The Best Raised Toilet Seats

There are more options than ever for accessible toilet seats. Here are our top picks for safety, ease of use, and more.

Best Overall

The Best Raised Toilet Seats Option: Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat

Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Raised Toilet Seats Option: Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

Best Portable

The Best Raised Toilet Seats Option: Carex Raised Toilet Seat

Carex Raised Toilet Seat

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A raised toilet seat is often recommended for people with mobility issues or those recovering from certain types of surgery. Having an accessible bathroom is key to maintaining independence and quality of life with an injury or medical condition.

There are more raised toilet seats on the market than you might think, each with different features to consider. Things like size, portability, ease of installation, lid type, handles, and weight capacity are all features to look for when making a selection. When searching for the best comfort-height toilet to prevent knee and hip pain, remember that quality matters.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
  3. BEST PORTABLE: Carex Raised Toilet Seat
  4. BEST FOR MOBILITY: DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode Transport Chair
  5. BEST PADDED: Vive Toilet Seat Cushion
  6. BEST HINGED: Drive Medical Hinged Toilet Seat Riser
  7. BEST WITH LID: Sammons Preston Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat
  8. BEST LIFTING: EZ-Access Tilt Toilet Incline Lift
The Best Raised Toilet Seats Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Raised Toilet Seats

Choosing the best raised toilet seat depends a lot on individual circumstances. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, there are key safety and use specifications to look out for like ADA and FDA compliance. A qualifying toilet seat for ADA compliance will be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor, and any safety arms will be sturdy and meet the same standards as a safety rail. The FDA also regulates raised toilet seats, as they are considered medical equipment. For your purchase to qualify for most insurance, it will need to be endorsed by the FDA. All of the products on our list have these designations, but you should still check with your insurance provider to be sure. An elevated toilet seat should do what you need it to do with little effort, as it will be an everyday fixture in your home.


The shape of your current toilet will determine which toilet seat riser to use. There are different shapes of toilets, so different models will fit with different shapes. Some types of raised toilet seats are universal, meaning they’ll fit any shape bowl, but the best elevated toilet seat will fit perfectly with your toilet.

The two most common shapes for toilet bowls are elongated and standard, but there are also compact elongated and other shapes less common for residential use. It’s important to figure out which type you have before choosing a toilet riser or raised seat to make sure that your selection will fit your current fixture. A standard toilet measures about 16.5 inches long by 14 inches wide, and an elongated toilet seat measures about 18.5 inches long by 14 inches wide.

Height and Weight Capacity

For those who need a raised toilet seat to accommodate a larger frame, pay attention to the weight capacity of the elevated toilet seat. To help avoid accidents and ensure proper safety and comfort, looking for the correct weight capacity for your elevated toilet seat is important. Standard raised toilet seats will accommodate between 200 and 300 pounds, but an increased-capacity raised seat, also known as a bariatric raised seat, can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. Increased-capacity raised seats usually use bolts, other metal attachments, or a separate safety frame to attach the seat to the toilet, while lower weight-capacity raised toilet seats can use nonslip pads or locks to secure the seat to the toilet.

In addition, consider the desired height of a raised toilet seat. Raised toilet seats can range from 2 inches to 6 inches high. The height of the seat will depend on the person using it. A shorter person will need a shorter rise to meet their needs, while for a taller person, a taller comfort height toilet seat may be ideal.

Comfort and Safety 

The best raised toilet seats offer safety as well as comfort. To do this, many include arms and padding to enhance these two key characteristics. Arms help ensure that users can be independent and safe, adding support when they’re sitting down and getting up. Fortunately, for those who are less steady on their feet or would just like the extra support, raised toilet seats with arms are a common, affordable option.

Similarly, padding can help prevent injury and add comfort. This additional cushion can cut down on pressure and soften the landing on sitting. A padded, raised toilet seat combines features to help make sitting and standing as painless as possible.

Additional Features

While shape, capacity, comfort, and safety are essential considerations, a couple of other factors should be weighed when deciding on a raised toilet seat: portability and hinging capability. Since most people leave their homes at least on occasion, a portable toilet seat riser can give users the ability to have safety and comfort wherever they go. Collapsible and quick-setup toilet seat risers are available to take on the go and install when needed.

Being able to move the raised toilet seat out of the way when it’s not needed also adds convenience. A hinging toilet seat riser flips up, just like the lid of a standard toilet seat. This simple design allows ease of use, particularly for a multi-person household.

Our Top Picks

Here are our picks for some of the best raised toilet seats on the market. They offer a range of key features that accommodate a variety of mobility needs.

Best Overall

Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat

The Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat comes with sturdy metal arms, attaches securely in place of an existing toilet seat, and is shaped to help prevent messes. It can hinge open to get it out of the way, and it’s easy to clean.

