The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers of 2023

Untether yourself from the oven or grill while still keeping a close eye on the main course, with one of these top wireless meat thermometers.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Oct 28, 2022 11:04 AM

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The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer


Just about any meat thermometer can help a chef determine when a steak, turkey, or roast is ready—without committing the culinary sin of cutting into the meat to check the internal temperature—but wireless meat thermometers take this ability to the next level.

Wireless meat thermometers use a transmitter that can connect up to six probes. These probes can monitor the internal temperature of an oven, the temperature of the meat, or multiple types of meat all at once. The transmitter then sends this information to either a remote control or a smart device, allowing the chef to carefully monitor the temperature of the main course even from as far as 500 feet away. These devices also feature programmable alerts to let the user know when the meat is ready.

This guide explains the most crucial features to consider when shopping for the best wireless meat thermometer and reviews some of the top models on the market, so buyers can make an informed purchasing decision.

  1. BEST OVERALL: ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer
  3. BEST FOR GRILLING: Chugod Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
  4. BEST FOR SMOKING: ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer
  5. BEST DESIGN: Bfour Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
  6. BEST SMART: Meater Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer
The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

Choosing between a wireless meat thermometer that uses a remote control or one that communicates via a smart device is an important consideration to think about, but other factors are also crucial, including range, number of probes, and additional features. Ahead, learn more about the attributes of wireless meat thermometers.


Wireless meat thermometers are available with one of two receivers: remote controlled or app controlled. Remote-controlled meat thermometers have a transmitter with multiple outlets that plug into the meat thermometer, while probes are placed inside the meat. These transmitters display temperature information. The transmitter can communicate with a remote-control receiver that allows the user to monitor temperature and set alerts based on preset temperature settings.

App-controlled meat thermometers function similarly; however, the transmitter connects to a smart device via Bluetooth instead of to a remote unit, allowing users to monitor the temperature and set alerts via a compatible app on their smartphone or tablet.


Displays vary between the two different types of meat thermometers. Remote-control meat thermometers have digital displays that show the current temperature of all probes as well as the target temperature. The displays are typically backlit with amber light to allow the user to see them even in low light or complete darkness; buttons on the remote manage its settings.

App-controlled interfaces are typically more sophisticated than remote-control models, with full-color displays, touch controls that are easier to use, and extras such as graphs that show the progression of temperature during cooking time.


One of the main benefits of having a wireless meat thermometer is that it allows the user to see the temperature of the meat without having to be tied to the oven or grill. This advantage enables the user to entertain guests or perform other cooking duties while still closely monitoring the temperature of the main course.

Range is where remote-controlled wireless meat thermometers have the edge over traditional meat thermometers. App-controlled meat thermometers have a maximum range of around 200 feet, while remote-controlled models have a range of up to 500 feet. Keep in mind that the max range is outdoors with no obstructions between the transmitter and the remote or smart device. Walls and other obstacles will reduce the range of both app-controlled and remote-controlled meat thermometers.


When shopping for a wireless meat thermometer, it’s crucial to pay attention to how many probes it has. Lower-end models come with at least two probes, allowing the user to simultaneously monitor the temperature of the meat and the ambient temperature inside the grill or oven, or the temperature of two different types of meat.

Higher-end models include up to six probes that can monitor temperature simultaneously, making them ideal for cooking different types of meat at once, grilling steaks to various temperature preferences, or even tracking the temperature of different parts of a whole turkey.

Probes also have different lengths. Shorter probes are ideal for steaks and other thinner cuts of meat, while longer ones are suitable for whole chickens and turkeys or larger cuts of meat, such as pork butts and roasts.

Additional Features

Besides offering the convenience of remote operation, wireless meat thermometers also have other features to support the chef. Both app-controlled and remote-controlled models have preset temperature settings for different types of meat, based on cooking recommendations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Some app-controlled models provide step-by-step instructions for cooking turkeys, rib-eye steaks, and other specific types of meat. Both types also feature programmable alarms that alert the user when the meat has reached the preset temperature.

Since the transmitter must be close to the meat, many have magnetic backs that allow them to stick conveniently to the grill or oven. Grill transmitters operate near high heat, while receivers are usually carried from place to place. This portability is convenient but also makes them more susceptible to damage. Most have durable housings with a thick, rubberized exterior that allows them to endure drops and extreme temperatures.

