The Best Toilet Seats for Bathroom Updates

A seat in one of the most peaceful rooms of the house should maximize comfort and functionality while enhancing aesthetics.

By Timothy Dale | Updated Feb 27, 2024 5:40 PM

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A new toilet seat in a residential bathroom


An updated bathroom adds value to a home, matching design preferences and household needs. Toilets can play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of bath and vanity areas. A flimsy or cracked toilet seat—usually a poor-quality product—is an eyesore that can make a bathroom look unclean.

The best toilet seats are made with superior materials that can support significant weight, are easy to clean, and bring comfort to a place of privacy. This guide discusses what to look for when buying a toilet seat and reviews some of the top-rated options on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Bemis 1500EC 000 Elongated Enameled Wood Toilet Seat
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Kohler K-4774-0 Brevia Quick-Release Toilet Seat
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Bio Bidet BB-1000W Supreme Bidet Toilet Seat
  4. BEST WOODEN: Mayfair 841EC 047 Enameled Wood Toilet Seat
  5. BEST PLASTIC: Mayfair 887SLOW 000 Affinity Slow-Close Toilet Seat
  6. BEST ELONGATED: Centoco 1600-001 Elongated Plastic Toilet Seat
  7. BEST ROUND: Mayfair 826MBSL 000 Benton Round Toilet Seat
  8. BEST WEIGHT CAPACITY: Bemis 1000CPT Paramount Elongated/Round Toilet Seat
  9. BEST WITH BIDET: Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bidet Toilet Seat
  10. BEST HEATED: Toto SW3084#01 Washlet C5 Elongated Toilet Seat
A person lifting a toilet seat


How We Chose the Best Toilet Seats

Our recommendations include a variety of options that meet user needs and fit many of the best toilets, whether round or elongated.

When evaluating the available products, we looked for toilet seats that are made well and can withstand regular use. Other important factors included ease of cleaning, comfort, ease of installation, color options, and additional features such as heated seats, massage streams, drying features, water-temperature control, a quiet-closing feature, and built-in bidet systems.

Our favorite models include standard wood and plastic seats as well as high-tech electronic seats that are easy to install and resist staining. Some offer the helpful feature of a quick-release seat, which makes cleaning much easier. Both low-tech affordable toilet seats and a high-tech bidet toilet seat option with advanced features ranked high on the list. Although most models are standard sizes, one of our favorites is made for higher weight capacities.

Our Top Picks

The following selections have been chosen based on the considerations outlined below, the toilet seat efficacy, and the overall reputation of the manufacturer. Read on to learn more about some of the best toilet seats on the market today. Each of our top picks has been organized by category and comes with a thoroughly vetted list of pros and cons.

Best Overall

Bemis 1500EC 000 toilet seat

Product Specs 

  • Shape: Round or elongated
  • Material: Enameled wood
  • Size: 18.8 inches long by 14.1 inches wide (elongated), 16.8 inches long by 14.3 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Made with a durable enameled wooden material with water-resistant coating
  • Bumpers under seat prevent shifting and startling when seated
  • Comes in both round and elongated versions to suit most current toilets
  • Low price point compared to most other options on this list


  • Must use mild soap to clean it; not made for complete soaking

Elongated and round toilet seats don’t have to be expensive, especially if they are going into a guest bathroom or seasonal home. The Bemis 1500EC model doesn’t hurt the wallet and comes in both round and elongated seats. A top installation system is easy to complete and doesn’t require getting down on one’s hands and knees thanks to the included locking wing nuts.

Four bumpers on the bottom of the seat hold it in place during use and prevent unwanted shifting that could damage the hinges. This enameled, wood toilet seat is easy to clean, and it features a water-resistant coating to help prevent the wood from absorbing moisture over time. There isn’t a better toilet seat on this list for the price.

Get the Bemis 1500EC toilet seat at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Wayfair.

