The Best Speaker Wall Mounts for Surround Sound

Elevate your home-theater speakers to an ideal height—and ideal sound quality—by mounting them to the walls.

By Deirdre Mundorf | Updated Apr 30, 2021 8:32 AM

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The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option


When setting up a home entertainment center with surround sound, proper speaker placement is essential. To create an optimal surround sound experience, elevate the speakers off the floor to near ear level. Mounting speakers on the walls also protects them from getting knocked over and damaged.

Below are the best speaker wall mounts for a surround sound system. Learn about the criteria to keep in mind while shopping for the right speaker wall mounts for a home-entertainment space.

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option


  1. BEST OVERALL: VideoSecu One Pair of Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: PERLESMITH Speaker Mounts – Universal Satellite
  3. BEST CENTER CHANNEL: WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount
  4. BEST BOOKSHELF SPEAKER: Mount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts, Pair
  5. BEST SOUNDBAR: YIWAN Universal Sound Bar Wall Mount Shelf
  6. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT SPEAKER: WALI Dual Speaker Wall Mount Brackets
  7. BEST HEAVY SPEAKER: Pyle Speaker Wall Mount, Pair of Speaker Stands
  8. BEST OUTLET SHELF: Sanus Outlet Shelf

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Speaker Wall Mounts

While shopping for the best speaker wall mounts, keep in mind the material and weight capacity of each mount, speaker size, desired placement, and installation requirements.

Speaker Size

Before purchasing a speaker wall mount, make sure the mounting equipment is compatible with the speakers. Take note of the dimensions of the speaker or speakers, and confirm the specifications for each mount to ensure compatibility. Manufacturers’ product information usually details each mount’s dimensions and whether it adjusts to accommodate equipment of different sizes.


Be sure that the wall mounts are made of materials sturdy enough to support the weight of the speakers; otherwise, installation may result in fallen speakers and holes in the walls. Steel wall mounts are generally the strongest, but they’re also usually the most expensive. Less costly speaker wall mounts are made from composite materials such as fiber resin polymer.

To hang outdoor Bluetooth speakers, look for rust-resistant products that are rated for outdoor use.

Weight Capacity

Also double-check the mount’s weight capacity. If the manufacturer doesn’t list weight specifications, use a scale to determine weight. Some wall mounts are designed to support speakers that weigh less than 10 pounds, while others can hold 100 pounds.


If the speakers aren’t positioned correctly, sound quality suffers. Determine the location of each speaker and choose a wall mount that works in the available space.

Keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Mount front speakers on the same wall as the TV at or just above ear level. Install them no farther than 2 feet from the screen.
  • Place the center channel speaker directly below the TV screen.
  • Position the two surround sound speakers about 12 to 18 inches above ear level to the left and right of the preferred seat in the room.
  • For a 7.1 speaker system, mount two additional surround sound speakers 12 to 18 inches above ear level to the rear of the preferred seat.


Installation for each speaker wall mount varies based on manufacturer and design. Tools to install speaker wall mounts include a drill, screwdriver, a fishing rod and magnets (to pull the wires through the wall), drywall screws and anchors, and wood screws.

To avoid drilling holes in the walls, use one of a couple of ways to install the mounts. Speakers can be adhered to the wall with glue; some wall mount packages contain glue or strong sticker adhesive. However, if these adhesives are strong enough to hold a speaker on the wall, when removed, they could damage the paint or drywall. Alternatively, use a butterfly anchor or toggle bolt, special fasteners with wings that spread out inside the wall and make the bolt able to support more weight.

Our Top Picks

The following products are among the best speaker wall mounts on the market. They were selected based on all the criteria mentioned above, as well as different user needs, preferences, and budgets.

Best Overall

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: VideoSecu One Pair of Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker

Made of heavy-duty steel, each VideoSecu side-clamping speaker wall can support up to 33 pounds. The clamps adjust to hold speakers between 5.3 and 11 inches wide. The VideoSecu mounts have a cable management system to keep wires and cables out of sight.

For optimal positioning, adjust these bookshelf speaker mounts up or down at a 10-degree angle or turn them side to side by 360 degrees. Standard mounting hardware is included with each purchase.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: PERLESMITH Speaker Mounts - Universal Satellite

PERLESMITH’s five universal-design mounts are compatible with one-hole, two-hole, and keyhole speakers, and they can be mounted on concrete or wood studs. Crafted from a durable fiber resin-reinforced polymer, these brackets can support speakers that weigh up to 8 pounds. A weather-resistant coating makes them appropriate for use on decks, patios, or other outdoor areas.

