The Best Space Heater for Bedroom Warmth

Keeping warm when the temperatures plummet is easy and cost-effective with the best space heater for a bedroom. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options


Colder temperatures have a way of pointing out the weak spots in a home’s insulation and heating system. When that space is a bedroom, it may seem as if no amount of blankets or flannel sheets can break the chill of the room.

If your bedroom stays cool and damp, a space heater can help. These safe, convenient little heaters create enough warmth to make a cold, drafty room feel downright cozy. Read on to learn more.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt
  2. UPGRADE PICK: De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater 1500W
  3. BEST OIL-FILLED: PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Portable Space Heater
  4. BEST MICATHERMIC: De’Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet
  5. BEST ELECTRIC: Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote
  6. BEST WITH FAN: PELONIS Portable 2 in 1 Vortex Heater with Fan
  7. BEST WIFI-ENABLED: Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater
Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Space Heater for Bedroom Warmth

Before purchasing a space heater for a bedroom, keep in mind some important considerations. Give each point some thought to help choose the best space heater for bedroom warmth in your home.


Several types of space heaters are on the market, each of which produces heat differently.

  • Fan heaters have electric coils that produce heat and spinning fan blades that push warm air into the room. Position these electric heaters on a desk or dresser and aim them toward the bed while you sleep.
  • Convection heaters produce heat with electric coils, ceramic plates, or oil-filled fins. As the heat rises, it pushes cold air down toward the heater. The heater then warms the cold air, which rises and pushes colder air back down.
  • Infrared heaters warm objects in front of the heater, not the air around it. Infrared heaters are excellent for producing localized heat, but some models struggle to produce a uniform amount of heat. Moreover, the bright glow of the coils can affect light sleepers.
  • Micathermic heaters use electric coils to warm a sheet of mica sandwiched between them. They produce both convection and radiant heat.


Safety is the most important consideration when using a space heater. For example, a heater placed too close to a curtain, bedspread, or other combustible object could cause a fire. It’s critical to keep space heaters away from objects. Aso ensure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

To help mitigate danger, many manufacturers install safety features on their space heaters, the most important of which may be the tip-over switch, which shuts off the unit if it falls over. Also, space heaters that use combustible fuels sometimes feature low-oxygen cutoffs that disable the unit when enough oxygen isn’t available for safe combustion. Prior to using any type of space heater, read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions.


Nearly all heaters complete some type of convection cycle, which means they can heat most rooms if sized correctly. Luckily, most bedrooms are relatively small compared to wide-open great rooms or the primary living space, which means nearly any space heater will do.

Space heaters come in either watt ratings (labeled “W”) or British thermal units (described as BTUs). Almost all electric space heaters are rated for either 750 or 1,500 watts; the smaller size is suitable for small rooms, and the larger size for larger spaces. As to BTUs, a heater that produces 9,000 BTUs is typically plenty for even a large bedroom.

Energy Efficiency

Whether the heater uses electricity, a fossil fuel, or some other type of fuel source, energy efficiency should be a factor when choosing the best space heater for bedrooms. While heating an entire home with space heaters would not be an efficient use of energy, using one to heat a bedroom while the rest of the house stays at a lower temperature can actually save money.

In homes without heating zones, the temperature throughout the entire home might need to be quite high to make the bedroom comfortable overnight. With a space heater, the rest of the home’s heating system can hover at energy-efficient temperatures while the bedroom stays toasty warm.

Noise Level

Any extra noise in the bedroom can affect a light sleeper’s rest. On a space heater, typical fan levels measure about 35 to 45 decibels, equivalent to a quiet background conversation. Oil-filled heaters usually make bubbling sounds that are clearly audible within the room.

Product labels don’t often list noise level, so if absolute silence is necessary, a micathermic heater might be the way to go. This type of heater doesn’t use a fan or oil, so the heat is produced quietly and comfortably.

Our Top Picks

Before choosing the best space heater for bedroom warmth in your home, this guide can help. The following list contains some of the best space heaters for bedrooms, including electric, oil-filled, and even radiant models.