Best Bang for the Buck

Kohler toilet seat

Product Specs

  • Shape: Round or elongated
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 16 inches long by 14.18 inches wide (round), 18 inches long by 14.18 inches wide (elongated)
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Quick-release design can be removed easily for routine cleanings
  • Stain-, chip-, and fade-resistant plastic construction lasts for long-term use
  • The contoured construction and grip-tight bumpers provide comfort when in use
  • Comes in elongated or round shapes and 3 different color options


  • Does not have a soft-close lid; not as safe for homes with children and pets

Those looking for a versatile and durable toilet seat that comes with a budget-friendly price can rely on this model from Kohler. Made with a quick-release design and a stain-, chip-, and fade-resistant plastic construction, this Kohler seat is ergonomically designed for comfort and comes with grip-tight bumpers that hold the seat in place for peace of mind.

This Kohler also comes with color-matched plastic hinges and quick-attach hardware that makes this seat easy to install or remove for cleaning. Plus, this model comes in an elongated or round shape and three color options, making it versatile enough for most toilets and bathroom styles.

Get the Kohler toilet seat at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Kohler.

Upgrade Pick

Bio Bidet BB-1000W toilet seat

Product Specs 

  • Shape: Round or elongated
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 20.6 inches long by 19.4 inches wide (elongated), 19.4 inches long by 19.4 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of installation: Difficult


  • Bidet comes with a 3-in-1 nozzle; provides rear, front, and vortex wash
  • Water-temperature control; can emit hot, warm, or cold water with the refilling reservoir
  • Slow-closing lid and heated seat; provides ample comfort when in use
  • Large remote control included for very easy adjusting; wall-mount hardware included


  • More expensive than other options on this list
  • Installation is more complicated than the typical toilet seat; requires plug near the toilet

The Bio Bidet Supreme elongated toilet seat is likely never going into a guest bathroom, with a price tag well above that of an average toilet seat. However, for luxury consumers or those looking to spoil themselves, the three-in-one adjustable nozzle for advanced aim and pressure will introduce them to a whole new experience. The large remote control comes with a mounting kit, unlike many other electronic bidets on the market.

The heated seat solves the issue of sitting down on cold plastic in the middle of the night and comes in elongated or round options. Water-temperature control on the sprayer keeps users warm during cleaning, and a built-in dryer removes the need for excess toilet paper. However, the installation will be more complicated than the usual two bolts because of the inclusion of a water tank.

Get the Bio Bidet BB-1000W toilet seat at Amazon or Bio Bidet by Bemis.

Best Wooden

Mayfair 841EC 047 toilet seats

Product Specs

  • Shape: Round or elongated
  • Material: Wooden
  • Size: 18.8 inches long by 14.2 inches wide (elongated), 16.8 inches long by 14.3 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Comes in more than 6 color options to suit multiple bathrooms’ current fixtures and color schemes
  • Quick-release system allows for easier installation and cleaning
  • Durable hardware prevents loose bolts and slipping while in use


  • Users will only want to use mild soap to clean this toilet seat

Wood toilet seats add a certain aesthetic appeal to a bathroom that plastic options can’t match. The multitude of color options of the Mayfair enameled wood toilet seat allows it to look stunning in any bathroom, but you’ll want to clean it using only mild soap and water. Like most enameled wooden toilet seats, this pick uses a fastening system that resists movement and twisting at the hinges.

The bolts are wrapped in a hard plastic that prevents slipping into the porcelain holes. Additionally, the bolts are designed to prevent additional torque from the wrench after the nuts have reached optimal tightness. A quick-release system allows for simple seat removal and makes cleaning easy for a neat and hygienic bathroom.

Get the Mayfair 841EC 047 toilet seat at Amazon or Bemis.