Our Top Picks

Below are some of the top app-controlled and remote-controlled wireless meat thermometers on the market. Any of these products will be helpful in cooking meat to the desired temperature.

Best Overall

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer Option: ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Durable construction and a well-designed interface make the ThermoPro TP20 a worthy choice for most kitchens. It consists of two pieces: the thermometer, which has wires that extend to the probes, and a remote device. Both devices display temperature information, and the transmitter has a range of up to 300 feet.

This model has a rugged, rubberized housing that can endure a few falls off the kitchen counter or the scorching heat of a hot grill. A thoughtful design, which includes two probes for monitoring both the oven temperature and the temperature of the meat, or two different types of meat, makes this meat thermometer easy to use. Temperature info is clearly visible with its large type on a backlit digital display. Presets for nine kinds of meat based on USDA cooking guidelines eliminate the need to enter temperature readings but are also editable to suit the chef’s preferences.

Product Specs

  • Receiver: Remote device
  • Range: 300 feet
  • Probes: 2


  • Simple to use
  • Long probes, which are great for all kinds of meat
  • Can monitor 2 portions of meat simultaneously


  • Only 2 probes
  • No Bluetooth connection

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Best Bang For the Buck

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer Option: Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes

Wireless meat thermometers don’t have to be an expensive addition to a chef’s suite of kitchen tools. A great price and the ability to keep an eye on different meat temperatures simultaneously make this model from Soraken an ideal meat thermometer. With extra probes that make it possible to keep track of up to six different temperatures at once, there is no need to move the thermometer once the cooking begins. The multiple probes make it possible to monitor various types of meat or even different sections of a turkey or large roast from the time the meat goes into the oven to the time it comes out.

The magnetic transmitter is large enough to read from across the kitchen but small enough to stick to the grill lid or on the oven control panel with ease. Bluetooth capability connects the transmitter to a smartphone, and the thermometer’s compatible app allows the user to access USDA temperature presets and program temperature, alerts, and timers. An ample range of 100 feet indoors and 190 feet outdoors won’t keep the chef tethered to the grill, either.

Product Specs

  • Receiver: Smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • Range: 100 feet indoors, 190 feet outdoors
  • Probes: 4


  • Affordable
  • Colored probes make them easy to identify
  • Simple app connection


  • 4-foot probe cable may be too short for some users

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Best For Grilling

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer Option: Chugod Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Barbecuing often requires the grill master to cook steaks or burgers to order with internal temperatures that range from rare to well done. This unit from Chugod helps the chef tackle that challenge with six probes that can monitor different temperatures simultaneously, eliminating the need to move one probe from meat to meat. An easy-to-read display labels each probe with icons that allow the grill master to see temperature and meat type quickly

Smart design features include a magnetic back that allows the thermometer to attach conveniently to a flat grill lid or oven face. A Bluetooth connection can link to a smart device from up to 200 feet away, letting the user monitor the meat while entertaining guests.

Product Specs

  • Receiver: Smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • Range: 100 feet indoors, 196 feet outdoors
  • Probes: 6


  • Probes and cables store away neatly
  • Comes with a carry case
  • The smartphone app is very user-friendly


  • Silicone probe part can deteriorate over time

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Best For Smoking

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer Option: ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

A smoking session can last all day and then some, involving various types of meats ranging from pork butts to briskets to whole chickens. With that in mind, the chef can’t be tied to the smoker or limited to monitoring the temperature of just one meat. With the ThermoPro TP27’s maximum range of 500 feet, the grill master can tackle yard work, watch the big game, or even visit with neighbors while still keeping a close eye on the temperature of the smoker and its contained meats.

There’s also no need to choose just one meat to use with this thermometer, as this model can monitor four different temperatures at once with four probes. At 6.2 inches, each probe is long enough to handle large cuts of meat. All four temperatures are viewable at once via both the transmitter and the remote unit. A programmable alarm vibrates the remote and flashes its backlight when one of the probes has reached the preset temperature.

Product Specs

  • Receiver: Wireless remote control
  • Range: 500 feet
  • Probes: 4


  • Huge range
  • Made from durable materials
  • Multiple notification options
  • 4 probes for monitoring several portions of meat at once


  • No settings for different meat types

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Best Design

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer Option: BFOUR Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Wireless

Although brightly colored meat thermometers with large, rubberized housings may be ideal for rugged use, they don’t necessarily add to a kitchen’s aesthetics. With its black color, circular display, and orange background, this wireless meat thermometer from Bfour sports a sophisticated look for those who appreciate the aesthetics of their indoor or outdoor kitchen.

