The Best White Noise Machines to Drown Out Noise and Enhance Sleep

Construction noise, loud music, or street traffic keeping you up? Drown out the noise and get better sleep with a white noise machine.

Best Overall

The LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine on a white background.

LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine

Best Bang For The Buck

The Easysleep White Noise Machine on a white background.

Easysleep White Noise Machine

Upgrade Pick

The Hatch Restore 2 White Noise Machine on a white background next to a phone showing the Hatch app.

Hatch Restore 2 White Noise Machine

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Many sound sleepers swear by white noise machines. These devices emit sounds to drown out background noise, whether that’s from rowdy neighbors or a snoring partner. While there are plenty of white noise sounds that can be played from a phone, there is a benefit to having a stand-alone white noise sound machine.

We consulted Dr. Michelle Drapkin, a board-certified clinical psychologist and author with a background in cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). She said, “When we orient patients to CBT-I, we are often talking about ‘setting the stage’ for sleep, which includes only sleeping in your bed. So a lot of folks will say goodnight to their phones and put them to sleep across the room so that they are not with them at night.” She goes on to say that having a dedicated white noise machine could help facilitate better sleep, as “using your phone as your white noise machine could wind up as a distraction and confuse your brain.” She also points out that users can “more easily place white noise machines strategically where placing your phone wouldn’t be ideal (on the floor by the door opening, for example).”

Even for those who are not insomniacs, a white noise machine can help with setting up a good sleep routine. Soothing sounds, a user-friendly interface, extra features, and an affordable price tag were the main criteria we focused on while researching the best white noise machines. Over 20 products were considered before we narrowed down this list to the top options to help shoppers drift off to a more peaceful sleep.

  1. BEST OVERALL: LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Easysleep White Noise Machine
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Hatch Restore 2 White Noise Machine
  4. BEST PORTABLE: Homedics SoundSpa Sound Machine
  5. BEST FOR TRAVEL: Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine
  6. BEST FOR BABIES: Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System
  7. BEST FOR KIDS: Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Dream Machine
  8. BEST WITH ALARM CLOCK: Sharp DreamCaster Sound Machine Alarm Clock
  9. BEST SOUND OPTIONS: Sound+Sleep SE Sound Machine
  10. BEST FAN-BASED: Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine
A person with their eyes closed in a bed while a white noise machine runs on the side table next to them.

How We Chose the Best White Noise Machines

There are plenty of white noise sleep machine options on the market, but some are more user-friendly than others. The best white noise machines on our list are simple to use, with easy-to-access controls (in case you’re fumbling around at night) and customization features so you can choose the right sound to drift off to.

Similar to a tinny-sounding speaker, no one likes a tinny-sounding white noise machine. We researched device specs and reviews to choose white noise machines that sound nice—and for those who don’t like an electronic sound at all, we also included a fan white noise machine. Lastly, we preferred white noise machines with extra features, because why not add more utility to your nightstand?

Our Top Picks

Time to catch some Z’s? Cover up ambient noise and drift off to sleep with any one of the best white noise machines below.

Best Overall

LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 22
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: Audio jack


  • Has a wide range of white, pink, brown, and fan noise settings
  • Includes an audio jack to connect to additional speakers or headphones
  • Timer can be set in 1-hour increments up to 8 hours


  • Lacks a variety of nature sounds; only has 2 ocean sounds

A plethora of sound options and excellent sound quality make the LectroFan EVO white noise machine the best white noise machine option for most users. This device includes 22 sound options, with a variety of white, pink, and brown noise variations (for more information on the noise variations, see the section

Sound Options that appears after our product reviews), fan noise, and two ocean sounds. It plays through high-fidelity speakers, creating a rich sound to lull users into sleep. It’s easy to select sounds using the top-mounted buttons—there are only a few simple buttons that are used to cycle through settings. An audio jack makes it possible to connect a portable speaker, pillow speaker, or headphones. Don’t need noise all night? Take advantage of the timer, which can be set for 1-hour increments up to 8 hours. Get the LectroFan EVO white noise machine at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Bang For The Buck

Easysleep White Noise Machine

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 25
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: Night-light


  • Includes a well-balanced selection of sounds, including white noise, fan, water, and lullaby options
  • Has a warm-hued built-in night-light with 4 brightness options
  • Memory function can restore previous settings to avoid having to reset the machine each time


  • Does not have great bass sound; deep sounds can sound a bit flat

Compact, affordable, and providing a range of settings, the Easysleep white noise machine is a budget-friendly but feature-filled option. This noise machine offers a choice of 25 sounds, which include a few white noise options, several nature-inspired sounds, and a few calming musical tracks. Its 32 volume levels make it possible to adjust the level of sound to cover up both quiet and loud noises.