It comes in both a standard and elongated shape, and it can be purchased with or without the arms, offering functionality specific to a user’s needs. Bolting behind the toilet seat opening, this seat is less likely to loosen or slip. Its sturdy build holds up to 1,000 pounds, with each arm rated for 350 pounds, making it an excellent choice for safety.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Installation tools included to screw into rim behind seat
  • Weight capacity: Up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Shape: Standard or elongated


  • Easy to clean
  • Very sturdy
  • Handles for added safety
  • Available in either standard or elongated shape


  • Not collapsible or portable
  • Only comes in 1 color

Get the Bemis raised toilet seat at Amazon, The Home Depot (elongated), or Rehab Mart.

Best Bang For The Buck

Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

The Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat riser has padded adjustable metal arms, giving you added safety. It fits most standard or elongated toilet bowls and has a clamping mechanism for secure installation. In addition to being affordable, this seat can easily meet almost any basic safety needs with its simple tool-free installation. The Medline Locking toilet seat adds a total of 5.5 extra inches to your existing toilet seat height, although you can’t close the lid of the toilet once it’s installed. The simple design can help improve mobility and independence after surgery or for recovery from an injury, but it doesn’t have all the features you may want for long-term use, like adjustability or bolts for installation.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Clamps onto seat, no tools needed
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Shape: Fits most standard toilets 11 to 14 inches long


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Metal handles for added safety


  • No lid once installed
  • Not collapsible

Get the Medline raised toilet seat at The Home Depot, Medline at Home, or Power Medical Supply.

Best Portable

Carex Raised Toilet Seat

For a portable elevated toilet seat option, the Carex Raised Toilet Seat is a good bet. Its design allows for use with most standard-shape toilets, and it sits on top of the existing toilet seat for the simplest installation. Its nonslip rubber surface is good for added stability, and its wide seat gives the user a more comfortable surface to sit on, as well as helping to prevent tipping. Since it’s all one piece and requires no tools, it’s an excellent option for portability, although since it doesn’t have arms or a safety lock, it’s not great for long-term use.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Sits on seat, no tools required
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Shape: Standard


  • Seat is contoured for greater comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Nonslip rubber surface helps to hold it in place


  • No arms for added safety
  • Doesn’t allow lid to close once installed

Get the Carex raised toilet seat at Best Buy or Carex.

Best For Mobility

DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode Transport Chair

For those with mobility issues or who need the assistance of a walker, the DMI Rolling Shower chair and Commode Transport Chair does triple duty, acting as a padded, raised toilet seat; a shower chair; and a transport seat. This elevated toilet seat can be used with just about any toilet for added safety and stability for those who are especially unsteady on their feet. For independence as well as mobility, this device will allow the user to confidently get to and from the restroom and take care of their needs on their own. This is a sturdy metal-frame product that is fairly simple to assemble

Product Specs 

  • Installation: None necessary, assembles with screwdriver
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Shape: Not applicable


  • Allows for maximum mobility
  • Padded seat
  • Sturdy design with metal frame
  • Doubles as a shower chair


  • Doesn’t attach permanently
  • Not collapsible
  • Weight capacity less than other models

Get the DMI raised toilet seat at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Healthsmart.

Best Padded

Vive Toilet Seat Cushion

Sometimes the pressure when sitting down can cause pain for those with hip or other injuries. For a versatile and simple solution with padding to help diffuse pressure, the Vive Toilet Seat Cushion is a good choice. It can be used with most residential toilet types, gives users 5 inches of extra height, and is simple to clean. Plus, its nonslip pads and a lip that fits inside an existing toilet bowl help it to stay in place. This straightforward toilet seat cushion is also easy to take on the go, making any commode more comfortable.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Suction cups secure it to the toilet
  • Weight capacity: Not specified
  • Shape: Universal to fit most


  • Simple installation
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Fits most standard and elongated toilets


  • No handles or arms
  • Not hinged to move out of the way
  • No locking mechanism

Get the Vive raised toilet seat at Amazon, Vive, or The Rehab Store.

Best Hinged

Drive Medical Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

For those who share a bathroom, a raised toilet seat can sometimes be cumbersome to deal with for those who don’t need to use it, with non-users having to remove and replace the raised seat each time they use the toilet. A raised toilet seat like the Drive Medical Hinged Toilet Seat Riser can make it a snap to transition from a toilet seat riser to a regular seat. The hinged toilet seat riser flips up just like a regular toilet seat when you don’t need it and can quickly flip back down for those who do need it, giving them a stable 3.5 inches of extra height.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Bolts to existing seat, lid, and toilet
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Shape: Fits most standard or elongated toilets


  • Light weight at only 5 lbs.
  • Easily moves out of the way
  • Bolts in for extra stability
  • Easy to clean


  • No arms for extra safety
  • Not available in heights more than 3.5 inches
  • Weight capacity less than other models

Get the Drive Medical raised toilet seat at Amazon, The Home Depot, Walgreens, or Drive Medical.