But this model isn’t just about looks. It has plenty of functionality, too. It comes with six probes for monitoring multiple types of meats at once. Each probe has an aluminum alloy handle that can endure up to 663 degrees Fahrenheit, making this thermometer ideal for cooking at high temperatures. The Bluetooth functionality allows the chef to monitor each probe via an easy-to-use app that includes preset temperatures for 11 different types of meat.

Product Specs

  • Receiver: Smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • Range: 196 feet
  • Probes: 6


  • Large liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Rugged and modern design
  • Customizable internal temperature notifications


  • App configuration can be complicated for some users

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Best Smart

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer Option: MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Although the price may be a little steep for some chefs’ taste, for those who are serious about getting that just-right temperature in their meat, this smart meat thermometer from Meater is a must-have. A highlight is its use of a charging block that plugs into a standard outlet instead of a transmitter. The charging block links the thermometer to a smart device up to 165 feet away, eliminating the need to hang a transmitter off the grill or oven.

Using the Meater app, this device displays both the ambient temperature of the grill up to 527 degrees Fahrenheit and the meat temperature up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit in an attractive full-color display. The Meater also provides step-by-step cooking instructions, including estimates for total cook time and resting time, for various preset meat types such as rotisserie chicken and rib-eye steaks.

Product Specs

  • Receiver: Wireless probe connects to smartphone app
  • Range: 165 feet
  • Probes: 1


  • Provides detailed temperature and cooking information
  • Probe is completely wireless
  • Comes with a stylish charging dock
  • Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa compatibility
  • Also monitors ambient temperature


  • Added features make it more expensive
  • Only 1 probe

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Our Verdict

Most shoppers will appreciate the ease of use and dual probe features of the ThermoPro TP20 wireless meat thermometer, with a long 300-foot range and a large LCD.

Those looking for a meat thermometer that can connect to a smartphone app for added convenience will want to take a look at the Soraken wireless meat thermometer, which comes with four probes for checking multiple portions of meat simultaneously, all from your smartphone—and at an affordable price point.

How We Chose the Best Wireless Meat Thermometers 

When we were gathering our top picks for wireless thermometers, our research focused on the quality of materials, the accuracy of temperature readings, the number of probes, and additional features.

We made sure that all our recommendations were made from high-quality materials that can withstand high oven temperatures. Note that certain models come with remote displays that will melt if placed near or on a hot exterior oven or grill surface. Many of our picks come with options to choose the desired temperature, where the device will notify users when the meat is cooked to the target temperature.

While looking at options on the market, we found that many models offer different numbers of probes. We chose to offer a wide variety of these, from users who prefer a single smart probe to others looking to monitor the cooking process of several pieces of meat simultaneously.

We included many technology-packed options on our list, some allowing users to choose the specific meat they are cooking while the smartphone app does the hard work for them. Though some of these options come at a higher price tag, they do offer more convenient features compared to more standard models. Depending on preference, shoppers will find a suitable option for them in both desired features and price point.


Still wondering how to use a meat thermometer with an oven or what the range of a wireless meat thermometer is? Read on for answers to some of the most common questions about using these convenient cooking tools.

Q. Which type of meat thermometer has the longest range?

Remote-controlled meat thermometers have the longest range, with a maximum distance of 500 feet. App-controlled wireless meat thermometers typically top out at 200 feet or less.

Q. How do I use a meat thermometer in the oven?

Meat thermometers have long wires that extend from each probe to the transmitter. Attach the transmitter to the oven exterior using its magnetic back, then extend each probe into the meat in the oven. There should be plenty of slack in the wires to allow you to close the oven door while keeping the probes in place.

Q. Can I leave my wireless meat thermometer in an oven?

While you should not put the transmitter in the oven itself, the probes are designed to endure the heat of the oven and can therefore stay in place during the entire cooking process.

Q. How far do I insert a meat thermometer?

The probe should go deep enough to reach the center of the meat. Meat thermometers should penetrate at least half an inch into the meat. For thicker meats, such as whole chicken or turkey, it may be necessary to insert the probe farther to reach the very center.

Q. Where is the best place to insert a meat thermometer?

The thermometer should be inserted into the thickest part of the meat and penetrate to the center to get the most accurate readings.