To add to its coziness, this white noise machine has a night-light built in, which emits four adjustable levels of warm light. It also has a timer, with the option for continuous play or a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-hour shutoff. For those who end up finding a setting they especially like, the memory feature will make sure it’s maintained for the next time the device switches on.

Get the Easysleep white noise machine at Amazon.

Upgrade Pick

Hatch Restore 2 White Noise Machine

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 21
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: Sunrise alarm and night-light


  • Multifunctional: sound machine, sunrise alarm, and night-light all in one
  • Sleek and minimalist design will look pretty on any nightstand; it doesn’t look clunky and utilitarian like many sound machines
  • App controls and large tactile buttons make this machine easy to use


  • Expensive: The device itself is pricier than most sound machines, then there is an optional subscription cost to access more content

The Hatch Restore 2 is so much more than just a white noise machine. It’s an excellent nightstand addition for those who want to invest in their sleep routine. Of course, it has white noise sounds: 21 of them, including some nature-inspired picks. But it’s also a sunrise alarm and a night-light all rolled into one chic-looking device.

The sunrise alarm gently wakes up users, emitting a slowly brightening light before the set time and then playing gentle alarm sounds. As a night-light, this device is soothing as well; there is a wide color palette to choose from and the light is diffused by the fabric cover. Users can set all the features from the app, but the app isn’t necessary for day-to-day use. This device has two large tactile buttons on top to trigger night and wake routines, as well as a side alarm toggle button.

For more sounds, such as curated sleep stories and meditations (and the option to set detailed personal routines), users will need a Hatch+ membership. This opens up more content but also comes at an additional subscription cost.

Get the Hatch Restore 2 white noise machine at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, or Hatch.

Best Portable

Homedics SoundSpa Sound Machine

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 6
  • Power source: AC adapter or AA batteries
  • Additional features: None


  • Compact size and disc-like shape is easy to carry around or slide into a bag
  • Can be powered using an AC adapter or AA batteries
  • Very simple controls with a button for each function on the top of the unit


  • Only has 6 sound options, which may not be enough for some users

The Homedics SoundSpa Sound Machine can go just about anywhere; it’s small and it can be powered with the included AC adapter or four AA batteries (not included). This flexibility means users can take it to the living room for a nap on the couch or throw it into a suitcase to take on vacation.

Compared to the others on our list, this is a slightly simpler machine. It has six sounds to choose from: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and babbling brook. It also has an auto-off timer, which can be set to 15, 30, or 60 minutes. All of its buttons are easy to access on the top of the disc-shaped unit. These basic functions also come with an affordable price, making it well suited for those who just want a small and simple sound machine.

Get the Homedics white noise machine at Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, or Homedics.

Best For Travel

Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 11
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Additional features: Night-light


  • Very small, lightweight, and rechargeable; great to take anywhere
  • Designed to clip onto baby strollers and has a clip and child lock for use with kids
  • Also functions as a travel night-light; the front has a night-light with adjustable brightness


  • Some of the sound options are catered to babies, so adults may find the choices limited

The Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine is even more travel-friendly than our best portable pick. It’s a white noise machine for babies that’s designed to attach to a stroller, so it comes with a stroller clip and child-lock feature—but it’s suitable for adults too. To suit this use, this 3.5-inch- diameter unit fits in the palm of a hand and is battery-powered with an internal rechargeable battery.

Despite its small size, this device packs a punch. It has 11 sound options, including white noise, nature sounds, and a fan sound. The front panel is also a night-light, and users can choose from different light brightness levels. Like many of the other best white noise machines, this one also has a timer function.

Get the Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine at Amazon or Dreamegg.

Best For Babies

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 7
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: Nursery projector and night-light


  • Sound choices are catered to babies, with heartbeat and lullaby options
  • Has a projection feature with 3 image options to keep babies entertained
  • Colorful LED night-light can be soothing and useful to both babies and parents


  • Limited sound options with only 3 noise options and 4 music choices

The Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System can turn a baby’s nursery into a bedtime oasis. To start with, this device is a sound machine with several sound options: heartbeat, ocean, white noise, two lullabies, and two Mozart compositions. To suit nap-time use, parents can set a 15-, 30-, or 60-minute timer.

