The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services of 2023

Never run out of pellets for your grill or stove with one of these top pellet delivery services.

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Not only is a pellet grill or smoker capable of loading its own fuel, but it can automatically maintain its own temperature, making it probably the easiest way to cook outdoors. However, grills and smokers still need a steady flow of 20-pound bags of pellets to keep them running. Heating a home with a pellet stove requires far more fuel: up to 3 tons of pellets for the winter.

To save trips to the store to load up on pellets, it’s often more convenient and affordable to have the pellets delivered right to the door. This guide not only describes where to find wood pellets for sale but also reviews some of the top wood pellet delivery services to keep both the grill and stove filled with pellets.

1. BBQGuys

The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option: BBQGuys

Known for: BBQGuys sells high-quality, albeit somewhat expensive, wood pellets for grills and smokers.
Price: $19 to $22
Our Recommendation: This 20-pound bag of Signature Competition Blend Hardwood Pellets (priced at $19.99) is a good example of the interesting flavors the company sells.

Numerous places to order wood pellets online exist, but few have BBQGuys’ selection and quality. The company sells a broad range of grill and grill accessories as well as pellets. In business for more than 20 years, the company launched its website in 2020. BBQGuys sells a broad variety of pellet grills, including Traeger.

BBQGuys’ selection of pellets feature flavors such as pecan, cherry, mesquite, and hickory along with a few specialty flavors, such as whiskey. BBQGuys isn’t the cheapest option on the web, but the company offers price matching. Simply email a screenshot of the same item on another retailer’s website. For the best deal, buy pellets from BBQGuys in bulk to receive free shipping on orders over $49.

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2. Bear Mountain BBQ

The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option: Bear-Mountain-BBQ

Known for: Bear Mountain BBQ has a reputation for premium quality pellets that produce plentiful smoke for flavoring food.
Price: $18 to $20
Our Recommendation: Bear Mountain BBQ’s special Bourbon BBQ Craft Blends Wood Pellets (priced at $19.99), one of the company’s most popular flavors, imparts its bourbon flavor when smoking chicken, meat, or beef.

Bear Mountain BBQ offers some of the highest-quality pellets for home delivery. Not only does the company’s pellet wood consist of 100 percent hardwood with no binders, filler, or additives, the pellets also have a 5 percent moisture content, which makes them even better at producing that sought-after smoke that instills flavor in food.

While the company sells hardwood pellets, including hickory oak and maple, it also features its own special blends, such as Bourbon BBQ, Gourmet BBQ, and Bold BBQ. However, the pellets are quite expensive: 20-pound bags range from $17.99 per pound to $19.99. Trim that cost by buying a two-pack bundle for $32.38. The company also helps guide pellet grill newbies by directing them to pellet flavors by food type. Bear Mountain BBQ’s shipping charges start at $4.99 and increase with weight.

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3. Camp Chef

The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option: Camp-Chef

Known for: Its quality wood pellets burn efficiently.
Price: $13 to $15
Our Recommendation: Camp Chef Southwest Mesquite BBQ Pellets (priced at $12.99) are all hardwood with no fillers or chemical additives, allowing them to burn hotter and longer than other pellets.

Camp Chef’s collection of grills includes several high-quality pellet grills. Its pellet wood consists of 100 percent hardwood with no chemicals or binders added. At $13 to $15 for a 20-pound bag, the pellets are more affordable than many other brands. Camp Chef also uses denser hardwoods that burn more efficiently, last longer, and produce less ash for cleanup.

Camp Chef’s pellet flavors include hickory, apple, cherry, and oak, along with a few more unusual flavors, such as alder. Similar to other wood pellet delivery services, buying more at one time saves delivery costs. Camp Chef offers free shipping on orders over $50.

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4. Walmart

The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option: Walmart

Known for: Walmart sells the most affordable pellets on the market.
Price: $9 to $12
Our Recommendation: Pit Boss 100% All-Natural Hardwood Apple Blend pellets (priced at $8.88) are perhaps the most affordable way to keep the pellet hopper full.

While Walmart has struggled to adapt to meet the growing demand for delivery services, pellets are one of many items the company can deliver. With delivery times between 3 and 5 days, its delivery services aren’t as fast as Amazon’s, but its prices often can’t be beaten.

Walmart primarily sells the Pit Boss brand, which uses only 100 percent hardwoods with no fillers, scent, or flavor additives. Walmart’s Pit Boss pellets start at under $9 per bag, which is less than half the cost of other brands, and flavors include hickory, apple, and mesquite. Walmart waives shipping charges for orders over $35.

