The 4 Best Wildlife Removal Services of 2024

Are wild animals coming a little too close to your home for comfort? The best wildlife removal services can safely and humanely usher out unwelcome guests and keep them from coming back.

Best Overall

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Critter Control

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Best for Prevention

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Trutech Wildlife Service

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Wild animals regularly make their way into residential attics, basements, or yards. This raises the concern of damage to the structure and the spread of disease. There are many reasons wildlife may want to come into homes, including looking for warmth or food. Many of these animals have lost their natural habitats due to land development and human encroachment into areas the animals typically inhabit. This results in animals exploring more urban areas for food and a safe place to stay. While getting rid of opossums, raccoons, bats, birds, or other wildlife may seem simple enough to some, wildlife trapping is best left to the professionals for the safety of everyone involved, including the animal.

When it’s time to call in a professional for wildlife control, there are several factors to consider before hiring wildlife removal services. Some companies may specialize in prevention, and others will focus on removal and exclusion. It can seem like a daunting process to hire the proper animal pest control professional for the job, but some initial research can help homeowners make the right choice. At the first sign of a wildlife issue, it’s a good idea for homeowners to examine the details of hiring the best wildlife removal services and review some frequently asked questions regarding wildlife pest control.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Critter Control
  2. RUNNER-UP: Terminix
  3. BEST FOR PREVENTION: Trutech Wildlife Service
  4. ALSO CONSIDER: AAAC Wildlife Removal
The Best Wildlife Removal Services Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Wildlife Removal Services

Having the correct information at your disposal can help make choosing the best wildlife removal services easier. Professional wild animal control isn’t just about removing wildlife from a home, but also making sure it doesn’t get back inside. Before googling “wildlife removal service near me” and hiring the first company that pops up, homeowners will want to know what to look for in a reputable critter removal service. These can include the type of animals the company removes, removal practices, service area, scheduling policies, inspection process, damage remediation, certification, licensing, guarantees, and customer support.

Type of Animal

Most companies are prepared to remove small mammals, rodents, birds, reptiles, and stinging and non-stinging insects. Some will remove larger mammals, but it’s important to inquire what types of pests the wildlife animal control company will remove. Wild animal removal services will not typically remove stray dogs or cats from a property. For this, homeowners will need to contact an animal rescue group.

“Many wildlife removal companies will help with the removal and exclusion of rodents, raccoons, opossum, skunk, snakes, bats, birds, reptiles and other small animals inside your home,” explains Meg Pearson, training manager at wildlife removal company Critter Control. “They typically will not be able to help with deer, bears, mountain lions, or wolves.”

Humane Wildlife Removal

Rather than searching for a wildlife exterminator, homeowners will likely want to find a company that humanely removes and relocates wildlife. Humane wildlife removal is all about the safety of the animal. Live trapping and release of wildlife is something to insist on, and a humane wildlife removal service will oblige if the animal does not have rabies. Professionals cannot relocate and release an animal if they suspect it is infected with rabies, as those animals present a risk to the rest of the wildlife population. These animals are euthanized humanely so they don’t suffer. It’s important to check that the humane and ethical wildlife removal service is licensed and has evidence of guaranteed exclusion and eviction strategies. Companies will also ideally ensure that the animals are released to an environment suitable for their needs.

Service Area and Scheduling

Some wildlife removal services have a service area covering dozens of states plus Washington, D.C, while others have a more limited service area. It’s essential to double-check the coverage area to ensure prompt service. Scheduling an appointment can almost always be done over the phone and sometimes via the company’s website.

Inspection and Quote Process

Exterminator costs vary from company to company, so it may be worth getting multiple quotes before hiring. Some wildlife removal companies offer a free estimate or supply the basic cost of their services over the phone or via their website. Others will provide an inspection to assess the problem, discuss the best plan of action, and provide a quote.

Exclusion Repairs and Damage Remediation

Wildlife can cause damage to attics, garages, foundations, chimneys, and more. Repairing that damage and addressing any pre-existing vulnerabilities, like unsealed vents or open chimneys, is an effective way to prevent future pest infestations. Sealing gaps and installing one-way doors (allowing the animal to exit but not re-enter the structure) are vital to banning future animal access. Additional remediation includes insulation replacement, rodent and animal dropping removal, sanitation, disinfection, and chimney cap and screen installation. Homeowners can check with a company before hiring to verify the level of damage repairs it will undertake. Some companies will be prepared to make long-lasting repairs, while others may only be able to provide temporary solutions.