Best Plastic

Mayfair 887SLOW toilet seat

Product Specs

  • Shape: Round or elongated
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 18.5 inches long by 14 inches wide (elongated),16.5 inches long by 14.3 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Fits most toilet brands; comes in both elongated and round size options
  • Durable construction; resists cracking, stains, and chips; made with reinforced nylon bolts
  • Quick-release hinges allow for easy installation and cleaning
  • Slow-close system, which means the seat can be closed with a simple tap and is safe for little hands


  • May not be as comfortable as other alternative options

The Mayfair Affinity slow-close toilet seat is made with a round shape that fits most common toilets produced by Kohler, American Standard, Toto, and many more, so users won’t have to be overly selective when choosing a toilet seat for their home. It has reinforced nylon bolts and fasteners to help prevent rusting and corrosion, which can be a problem with metal fasteners. The durable plastic construction is both flexible and strong, allowing the seat to resist cracking, chips, and stains.

This toilet seat also features a slow-close system to prevent it from slamming shut in the middle of the night and waking up the whole house. The quick-release hinges are easy to install, and they make it possible to quickly remove the toilet seat for thorough cleaning without having to remove the bolts.

Get the Mayfair 887SLOW 000 toilet seat at Amazon or Bemis.

Best Elongated

Centoco toilet seat

Product Specs

  • Shape: Elongated or round
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 18.5 inches long by 14 inches wide (elongated), 16.7 inches long by 14.1 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Durable construction; made with impact-absorbing hinges and corrosion-free hardware
  • Comes in 4 neutral color options to match most current bathroom’s fixtures
  • Affordable option compared to other models on the market


  • Lid may not stay up by itself

Elongated toilets must use elongated toilet seats; otherwise, the seat won’t sit properly on the toilet’s edges, causing it to slide, twist, and eventually break. The Centoco elongated plastic toilet seat is ideal for pairing with an elongated toilet bowl, giving users more space and making it easier for individuals with mobility issues to stand up from the toilet. But, this option does come in a round size as well.

This plastic toilet seat is resistant to staining, cracking, or chipping, and it also features impact-absorbing hinges to help reduce the strain on the toilet seat when a person sits down, stands up, or shifts their bottom. It comes in four neutral colors—white, crane white, bone, and biscuit—and includes color-matched bumpers to protect the toilet if the seat is slammed closed. Plus, it has corrosion-free hardware for long-term use.

Get the Centoco toilet seat at Amazon or Wayfair.

Best Round

Mayfair 826MBSL toilet seat

Product Specs 

  • Shape: Round or elongated
  • Material: Enameled wood
  • Size: 18.5 inches long by 14.1 inches wide (elongated), 16.5 inches long by 14.3 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Durable construction; resists stains, cracks, chips, and warping
  • Comes in a wide range of colorways, including brushed gold, brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black
  • Slow-close system means users can close it with a simple tap; ideal for homes with children
  • STA-TITE fastening system will stay in place when in use, or easily remove for cleaning; only requires a wrench


  • Should not be cleaned with harsh substances; may tarnish

Round toilet seats are made to be installed on round toilets. This Mayfair toilet seat is well suited for a child’s bathroom or a bathroom that doesn’t have a lot of space.

The enameled wood seat is durable and resistant to stains, cracks, chips, and warping, and comes with the option of brushed gold, brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black hinges to match any bathroom’s fixtures. It also features a slow-close system to prevent seat slamming and a STA-TITE fastening system to make installation quick and painless. It fits most manufacturers’ round toilets and is made with eco-friendly materials.

Get the Mayfair 826MBSL toilet seat at Amazon or Target.

Best Weight Capacity

Bemis toilet 1000CPT seat

Product Specs 

  • Shape: Round/elongated
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 18.8 inches long by 16.5 inches wide
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • 1,000-pound weight capacity, and sitting surface is 19 inches wide
  • Fits both round and elongated toilets for excellent versatility; all hardware included
  • Durable construction; stainless steel hinges provide long-lasting, corrosion-free use and ABS plastic resists chips and stains


  • Plastic may not be as comfortable as other materials
  • Only comes in 1 color option; not as versatile as some comparable picks

Capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds, the Bemis 1000CPT Paramount elongated/round toilet seat is designed for the larger individual and fits both round and elongated toilets. This plastic seat is suitable for both round and elongated toilets from popular manufacturers such as Kohler, American Standard, Toto, Delta, and more. The stainless steel hinges can take a lot of torque from a twisting seat before they would bend or break.