The speakers tilt 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. The set comes with standard mounting hardware and an Allen key to loosen and tighten the joint.

Best Center Channel

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount

The WALI center channel speaker wall mount has a universal design that accommodates center channel speakers and soundbars of various sizes. Its arms adjust from 7 to 11.5 inches away from the wall and swivel 45 degrees left and right.

Made of sturdy steel, WALI’s mount can handle speakers up to 30 pounds. Mount them on wood studs, brick, stone, or concrete. Lag bolts provide a strong bond to the wall, and a mounting hardware kit is included.

Best Bookshelf Speaker

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: Mount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts, Pair

Mount-It!’s adjustable wall mounts offer a 7.5-degree tilt and a 180-degree left-to-right swivel. The side-arm clamps on these universal-design mounts expand from 5.4 to 11 inches to support speakers of various sizes.

This product is made of solid steel with an ABS cover, has a padded base, and can support bookshelf speakers, studio monitors, satellite speakers, and surround sound speakers weighing up to 55 pounds. A cable management system also is integrated into the design.

Best Soundbar

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: YIWAN Universal Sound Bar Wall Mount Shelf

Float a soundbar on the wall under the television with YIWAN’s brackets, which can accommodate models up to 5.12 inches wide and weigh up to 30 pounds.

Mount YIWAN’s two brackets in this set to any wall using the rustproof metal anchors included with the product. Anti-slip strips, which keep the soundbar steady on the brackets, are also included.

Best Lightweight Speaker

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: WALI Dual Speaker Wall Mount Brackets

WALI’s set of two bookshelf or satellite speaker mounts can each hold up to 7.7 pounds and attach to studs, bricks, stone, or concrete. The mounts’ metal interior prevents the speakers from vibrating, but the outside of the bracket housing is plastic. The fixtures’ center knob design and black-coated exterior have a contemporary look.

With a 20-degree tilt and a 70-degree side-to-side swivel, these speakers can be directed almost anywhere in a room. A mounting hardware kit comes with each set.

Best Heavy Speaker

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: Pyle Speaker Wall Mount, Pair of Speaker Stands

Pyle’s speaker wall mounts have a 110-pound capacity. Made from reinforced engineered steel, the brackets extend to hold a variety of sizes and weights. Moreover, they can be used for both speakers and soundbars.

This set includes two speaker bracket arms that mount to nearly any flat surface, including studs, bricks, stones, and concrete.

Best Outlet Shelf

The Best Speaker Wall Mounts Option: Sanus Outlet Shelf

Simple but ingenious, the Sanus outlet shelf allows users to utilize the space above an electrical outlet. The shelf comes assembled and attaches to a standard outlet with just a screwdriver. Thread the speaker’s power cord through the shelf and to the electrical outlet.

This shelf has a 10-pound capacity. In addition to holding Wi-Fi speakers, it also can double as a place to charge a cellphone, smart watch, or other device.

FAQs About Speaker Wall Mounts

Choosing the best speaker wall mounts is not always a straightforward task. Consult the FAQs below if you have any remaining questions.

Q. Why should I mount my speakers to the walls?

Mounting speakers makes it possible to place them at the ideal height for listening (at ear level for center- and front-channel speakers and above ear level for surround sound speakers). Moreover, wall-mounted speakers won’t get accidentally knocked over. Finally, the cables and cords are more contained and less of a tripping hazard or eyesore.

Q. Can soundbars be mounted?

Yes, soundbars can be mounted to the wall. Special mounts are designed specifically for them.

Q. How do you hang speakers on the wall?

Purchasing a speaker wall mount is the most secure way to mount a speaker to the wall. The directions to install each mount vary, so consult the installation instructions for the specific mount you select.

Q. Where should I mount my speakers on the wall?

Best practices for mounting the speakers for your wireless surround sound system to your wall are determined by the size, layout, and intended use of each room. However, some general guidelines to keep in mind when positioning your speakers include:

  • Place the front left and right speakers to the sides of the television and angle them toward the center seat.
  • Place the center channel speaker below the TV (or above, depending on its height). Tilt it to bring the sound toward ear level.
  • Place the surround speakers to the back right and left of the primary seat. Angle them toward this seat.
  • For 7.1 surround systems, place the additional two rear speakers directly behind, and angled toward, the primary seat.

Q. How high should wall-mounted speakers be?

Center- and front-channel speakers should be placed around ear level, and surround sound speakers should be placed 4 to 6 feet above the floor or ground.