Best With Lid

Sammons Preston Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat

For the purposes of hygiene, closing the lid of the toilet when flushing is a best practice. Many raised toilet seats can get in the way, making this simple habit impossible. To help prevent the spread of germs and keep the bathroom area as clean as possible, the sturdy 2-inch Sammons Preston Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat is a good choice. It’s lightweight, simple to install, and easy to clean.

Keeping the bathroom clean and preventing the spread of germs can be difficult for those with mobility issues, so using an elevated toilet seat with a lid can help keep things in check while also helping with accessibility.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Adjustable L-shaped brackets lock onto toilet
  • Weight capacity: 420 lbs.
  • Shape: Standard


  • Lid can close when installed
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in multiple heights


  • No handles for added safety
  • Not very portable

Get the Sammons Preston raised toilet seat at Amazon, 4 MD Medical, or Health Products For You.

Best Lifting

EZ-Access Tilt Toilet Incline Lift

For some, sitting down or standing up is very difficult without assistance. Falls are a real danger in the bathroom, so the right type of accessible toilet seat can mitigate that risk. The EZ-Access Tilt Toilet Incline Lift gives the user powered mechanical assistance with sitting and standing and provides a bolted-on safety frame made from powder-coated steel to help prevent slips and falls. Although this model of raised toilet seat is more complicated to install than other varieties, for those with severe mobility issues, it can provide independence and safety beyond what a standard raised toilet seat can. For those wishing to stay in their own home and retain some independence and privacy, this elevated toilet seat can help.

Product Specs 

  • Installation: Bolts to toilet seat, tools required
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs.
  • Shape: Standard or elongated


  • Mechanically assisted lift
  • Durable steel construction
  • Available in a battery-powered model or corded model


  • More expensive than other options
  • Not portable

Get the EZ-Access raised toilet seat at Amazon, Arthritis Supplies, or Active Forever.

Our Verdict

A raised toilet seat has a lot of uses, so our pick for the Best Overall is the Bemis raised toilet seat because of its sturdiness, versatility, and safety features. Our choice for the Best Bang for the Buck is the Medline raised toilet seat. It has a lot of the same features at a lower price point.

How We Chose the Best Raised Toilet Seats

We chose these products by weighing design, comfort, and ease of use. Because an elevated toilet seat is something that gets used every day, the main considerations aside from safety are stability and comfort. Other factors we considered were how easy or difficult they are to install, how portable they are, and how sturdy or durable they are.

For people recovering from injuries, or those who have mobility issues, a raised toilet seat can provide privacy, dignity, and independence. Not only do you want to avoid falls, but you want to remain independent as long as possible when caring for yourself. Toilet seat risers with cushions, handles, and anti-slip coatings are all things that can increase safety and confidence while maintaining privacy for the user.

Tips for Installing Raised Toilet Seats

While many raised toilet seats don’t require tools for installation, removing your old toilet seat might. Having a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench handy is a good idea for DIY installation. Making sure that you have the right size going in is also something that will save you time and aggravation. Most toilet seat risers aren’t returnable for health and safety reasons, so once you buy it, it’s yours. The shape of most American residential toilets is either standard, which has a round bowl, or elongated, which is more of an oval shape. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to ask the manufacturer or retailer for exact measurements.

An important safety tip is to make sure all the hardware is properly installed and tightened. Read the directions that come with the raised toilet seat to make sure that everything will be securely attached. If the seat shifts or slips off the toilet, it doesn’t help create a safer bathroom.

  • Measure carefully before you buy
  • Keep a wrench and screwdriver handy
  • Follow all the manufacturer instructions


Q. Are higher toilet seats better?

Higher toilet seats aren’t universally better, but for knee, hip, and back problems, they’re definitely a better option.

Q. Who should use a raised toilet seat?

Anyone with restricted movement can benefit from a raised toilet seat. Reasons that people use one are joint pain; recovery from knee, hip, or back surgery; or for chronic conditions like arthritis.

Q. How do I choose a raised toilet seat?

Deciding first what you need from a raised toilet seat, like grab bars or handles, cushioning, or portability, and then looking for one that fits the shape of your toilet is your best bet.

Q.How high should a raised toilet seat be?

The height of your raised toilet seat depends on the height of the person using it and the reason they need it. If you mainly need cushioning, a lower height might be fine. If you’re over 6 feet, likely any added height will help.

Q. What is the best raised toilet seat with handles?

There are a few types of raised toilet seats with handles or arms, but the best is probably the Best Overall choice listed above; the arms are held on with sturdy metal brackets and the overall design is stable.

Q. What is the cost of a raised toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat can cost anywhere from $20 to $1,000, but the average cost is around $60.