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This Techie Bird Feeder is the Backyard Addition You Never Knew You Needed

Birding in the backyard is about to get a major upgrade.
A bird sitting on the bird buddy smart feeder


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Waking up to the sound of birds chirping is a delightful way to rise. As the day unfolds, watching birds play around the yard feels like a fairytale. People who love birds decorate their yard with bird feeders and baths to enjoy these creatures’ natural beauty. A new techie bird feeder is about to make this experience a whole lot smarter.

What Is Bird Buddy?

Bird Buddy is a brand new concept that revolves around a high-tech bird feeder. Currently still in development, the feeder notifies you—via WiFi connectivity—of bird visitors, captures their photos, and organizes them into  collections on a smartphone app. You’ll be able to admire your finds and share with others at your leisure. Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive their orders, expected to be delivered in September. Other pre-orders placed are set to arrive in November.

bird buddy bird feeder with camera

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It Contributes to Further Understanding of the Universe  of Birds

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Bird Buddy can recognize more than 1,000 bird species. So in addition to providing birds a tasty treat, each image capture provides helpful information to better understand bird behavior, migration and populations.

bird buddy bird feeder with camera

Automation at Your Fingertips 

Bird Buddy’s built-in camera automatically takes pictures of birds that stop by, sending a notification to your phone. So if you’ve been hoping to spot that rare bird, the feeder has you covered. The cute, selfie-like images give personality to each capture. Bird Buddy will also send you an alert when it’s time to refill the bird food.

The model currently in development has no local image storage, so the feeder must be within WiFI range in order for you to receive alerts and images.

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bird buddy bird feeder with camera

There’s a Variety of Add-Ons

Bird Buddy—available in blue or yellow—features a variety of add-ons to customize your birding experience. Consider a solar roof to keep the feeder consistently powered, a wall or fence mount for desired positioning, or a suet ball holder to broaden the treat offerings.

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