The Best Smart Toilets of 2023

The porcelain throne just got a lot more royal. Check out what these modern toilets can do for your bathroom stays.

By Tom Scalisi | Updated Sep 8, 2023 8:12 AM

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The Best Smart Toilets


When the smart-home invasion began some 10 to 15 years ago, who would’ve thought we’d start automating toilets? But today’s smart toilets help keep us more sanitary and comfortable while also making life easier. They can flush, clean, dry, and deodorize, among many other functions.

With so much tech packed into a device we typically prefer not to think about, the shopping experience can be overwhelming. This guide highlights some of the most important features to consider when shopping for a smart toilet, as well as some of the best smart toilets on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Fine Fixtures Aqueous Smart Wall-Hung Toilet & Bidet
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Eplo E16 One-Piece Dual-Flush Smart Bidet Toilet
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Toto Neorest 700H Dual-Flush Toilet
  4. BEST FOR COMFORT: Vovo Stylement TCB-090SA Smart Bidet Toilet
  5. BEST WITH REMOTE: Woodbridge B0960S Single-Flush Smart Bidet Toilet
  6. BEST ADA HEIGHT: Woodbridge B0970S One-Piece Smart Bidet Toilet
  7. BEST BIDET: Eplo G18II Auto Open/Close Smart Bidet Toilet
The Best Smart Toilets Option


How We Chose the Best Smart Toilets

Choosing the best smart toilets was more challenging than you might think. These fixtures are far more expensive than standard models, so we wanted to make sure you’d get your money’s worth. We used our experience in smart tech and plumbing (and even general biology) to come up with a list of the best features available in today’s smart toilets.

Once we knew which features to look for, we rounded up a list of smart toilets that could meet our criteria. There are ample smart toilet brands available, and we compared the features, prices, and designs of each to ensure our picks offered enough value. We gave the toilets that met our standards awards based on their strengths and removed those that didn’t from our list.

Our Top Picks

The following are some of the best smart toilets on the market. Be sure to compare each model closely before making a decision.

Best Overall

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Fine Fixtures Aqueous Smart Wall-Hung Toilet & Bidet

The Fine Fixtures Aqueous toilet and bidet is a high-tech option that’s ideal for a bathroom remodel or a brand-new build. The kit features a wall-mounted smart toilet and wall-carrier system that installs into the wall framing to hold the load of the toilet as well as the person sitting on it. This mounting system looks great, saves space, and makes the floor easier to clean and keep hygienic.

This kit from Fine Fixtures has ample smart features as well, including a heated soft-close seat, adjustable water temperature and pressure, a warm air dryer, and a built-in LED night light. It also comes with a remote control for easy use, features automatic flushing, and has a bidet that’s both detachable and self-cleaning. The biggest drawback to this toilet is that the installer will have to cut the drywall to install the carrier and then repipe the drain into the wall, so it’s best for new builds or remodels.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated
  • Installation: Wall mount
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) height: Yes


  • Features a bidet with a detachable nozzle to make cleaning the nozzle easier
  • Comes with a wall carrier that saves space and makes cleaning the floor simpler
  • Features a remote control for easy feature activation and adjustment
  • Has dual-flushing options of either 0.9 or 1.28 gallons per flush


  • Installation requires removing drywall to install the wall carrier

Get the Fine Fixtures smart toilet at Amazon or Wayfair (without bidet).

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Eplo E16 One-Piece Dual-Flush Smart Bidet Toilet

Eplo’s smart toilet offers a large amount of value despite its small price tag. It’s a floor-mounted design with an elongated shape, providing a simple installation and a comfortable seat, and there are loads of built-in features.

This Eplo model has many smart features to make using it nicer and cleaning it easier. It uses motion-activated foot flushing as well as automatic flushing. If it detects weight on the seat for more than 60 seconds, it flushes with a full flow of water, and it does a partial flush if weight is present for under 60 seconds. It also features a bidet with multiple flow settings, a remote control, auto deodorization, a warm air dryer, automatic prewetting to enable easier bowl cleaning, and more. One potential downside to this model is that, with a seat height under 17 inches, it is not ADA compliant.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated
  • Installation: Floor mount
  • ADA height: No


  • Automatically detects flushing volume based on how long you sit
  • Features prewetting and auto deodorization to help keep things cleaner and fresher after use
  • Includes a bidet with multiple flow settings for cleanliness and comfort


  • Not ADA compliant; some folks may find its shorter height less comfortable and user-friendly

Get the Eplo E16 smart toilet at Amazon, Walmart, or Wayfair.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Toto Neorest 700H Dual-Flush Toilet

The Toto Neorest dual-flush toilet does a great job of mixing comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness. This smart toilet features a Tornado flush system that allows it to flush effectively using less water. Its surface has a special glaze that keeps it cleaner than conventional ceramic and also a misting system designed to cut down on the amount of manual cleaning and harsh chemicals needed.