Certifications and Licensing

It’s important that any wildlife removal company is licensed and insured. The company needs to adhere to strict criteria for training, safety equipment, procedures, and removal knowledge to be licensed. When a company is licensed, this ensures that it complies with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Companies that hold certification from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) have training in dealing with all types of wildlife and know how to remove and relocate unwanted critters safely.

“Each state has its own regulations regarding nuisance wildlife removal,” explains Pearson. “Homeowners can simply ask if the company [or] technician is licensed to do the work.”


Some companies take pride in providing quality work and will guarantee their services. Satisfaction guarantees can vary according to geographic location or the type of animal that needs to be removed. Some wildlife removal companies will offer a 365-day or lifetime guarantee, and others will promise to return to your home free of charge if the issue isn’t remedied. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the wildlife removal, some services will offer a refund or offer to fix the problem.

Customer Support

If there are questions or concerns regarding wildlife removal, it’s important to contact the business quickly. Some companies offer customer support over the phone, and others assist via email or through live chat on their website.

Our Top Picks

Dealing with a wild animal on the property can be stressful for any homeowner, but choosing the right wildlife removal company doesn’t have to be. The top companies for wildlife removal have proven track records so customers can feel confident they’ll handle their wildlife issue with safety and efficiency in mind.

Best Overall

Critter Control

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Why It Made the Cut:

With a specialization in humane wildlife removal, certified wildlife specialist training, and limited lifetime warranty options, Critter Control is a standout choice for the best wildlife removal services.

With services available in 42 states and Washington, D.C., chances are when homeowners search online for “best wildlife removal services near me,” Critter Control will be one of the top results. And with good reason: Critter Control has set the standard for the wildlife removal industry. Technicians are certified wildlife specialists and go through a vertebrate pest management and training course developed with Michigan State University and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. This level of expertise means that Critter Control technicians know all the nuances of different wildlife. It’s also worth noting that while Critter Control is primarily known for its nuisance wildlife solutions such as raccoon, bat, and squirrel removal services, it also treats rodents and some stinging insects.

Service hours may vary from location to location, but customers can reach Critter Control’s customer support by phone, email, or live chat to clarify these points before booking a service. Critter Control also offers a satisfaction guarantee on its removal and exclusion work, though terms may vary based on location. Some branches also allow customers to opt for a lifetime warranty option to extend their coverage past the contract period. This extended warranty shows that the company is confident in its work and that it is dedicated to customer satisfaction.



  • Service area: 42 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Phone, email
  • Certifications and licensing: Certified wildlife specialists, state and locally licensed
  • Guarantee: Varies by location
  • Customer support: Phone, live chat, email


  • “Certified wildlife specialist” technicians
  • Relatively wide variety of wildlife removed
  • Lifetime warranty on exclusion or damage repairs available


  • Service hours and guarantees may vary across locations



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Why It Made the Cut:

Terminix is a well-known, trusted brand due to its near-nationwide wildlife control services, free inspections, convenient online scheduling, and annual maintenance options.

Terminix is a household name in pest control with a near-nationwide service area of 45 states and Washington, D.C. Although it focuses primarily on pest, termite, and mosquito control, the company also offers wildlife control. Mice, rats, tree squirrels, bats, flying squirrels, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, opossums, starlings, pigeons, and sparrows are covered; but some other common types of wildlife, including snakes, gophers, and chipmunks, are not.

Every home and nuisance wildlife issue is unique; Termimix understands that and offers a free home inspection for all customers. This up-front step allows Terminix’s wildlife removal professionals to accurately assess what services will be needed and then provide an accurate quote. They will then customize a plan for prevention and removal that is tailored to the customer’s specific situation. Terminix’s state and locally licensed technicians will bait and trap wildlife and secure a home’s exterior to ensure the animals can’t get back inside. The company also offers annual maintenance plans, a solid option for homeowners who have experienced recurring wildlife issues or seasonal infestations. In addition to calling for assistance, customers can schedule appointments online, which may be more convenient for those who prefer digital platforms.



  • Service area: 45 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Certifications and licensing: State and locally licensed
  • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Customer support: Phone, live chat, text message


  • Online scheduling available
  • Free inspection completed before quote is provided
  • Annual maintenance plans available


  • Some forms of wildlife may not be covered

Best for Prevention

Trutech Wildlife Service

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Why It Made the Cut:

Trutech Wildlife Service offers convenient online billing options, highly trained technicians, and customized prevention plans to keep wildlife infestations from recurring.

