellers. Shoppers can select from two different sizes, and each plant comes in a tasteful planter. aims to make it fast and easy to order plants online. The retailer has a wide selection of plants in its online store, which is easily sortable by a range of categories.

Shoppers can sort plants by plant type, lifestyle, gift occasions, room type, or size, as well as by price, care level, and type. This sorting feature is necessary to narrow down’s huge variety of products, which ranges from large floor plants to DIY bonsai kits. Shoppers can also find plant care products, books, planters and pots, and gifts on this website.

Once a plant has been selected, sticks with its goal of easy plant shipping. Shoppers can select a delivery date, with the option for overnight shipping for some orders. Each freshly picked plant arrives directly from the greenhouse and includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. But customers likely won’t need to use it since each plant comes with a useful plant care card to give the new plant the best start in its new home.

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5. Léon and George

The Best Plant Delivery Service Option: Léon and George

Known for: With a 45-day guarantee and a complementary Plant Doctor service, Léon and George ensure that plants stay happy well after their delivery date.

Price: $$$ to $$$$

Our Recommendation: The large Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush is a lush and dramatic choice that includes a ceramic pot and optional wooden stand.

Léon and George brings hand-selected, California-grown greenery to your door. With thoughtfully curated plant and planter selections and access to Léon and George’s Plant Doctors, this brand offers a premium online plant buying experience.

Like any good online plant delivery service, the website has the option to sort plants by a variety of categories, including light needs, size, and pet-friendliness. Each plant the brand sends out is sourced from local growers and then trimmed, cleaned, styled, and treated in-house before shipping.

The experience doesn’t end there; each plant also comes with a 45-day guarantee and access to the brand’s Plant Doctors (the brand’s master gardeners) in case your plant is failing to thrive. Shoppers just need to activate an account to access this complementary service.

Shop all Large Plants at Léon and George

6. Terrain

The Best Plant Delivery Service Option: Terrain

Known for: Terrain carries tons of products to pretty up a garden, an outdoor space, and indoor spaces, including houseplants in stylish vessels.

Price: $$ to $$$

Our Recommendation: This trendy Monstera Deliciosa comes in a chic metal pot to bring an industrial touch to modern spaces.

As part of its decor range, Terrain offers a variety of live plants designed to add flair to a space. The brand started as a place to shop beautiful and utilitarian products curated for the garden and the home. Terrain is an excellent store to shop for those looking for plants to match stylish modern and contemporary interiors. While plant shopping, customers can also snag a variety of garden items, like planters, gardening tools and gear, and outdoor furniture and decor.

Since the retailer isn’t only a plant store, the website doesn’t have the detailed filtering options like other websites. But it does have absolutely gorgeous houseplant options, many in distinctive planters and vessels.

Shop all Houseplants and Succulents at Terrain


The Best Plant Delivery Services Option: 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

Known for: As part of its array of gift options, delivers display-ready houseplants to homes nationwide.

Price: $$ to $$$

Our Recommendation: The Juniper Bonsai can instantly add some zen to any indoor space. ships floral arrangements and gift baskets nationwide, but an often-overlooked part of their collection is its houseplant options. While the online shop’s selection may not be as extensive as other plant retailers, does sell a range of popular plants, from carefully trimmed bonsais to trendy fiddle leaf figs. Since they’re designed for gifting, they come in stylish planters and pots.

For those who do a lot of gifting or plant shopping, consider opting in for a Celebrations Passport for a small annual fee. With the Passport feature, shoppers can receive free shipping and waived service charges on eligible plants, which may be worth it for those who like to send green gifts for occasions and special events.

Shop all Houseplants at 

8. The Home Depot

The Best Plant Delivery Service Option: The Home Depot

Known for: The Home Depot is a go-to for home improvement projects and for plant lovers who want to add greenery to their home.

Price: $ to $$

Our Recommendation: The Costa Farms White Bird of Paradise plant is an elegant and reasonably priced pick that makes a statement.

With such a variety of plants and other home products, it’s hard to go wrong shopping at The Home Depot. The large retailer has a great in-store and online selection, hundreds of houseplant options as well as outdoor plants.

The Home Depot has competitive prices and a straightforward buying process for those looking for a no-frills plant buying process. The website has great filtering options, with the choice to shop by trending plant types, plant features, size, lighting conditions, and more.

Not all of the plants on The Home Depot’s website are available for shipping, but you can choose to see the products that are by clicking the “Ship to Home” category. The Home Depot’s options are extensive, and you can pick up any other home improvement items you need as well, with many orders over $45 qualifying for free shipping.

Shop all Succulents at The Home Depot

How We Chose the Best Plant Delivery Services

Online plant delivery services take the hassle out of plant shopping, eliminating a trip to the nursery and the messy car ride home. To make sure you get nursery-quality plants (or even better) we narrowed down the best plant delivery service options for plant shopping.

When choosing our top picks, we looked for retailers that carry a varied selection or plants to cater to all plant lovers, from beginners to experienced gardeners. But with a large selection, a plant website can easily become overwhelming, so we also prioritized easy-to-use filtering options so you can narrow down plants and find your perfect pick.

To make sure plants arrive in one piece, we selected reputable retailers that offer safe and fast shipping. Safe shipping practices ensure that plants arrive in good condition, and speedy shipping lowers their time in less-than-ideal conditions so plants come to your home ready to thrive.


The best online plant delivery services make shopping for new plants easy. They have a wide selection of plants (sometimes more than a local nursery), from tabletop succulents to draping ferns for hanging baskets, plus smart shipping solutions to ensure each plant arrives in good condition. If you’re still skeptical about ordering plants online, read on for some frequently asked questions and answers on online plant delivery services.

Q. Is it safe to buy plants online?

Yes! The best plant delivery services make it convenient and safe to buy plants online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Q. Can I order a mix of plants all in one?

Yes, most retailers will allow you to order a variety of plants in one order.

Q. Will my plant get damaged during the delivery?

Good plant delivery services will take steps to prevent your plant from getting damaged during shipping. That being said, damage is always possible when items are being shipped, so the best plant delivery services also have policies in place to provide help if a product arrives damaged.

Q. How long does plant delivery take?

Shipping times vary according to retailer, shipping method, and your location. Most plant delivery services will deliver the plant within a few days to a week or so from purchase.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for the shipping of the plant?

It depends on the retailer; some plant delivery services charge for shipping, while others ship for free (usually over a certain order total threshold).

Q. Will I need a pot or planter when I receive my plant?

Again, it depends on the retailer. Some delivery services include a pot or a planter with the plant, while others have a selection of planters you can add on to your order.

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