Besides the sound machine features, this unit is also a night-light with an LED base that can cycle through a range of colors. Finally, it has an image-projection system. To help little ones wind down, it can project one of three included image cartridges on the ceiling or wall: Soothing Seas, Calming Rainforest, or Sleepy Sky.

Get the Munchkin white noise machine at Amazon, Walmart, or Munchkin.

Best For Kids

Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Dream Machine

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 18
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: Night-light


  • 3-in-1 machine caters to kids, with a white noise machine, night-light, and time-to-rise feature
  • User-friendly with app controls and onboard buttons on the bottom of the machine
  • Sleek look; it doesn’t look too childish so it’s suitable for teens and adults as well


  • Some reviewers found the maximum volume was still too low

The Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Dream Machine is the brand’s child-friendly version of a multipurpose sound machine. It comes at a cheaper price than the Hatch Restore 2, and it might be useful for some adults too. It’s suitable for kids of all ages, from babies to older kids. The sound machine feature has kid-friendly options, with 18 sounds (parents can unlock more with a Hatch+ membership) including a few lullabies. It also has an LED night-light and dimmable display, both of which are easy to adjust.

Designed to encourage sleep and wake routines, the sound machine and light can be set to switch on when it’s time for kids to wind down. For mornings, parents can set a light-and-sound combination, which Hatch calls the Time-to-Rise feature. It’s not an alarm (it’s not designed to wake kids up), but rather, parents can set lighting and sounds to transition kids from sleeping to waking. Like other Hatch products, this one is a smart unit and can be controlled from a smartphone app.

Get the Hatch Rest white noise machine at Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn Kids, or Hatch.

Best With Alarm Clock

Sharp DreamCaster Sound Machine Alarm Clock

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 6
  • Power source: AC adapter with battery backup
  • Additional features: Alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker


  • Versatile device: a white noise machine, alarm clock, and Bluetooth speaker
  • Dynamic speaker provides 360-degree sound for a better listening experience
  • Has a battery backup to keep it functioning during a power outage


  • Limited sound options available: only 6 sleep sounds
  • Though the display is dimmable, it can’t be turned off, so some users still found it too bright

The Sharp DreamCaster is a sound machine, alarm clock, and Bluetooth speaker all in one—and it doesn’t come with a higher price tag than many other sound machines. This versatile device has six sleep sounds: white noise, pink noise, brown noise, rain, thunder, and ocean waves. This is a rather limited sound menu, so where this device stands out from the rest of the crowd is in its additional features.

This sound machine is also an alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker. That’s right—users can connect their phones and listen to music, podcasts, and more. Since this white noise machine doubles as a speaker, it prioritizes sound quality with crisp 360-degree sound. Other features also make it more user-friendly. It has a dimmable display, auto-off timer, and battery backup (batteries aren’t included), which means it will stay on even if the power goes out.

Get the Sharp DreamCaster white noise machine at Amazon or Walmart.

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: 64
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: USB charging ports and input/output audio jacks


  • Huge range of sounds: 64 sound profiles with 16 categories and 4 options in each
  • Audio is non-looping, so it feels like a new sound every night
  • Optional Adaptive Sound feature raises the device volume if it detects louder environmental noise
  • Comes with USB charging ports and input and output audio jacks for more versatile use


  • Some reviewers found the maximum volume too low for some sounds

With 64 sound profiles, the Sound+Sleep SE sound machine is the right choice for shoppers looking for variety. There are 16 sound categories to choose from, each with four variations for a total of 64. These sound options are high quality too: Each is naturally recorded, high definition, and constantly evolving, so it never loops. This creates a more natural soundscape. Along with a robust sound library, this device also has Adaptive Sound technology. This optional feature listens to environmental noise and automatically raises the volume to cover ambient sounds.

Though it has lots of options, this machine is easy to control, with all its buttons and dials on its front face. Users can also set a timer for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. In addition, this sound machine has two USB charging ports, an audio output jack, and an audio input jack. That means it can also charge devices, work with headphones, or play audio from a connected device.

Get the Sound+Sleep SE white noise machine at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Product Specs 

  • Sound options: Adjustable
  • Power source: AC adapter
  • Additional features: None


  • Has a fan inside to create organic noise; doesn’t rely on recordings
  • Very easy to use with an on/off switch and twistable cover
  • Excellent for sleepers who love fan noise but don’t want to have a fan on


  • Moving parts means more chance for failure; some reviewers report it developing a rattling noise

Users can do away with electronic white noise machines entirely with the Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine. This sound machine uses an internal fan, creating an organic sound rather than playing a recording. It’s lower tech, but there’s merit to this approach. There’s no chance of staticky or tinny electronic sounds, only the soothing, even sound of a fan whirring—but with no air to direct plus control over the adjustable tone.