Trutech is a state and locally licensed wildlife removal company that covers 64 species, including birds, rodents, stinging pests, and even larger animals like deer and wild hogs. The company’s technicians often hold relevant degrees in subjects like entomology, ornithology, or wildlife biology, equipping them with insights into animal behavior that can help them with identifying effective solutions. Many wildlife removal services stop at repairs resulting from wildlife damage and removal, but Trutech Wildlife Service focuses on preventing future infestations. The company uses a three-step system to customize plans for each customer, removing the wildlife present, making repairs if necessary, and preventing critters from returning in the future. These prevention measures go beyond traditional damage remediation and include services such as erecting fences to keep digging pests out and sealing vents and chimneys.

Trutech Wildlife Service also offers recurring preventive visits to ensure a customer’s property stays secure. Although Trutech has a relatively limited service area of 17 states, it may be a great choice for customers who have a nearby local branch. Customers can make appointments over the phone and pay bills online—a convenient option for homeowners who prefer to pay invoices through a secure online platform rather than mail a check. Recurring customers may want to take advantage of the company’s financing options, which include budget plans starting at 12 months and reaching up to 60 months. Before searching online for “wildlife removal services near me,” homeowners may want to consider contacting Trutech Wildlife Service.



  • Service area: 17 states
  • Scheduling: Phone
  • Certifications and licensing: State and locally licensed
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee on all services, 1-year warranty for exclusion repairs
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • Customized plans to remove wildlife, make repairs, and prevent future infestations
  • Many technicians hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in relevant fields
  • Convenient online bill-pay option


  • Limited service area covering 17 states

Also Consider

AAAC Wildlife Removal

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Why It Made the Cut:

With its specialized wildlife control services, free quotes via phone or email, and additional services such as decontamination and re-insulation, AAAC Wildlife Removal is another great resource for animal removal.

With a list of specialized services that include bear control, beaver dam removal, nest removal, wildlife inspections for home buying, and more, AAAC Wildlife Removal may be a good choice for customers who have issues that aren’t commonly covered by other companies. In addition to wildlife removal, the company also offers cleaning and repair services to deal with the aftermath of the wildlife issue. Its state and locally licensed technicians can deal with all stages of a wildlife concern from removal to repair to prevention.

It’s worth noting that AAAC Wildlife Removal operates in only 17 states, so not every customer will fall within the company’s service area. AAAC’s website can also be difficult to navigate and does not include information on the company’s guarantee, but interested homeowners can reach out to customer support via phone or email to discuss specifics, get a quote, and schedule an appointment. Unlike many other wildlife removal companies, AAAC does not require customers to get an inspection to receive a quote and instead offers estimates via phone and email. This is highly convenient for customers who want to collect multiple bids before deciding who to hire.



  • Service area: 17 states
  • Scheduling: Phone, email
  • Certifications and licensing: State and locally licensed
  • Guarantee: Not specified
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • Specialized wildlife control and removal services available
  • Quotes available via phone or email without inspection


  • Limited service area covering 17 states
  • Service guarantee not specified
  • User-unfriendly website

Our Verdict

Based on service area, the inclusion of many types of wildlife, warranty, and humane wildlife removal practices, Critter Control is our pick for Best Overall. With its near-nationwide service area, free inspections, and online scheduling options, Terminix gets the nod for Runner-Up.

How We Chose the Best Wildlife Removal Services

Many factors were considered to determine the best wildlife removal services. These included service area, scheduling options, additional services, customer support, guarantees, variety of wildlife covered in the removal service, and website ease of use. Special focus was given to companies that specialize in humane wildlife removal, have a multi-state or national presence, and are appropriately licensed. Extra attention was also paid to companies with technicians who have wildlife certifications or education. Each of the recommended wildlife removal services has an excellent reputation, satisfied customers, and provides a much-needed service.

Before You Hire One of the Best Wildlife Removal Services

Hiring a wildlife removal service is a humane way to remove, discourage, and prevent wildlife from making a comfortable living space in your home. Before hiring a wildlife removal company, there are a few things to consider.