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The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option:

Known for: The company makes regular driveway deliveries of bulk pellets to subscribers who heat their homes with wood stoves.
Price: N/A
Our Recommendation: delivery service, which is available in certain parts of the Northeast, is one of the most economical ways to buy pellets for pellet stove use.

Two types of wood pellets are available: pellets for smoking or grilling and pellets for heat in the wintertime. With bulk sales of wood pellets that make it more economical to use a wood pellet stove to heat, caters to the latter.

The company delivers to states in the Northeast, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. All these states typically experience harsh winter weather, leading to a high number of wood pellet stoves. While pricing varies depending on the exact location, makes budgeting for a steady supply of pellets easier with its flex savings plan, which allows users to spread out their payments to avoid large one-time bills. The company also sells hardwood grilling pellets.

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6. Amazon

The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option: Amazon

Known for: Amazon is known for its Prime service, which offers free delivery in about a day or two.
Price: $18 to $30
Our Recommendation: Traeger, one of the best-known names in pellet grills, makes Signature Blend 100% All-Natural Hardwood pellets (priced at $18.95) that are suitable not only for the company’s high-end line of pellet grills and smokers but for other brands’ products as well.

Amazon offers the widest range of pellet selection of any delivery service. Some of the most notable brands available on the company’s site include Traeger, Bear Mountain, and Kona. The fees that Amazon charges its merchants are often passed down to the customer, which can boost the price of its pellets. Takes advantage of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to cut as much as 15 percent off the cost of pellets at regularly scheduled intervals.

Amazon’s deliveries are faster than any other service. Amazon Prime members can avoid shipping costs on even small, single-bag orders and can expect to receive their pellets within a day or two of placing the order.

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7. Rural King 

The Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services Option: Rural-King

Known for: Rural King provides bulk pellet delivery services to the middle of the country.
Price: $4 to $5
Our Recommendation: Rural King’s bulk delivery services run about $4 a bag when purchasing a full pallet of pellets.

While covers the Northeast with pellets for seasonal heating, Rural King covers middle America with locations from Ohio to Missouri to Virginia. The company sells bulk wood pellets for those who heat their homes primarily with a wood pellet stove.

These affordably priced heating wood pellets sell for $4 for a 40-pound bag. Delivery fees vary, depending on how far a Rural King store is from the subscriber’s home. The company also sells pellets for grills and smokers through the Lumber Jack brand, which run around $9 per bag and include flavors such as pecan, hickory, and cherry. States not inside the company’s service area can order bags of grill pellets at about $20 a bag.

Shop all wood pellets at Rural King

How We Chose the Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services

We used a variety of criteria to evaluate the pellet delivery services included in this guide. While local services often deliver pellets, surprisingly few deliver pellets nationally. We zeroed in on those distributors that can ship pellets to any region of the country, or, as in the case of wood stove pellet providers, to larger regions. As with any mail-order product, shipping fees are an important consideration, so we went with providers that offer affordable shipping costs, or, better yet, free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount. Quality, of course, is also important, so we limited our list to delivery services that use only 100 percent hardwood with no fillers or chemical additives.


If you’re wondering how much it costs to have pellets delivered to your door or how the best wood pellets are made, keep reading for answers.

Q. How much do wood pellet delivery services cost?

Wood pellets for smokers range from as low as $9 for a 20-pound bag to $20 a bag, and pellets for heating run around $4 a bag. Delivery costs hover around $6, with many services waiving shipping costs for orders over $50.

Q. How are bulk wood pellets delivered?

Companies that sell wood pellets for grilling and smoking use standard shipping from UPS, FedEx, and the U.S. Postal Service. Bulk heating pellets services typically deliver their pellets by truck on pallets.

Q. Do I have to be home for delivery?

No. Most bulk pellet delivery services drop off pellets in the driveway.

Q. How are wood pellets made?

Companies make wood pellets by removing the bark, then chipping the wood. After the wood chips are screened for quality, they are dried and shredded into wood fibers. The fibers are heated and formed into pellet wood using pressure, then cooled.

Q. How long will 10 kilograms of wood pellets last?

A 10-kilogram bag of pellets should last for 1 to 3 days depending on how often the wood stove is run.

Q. How much does it cost to run a wood pellet stove?

A wood pellet stove typically costs between $35 and $45 a month to run, according to HomeAdvisor.

Q. How big is a skid?

A 1-ton skid typically holds about 50 bags of wood pellets.

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