These two features make the Yogasleep Dohm different from using just any old fan. The fan is inside the machine, so it won’t blow cool air around on a cold night. There are two volume options, and users can twist the top part to adjust the cover, which gives the fan sound a slightly different tone and pitch. While this sound machine doesn’t have nearly as many options as some electronic counterparts, it’s a great fit for those who only really use fan noises and want the real thing.

Get the Yogasleep Dohm white noise machine at Amazon, Target, or Yogasleep.

What to Consider When Choosing a White Noise Machine

The concept sounds simple, but not all white noise machines are the same. In fact, most are actually just sound machines, with white noise as one of their settings—or without white noise at all! White noise is a specific sound that includes all audible frequencies and sounds similar to television static. This isn’t the most pleasant sound, so many white noise machines include other more soothing noises. When shopping, don’t settle for a white noise machine that just plays one sound. Most options on the market have a range of options that you can choose from to help lull you to sleep. Also, consider the power method and additional features to find the best white noise machine for your (or your child’s) slumbering needs.

Sound Options

White noise machines can have a range of sound options. Some don’t even play their sounds electronically, instead relying on an internal fan to make their noise. If you like falling asleep to fan sounds, this type of white noise machine is a good choice. It creates a more organic-sounding noise, unlike many white noise machines that are electronic.

White noise machines can also include options for pink noise and brown noise (pink noise sounds deeper than white noise, and brown noise is even deeper). There are also machines that mimic different fan sounds, as well as those that play nature sounds such as ocean noises or rainfall. Some devices have just a handful of options, while others have dozens to choose from. If you’re not sure what type of sound you prefer, or you just like to have a bit of a variety, opt for a machine with more choices. White noise machines also have volume controls, so they’re adjustable for shoppers who span the gamut from those who want noise that’s barely there to those who prefer loud white noise machine sounds.

Power Method

White noise machines can be plugged in or they can be battery-operated. If you want a device for your nightstand and don’t plan on moving it around, opt for a plug-in option so it won’t accidentally go uncharged.

For a more portable choice, opt for a battery-operated white noise machine. Many have a built-in rechargeable battery, which also makes it possible to leave them plugged in on a nightstand. These are a great choice for those who might move the white noise machine around the home. Other options are even more portable. Travel white noise machine options are very small; small enough to take up little space in a suitcase or a stroller. For those who want to go old school, a few options also take disposable batteries, which takes away the need to keep track of a charging cable.

Additional Features 

For shoppers who prefer a simple white noise machine, there are plenty of basic, affordable models. But why not look for more features? White noise machines can be combined with other typical nightstand items, such as with an alarm clock, speaker, or bedside night-light, and some of these models don’t even cost more than their single-task counterparts. If you want to reduce the clutter on your nightstand, try a multiuse white noise machine.

When it comes to choosing a portable or travel white noise machine, look for handy features such as a carrying bag, handle, or clip to attach the white noise machine to a bag or stroller. Not everyone likes the sound of a white noise machine. For those with a sleeping partner who finds the noise irritating, look for a machine that has the option to plug in headphones.


Using a white noise machine is easy: Just switch it on to your preferred setting, and hopefully, you’ll drift right off to sleep. If it’s your first time shopping for a white noise machine, you might feel a little overwhelmed with the options. To help guide your search, below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about white noise machines.

Q. What sounds do white noise machines make?

It depends on the machine. White noise machines can have a whole range of sound options including white noise, pink noise, brown noise, fan settings, and nature-inspired sounds.

Q. How do white noise machines work?

Again, it depends on the machine. Most white noise machines are electronic, essentially like speakers that play the selected sounds. A few white noise machines actually have an internal fan to organically create their soothing sound.

Q. Is a fan white noise?

Technically, no, but colloquially, yes. White noise is a sound that includes all audible frequencies, whereas a fan does not. However, many of us use the term “white noise” to refer to an even, soothing noise. Many people find fans to provide this type of noise, which is why they are a common sound option in white noise machines.

Q. Is it OK to play white noise all night? 

Yes, there’s no problem with playing a white noise machine all night. However, if you don’t feel the need to keep it running, white noise machines often have a timer setting to automatically shut them off after a certain length of time.

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