  • Ask for a written estimate and inspection.
  • Get specifics on how the professional will remedy the situation.
  • Insist on humane removal and prevention techniques.
  • Make sure the company has a guarantee regarding re-entry.
  • Be on the lookout for unethical animal trapping practices and treatment.
  • Confirm that the company is licensed and insured.
  • Ensure the contract includes the type of animal, entry points, what to do if there are babies, removal and exclusion methods, prevention techniques, repair, and remediation.

Homeowners may also want to consider the necessity of wildlife removal services if the animal does not pose an immediate threat or nuisance. If opossums are getting into their yard, for instance, homeowners may want to research steps they can take to get rid of opossums and prevent them from returning, such as using sealable garbage bags, clearing their yard of crabapples, and replacing broken fence posts.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife reevemoval costs can range from $189 to $573, with many homeowners spending $377 on average. Removing squirrels and raccoons can range from $200 to $600, and mice and rats are typically less expensive, costing around $175 to $500. Local animal control or rescue services are usually free, and customers will want to call one of these groups to remove stray dogs or cats from a property. Dead animal removal costs run from $150 to $250 or more, including any required drywall repair. Removing an animal from an easily accessible area can be less expensive than the cost of removing an animal from an attic or crawl space. If a home inspection isn’t free, this can range in price from $175 to $300.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Wildlife Removal Services

When wildlife ends up where it doesn’t belong, it’s advised to call a professional for removal and prevention. While learning how to get rid of a raccoon or other wild animal may seem simple enough, a pro can protect you from serious injury when attempting to trap or capture a wild animal on your own. There are a few more significant benefits of hiring one of the best wildlife removal services.

  • A wildlife removal company has the experience and knowledge to safely and humanely trap and remove an animal. Many types of DIY traps can seriously injure or even kill wildlife.
  • A professional wildlife removal service knows how to remove an animal safely. Wildlife can pose a health hazard due to the varying number of diseases they carry. An experienced technician is also trained to trap and remove an animal from an area that may present physical risks to an untrained homeowner.
  • Professionals will be able to identify entry points, close them up, and enact prevention techniques to prevent wildlife from returning.
  • Many wildlife removal services provide repairs to entry spaces and areas where an animal may have done some damage to indoor spaces. This is beneficial to prevent long-term problems.
  • Some wildlife species can carry disease in their droppings and saliva. Professionals have the correct tools for cleaning and sanitation, so you and your family will stay safe.


Deciding on the best wildlife removal services can be a bit of a challenge. Referring to some frequently asked questions about wildlife removal can help guide your decisions.

Q. What does Critter Control do with the animals?

The answer to that depends on the state. Each state has its own laws and regulations on what should be done with trapped wildlife. Some states are OK with trapping and relocating the animal. Other states require that a trapped animal can only be released on the same property, and if the property owner disapproves, the animal will be humanely euthanized. Wildlife doesn’t need to be trapped in some instances since exclusion practices like one-way doors allow the animal to leave the space but not re-enter. The animal will typically look for another space to make its home.

Q. Who do you call to remove a wild animal?

If there is a wild animal on your property or in your house, call a wildlife removal service to remove the animal.

Q. Who do you call when you have an animal in your house?

If there is an unwanted animal in your home, call a wildlife removal service for humane removal.

Q. How do I get rid of a bat colony in my house?

Due to health and safety concerns, bats should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Some homeowners will use a decoy bat house to attract them away, install a chimney cap to discourage them from entering, and seal off any other openings bats might use to enter the home. If they are still finding ways inside, call a wildlife removal service to get rid of the bat colony safely.

Q. What scent will keep rats away?

Scent-based rat repellents are typically peppermint scented. This is a smell that rats dislike, so they will look for another home if the area is strongly scented with peppermint.

Q. How do you get rid of outdoor mice?

Homeowners can seal and plug any holes and cracks that mice can enter. Ensuring that pet and human food is stored away, keeping the house clean, and repairing leaky faucets and water pipes can also discourage mice from entering the home. Keeping the outside of the home clutter-free removes potential hiding places, and using peppermint oil on cotton balls around the house works as a natural deterrent. Another natural deterrent would be a cat to patrol the house. Some homeowners opt for ultrasonic devices that emit sounds that may keep mice away, although these should only be used if there are no other pets in the house.

Q. How do I keep my mice in my neighbor’s yard away from my home?

Some homeowners like to plant peppermint around the house’s perimeter to deter any mice that might be interested in moving in. Spraying peppermint oil near any potential entry points can also discourage mice from entering your home.


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