In total, the Toto toilet has a laundry list of great features that make it comfortable to use and enjoyable to own. It has a bidet with adjustable flow and a heated water feature. It also has a heated seat, a night light, an automatic open and close lid, an air deodorizer, a hands-free flush sensor, and a remote control. The only real downside to this toilet is that it is at the top of the smart toilet price range.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated
  • Installation: Floor mount
  • ADA height: Yes


  • Uses a Tornado flush system that requires less water for flushing
  • Has a glazed ceramic surface and self-cleaning system that minimize the need for cleaning with harsh chemicals
  • Loaded with features like air deodorizer, auto open and close, remote control, and much more


  • It’s at the very top of the smart toilet price range

Get the Toto smart toilet at Lowe’sWayfair, or Build With Ferguson.

Best For Comfort

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Vovo Stylement TCB-090SA Smart Bidet Toilet

Vovo’s Stylement smart bidet toilet is all about comfort, featuring a specially designed 4-inch-wide seat that distributes your weight evenly over the increased space. A heated seat, adjustable water temperatures, and a warm air dryer round out the experience. But the Vovo also cares about cleanliness, with a tankless system and built-in ultraviolet (UV) LED sterilizer that automatically disinfects the bowl.

This Vovo smart toilet also features auto deodorization, a touchless auto-open and auto-close seat, a remote control, as well as a power-save mode. It has a multisetting bidet and auto flushing that adjusts water volume based on time seated on the toilet. Just be aware that although this toilet’s seat height is 17.5 inches, it is not listed as ADA compliant.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated, square
  • Installation: Floor mount
  • ADA height: No


  • Seat is wider than a typical seat, allowing it to feel more comfortable
  • Energy- and water-conscious with power-save mode and auto-adjusting flushing
  • Plenty of extras, including UV LED sterilization and a built-in bidet


  • Square profile may feel like it takes up more floor space than a standard round or elongated toilet

Get the Vovo smart toilet at Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Walmart.

Best With Remote

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Woodbridge B0960S Single-Flush Smart Bidet Toilet

Check out the B0960S smart toilet from Woodbridge for the best remote-controlled toileting. This model comes with a wall-mountable remote that allows you to easily activate the toilet’s features with the push of a button. This includes the water pressure and temperature of the bidet as well as the dryer for maximum comfort. It’s also ADA compliant for those who need it.

The Woodbridge B0960S smart toilet’s features include auto open and close, auto flush, and an automatic deodorizer. It also has a seat warmer, a built-in night light, and a warm air dryer. All of these functions are accessible and adjustable from the remote as well. The tank is rather pronounced in the rear of the toilet, so it’s not as streamlined as a tankless model would be.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated
  • Installation: Floor mount
  • ADA height: Yes


  • Features a wall-mountable remote that makes it especially easy to access the toilet’s functions
  • Has multiple features, including a bidet, a night light, a warm air dryer, auto flush, and an automatic deodorizer
  • ADA compliant for those who need a bit more height to enable getting up or down


  • The large tank at the rear of the toilet makes it a bit bulkier than tankless models

Get the Woodbridge B0960S smart toilet at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, Walmart, or Woodbridge.

Best ADA Height

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Woodbridge B0970S One-Piece Smart Bidet Toilet

The Woodbridge B0970S smart bidet toilet features an ADA-compliant design that is also sleek and feature packed. This model’s seat height is 17.3 inches, allowing you to get on and off it easily. It’s also tankless, which means there isn’t a large hump at the back of the toilet. The result is a streamlined and safe design.

The B0970S features off-seat automatic flushing, which means it won’t start flushing until you are up and away from the toilet. It features a bidet with heated water, a heated toilet seat, a remote, warm air drying, and plasma sterilization. It’s also a rounder elongated toilet, offering a wider seat for comfort while saving some floor space. It doesn’t have an auto-open and auto-close lid, however.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated
  • Installation: Floor mount
  • ADA height: Yes


  • Height is ADA compliant for folks with disabilities or those who just need a higher seat
  • Features off-seat flushing, allowing you to get up and away from the toilet before it flushes
  • Plenty of built-in features, including a remote and self-sterilization


  • Seat doesn’t have automatic opening and closing, so not totally touchless

Get the Woodbridge B0970S smart toilet at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Woodbridge.

Best Bidet

The Best Smart Toilets Option: Eplo G18II Auto Open/Close Smart Bidet Toilet

One of the greatest benefits of a smart toilet is the bidet, and the Eplo smart bidet toilet takes that seriously. The bidet function features several modes, including front wash, rear wash, mobile wash, hot and cold wash, as well as an air bubble mode for gentler cleaning. It also has an auto wash self-cleaning mode and a UV sterilization light. The bidet detaches for deep cleaning as well.

This model has plenty of other features as well. It offers four flushing modes (off seat, kick, knob, remote) as well as a night light, warm air drying, and auto deodorization. It’s not marked as ADA compliant, but the seat height does sit at 17 inches, which should accommodate many users.