Additionally, the STA-TITE commercial fastening system provides easy installation and ensures the seat will never wiggle or come loose. The seat’s strong, durable ABS plastic makes the seat easy to clean and resistant to chips and stains.

Get the Bemis 1000CPT toilet seat at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Bemis.

Best With Bidet

Bio Bidet BB-2000 toilet seat

Product Specs 

  • Shape: Elongated or round
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 20.9 inches long by 18.11 inches wide (elongated), 20.9 inches long by 15.4 inches wide (round)
  • Ease of Installation: Easy


  • Both the seat and the water temperature can be adjusted via the wireless remote control; hybrid heating technology allows for unlimited hot water
  • The 3-nozzled wand has an oscillating and pulsating massage function; also comes with an air dryer
  • Built-in deodorizer and washing function removes any unwanted stains, materials, and odors
  • Comes in a round and elongated size to accommodate multiple users’ current toilets


  • Comes with a much higher price point compared to most other toilet seats

Bidets are one of the most luxurious options on the market when it comes to toilet seats, and this option from Bio Bidet is one of our favorites. It is made with a heated seat with adjustable temperatures, a wand with three separate nozzles, an oscillating function, a pulsating massage stream, adjustable water temperature and pressure, and an unlimited quantity of hot water with hybrid heating technology. For added user-friendliness, this model also comes with a heated dryer, a slow-closing toilet lidand seat, a deodorizer, and a washing function for removing any debris.

This Bio Bidet toilet seat comes with a wireless remote control for adjusting the settings and a convenient night-light for midnight visits to the bathroom. Finally, this toilet seat comes in both a round and elongated shape to fit any current toilet in the home.

Get the Bio Bidet BB-2000 toilet seat at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best Heated

Toto toilet seat

Product Specs 

  • Shape: Elongated
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 20.88 inches long by 15.06 inches wide
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Made with a heated, soft-close seat for comfort; keeps little hands safe
  • Included remote control adjusts the water temperature and pressure; memory function keeps 2 users’ settings
  • Self-cleaning dual-action resin sprayer wand stays clean and has 3 sprayers integrated; comes with oscillation option
  • Premist function keeps the bowl clean before use, and the deodorizer eliminates odor after use


  • Warm-water function does not last for very long; may only be comfortable for 30 seconds

Heated toilet seats offer a level of comfort that the average toilet seat just can’t compete with. Those looking for this type of toilet seat will want to take a long look at this electronic option from Toto. This toilet seat comes in two colors and is made with comfort in mind with adjustable water temperature and pressure settings.

There is also a self-cleaning dual-action resin wand that has three sprayers and an oscillation function. Plus, it has a premist function that cleans the inside of the bowl to prevent any unsightly stains and a deodorizer to keep smells to a minimum.

The Toto Washlet C5 is equipped with a soft-close heated seat for added comfort while in use and an air dryer for reduced consumption of toilet paper. Finally, the included remote control keeps two users’ settings in control with the help of the integrated memory function. The only downside is that the hot water function does not last very long.

Get the Toto toilet seat at Amazon, Lowe’s, Wayfair, Walmart, or Build With Ferguson.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Toilet Seat

Any purchase should involve a certain level of research and knowledge about the product when you’re shopping around. Whether it’s a simple question about available colors or a detailed inquiry about the specific weight restrictions on an item, this information is essential. Here are some factors shoppers should consider when they’re trying to find the best toilet seat for their homes.


A toilet bowl’s design determines its seat shape: either elongated or round. Finding the right types of toilet seats involves measuring the length of the toilet bowl. To do this, find the center between the seat bolts, and measure to the outside edge of the front of the toilet bowl. An elongated bowl will measure between 18 and 18.5 inches in length, while a round bowl will measure about 16.5 inches in length.