Best Overall

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

For sleepers who prefer the benefit of the instant heat that an infrared heater can provide, but who also need a quiet environment for optimal sleep, Dr Infrared Heater’s Portable Space Heater is an excellent option. Since it uses infrared heating plus a high-pressure blower, this 1,500-watt electric space heater can heat a large room quickly. Still, at just 39 decibels, it operates quietly.

This radiant heater features an automatic energy-saving mode and high and low temperature settings. Program it with a remote, ideal for quick adjustments. If the heater tips over, an automatic shutoff disables it immediately.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

The oil-filled radiator-style 1,500W De’Longhi space heater features a digital control panel with programmable settings, timers, and high-low automatic temperature settings. It has thermal chimneys that allow cold air to pass through the fins more effectively, heating the room faster and more evenly through quiet convection.

The De’Longhi features a rust-resistant finish that should look good for years to come. Its metal fins help reduce surface temperature without sacrificing heating capability, and the thermal cutoff function automatically shuts down the heater if it begins to overheat.

Best Oil-Filled

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater Luxurious Champagne Portable Space Heater

This 1,500-watt PELONIS electric oil-filled heater produces an evenly warm heat, even in spaces too large for many heaters. The unit features five different temperature settings ranging from 65 to 85 degrees.

Like most oil-filled heaters, it can make some noise as the oil heats and cools. It also features a five-setting timer, providing heat for two, four, six, eight, or 10 hours at a time. It features a high and low setting and an eco-friendly mode that turns the heater on and off. It sits on four easy-rolling casters to move it with ease. The built-in tip-over switch and overheat protection help provide some peace of mind.

Best Micathermic

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater

The De’Longhi 1,500-watt micathermic heater contains a sheet of mica and dual fans that heat and distribute warmth through the air to start a convection cycle. And, it does so nearly silently.

While the De’Longhi works well in the middle of the room, it also comes with the hardware necessary to mount it on a wall. The heater has a digital control panel for dialing in the ideal room temperature. Users can choose to set a timer to save energy, but it also has an automatic energy-saving mode to adjust heat output and power.

Best Electric

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote

The Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater has a remote control, a programmable digital thermostat, an eight-hour auto-off timer, and an adjustable setting between 900 and 1,500 watts. It also has a quiet oscillating function to blow warm air around the room to help distribute heat.

Its cool-touch housing helps prevent burns or accidents, while an overheat protection will shut off the unit if it gets too hot.

Best With Fan

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: PELONIS Portable 2 in 1 Vortex Heater

The PELONIS portable two-in-one vortex heater is an electric heater and fan combination with 1,500-watt high and a 900-watt low settings.

It features a top-mounted digital control panel with adjustments for speed, temperature, and output. It also has an overheat shutoff and a tip-over switch. The heater’s compact design means it can be set on a table, dresser, or end table.

Best WiFi-Enabled

The Best Space Heater For Bedroom Options: Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater

The Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater has an app that allows users to adjust the temperature or switch between high, low, or economy mode. From their phones, users also can set timers, control oscillation, and more. It’s also compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Apart from its smart features, the Atomi can quietly heat spaces up to 750 square feet, which means it can heat a bedroom or possibly an entire small apartment. It has a tip-over switch to disable it should the unit fall on its side, and it will also send an immediate notification to the user’s phone to alert them of an accident.

FAQs About Space Heaters for Bedrooms 

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about using space heaters to heat the bedrooms in your home, some new questions may have popped up. A collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about the best space heaters for bedrooms appears below.

Q. Can a space heater catch fire?

It’s highly unlikely that the space heater itself will catch fire, but a fire can result from a space heater touching combustible materials. Make sure space heaters are kept away from any combustibles.

Q. Do space heaters create carbon dioxide?

Kerosene or propane heaters can create carbon dioxide, but if running properly, they don’t pose a threat of poisoning. However, users should have operational carbon monoxide detectors in their home.

Q. Is it safe to leave a space heater on all night?

Yes, as long as the area is clear of combustible materials and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are installed, running a space heater at night is safe.

Q. How long does a space heater last?

Generally speaking, space heaters are only used for a few months a year, so they can last for years. Maintain them by cleaning any filters and coils and keeping them free of moisture.