Product Specs

  • Style: Elongated
  • Installation: Floor mount
  • ADA height: No


  • Bidet features multiple modes for all-around cleanliness
  • 4 flushing modes mean you can choose what best fits your needs
  • Features warm air drying, a built-in deodorizer, and a night light


  • Not specifically labeled as ADA compliant, so makes sure it fits your requirements before buying

Get the Eplo G18II smart toilet at Amazon, Wayfair, or Walmart.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Smart Toilet

As is the case with all smart-home devices, there are quite a few things to consider when shopping for a smart toilet. Below are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for these intelligent loos.

Size and Shape

Smart toilets are often a bit larger than their less tech-inspired counterparts. After all, they have to serve the basic functions while integrating technology, fans, pumps, motors, and other equipment. Measure your bathroom space to make sure that the smart toilet being considered can fit in your bathroom before buying. If there isn’t much space between the current toilet’s tank and the wall behind it, a smart toilet might not be in the cards.

Next, consider the smart toilet’s shape. There are two basic shapes: elongated and round. This refers to the shape of the bowl or the place the user sits. Many folks prefer the comfort of elongated toilets, but if space is an issue, round toilets are typically more compact.

There’s one more important point to consider: accessibility. Many smart toilets are ADA height, which means the seat is between 17 and 19 inches from the floor. This allows older folks, people with disabilities, or those with bad knees to get on and off the toilet easier.


This is where things get really fun. There are so many different features that can make a toilet “smart.”

  • Lighting: Many smart toilets have lighting features. Some light the room, others light the bowl, and many have night lights.
  • Built-in bidets: Folks who’d like to save on toilet paper or prefer a more complete and frictionless cleansing experience may opt for a smart toilet with a bidet. These toilets provide a jet of water that cleanses the user’s bottom after they use the toilet.
  • Drying: Rather than walking around with a soggy bottom, look for a smart toilet with a drying feature. These toilets blow warm air at the derriere, providing a drying effect after using a bidet.
  • Self-cleaning: Hate cleaning the toilet? Try a smart toilet with self-cleaning features. These toilets maintain themselves (to a degree), requiring less frequent deep cleaning.
  • Heated seats: Sitting on a cold seat is rarely a pleasant experience, and some toilets have heated seats to keep things toasty.
    Automatic toilet seats: Smart toilets with automatic toilet seats can lift or lower the seat on their own.
  • Energy-efficient flushing: There are smart toilets that will dual flush using just 1.28 gallons of water or less for solids and under 1.12 gallons for liquids, while standard toilets often flush at the maximum volume allowed of 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Deodorizing: Rather than using a can of artificial air freshener, many smart toilets have air freshening features to deodorize the air and keep the bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Remote controls: Some smart toilets feature remote controls. You can adjust settings and activate features from a handheld device.
  • App control: Smart toilets with app features allow you to control your toilets from your mobile device. You can adjust automatic settings and set schedules that tailor your toilet’s functions to your preferences.
  • Voice control: Some of the most advanced smart toilets can operate using voice commands. You simply give the toilet the automatic function you’d like activated, and the toilet abides. This can be a truly hands-free experience, but it will come at a cost.


Possibly the trickiest part of introducing a smart toilet into a home and its residents’ routines is installation. This takes some consideration, and possibly the help of a few professional tradespeople. Note that toilet replacement costs go up according to the number of modifications necessary.

Smart toilets don’t run on gas (bathroom humor), but they do require electricity. This means they require an outlet within roughly 4 feet of the toilet, but ideally, right behind it. Most homes won’t have an outlet in this location, so an electrician will have to install one.

Some smart toilets install on standard floor flanges, but some manufacturers may have different requirements. For instance, a standard toilet sits on a 12-inch rough-in, meaning the drain’s center is 12 inches from the wall. Most smart toilets adhere to this same specification, but to ensure a proper fit, check the manufacturers’ specifications before purchasing. Also, different types of toilets might be able to mount to the wall using a wall carrier bracket.

Smart toilets also use standard supply valves. However, depending on the toilet’s size, the drain and supply line may need to be moved. If that’s the case, the project will require a plumber.


That’s a lot of lowdown on smart toilets, but there might still be some questions that need flushing out. The following are some of the most common questions about the best toilets, so be sure to look for an answer to any question you have below.

Q. What does a smart toilet do?

Smart toilets can do a wide range of things. Some self-clean, while others clean the user’s bottom. Others might feature lighting, reduced water consumption, heated seats, drying features, and more.

Q. How expensive is a smart toilet?

Smart toilets usually cost just under $1,000 to around $6,000, but if the plumbing or electrical system in the home need updating, the cost to install a toilet can be much higher.

Q. Do smart toilets need electricity?

Yes, smart toilets need electricity. If there isn’t an outlet nearby, an electrician will have to install one.

Q. Can you flush a smart toilet without power?

The answer to this question is: It depends. Some models feature limited emergency flushing, while others don’t. You can typically flush the toilet by pouring around 2 gallons of water into the bowl, but the flush won’t have the same oomph as the toilet normally does.

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