Before purchasing a new toilet seat, you’ll want to consider the following two types of toilet seats:

  • Elongated toilets tend to be more comfortable for adults and are easier to stand up from for those with mobility issues. They take up more room, however, and are a bit restrictive in small bathrooms.
  • Round toilets are better for smaller adults and could be an ideal solution for a child’s bathroom. They are less robust than elongated toilet seats but also have a lower price tag.


Toilet seats are typically made of plastic or wood. Plastic seats naturally resist moisture and are easy to clean. They’re also more durable over time because plastic doesn’t absorb moisture. By contrast, wood can begin to crack and warp. Wooden seats are generally better for secondary bathrooms, as their aesthetic appeal can outweigh long-term functionality issues.

Other materials to consider are the hinges and bolts. The hinge material selection should focus on durability, with stainless steel and zinc-plated options being the most durable and plastic being the least durable. If the toilet seat is in the home’s main bathroom, consider high-end materials.

Bolts are available in metal or plastic. Metal bolts offer strength and stability, with little flex to cause seats to twist, but are more susceptible to a bathroom’s humidity and moisture. Plastic bolts don’t rust, so they’re easier to remove for cleaning, but they lack the strength of metal bolts.


A toilet seat’s color helps a toilet bowl match the aesthetic of a designer bathroom or highlight a neutral scheme with a burst of brightness. Most often, choosing a toilet seat color comes down to the number of options a specific brand offers and how any of these options pair with the current bathroom design.

Ultimately, color is an individual preference, but popular toilet seat brands usually offer several neutral color options. Many shoppers often prefer one brand name over another and usually lean toward those that offer a wide selection of colors. Having a wide selection to choose from typically helps narrow down the best choice for a bathroom.


Installing and tightening a toilet seat is usually an easy project anyone can complete in a few minutes. The type of bolts for the new toilet seat won’t affect the installation, but the condition of the bolts on the existing toilet seat might create difficulty. Rusted metal bolts can quickly complicate this task. Liquid lubricating oil can loosen up the bolts, or, in extreme cases, a hacksaw can cut through them.

Some toilet seat manufacturers offer hardware that can be easier to install or replace, with specialty wing nuts that lock into place, so installing the top of the bolt requires only a screwdriver.

Other options to consider for installation are quick-release toilet seats that easily detach from the bolts for easy cleaning. Being able to remove the entire seat without wrestling with bolts means it can be sanitized more frequently, increasing the bathroom’s overall cleanliness.

Additional Features

Among the features discussed above, several additional elements can quickly enhance a toilet seat’s functionality. Quiet-closing toilet seats feature controlled hinges that gently bring the seat down to rest on the bowl. Bumpers sit on the bottom of the toilet seat, protecting the porcelain and gripping the bowl to prevent the seat from shifting when someone is sitting on it.

High-end models feature heated seats, massage streams, and built-in bidet systems, bringing a luxury experience to any bathroom. Advanced nozzle placement, drying features, and water-temperature control are just a few of the available features for those willing to spend the money.


There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product online despite having a ton of questions about the item and whether it’s the right choice. This is a dilemma many shoppers face. Here are answers to some of the most common questions shoppers usually have about the best toilet seats for their bathrooms.

Q. What is the maximum weight that a standard toilet seat can hold?

The weight limit of a standard toilet seat ranges by manufacturer, but the average maximum weight is between 300 and 500 pounds.However, some options like the Bemis 1000CPT toilet seat come with weight capacities of up to 1,000 pounds to accommodate larger individuals.

Q. How can I find the right size toilet seat for my toilet?

Measure the toilet bowl’s length and width as well as the distance between the bolts. Users can also find or look up their toilet’s manual to find the size option that is recommended for their specific model.

Q. How do you replace the toilet seat?

Remove the old bolts from the existing seat with a screwdriver and a socket wrench, then install the new seat with a set of new bolts. However, some electronic models require a mounting plate that must be installed before the bolts to accommodate any valves or other water supplies.

Q. What size are toilet seat bolts?

The average bolt size is ⅜ by 2½ inches, though other sizes are available for industrial toilets, heavy-duty toilet seats, and specialty toilets.

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